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Monday, November 30, 2009

Skeptic Questions about Jesus answered, 3

"Is Mary permitted to touch Jesus after the resurrection?

Yes – “. . . they came and held him by his feet, and worshiped him.” (Matthew 28:9)

Not mentioned in Mark

YES -- “Behold my hands and my feet . . . handle me and see . . . .” (Luke 24:39; 1 John 1:1)

No -- Jesus said to her, “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father . . . .” (John 20:17)"



In the Greek, "touch me not" is read as "me mou haptou".

Haptou is a form of touching that travels or exerts so as to manipulate or to influence a compliance (such as by force or pain).

Therefore, the negative imperative in the Greek is telling Mary in today's lingo, is Jesus telling Mary to - "knock it off", "quit touching and pushing me all over".

It isn't a sensual touching she does, but a gruff (are you real, a zombie, or what?) kind of old washer-woman pushy-pushing around kind of a touch. Although resurrected, the body was possibly in some kind of vulnerable state that had not yet reached a state of completion; but this is my speculation on the inference left by the language of the text. The timing of perfection of the resurrected body appears only to be when a person is about to ascend to Heaven to the Father. So it is a justified speculation that I make, as well as explains why Jesus could also eat campfire fish with his disciples after that He rose from the dead on the Third Day.

In effect, the gruff manner and the type of response by Jesus to Mary de facto dispels the myths of anything other than a platonic relationship between Jesus and Mary as well.

Skeptic Questions about Jesus answered, 2

Who carried the cross?

Simon of Cyrene (Matthew 27:32)
Simon of Cyrene (Mark 15:21)
Simon of Cyrene (Luke 23:26)
Only Jesus himself carried the cross. (John 19:17)


When in doubt, first reread the Scripture, and check the Greek source of the New Testament translation.

Going forth, then; they found (a) man, (a) Cyrenian --by name, Simon -- ; This one they compelled [by force] in order that he bear the Cross of Him.” Matthew 27:32

“They seized*into*possession* then, Jesus, and led away, and bearing the Cross of Him, He went out into that called, “Of a Skull-cap” , the place of which is called in the Hebrew ‘Golgotha” , where Him they crucified.” -- John 18:16b - 18a

In the above, John testifies that when Jesus was led away, He most certainly was bearing the cross. It says "He went out" bearing, but doesn't say he necessarily "arrived" bearing.

In the Greek, John is clearly clarifying a misconception that some may have had that Simon carried the Cross virtually the whole way, rather than halfway or less, from where the Dung Gate road and the Siloam Water Gate road met south of the Temple in the Lower city.

Because Simon was in Temple Service at the time of his being pressed into service, he could only exit and enter Jerusalem by the Dung Gate route, and therefore any other route than south from Antonio and East on the Water gate road is in error...even though this upsets hundreds of years of scholarship presumption, my presentation of the route appears to be absolutely correct as taken from both New and Old Testament requirements, and even earliest Church Tradition which mentioned a descent into Hinom (valley).

Now, in the 50s A.D., some confusion may have surfaced in the early Church amongst the Gentiles that Simon could possibly have carried the Cross from as far north as the Fortress Antonia, from which Jesus moved and carried the Cross South and then East from, prior to Simon’s being pressed into service. For this reason, John clarifies...and does NOT contradict. The answer, from Antonio's Gabbatha to the Dung Gate road, Jesus carried the Cross alone, and headed out toward Calvary. John never says that Jesus never had help later, and writes in such a context in the Greek.

So from Gabbatha north west of the Temple, south and then east on the (Gihon) Water Gate Road until the Dung Gate Road intersects it, Jesus carried the Cross alone. After which, Simon was kicked about with the knees by the Romans into compliance, and then took up the Cross. There is therefore no contradiction here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Could the Apophis Asteroid fulfill a Bible prophecy? Maybe....

Will the Apophis Asteroid be the Wormwood Asteroid of Revelation?

In 2006's Sky & Telescope, there was an announcement of the collision of an asteroid with the Earth in 2036. However, the most likely date (in my opinion) is really Friday, April 13, 2029. ...as it makes its trajectory through Cancer...the 320-meter (1,050-foot) asteroid called Apophis may be the very excuse of the mid-tribulation's nuclear war.

The impact of such a small asteroid is believed to have the comparable blast effect as a single nuke with a force of thousands of megatons, and destroy the ozone layer. Further, its dust thrown up will be 7 times greater than the climatic changes due to Krakatoa's explosion in the 1880s.

If that is the 2029 date is the case, then the Tribulation will begin in September of 2025, and the Rapture of the Church sometime prior to this at an unknown date. The "after two days" or 2,000 years "he will raise us up" then becomes literal..as neither the Jewish or Gregorian Calendar are so accurate in their meticulousness in recording every single year accurately from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the High Middle Ages.

Astronomers and global politicians of the potential impact zone are beginning to worry about an appropriate and nuclear response If this asteroid revolves in a 7 year cycle, instead of an impact in 2029 and 2036, we can also worry about a strike on 2022 or 2015 as well, and project a Tribulation Period beginning in 2018 or 2011.

Regardless, once the rapture hits, and we saints are taken out of this world, taken by the hand as those delivered from Sodom & Gomorrah, that asteroid (or one like it) will strike 1290 -1291 days after the Tribulation begins. That is, the Trib must begin in a fall month, and the Great Trib and Day of the L-RD at or about the Passover / Firstfruits holiday.

