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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guest Blog: Who Whom? by Daniel McAdams Executive Director Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

In a signed editorial in Pravda, April 11, 1913, Lenin wrote:

It is not important who directly advocates a particular policy, since under the present noble system of capitalism any money-bag can always “hire”, buy or enlist any number of lawyers, writers and even parliamentary deputies, professors, parsons and the like to defend any views. ...Yes, indeed! In politics it is not so important who directly advocates particular views. What is important is who stands to gain from these views, proposals, measures.

Lenin was a lot of things, few of them good. But perhaps better than most 20th century figures he understood how power is attained and wielded, in his case for evil. He was no dummy. In the above passage he may well be describing our situation today. Why does the mainstream media toe the White House line when it comes to foreign policy action? Does it matter who advocates more bombs on Syria or Yemen? Whether CNN or FoxNews? It matters if you are on "Team A" or "Team B"? You're a Maddow-ite or a Hannity-ite? No. They are selling the same product. War and empire.

Who gains? The elites. 

The great free-market, free-ideas website ZeroHedge ran an important article 
a few months ago about why the mainstream (and even some leading "alternative") media is so pro-war.

The voices opposed to war are marginalized. They are still drowned out by the mainstream media and the government propaganda forces propping up mainstream views. A few, likely highly scripted, optics of children seemingly suffering from a gas attack at the hands of their president, Assad, is enough to tug at the heartstrings -- in the same way as did the phony "babies pulled from incubators in Iraq" story
 cooked up by a Washington PR firm -- and put the finishing touches on a policy that had already been concocted long ago by the neocons, liberal interventionists, and compliant media to all add up to one historical inevitability as seemingly ironclad as Lenin's dialectic: "Assad must go."

Yes, Assad must go. We keep being fed the bumper stickers. The Saudis are fighting for freedom in Yemen. We are fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS in Iraq. And so on. These are the catch-phrases of our time. They are repeated nightly. To question them is to question our goodness, the wisdom of our benevolent interventionism worldwide. It is almost deafening. It is all hollow.

Meanwhile these two young Christian girls were killed in the Abo Remaneh district of Damascus today by mortar fire from US-backed "moderate" rebels:

Their names are Grace Khoury and Dina Yazjdi.

If Trump's new "Assad must go" policy is adopted, Syrian Christians will disappear,
 as did Iraqi Christians 
after their US "liberation."

While it may seem hopeless, Washington seems to be losing the script, even if the mainstream media pretends not to notice. The contradictions are becoming too difficult to manage. Perhaps a few quick examples will suffice:

1) According to an important recent study by the respected mainstream IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, it really is Assad who is fighting the most against ISIS. Some 43 percent of ISIS's battles are against Assad's forces while ISIS battles the US-backed coalition only 17 percent of the time. Jane's concluded that a successful US overthrow of Assad would usher in a victory for ISIS in Syria. Let that sink in next time you hear a Trump Administration official repeat "Assad must go." 

2) Our NATO allies Turkey are bombing our main proxy army in Syria, the Kurdish YPG. Let that sink in as well. We are literally backing both sides while at the same time backing ISIS and al-Qaeda against Assad. This is a dream of those who manufacture the war components, but the American people by and large are not being informed that they are funding among the most cockamamie non-strategy in history in Syria. Washington entertains the fantasy that once Raqqa is "liberated" from ISIS rule, it can place the Kurds in charge of this strategic eastern capital of Syria. As if the Turks will accept the creation of a de facto Kurdish state.

3) Trump's one-off bombing of a Syrian airbase underscores US weakness in the conflict rather than strength. There is no longer any possibility of a Sunni proxy army doing the US bidding in Syria. The last vestiges of that US effort are slowly being killed in Idlib province. They are all al-Qaeda, these US allies. They are also the ones whose claims about the Assad "chemical attack" Washington takes as gospel. Can you imagine Washington taking al-Qaeda's word for it just 16 years after 9/11?

4) Newsweek is reporting
 that the US involvement in Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen is actually benefitting al-Qaeda, as al-Qaeda's biggest enemy, the Houthis, are also Washington's biggest enemies. Why? The canard 
that Iran is behind the Houthis.

