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Saturday, November 28, 2009

US to be obligated to $138 Billion a year plus by signing Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty

The 2% GDP Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty Commitment will work out to a current annual cost of $138 Billion dollars per year from the United States alone, not counting fines and the purchase of third world carbon credits.

Shouldn't America care that by signing Copenhagen we can be obligated to upwards of $200 billion extra a year in obligatory national debt? That debt will never go away, even if the US dollar and economy collapses...the One World Government will likely raise the annual obligation somewhere between 2%-15% increase on the 138 Billion a year "tribute" to the New World Empire, and extract that through labor debts (a de facto return to literal slaves of every ethnicity -- now qualified as "the working poor").

So where is the science that they wish to convince us with of soil samples from 4,000 years ago to today in century increments up to 300 years ago, and then decade carbon ratio increments showing how much carbon was in the atmosphere from then as compared in the most upper millimeter layers of topsoil today? Do they mean to tell us all that wood and coal and oil they burned in the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, in the 1900s, etc. is still floating around out there, not having fallen back to Earth?

We know what acid rain can do. And by example, it tells us that most all industrial and other pollution that goes up, must come down. This is Earth Science 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, etc. Would they care to explain any dust samples taken annually at 100,000 feet to 17 miles up? You mean they haven't been taking samples that high up to see what's destroying the Ozone Layer and what pollutants from down here are reaching up there? Really?

Obama has used the word "unprecedented" 129 times so far this year. I guess he's right in regards to a US Presidential Administration imposing Communist-Socialism upon the US...he's right on that one. To have an actual US President actively betray the US into slavery to foreign powers is "unprecedented". And we "the little people" are to be viewed by them as inhuman as characters in a video game or astroturf. So whatever happened to that National Archives Speech Obama had on May 21, 2009, where he demanded that "we the people" and the "Congress and the Courts" hold him accountable, and reiterated that 4 times?

Those were the kind of words that didn't count, because he only made them to the American People. Only what he says and does overseas, or to those overseas that counts. The two faces of Janus are now the at home and abroad faces (and opposite policies) of Obama. Hence, Copenhagen will be signed, just like he told the Chinese in China, and the US Media stopped their ears or fawned and ignored the story in order to keep from being fired and ostracized for telling the truth in a Left Wing controlled "going down in flames" economy.

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