In other words...the asteroid is just another sign that the Rapture is almost certainly to occur in the next 20 years, and we are at the edge of eternity. We can either be delivered and sheltered in Yeshua, or deny Him and go over the brink to the vast abyss hundreds of miles below.

Of Deuteronomy 28:20, we read a loose paraphrasing of the Hebrew in that verse, which helps open a Last Day's insight:

"HASHEM will send upon you a bright-luminary/light which will cause you to curse vehemently; a strong luminary bringing about a discomfort of noise - confusion - of panic, and a strong scolding meant to bring about an understanding of wrong and the act of disapproval in all that you set your hand for to work-toil-and-accomplish...because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby you have forsaken Me."

In Revelation 16:8-11's expanded and reiterating loose paraphrase, we read:

"And the 4th Angel poured out his pan upon the Sun, and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the NAME of G-D
[i.e. Yeshua / Jesus],
which has power upon/which can overcome these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory.
And the 5th Angel poured out his pan upon the Throne of the Beast; and his kingdom was full of chaotic disorder of shadiness/darkness/blindness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain.
And blasphemed the G-D of Heaven because of their pains of exertion and labor, which almost consumes their whole strength of exertion, and (because of) their multitudes of ulcers/sores so abundant that these ulcerous sores are as if drawn together, and repented not of their deeds."

In Revelation 16 and in Deuteronomy 28:22, we see that these ulcerous sores are more than just sunburns...
"HASHEM with smite you with a peeling consumption, and with fever, and with inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with scorching blight and with mildew."

The scorching blight is the radioactive dust that speads upon impact and kills life over about one-third of the planet Earth. The mildew is a secondary effect of the dust, in which it rages out of control like some fierce alien thing. We've seen this type of mildew or "mold" in the late 1970s destroy the housing developments at outskirts of Niagara Falls New York, in which bio-chemical weapon agents (assumed neutralized by the Army contractors) were combined with other Hazmat Waste materials, and dumped "cost effectively" in a field. Later, when a housing development was built on top of the dump-site, the mildew raged out of control into new housing developments. Kiddie stuff of that mildew in the Tribulation Week that is yet to come.

The sword represents as a result of weaponry...the characteristics of the peeling consumption matches the case histories of those who survived closest to the blast zones of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. That is, the horror of the above events is going to be due to a nuclear launch that is made against Apophis, or an asteroid like it -- so that it becomes as this next verse from Revelation 8:11:

"And the name of the star is called WORMWOOD [in Russian: "Chernobyl"]: and the third part of the waters became Wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter [read "radioactive"]."

Hence, if men drink, the radioactivity burns their tongues and insides out.

But the real reason of this asteroid coming to Earth in the first place? Because we in America are the New Babylon, spreading our tales of blood rather than the Good News of Yeshua...condoning all types of immorality and vice. But those seeking our destruction are no more moral than we...and where our annihilation is swift, theirs will be excruciatingly painful and unenviable. Trust in Yeshua now, and you can avoid all of this (Zephaniah 2:3, Isaiah 55:6).

The Revelation 8:10-11 reference to the star can be a satellite with a nuclear reactor that went into meltdown, or an ICBM that didn't explode and went into meltdown istead (perhaps).


On July 9, 1962 The U.S. exploded a 1.4 megaton nuke over Johnson Island...the effective range was 9,000 miles (i.e., Argentina) of EMP interference for up to one year. The explosion was not a perfect circular pulse, but probably an oblong after the pattern of the photograph above...to which Hawaii was on the narrow of the oblong, some 750 miles away.


The depletion of ozone in the atmosphere is not only related to volcanic activity, but it is also the reason why testing of nuclear devices was moved underground. The blame was made on aerosols, but they simply were a red herring. The depletion of ozone by upper atmosphere nuclear detonation (via the nuclear war in the Mid-Trib, launched by a Russian led Nato, Iran, and others against us) allows a quick ultra-violet burning. But the specifics is that the star makes the fresh waters bitter...and in the Russian, the wormwood is labeled as Chernobyl. Therefore, that star is not dealing with an origin from the sun...it is a failed nuke that poisons 1/3 of the Earth.

It could even be an Iranian supernuke helped by Russia...which is why we need to flatten Iran now, and vigilantly protect America if we want Peace for at least one more generation and in our lifetime. Hosea says, After 2 days (2,000 years) will He revive us, in the 3rd day He will revive [resurrect] us up, and we shall live in His sight (Hosea 6:2). Hence, if literal, we have until as late as 2030 before prophecy is REQUIRED to kick in, and IT ALL (as far as the world is concerened) hits the fan.


If the composition of the Apophis is of such a frozen and gaseous nature, even after entry burnoff, the size of it will be about 10 times larger than the 1908 Tunguska 100 ft. diameter pre-nuclear experience in Siberia, perhaps exploding at 25,000 feet. That explosion back then produced a blast equivalence to 10 - 20 megatons.

Page 5 of the document and page 9 of this Dept. of Energy pdf. from some 45 years ago, lets the reader appreciate the grasp of how big an explosion just 1 megaton is.


Hiroshima was the equivalent of just 13 kilotons at 1,900 ft. in elevation from the target.