While it is still cringeworthy to listen to someone drop the line without real contemplation that the US is behind ISIS and al-Qaeda, the facts on the ground suggest this is the case. It is because Washington loves jihad? Not at all. But this grotesque distortion is what happens when 16 years of interventionism continue to produce bitter fruits: Washington hands the rest of us those fruits and expects us to savor them as dripping with milk and honey.

Many do. We do not.

Daniel McAdams
Executive Director
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jared Kushner: Who By Appearance Is A Financially Obligated Espionage Operative Of George Soros, Needs To Be Criminally Investigated And Prosecuted On U.S. National Security Concerns

 Jared Kushner by even just appearance, is under obligation (not just willing influence)  and financial control of a European bred Communist, one George Soros.  And while Jared Kushner is a Democrat in a Republican White House acting as an adviser whose council seems more important to President Trump than his own hired National security team, it is very reckless and dangerous for President Trump to even have his son-in-law or his Democrat daughter Ivanka sit in on State secret meetings, indeed.  

To better understand this, all one need do is better understand what kind of European Democrat or communist that Jared's adviser George "Schwartz" Soros is even at the basic overview, and what he is molding Jared into in beliefs, which will be followed by actions and advisory capacity.  European Communists refer to themselves as “Democrats” in use of the term “Democratic Socialists” and in identifying with Karl Marx, so clearly, they are obfuscated by the term, unless one applies the definition in the sense as “Democratic Capitalist”. But, for a Communist or Socialist to willingly transition from their anti-Capitalist philosophy into Democratic Capitalists, even in just a few years, was next to impossible; because, again, the collapse was seen as more externally driven, assisted by internal corruption. They did not see and still do not see Communism and Socialism as fundamentally flawed, and that also leads to passive resistance and retards any transition of the Communist Socialist States into thriving and profitable Democratic Capitalist Republics.

 When massive industrial layoffs began to occur, reaching to levels of 25 to 57 percent from the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and receding of Soviet Military forces, to 1994, Central Europe’s economy shivered in a shockwave as if moved through a major earthquake at the end of a war they had just lost, and the psychological reaction (in the international sense) was not much different than that of a trauma victim having just survived two major catastrophes, and being neither prepared during or after the events to cope with either.

One reason for the massive layoffs was costs. In 1989, Poland had found it cost them almost twice the market price of a ton of coal in order to mine and transport the stuff. So even if they could sell the product, Communist-Socialism had geared its energy industry to a wasteful inefficiency, the same kind of inefficiency the Communist-Socialist of US Congress and the Obama Administration, and those outside it, wished us to have…pretending that we could do Communist-Socialism better here in the United States than anywhere in the world, without any sense, that even if it could be done, it would unravel through corruption, laziness, and political inbred stupidity in less than half a generation before unraveling at the seams and self destructing even more rapidly than any model previously. 

 In March 2017, 6 U.S. Senators 
noted that George Soros organizations abroad embezzle potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S.  tax payer funds abroad while promoting Communist agitation and violent overthrow.  If carried to a worldwide investigation, it may very well be many billions of dollars of embezzlement for the overthrow of other nations embezzled by George Soros neo-political terrorist groups, which is hugely scandalous and something a 19th century or earlier America would have said that Soros deserves an Old Western United States neck-tie party for.

 With the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, it seemed that all we had to fear was an organized front from a resistant Congress and a number of misappointed Council on Foreign Relations globalists within the Trump Administration.  But those that hate this nation as Communist subversives, even though most of these are called Democrat (some being Republicans in name only also), these have an ace in the hole...a man deep within the White House, controlled and manipulated by a top tier renegade Communist ex-KGB controlled spy George (Schwartz) Soros.  The man controlled in the White House who even by mere appearance is acting as his agent is none other than Jared Kushner.  Kushner is preparing for two events:
1) The destruction of his father-in-law in the office of the Presidency by whatever subversive means necessary without arousing too much suspicion until either impeachment or some other removal of President Trump; and 
2) Kushner is laying the groundwork and democrat Party loyalty to be the future DNC candidate for President in perhaps 8 years time, with or without his wife Ivanka, depending on whether she stays with his treachery and backs him, or divorces him over what he will do to her father.   

Kushner's Control:  George Soros

In August 1996, George Soros began writing articles for Project Syndicate, a group who I view as those who are interested in understanding the ins-and-outs of transformation in a post-communist world, apparently in order to merge Capitalism with Communist-Socialism, and give it a proper self-sustaining engine in order to make it work on the next go-around. Even in 2010, after 14 consecutive years George Soros still writes guest pieces for Project Syndicate. 