The asteroid would best fit a scenario which opens the Day of the L-RD with the legitimate call to launch a missile or series of deep-space long-range (modified space rockets) nuclear missiles...and instead opens World War 3 from Europe and the Middle East making the optimum "day of infamy" nuclear strike on the USA, fully obliterating us.

The Tribulation period is descriptive of the end of the world, as we know it. It is the end of the period of grace, and the beginning of Daniel 9:24-27’s 70th week of years. Each week of years is defined as 7 actual years upon the earth. When Jesus died upon the Cross, He stopped the Judgment clock, and we entered into a period of grace. That last week of years is determined to bring all sins, from the age of Adam to ours: to a finality, to cut it off and to kill it -- therefore judgment and wrath from G-D.

This wrath is upon all those who receive not the atonement of the Cross. Mankind is called to ask G-D that He would pass over their unrighteous acts and rebellion toward Him.

The 70th week of 7 years is collectively called “the Tribulation Period”, but it is actually divided into two halves (Daniel 9:27; 12:11,12). The first half is also referred to as the “Tribulation”, while the second half is the “Great Tribulation” and the “Day of the LORD”.

In the first 1290 days, there is still a call to believe and trust Jesus and his work of the Cross, that they might be taken up, and away from judgment in the coming Elijahn rapture. At Day 1291, the Bible appears to describe a nuclear war that strikes America and Russia, started by a launch against an asteroid that strikes the Mediterranean, and over the course of the next 1335 days, the world’s population is decreased to possibly only the hundreds of millions. Our current planet population is somewhere close to 7 billion.

When the Bible says a 200 million man army comes from the kings of the East to march on the Middle East...we should take those words and that number literally. The vision of locusts may also involve some of the genetic alterations that is going on in bio-chemical warfare research, in which human genes are mixed with animalsand insects to see what kind of mutations to horrible to contemplate, might be used in the name of "national security". It will probably be either a Mid-East or Russian lab that breeds and releases these evil locust mutations, as listed in Revelation.

L-RD, snatch us away before such a horrible day. Amen.

Skeptic Questions about Jesus answered, 1

At what time was Jesus crucified?

Not mentioned in Matthew

9:00 a.m. -- “It was the third hour when they crucified him.” (Mark 15:25)

Not mentioned in Luke

12:00 p.m. -- Jesus was not crucified until after the sixth hour! (John 19:14-15)



Was then (the) third hour, and they crucified Him.” (Mark 15:25)

“It was then, Preparation of the Passover, hour then about the sixth,
And he says to the Jews, Behold (look and see), the king of you!
They then cried, Away, Away, Crucify him!…then, therefore, he delivered up Him
To them in order that He might be crucified.”
(John 19:14-15)

John was written by a Kohen Priest by the name of John, the Son of Zebedee, who was related to the High Priest by either marraige or by blood. Hence, the Gospel of John is written from a Levitical Priest's perspective and way of viewing the hours of the day.

The Preparation of the Passover , from the Kohen / Priestly point of view, from inside the Temple ritual, began at 3 am.

The priests starting duty would awake and wash in 40 se'ah or 340 liters of water or more (Yoma 3,3). The G'vinay (like a priestly combo watch crier and drill sergeant) would yell their rear ends up and about. One was so loud a screamer, the Jerusalem Talmud says Agrippa rewarded him, as he was heard as far as 8 parasangs {23 miles} away (JT Shekalim 5,1), which is obviously an exaggeration.

The priests would then enter into the holy area {only} of the chamber of hewn stone and do assignment "lottery". They would then assemble in squads, with squad leaders bearing torches, unlock the access to the Levitical courts, and undergo various other pre-dawn rituals to verify the sanctity of the Temple, the presence of the 93 Temple Vessels, etc. Once the search is over, and "all is well" is sounded, only then can the preparation ofthe High Priest meal offering begin.

Another lottery for pre-dawn ash removal from the altar andotherassignments will then be conducted.

On the Preparation of the Passover, Sukkot, and at the dedication of the firstfruits of Shavuot (Pentecost), this activity of the priests must begin at the start of the 3 am Watch.

Hence, it was the sixth hour at 9am on this Preparation of the Passover day, in the proper interpretation of John 19:14. Tovia got it wrong again, as his objections often do.

John, as a sacrificing Kohen Priest who wore his own high priest garb and still sacrificed the unblemished lamb on Pesach, even after the Resurrection and destruction of the Temple, wrote and spoke from this vein. The High Priest’s or final Passover lamb, was sacrificed at 3 pm at the 12th hour with the equivalent expression as Jesus stated upon the Cross as if a High Priest over His own sacrificial life (as it were), saying, “It is finished”.

Hence, there is NO contradiction, as both the Synoptic Gospels and John are therefore both designating 9 am.

Psalm 11:4's INCARNATION Prophecy et al.

In the Hebrew, a correct reading and rendering of Psalm 11:4 into English (while sanctifying the NAME) is:

"HASHEM. In His Holy Temple, HASHEM: in the heavens, His Throne.

The literal rendering of "Aph'Aph" is as the "fluttering eyelashes", and it denotes the activity of wings fluttering or sparks flying (ascending) upward.

As "eyelids" we see that the verb takes on a physical presence or manifestation. In effect, this Psalm is predicting an "incarnation" of the same HASHEM (i.e., the tetragrammaton name of YHVeH) who is in His Holy Temple, and who also sits upon His Throne in the Heavens.

What does the HASHEM come "in the flesh"/ "incarnate" do? He examines and tests both the intellectual and intuitive knowledge of the sons of Israel. Examine the Gospels, for in His dealings with most everyone, Jesus fulfills the Hebrew prophecy of Psalm 11:4 to the very word picture understanding, literally. He not only examines...He tests both the intellectual and intuitive knowledge in the particular type of "examination" that "Bachan" entails.

“You, HASHEM, are our Father (and)
(Isaiah 63:16b)

“Our Redeemer” in the Hebrew is Ga’alenu.

Ga’alenu in the context of Isaiah 63:16 is He who purchases us and buys us back from sin from a time when sin was not. In other words, G-D who exists before sin, restores or is purchasing us back to be restored to an original position of what He originally intended us to be. It is not only to a time before all sin offerings (be it an “olah’/burnt offering, or a “hattat”/sin offering, or an “asham”/trespass offering), it is before the very foundation of the world, and before any Creation was ever created.

Isaiah 63 begins with the consequence and bloodiness of sin. In the Old Testament Covenant system, G-D makes Himself the Savior of those who trust rightly in Him (Isaiah 63:8). And who are they that put their trust in G-D rightly? In the entirety of the verse, we see…

“For You (are) our Father, though Abraham knows us not,
and Israel acknowledges us not.
You, HASHEM, are our Father (and)
‘our Redeemer from everlasting’ is Your NAME.”
(Isaiah 63:16)

In many ways, it seems to be us...which is one of the reasons Christians (especially us of the Gentiles) love the book of Isaiah so much.

This "REDEEMER from everlasting" is the same as Micah 5:2,
“Whose goings forth are of old, even from everlasting.”This is Yeshua. This is the One called SALVATION.

Micah and Isaiah both shared circa 45-year contemporaneous ministry. The two actually compliment each other’s ministry. As the Scroll of Micah says,

“Who is a G-D like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the Remnant of His Heritage? He retaineth not His anger forever, because He delighteth in mercy.
He will turn again, and have compassion upon us; HE WILL SUBDUE OUR INIQUITIES; and Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.”
(Micah 7:18-19). Even so, Amen.

In various passages of the Tanakh, we read that:

"There is none holy as the LORD:
for there is none beside thee..."
(e.g., I Samuel 2:2)

In Psalm 110:1, we find that there is the exaltation of the Lord or Adonai, which some would rather call the Master, and pronounce as Adonee -- but still, is He who in I Samuel 2:10 is identified as King Messiah.

In Daniel 9:25, Messiah the King and Master is called a "nagid" in the Hebrew. In effect, it means "one who is prominently before" or chief, encompassing governmental - military - religious ranks all into His one person.

The idea then carries us back to the manifestation of G-D incarnate -- the EL Gibbor -- who takes these ranks upon Himself in Isaiah (9:5 in the Hebrew Text, 9:6 in the English text).

In the following verse, He sits upon the throne of David, but it is to an heir or branch of David that an eternal rulership is promised. That is, it must be a Son of David who is both a Son and HASHEM Incarnate, as Jeremiah 23:5-6 tells us:

"Behold, the days come, saith HASHEM,
that I will raise unto David a Righteous Branch [a son},
and (as) King shall reign and prosper,
and shall execute justice and judgement in the Earth.
In His days, Judah shall be saved,
and Israel shall dwell safely:
and THIS IS HIS NAME whereby He shall be called,

This HASHEM who is to become flesh, is asked by the Psalmist to visit Israel...to visit the Vine, and is identified as the RIGHT HAND of HASHEM in Name or Title (Psalm 80:14-15,17; cf. Exodus 15:3,6).

G-D lifts His HAND to the Nations,
and the (Right) HAND becomes a STANDARD [banner, sail, gleam from far away] to the people (Isaiah 49:22). This directly points us back to HASHEM-Nissi in Exodus 17:15, HASHEM our Banner:

1) Whom in Isaiah 5:26 is an Ensign to the Nations, and who causes the Last Days Aliyah Ingathering of Israel from out of all nations.
2) Whom in Isaiah 11:10 is identified as a descendant of Jesse, HASHEM manifest through this lineage, and trusted by us Goyim (Gentiles), in whom we find glorious rest.
3) Whom in Zechariah 6:12-13, will build the Temple of HASHEM, bear the glory, sit as king - priest - counselor upon it.
4) Whom was clearly identified in the Gospels as Jesus, in front of the High Priest and Sanhedrin, by an oath upon the Divine utterance by the High priest in Matthew 26:63-64.

In Daniel 9:22 ff., when looking for his appearing, we find that there are only 69 heptads of years to which the city of Jerusalem and the holy people (the nation of Israel) are to exist in the sense of a means that Daniel could recognize, from the time of a certain event to the time of King Messiah, the LORD Himself, was to appear or be made manifest to Israel in Judah.

Because "the NAME" -- YHVEH -- subsumes all 3 tenses of the verb "to be" in Hebrew (hayah, hoveh, yiheyeh) -- and that Yeshua is HASHEM -- when Yeshua / HASHEM the Messhiach was cut off by laying His life down, time stopped on the Judgment clock of G-D and the last week of Daniel's prophecy, the last 7 years, never played out.

That clock of prophecy still retains that single week of years -- 7 years -- and it is about to start up again, and bring such fright and devastation upon the world, that unbelievers should be as "Charada" (as those dead from fright, or fleeing to deep coal minds in uncontrollable fear) because of even the knowledge of it (should they choose to reject Christ).