Soros in his January 05, 1997 article “The Capitalist Threat”, only his second article for Project Syndicate,

rationalizes that since beliefs need to be rewired as personal choices rather than “ultimate truth”, corrupt conduct and immorality is relative and therefore irrelevant.
He writes of how he is most at home in a Communist society, the which when he operates in, he does not feel the need to explain what an "open society" is, or the concept. Communists from their insides, or intuitively, somehow all know his "open society" philosophy, manifestly known by those who live in and under Communism, even if he cannot put it so much into words himself, he explains.
In other words, Soros is a Communist who demands everyone else live the life of Communism, and yearns and works for the day we are one fallible world under a kinder more gentle Communism. This is absolutely no exaggeration. 

To Soros, “toleration” of “fallibility” and the hatred of nationalism is the highest necessity, and even familial relationships are wrong to Soros, they are “primitive” thinking. To me, this actual sounds more like someone suffering from an acute dementia, than the leader of a Fund Management Group. For Soros, the more than 200 years America has had to live in the “Age of Reason” has not only been enough, it has been too long and too much. America and Capitalism needs to be crushed, destroyed, obliterated, and then recreated in the image of “fallibility”, i.e., the very best of the examples of Communism and Nazism.

Why would George Soros ( a serial manipulator, a serial agitator and a serial pro-Communist instigator) who helps fund at least some 200 organizations aimed at creating agitation and chaos to U.S. law enforcement...

why would a control freak manipulator who is acting above the law (perhaps due in part to blackmail leverage ...be it pedophilia videos and other evidence on Federal legislators and judges and top national security people or what have you) ever want to manipulate, control, use Jared Kushner to directly meddle in United States Foreign Policy by using Kushner's familial relationship to usurp authority and betray both Ivanka and her father, President Donald Trump? That is the question people should be asking.

In 2015-2016, George Soros funded Black Lives Matter riots in which police officers in multiple states were MURDERED.  George Soros also funded riots across state lines in opposition to President Elect Donald Trump, and as I stated before, George Soros needs to be charged with multiple felonies and I listed where they can easily start with by citing the U.S. Code itself at: 

George Soros is the secret financier behind Kushner-backed startup Cadre

Investor’s family fund issued $250M credit line: sources

By Konrad Putzier | January 27, 2017 12:45PM

George Soros’ Soros Fund Management has quietly been financing the Kushner-backed real estate finance startup Cadre with a substantial credit line, according to sources familiar with the matter.

A source familiar with the financing arrangement told The Real Deal that “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.” Another source told TRD that Kushner Companies president Laurent Morali played a key role arranging the financing...

Business Insider first reported the existence of $250 million credit line in June, but didn’t mention its source.

Cadre, founded by brothers Jared and Joshua Kushner and Blackstone alum Ryan Williams in early 2015, is an online investment platform that connects institutions with real estate deals in major markets like New York. Cadre generally invests in deals using the credit line before making them available to investors online.

It’s unclear what Cadre’s current valuation is. According to Pitchbook, which tracks venture funding, Cadre was valued at $99.9 million following its $18.3 million Series A round in late 2015.

 In January of last year, the company raised $50 million in a Series B funding round, bringing the total investment in the firm to more than $68 million. But it’s since been reincorporated as a Delaware-based entity, RealCadre LLC.

...Cadre had closed over $200 million in deals in the first half of 2016.

Jared Kushner recently joined the White House as an adviser to his father-in-law Donald Trump." 


Excerpted From Jewish Business News: It turns out that George Soros is the money behind a new real estate venture called Cadre which was founded by Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and his brother Joshua Kushner.

The Real Deal has uncovered the fact that George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. A source told the publication, “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

The financing was provided; even though, Soros has called President Trump a “would-be dictator.”

Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate. The company states that it enables investors to sell their interest on the secondary marketplace, thereby introducing liquidity into an antiquated industry. Cadre was founded by Ryan Williams, and Josh and Jared Kushner, and was launched in 2014.
While George Soros has provided the venture with credit, the company has so far raised $68.3 million in 2 rounds from 8 different investors, including $50 million in a series B closed just last month.