Again, I reiterate, "The NAME" -- YHVeH -- subsumes all 3 tenses of the verb "to be" in the Hebrew because: G-D is above time, and beyond time, and the Creator of it. G-D created time for this particular enclosed Universe in which we live for the benefit of man, and encapsulated sin before it ever began. Time was created for our sakes, as it were.

In Judaism, YHVeH is spoken as " HASHEM" when simply referred by reverence. When YHVeH is directly read, it is spoken as "Adonai" in reverence. But when exorcism is performed, the name YHVeH is directly spoken. The very name of Jesus has an even greater authority in exorcism, because it is the name of man's redemption, and the new name which YHVeH Himself has made Himself known to us -- as He has also done with the Patriarchs and with Moses at the Burning Bush, for example.

I would ask those who do not believe in the Incarnation of HASHEM to consider Daniel 9:22 ff. in this way.

1) When can the finishing of transgression take place according to this time-line given Daniel?
2) What does the finishing of transgression truly mean?
3) Who or what makes an END of sins?
4) By when is the end of sins to take place by? And how is it possible?
5) What is covered by the "reconciliation of iniquity" and when and how is it to occur by?
6) Who or what can bring in everlasting righteousness? And when is it to occur by?
7) What is the legal weight of the clause "to seal up (both) the vision and prophecy"? Can it not be a means of stopping a "Judgement clock" and extend the deadline?
8) Whom is the Most Holy that must be anointed? By when must He be anointed by? And why would someone purposely say we must anoint a city or Temple in place of a Messhiach here? Where is its example in scripture? And what is the predominant and repetitive quotation of anointing in Scripture pointing to -- person or building(s)?

Regarding Jeremiah 23:1-8, The Jewish Commentary of Lamentations Rabbah 1:51 states:

'What is the NAME of the King Messiah?'

Rabbi Abba ben Kahana said:
His Name is "Adonai", as it is stated
- "And this is the NAME whereby He shall be called:
Adonai is our Righteousness."
[verse 6].

In this, the Jewish reading aloud of Jeremiah 23:6 will be YHVeH "read" as Adonai. Adonai is the NAME of King Messiah, and therefore YHVeH is the NAME of King Messiah according to Lamentations 1:51's Rabbi Abba ben Kahana.

Therefore, when YHVeH speaks unto Adonai in Psalm 110:1, it is YHVeH speaking unto YHVeH, and G-D (the Father) unto King Messiah (who is also YHVeH).

In Psalm 65:5-7, the confidence is placed in G-D the Father of King Messiah (who here is called "salvation"), while King Messiah -- who is in the bosom of G-D the Father (Psalm 74:11-12; John 1:18) -- has the power to make still the storm and seas (cf. Psalm 107:28-30; and Jesus fulfilling this that only YHVeH King Messiah can do, in Matthew 8:23-27).

Hence, faith in G-D the Father through King Messiah as the only way of deliverance is actually an Old Testament concept fulfilled in the New Testament.

We therefore, as born-again Christian Evangelicals, are fully vindicated as practicing a restored form of that same Faith given by G-D to Israel that was to be dispensed to us of the nations from early times...but neglected by them to do so until after He was born among man, and discipled sons of Israel in person to do so. Hence, "redispensed" after an original intent through Christ.

We are called by the Hebrew Scriptures themselves to be worshipping G-D from G-D, Light from Light, very G-D of very G-d, begotten not made, who being once substance with the Father created all that was made.

And it is through the New Testament, that we realize that King Messiah, Yeshua, is He who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven. And was incarnate of the Holy Ghost and of the Virgin Mary and was made man; was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate, suffered and was buried; and the third day rose again according to the Scriptures.

From both the Old and New Testaments, we know that King Messiah, Yeshua, is He whom ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of the Father, and shall come again with glory to judge the living and the dead, of whose Kingdom there shall be no end.

Literally spelled-out in the Hebrew --
Yeshua (Jesus) is prophesied and identified as King Messiah From the Old Testament or Tanakh:

4 Times in the Torah (the first 5 or Mosaic books):

Genesis 49:18, the name Yeshua (Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin) appears in the Hebrew as the identity of King Messiah in this and all following verses I will cite. From the Torah’s own prophecy, from Jacob speaking as one of the prophets, is Yeshua NAMED by the patriarch as the Savior of his progeny.

Savior / Messiah:

Ge 49:18 I have waited for thy Yeshua, O L-RD.

The G-D whom the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew:

Exodus 14:13 And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the Yeshua of the L-RD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.

Exodus 15:2 The L-RD is my strength and song, and he is become my Yeshua : He is my G-D, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him.

In context of these two chapters, this same G-D, Yeshua, is He who "roars from Heaven" to save Israel at the Reed / Red Sea, and is He who saves and Raptures (snatches to safety) in Psalm 50:1-6, Psalm 29:3; Joel 2:11, 3:15-16.

He is scorned and lightly esteemed by those who claim themselves as the best and most upright of Jews or of Israel (Genesis Rabbah 77:1, Bamidbar/ Numbers 23:10, Yoma 73b) in the end times:

Deuteronomy 32:15 But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he abandoned G-D which made him, and scorned lightly the Rock of his Yeshua.