So why exactly would George Soros agree to help a new venture from Jared Kushner who is now serving as an advisor in the Donald Trump White House? 


April 25, 2017
Watch the following video from the 6 minute point:


Bill Still provides video clip of how banks control law makers in Israel, and may apply to all major leaders in Congress and in many parts of Federal Government today.

Apply this to George Soros loan control of Jared Kushner in the White House

who is allegedly now flipped as an alleged  domestic espionage operative for Soros, misdirecting and informing on Trump.  

The CONTROL mechanism on a $250,000,000 to $259,000,000 loan of credit on a short "on call" leash means puppet control capability of George Soros over Kushner (and his wife) for Jared and Ivanka to in any way  avoid ruination and scandal (while betting that any or all alleged criminal activity engaged on their part would not be ferreted out and exposed).  

Further, while POTUS Trump divested himself from financial gain with Trump Inc., Ivanka using what knowledge she and Jared had or do or will still gain by top secret and insider information, Ivanka of Tupmp, Inc.  (as well as Jared of RealCadre LLC) never divested themselves from abuse and misuse for their own financial gain, did they?

End of Update]]]]]

To Soros, totalitarianism is good; it is the ultimate answer to humanities ills and needs…only it must have a “we are fallible” aspect to it. These are the same philosophies in the foundations he created first in Eastern Europe, where his “Open Society Institute” has been heavily involved since the fall of Communism, as if to recreate and perpetuate it minus the absolutes previously insisted upon in its idealisms.

Soros, via the Open Society Institute, outwardly hides behind outer ethnic covers or cover-stories, like that done in the Cold War I, in order to promote Communist agitation, such as the plight of the Roma.

The Roma, in our current day,  be they called Gypsies, Travellers, Gitanos, Manouches,  Ashkali,  Sintibegan are traced only to about 1000 years ago as little more than derelict half-breeds in ancestry, some of it Arab ethnic and some of it India ethnic, and who sprang from those who were enchanters and superstitious lots.  From a historical perspective, it appears that the Gypsies (or Roma) first were apparently persecuted out of 11th Century Muslim conquested lands of the Middle East (where they apparent came from and dated back to well before Mohammed in the 400s to 500s A.D. in places like Egypt) preceding the First Crusades, and who  traveled into Europe’s Continent and then moved about as a mostly criminal enterprise known the world over best as the Gypsies.  By their own accounts, by populating various nations, because they have now adopted their own flag of a 16 spoke wheel, they desire the right of international conquest as a national entity without borders, not subject to the laws so much of any nation they live in as the laws of their own society and international identity as if nationally sovereign.  Their own figures place the general world population to their ethnicity as roughly 10,000,000 worldwide, with about 6,000,000 in Europe.  The alleged population  estimate they give of those they claim in various European nations are:
Turkey (2,750,000); Romania (1, 850,000); Russia (825,000); Bulgaria (750,000); Spain (725,000); Hungary (700,000); Serbia (600,000); Slovakia (500,000); France (400,000); and Greece (265,000).

Using this "Plight of the International Gypsy To Have national Sovereignty Without Borders By International Concessions Conquest", Obama and Brennan in year past included in that conspiracy one George "Schwartz" Soros, and members of the European Union,  to conspire and bring about that the same be done in Europe with Muslims, and then with Muslims in America afterwards. 

 In other words, it appears that the current end game plan is to use ethnicity claims to conquest and break down societies and nations, and reduce nations to chaos and many international city-states and sovereign GHETTOS of third world squalor and deplorable conditions where people just defecate and urinate in the streets for lack of sanitation, and by sickness and the reaction of population reduction vaccinations under the guise of pandemic control, the world populations are reduced, and those of acceptable persuasion are retained, and those not on the list are processed out - liquidated - killed by medically induced genocide. 