King Messiah who Jacob the Patriarch prophesied of, is Yeshua:

1Samuel 2:1 And Hannah prayed, and said, My heart rejoiceth in the L-RD, mine horn is exalted in the L-RD: my mouth is enlarged over mine enemies; because I rejoice in thy Yeshua.

1 Samuel 2:10 identifies Yeshua of verse 1 as the Messiah, even as prophesied by Jacob in Genesis 49:18.


Yeshua...Yod - Shin - Vav - Ayin

Yod - The abbreviative of the Holy NAME for G-D (YHVeH)

Shin - The phoenetic is related to the root word shnh, which is in turn related to shani (scarlet...appearing 42 times in the Tanach). Shnh is the more correct Gematriac translation than the next "traditional" option. Shin is secondly, also related to shen (ivory tooth, sharp), a derivative of the root word shanan.

Vav - A hook (as those silver and gold hooks upon which the Temple curtains of Exodus chapters 26, 27, 36, and 38 hang, for example). It can even be used to describe a peg (or nail) shape as those 3 found in Jesus at the Cross.

Ayin - artesian well spring flowing/living waters. It is also translated as that source of that which is seen with the eye. From the Ugaritic "yn" - 'to behold'. Often, lost in translation is the singular word 'eye', which also fails to convey the inward expression. In Jeremiah 5:21, for example, the Hebrew links the "eyes" to expression and inclinations of "the heart".

Thus, Yeshua is YHVeH's Crimson Hook which flows like a stream of living waters...in other words, the very name Yeshua, prophesied in the Tanach...speaks of the coming Cross and of G-D shedding his eternal blood upon it.

He upon whom the Universe hangs and is upheld by, is prophesied to hang upon the Cross...and in turn, become both the atonement and the sanctuary of all who trust into Him.

Yesha" and "Yasha" appear some 233 times in addition to "yeshua" as "salvation deliverance" in the OT. Most of my greatest critics admit being oblivious to researching the texts themselves or of the particulars of the Hebrew or Greek.

The point I am making with all this, is that Christ is readily available to be seen in the OT to the Hebrew reader and speaker. The less brainwashed they are on how NOT to read and NOT to think a certain way, the more easily they see what the text says, rather than through the prism of bias they insert into the text.

That brainwashing, says Paul in (2 Corinthians 3) is as a veil upon the mind and heart. When the veil is taken away, and one can read in liberty, Messhiach is more readily revealed as layer upon layer is easily removed, and the light of the post-Torah passages of the Tanakh shines forth. As a review of many of my threads show, Christ is everywhere in OT prophecy, from Genesis 1:1 to Malachi.

I bring "basar", or the "good news", that "salvation is of the Jews as a people, NOT of their rabbis". This last sentence, I believe, is consistent with the message from the Tanakh / Old Testament.

It is through the people of the Jews that Messhiach is come, and it will be "they" who will be as if first citizens, as if having an additional crown more than can be obtained by we gentiles. It is not an exclusion status...it is simply a reward "by means of grace of having been born via certain parents" status. "Slightly greater" in status, but NOT "better."

Jewish people in modern Judaism have it reversed, as if "salvation deliverance were from the rabbis, and either allowed or denied access at the rabbinic whim, salvation deliverance being dispensed like dew from Heaven from the rabbis to their own club...those being the same ethnic people as they."

The non-Hebrew nations or "gentiles" have repeated the same error of exclusivity right back at Judaism. Both sides need to admit error. We gentiles often readily admit ours, but arrogance and lofty pride forbids rabbins from theirs, and create tension.

We need to get back to the joying in the basar, the euaggelizo, the proclaiming of the good news of salvation, deliverance, and of Yeshua...the hope of even the ancient Patriarch Jacob -- as he spake by the Holy Spirit -- as he prophesied over his progeny.

Our 10 Accountability Scrolls at the Last Judgment

At the Resurrection of life (for us believers, the Rapture), there are just as many scrolls as there are for the unbelievers in the Resurrection of the damned.

For the believer, the blood of the Lamb is applied to all the scrolls after a legal sense. That means, the bad is negated, and not held against us for judgement...but there is a loss of reward.

For the unbeliever, there is no atonement, and the measure of suffering varies based on what the balance of the scrolls reveal. For the believer, there are ascensions and declensions in reward.

From a legal standpoint, we must sometimes ask ourselves, if G-D were to conduct Court against mankind, what evidences and books would he need? And as we read the Scriptures we must ask, " But what are those scrolls that the Bible indicates out right or subtlely that we should be looking for?" I have 10 for your Bible Study and consideration. these are:

1) The scroll of every idle word you speak or have ever spoken (Matthew 12:36-37).

2) The scroll of every deed you have ever done. (Romans 2:5-6).

3)The Scroll of Eternal life (Exodus 32:32-33, Revelation 3:5).
a) also called the LAMB's Book of Life (Revelation 21:27)
b) also called a Book of Purchase (Jeremiah 32:12)

4) G-D's Holy Word - The Bible (from the Greek word for book) / The Scroll or Book of the Covenant (Exodus 24:7)

5) The Scroll of Remembrance - how often we think and talk about G-D. (Malachi 3:16).

6) The Scroll of Tears - every tear you have cried is recorded. (Psalm 56:8)

7) The Scroll of your DNA/RNA, etc...of you physically. (Psalm 139:16)

8) The Scroll of the Wars of HASHEM --
a) dealing with individuals (Matthew 17:14-21, for example...miracles, or visitations, etc.).
b) dealing with whole peoples (Numbers 21:14-15, Matthew 12:40-41).