 It is quite possible that Kushner and even Ivanka with him, would know of this in greater and better details,  as they are being wooed by the Chinese Communist loving heads of Google or Microsoft's genocide loving Bill Gates would already know all this.  The followup to that, is if they do, then the advice to knee jerk reaction of tears and emotional mother hurt cries by Ivanka -- to prod  President Trump into a violent confrontation with Russia over the dead children of ISIS poison gas in Syria, after Russia bombed a munitions warehouse used by ISIS not knowing gas was there to cause collateral damage by wind drifts -- was that her tears and pleas to her father to bomb Syria for the kiddies was all an act and a willful manipulation to provoke a war.  If that is so, then perhaps to Jared and Ivanka, not to mention Jared's handler George Soros, the Syria bombing that almost got them a Russian War with many thousands or tens of thousands of U.S. Casualties was nothing less than a big laugh and joke that President Trump was so naive so as to act foolishly so that now instead of an international partner against ISIS / Al Qaeda, we have hostility with Russia in Syria, in regard to North Korea, and now at the Bering Sea and in the airspace at and near Alaska?   Funny, ha, ha, Jared?  

It must be remembered that through George Soros'  Open Society Institute's Democracy and Power Fund, their explicit goals to those who are their own and those versed in Communism as the opposition to its destructive Satanic system effectually state Soros, the Open Society Institute's (and now Jared Kushner's apparent)  desire to:

1. Break down the US Criminal Justice System

2. To weaken and disassemble US National Security Policy 

 [Something Jared Kushner, A PAID SOROS ESPIONAGE OPERATIVE BY MEANS OF A $259,000,000 LOAN,  actively engages in as an unelected adviser to President Trump.  Kushner has also tricked or conspired with his wife Ivanka against her father and against the Constitution of the United States as a conspiracy operative in an activity of TREASON.]

3. Coalition Communists, Socialists, and Anarchists into a Political Confederacy

4. Attack and destroy any threats to the implementation of "Open Society Communism"

Attorney Jeff Sessions should criminally investigate and indict George Soros (as well as all his family and financial interests for activities from felony promoting a call for POTUS Trumps assassination to funding riots and murder across state lines to what have you) and of course also investigate and indict Jared Kushner, son-in-law to President Trump. 

 As far as I am concerned, I am quite convinced that Jared Kushner is acting with the very appearance (at the very least) of a domestic espionage agent in the employ or financial obligation to George Soros and it seems to me that Kushner is likely passing to George Soros by some means or other inside the White House State secrets of what he sees and hears and who says what (to his recollection) and in return is receiving instructions "as advice" from George Soros  on how to sabotage President Trump by manipulating his close familial relationship and National Security Adviser role, without portfolio.    A role that Kushner has unelectedly assumed in the White House at President Trump's pleasure at the behest of his fugacious wit of a daughter whose emotion derived advice proves the old enchiridion adage that "a house divided against itself cannot stand" also applies to opposing political family factions having their own designs to be elevated in their own mind as well as actual powers as that of an oligarchical Bundesrat, an unelected high council seizing control of Executive authority and wielding powers as if supreme.  

We did NOT elect George Soros, NOR President Trump's espionage operative of a son-in-law, nor President Trump's apparent  co-conspirator daughter Ivanka.   At the very least, Kushner and his wife should be banned from the White House and advisory contact with President Trump on ANY matter pertaining to the Government of the United States in both Foreign and Domestic categories.  

Kushner needs to be investigated as a subversive under charge of espionage, and if guilty, prosecuted along with Soros to the maximum penalty of Federal Law. Ivanka, meanwhile, if not criminally investigated and prosecuted alongside her husband, needs to be sent packing the hell out of D.C. and away from directly influencing her father because of the the taint of her pernicious renegade husband who clearly is given over to illicitly and illegally machinating with Soros in conspiracy and scheming to activities of Treason and Foreign Agency. 

Enough with all this nepotism and all this other "above the law" nonsense! It is time WE THE PEOPLE tell Trump : 

"Your jerk-off of a son-in-law Kushner needs to be arrested and sent to PRISON and Soros with him! 

His financial  obligations to Soros for $259,000,000 (which YOU REFUSED TO ADVANCE HIM)  reveals that he can be George Soros  lender / creditor  manipulated and controlled as an over-obligated debtor to inject and interfere and misdirect sacred offices and administrations that are supposed to be free from foreign and subversive influences hostile against the Constitution and of this Republic."

And when the Media and others want YOU, President Trump, committed to a mental institution via a pre-judging as insane psychological exam by lies and false accusations,

 they will have to turn to those traitors like Reince Priebus and to YOUR son-in-law Jared, and possibly even your daughter, while dangling the carrot of what heroes they are, until you are destroyed, before destroying them also.  