9) The Transcripts from what occurs before the Bar of G-D
(e.g., Job chapters 1&2, 2 Chronicles 18:18-21, Jude 9, Zechariah 3:1-20)

10) The Scroll of Memorials -- A Name, special place of honor or remembrance (e.g., Exodus 17:14; Isaiah 56:5; Revelation 2:17 & 3:12).

A rethinking of Cyrus/Koresh in Isaiah 45:1

"So says HASHEM to His Messhiach, to KORESH, whom I have seized by his right hand to subdue before him nations -- yes, the loins of kings I will open, to open before him two-leaved doors, and the gates not shall be shut." (Isaiah 45:1)

The name Koresh is translated as Cyrus in Isaiah 45:1.

In Ezra 1:1 Koresh is identified as the Prince of Persia.

In Daniel 10:13, we have Gabriel informing Daniel of his troubles in dealing with the ruler (the Sar) of Persia for 21 days until Michael intervened.

In Ezekiel 28, we see two rulers in Tyre: the earthly "nagid" or "commander" (its known king); and the real "melek" or "king" of it, an invisible one, who was in Eden as the anointed cherub / living Creature (i.e. 5th Seraphim, cast out, so that there are now only 4 about G-D's Throne).

The spelling of the name of "Koresh" in the Hebrew is best sen as coming from two two-word roots: Kaf-Vav (meaning "pierced") and Rosh-Shin (meaning "head").

So what is the meaning behind a Messiah or Anointed One that is called "the Pierced Head"?

We have two primary "pierced heads" in Scripture: the first is that of the serpent, whose head is crushed/pierced in the prophecy of Genesis 3:15...and though called a Leviathan in Isiah, it is disqualified because its piercing is related to in Genesis 3:15 as being crushed by the heel of the Messiah.

The second pierced head in Scripture, closely related in type to this prophecy of Isa. 45:1 is Jesus, when the crown of very long thorns pierced the skin and flesh of His head (John 19:2,5).

In Gematria, Koresh is 526in value, and that value of 526 is synonymous to "kecilooth" - which is viewed as "foolishness" by some, but also means "fatness", such as what is a pleasing aroma to the L-RD at the Temple Altar. Koresh is also equal to "mopheth", which is defined as "a sign of wonder, a miracle"...because it is the manifestation of the revelation of (526 again, as) "mashqoph" - the meaning of why the blood of Pesach is applied to "the upper door post or lintel".

In the serpent type, after the anointed cherub (Isaiah 14:12-19, Ezekiel 28:14) the fallen or anti-type of the true Messiah...we have the action using this world system to fulfill Isaiah 45:2,
"I will go before thee, and make the crooked place straight:
I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron."

The anti-type in Ezekiel 21:12 (who begins the holocaust from the Temple in Jerusalem in accordance with Daniel 9:27) and Zechariah 11:2 (speaking of the territory of Dan) uses the Hilphil Imperative Mood, where word for "shining" (one) is translated as a verb, one who is howling and crying out -- the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the anointed cherub (and he whom he will one day inhabit, according to John's Apocalypse).

In the true type, of the Heavenly Messhiach, Isaiah 45:2 -"I will go before thee, and make the crooked place straight...": is taken in the context of Isaiah 40:3 as preached by John the Baptist -
"The voice of him that crieth in the Wilderness,
'Prepare ye the Way of the L-RD!
Make straight in the desert a Mecillah
[a high and exalted embankment] for our G-D!"

This is the whole purpose of (Numbers) Bamidbar, and the "Wilderness" years...to teach us of this "higher way" and "higher concept" of HASHEM (Isaiah 55:8-9, 54:11-13).

Isolating Cyrus with the help of history with Scripture

The main expulsion occurs in 586 B.C. Zechariah was thought to have his ministry from 520-475 B.C., or thereabout. In Zechariah 1:12, the "Angel of HASHEM" speaks of another HASHEM of Hosts who has had indignation against Jerusalem for these 70 years. So if Zechariah was written in, say, 516 B.C., wouldn't this fit for a Second 70 year prophecy?

Zechariah writes that he begins his ministry in the second year of Darius in Zechariah 1:7. But which Darius was he? The Darius {darayavahush in the Persian, loosely meaning the "King known as 'the One'"} is actually a designation for "emperor".

Now if we argue that Gubaru was really a Darius in name and in training (cf. Daniel 5:31 with Daniel 6:1), the governor of city-province of Babylon, we might find that this Darius had a son who became he who later ruled in 521 B.C. is the son of Hystapses (cf. the Aramaic "hypatous", a type of "grandee" or city official). Thus, the son of the Governor of Babylon would succeed Cyrus, as it were.

We know best a man named as Spantadata who began his rule sometime about 521 B.C., making 519 B.C. his second year. This Darius had the first part of the Behistun inscription read as - "I (am) Darius the King, the Great King of Kings, King of Peria, and King of all nations...."

But Daniel lists OUR "Darius" in Daniel 9:1, the son of Ahasuerus, as Cyrus in the very next chapter (Daniel 10:1).

Ahasuerus is the Hebrew renaming of the Persian Khshayarsha. The Hebraicization is likened to Ach-Shoresh, or "brother root".

We see such a play on words with Ra-Amesses (Bad Amesses the person / "On" or "Avaris" for the city) and Pothim (many secret chambers/openings) instead of Pithom for the description of Heliopolis in Exodus 1, for example.