If you won't criminally investigate your son-in-law and daughter, then damn it, get them the hell out of your politics and protect the National Security of the United States!  

That's MY input.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Kit Daniels reports

The Google AI tool used to flag “offensive comments” has a seemingly built-in bias against conservative and libertarian viewpoints.
Perspective API,

a “machine learning model” developed by Google which scores “the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation” in the comment section of a news article, ranks comments based on their “toxicity.”
But when testing out its algorithm, Perspective generally scores conservative and libertarian comments as more “toxic” than establishment talking points.

…“News organizations want to encourage engagement and discussion around their content, but find that sorting through millions of comments to find those that are trolling or abusive takes a lot of money, labour and time,” said
[Subscription required to read:

Jared Cohen, president of Jigsaw, the Google affiliate behind Perspective. “As a result, many sites have shut down comments altogether….”

Video clip:  Cernovich: Google Caught Censoring Infowars And Other Conservative News Sites

Video Clip:  Alex Jones and his cousin Buckley authorize fair use reposting of any Infowars material to combat Google Censorship

Adan Salazar of Infowars.com reports: 

"Google has hired contractors to remove or limit Alex Jones’ website Infowars.com from its search engines. According to a search engine evaluator for Google, all contractors have been instructed to actively rate InfoWars as a low quality and untrusted site.
This email was sent out to all contractors.

“This is a news article from Infowars,” a screenshot from the contractor training guide on rating PQ (page quality) notes. “In considering the quality of any article, you should be mindful of where that article comes from. What reputation does it have, and how might that reputation affect its day-to-day coverage?”

The instructions to the contractors provide:

  • InfoWars is not an “outright false” website and is not “among the worst of the worst.”
  • “There are a number of controversial, often debunked claims that the site regularly promotes.”
  • InfoWars articles must be rated “Low to Medium.”

$72 million spent since 2006 to control Internet under guise of "net neutrality"

      As FCC Chief Ajit Pai moves toward reversing 

the Obama administration’s version of “net neutrality” rules, AstroTurf “public interest groups” funded by a combination of Google, George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation are lobbying hard to keep control of the Internet so as to be able to censor conservative news, including Infowars.com.

In 2015, the Obama FCC voted on party lines to pass regulations that gave the government more control over the Internet, which was sold to the U.S. public under the guise of “net neutrality.”
The regulations gave the government virtual control over the nation’s Internet infrastructure, with big government, “New Deal”-style, 1930s-based regulatory powers that extended to oversee virtually everything that transpires over the Internet, including content.

Since 2006, these three entities – Google, George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation – have contributed more than $72 million to non-profit leftist organizations that have been most active in promoting the idea the Internet needs to be regulated by the government as a “common carrier” public utility under Title II of the Communications Act – the same regulatory framework crafted some 80 years ago to regulate the old rotary phone system.

Infowars.com has previously warned

 that Google and the largest communications giants on the Internet lobbied the federal government to define broadband under these 1930s-style regulations – a designation that would allow the government to regulate more rigorously the broadband providers that built the core network connecting users to the Internet as “common carriers.”

Of course, this exempts content monopolies like Google and Facebook from the strict regulations the FCC would apply to common carriers.
The implementation of these 2015 regulations, which were heavily pushed by Google in hundreds of closed-door meetings at the Obama White House, carved out Google and the other Silicon Valley behemoths, and secured their position as absolute information gatekeepers.
Since these 2015 regulations passed, Google and Facebook have moved to become the judge, jury and executioner of the contact we read on the Internet, under the guise of eliminating “fake news.”
While activists on the political left would be appalled if a company such as Exxon-Mobil funded a “public interest group” promoting the use of carbon-based fuels, Google has been given a free pass by the left’s “public interest” machine largely because of its direct financial support of such groups, as well as its close political alliance with progressives, including two of the left’s biggest funders — The Ford Foundation and George Soros – in their efforts to firmly entrench the federal government in the nation’s communications networks.

Current and former employees of Google sit on the boards of several of the most active groups that spent millions to get the 2015 Obama rules passed by the FCC, and are now spending big to oppose the rollback of the FCC’s regulations.

Other board members include academics and consultants paid by Google as well as law firms that have represented Google in several legal matters.

While some leftist “public interest groups” pushing to keep in place the FCC’s “net neutrality” rules disclose some of the funding they have received from Google, most do not.

Consider the following groups:
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
– In 2011, EFF received $1 million from Google in a settlement over the Google Buzz class action lawsuit.
– The Ford Foundation contributed $500,000 to the non-profit between 2013 and 2016 according to the Foundation’s grants page.
– George Soros’ Open Society Institute lists another $620,000 in grants since 2008 according to OSI’s grants page.  

Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)
– Since 2011, Google has given more than $4.75 million to the non-profit according to its tax filings.
– The connection between CDT and Google goes beyond the financial. From 2009 to 2016, the Ford Foundation has contributed $950,000 to CDT according to Ford’s grants database.
– Since 2008, Soros’ Open Society Institute has contributed $900,000 to CDT according to OSI’s grants page.

New America Foundation
– According to New America Foundation disclosures, Google was the largest corporate contributor to the organization in 2016, contributing more than $1 million. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt also contributed more than $1 million to the organization through his family foundation and served as the Chairman of the New America Foundation board until 2016.
– Google’s and Eric Schmidt’s contributions to the New America Foundation from 2012 through 2016 total between $4.75 million and $7 million according to the non-profits current and archived “funding” pages.
– Through Soros’ numerous foundations including the Open Society Institute, Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation and others, the New America Foundation has received between $3 million to $6 million in funding from 2012 to 2016 according to New America’s current and archived “funding” web pages.

Fight for the Future (FFTF)
– As Infowars.com has previously reported 

FFTF is funded by the Open Internet Defense Fund, a project of George Soros’s Media Democracy Fund.
– FFTF board includes several members with close Google financial connections including:
Barbara van Schewick: Listed as the Clerk/Secretary of the FFTF board, van Schewick also serves 

as a Professor of Law and Director of the Stanford Center for Internet & Society (CIS), a group that boasts 

of “generous support from Google, Inc. 

Marvin Ammori: Listed as president of the FFTF Education Fund 501(c)3 board, Ammori is the founder of the Ammori Group, a law firm and public policy firm based in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley, that lists Google as “the largest and most established client we counsel.”

Yochai Benkler: Benkler serves as FFTF’s Board Secretary and as the Director of the Berkman Klein Center 

for Internet & Society at Harvard University – center that boasts Google

 as it’s top corporate backer and its fourth-largest donor (Harvard University is fifth).

Public Knowledge
– According to the Public Knowledge “About” page, Google is a “platinum” financial sponsor of the non-profit. From 2010 to 2014, Public Knowledge received more than $11 million in contributions according to the non-profit’s 990 disclosures.
– While Public Knowledge doesn’t disclose the individual amounts of its contributors, it notes on its “Sources of Funding” page that between half and two-thirds of its budget comes from the Ford Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Media Democracy Fund and a handful of other foundations.
– According to the Ford Foundation grant database, Public Knowledge has received more than $7 million in Ford grants since 2006.
– According to the Open Society Institute’s grants page, Public Knowledge has received $500,000 in grants from the Soros non-profit since 2009.

Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL)
– While it’s unclear whether Google itself funds CEL, the Eric & Wendy Schmidt Family Foundation have given the non-profit $825,000 since 2013 according to the Foundation’s 990 tax filings.
– The Ford Foundation has contributed more than $8.9 million to CEL since 2007 according to the Foundation’s grants database.
– Since 2010, Soros’ Open Society Institute has contributed $750,000 to CEL according to OSI’s grants database.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
– The American Civil Liberties Union received $7 million in grants from Google in the same controversial Google Buzz “cy pres” settlement that benefited EFF, CDT and many of the other non-profits fighting to keep in place the “net neutrality” rule promulgated by the FCC under the Obama administration.
– From 2011 to 2016, the Ford Foundation has contributed almost $10.5 million to the ACLU according to the Ford grants database.
– Since 2008, Soros’ Open Society Institute has contributed $1.14 million to the ACLU according to OSI’s grant page.

Under the Orwellian guise of “Internet freedom” and “civil liberties” these leftist “public interest” groups have fought since at least 2000 to achieve exactly the opposite – more government control of the Internet, fighting hard to secure and keep in place the Obama administration’s big government “net neutrality” regulations.

Bonus:  Music That Alex Jones Would Have A Heart Attack Over  If Played On INFOWARS Television and Radio (Videos)    
[Heh, heh, heh.]