So if this is the case, the father of Cyrus can be likened to Ramesses I as Ahasuerus I, and Xerxes some 50 years later (486 - 465 B.C., who married Esther in ca. 479 B.C.) would be de facto Ahasuerus II. Meanwhile, Cyrus is the real Darius I...the governor of Babylon, Gubarau, Darius II (the Lesser)...and Spantadata is really Darius III (the Great), who invaded Egypt.

In retrospect, this would make Zechariah 1 as coming about in 537 or 535, depending on which year you would argue for Cyrus triumphal entry into Babylon on October 29th in.

The issue that Rashi raises deals with "the Babylonian Chronicle" as once addressed by Oxford University's R. Campbell Thompson, in which Nebuchadnezzar launches his conquest of Mi-Sir {Egypt} in the 37th year of his reign. I believe the actual ancient text is still retained by the British Museum.

So when review the Biblical Testimony, and come to the verse:
"And this whole land shall be a desolation, an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the King of Babylon 70 years." (Jeremiah 25:11)

History shows these nations being subjected from about 605 -535 B.C.

605 was the year Judah was invaded, and historians have identified this as through the ascension of Nebuchadnezzar in September with the clashing in Daniel 1:1 and Jeremiah 46:2 calculating of Jehoiakim"s year.

Jeremiah 29:10
"That after 70 years be accomplished at Babylon, I will visit you, and establish My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place."

Cyrus' 4th year of rule of Babylon in History is found to be in 535 B.C.

This same 70th year was recognized and recorded by the Greeks, and that they began an alteration of their 10 month calendar to the solar calendar by Cyrus' royal decree...the dabar that went forth...so that calculations of the Greek history changes formula upon or about this very same year.

We also find that the Hebrew word "dabar", from this period, is closely related to the Akkadian "dabaru" which means "to push back". As dalet - beth - rosh, we can also read the Hebrew as "pestilence" (deber) or as "pasture" (dober).

In regard to the essential word "establish" in Jer. 29:10, the root word is best translated "to make arise, to stand (as standing grain)", or to this effect. This goes back to making the land of Judah and city of Jerusalem as that of a good pasture that is once again made to stand as an attractive field of wheat to the starving soul. In other words, the TWO PERIODS OF 70 YEARS in your contention, ARE NOT SEPARABLE IN SCRIPTURE...they are the same 70 years (605-535 B.C.).

As for "Koresh" in Isaiah 45:1, we must look next to Isaiah 45:13
"I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts."
and ask, with the consideration of all the above, who set captive Israel free, and aided the building of the city of Jerusalem. Darius I and Darius II, who were both technically "emperors" or a "Cyrus".

In the dual prophecy, of He who eternally sets free, without money, without price...and will build Jerusalem in the end of days, 3 1/2 years after the Day of His Wrath (day 1290-1291 of the Tribulation Period), this is Jesus / Yeshua.

When has Cyrus ever been "raised up in Righteousness" and "directed in all the ways of HASHEM' as according to the prophetical requirement of Isaiah 45:13? He hasn't. Hence, Christ must fulfill a dual fulfillment in the end of days to the short term fulfillment seen in the days of Nehemiah and Ezra.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

US to be obligated to $138 Billion a year plus by signing Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty

The 2% GDP Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty Commitment will work out to a current annual cost of $138 Billion dollars per year from the United States alone, not counting fines and the purchase of third world carbon credits.

Shouldn't America care that by signing Copenhagen we can be obligated to upwards of $200 billion extra a year in obligatory national debt? That debt will never go away, even if the US dollar and economy collapses...the One World Government will likely raise the annual obligation somewhere between 2%-15% increase on the 138 Billion a year "tribute" to the New World Empire, and extract that through labor debts (a de facto return to literal slaves of every ethnicity -- now qualified as "the working poor").

So where is the science that they wish to convince us with of soil samples from 4,000 years ago to today in century increments up to 300 years ago, and then decade carbon ratio increments showing how much carbon was in the atmosphere from then as compared in the most upper millimeter layers of topsoil today? Do they mean to tell us all that wood and coal and oil they burned in the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, in the 1900s, etc. is still floating around out there, not having fallen back to Earth?

We know what acid rain can do. And by example, it tells us that most all industrial and other pollution that goes up, must come down. This is Earth Science 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, etc. Would they care to explain any dust samples taken annually at 100,000 feet to 17 miles up? You mean they haven't been taking samples that high up to see what's destroying the Ozone Layer and what pollutants from down here are reaching up there? Really?

Obama has used the word "unprecedented" 129 times so far this year. I guess he's right in regards to a US Presidential Administration imposing Communist-Socialism upon the US...he's right on that one. To have an actual US President actively betray the US into slavery to foreign powers is "unprecedented". And we "the little people" are to be viewed by them as inhuman as characters in a video game or astroturf. So whatever happened to that National Archives Speech Obama had on May 21, 2009, where he demanded that "we the people" and the "Congress and the Courts" hold him accountable, and reiterated that 4 times?

Those were the kind of words that didn't count, because he only made them to the American People. Only what he says and does overseas, or to those overseas that counts. The two faces of Janus are now the at home and abroad faces (and opposite policies) of Obama. Hence, Copenhagen will be signed, just like he told the Chinese in China, and the US Media stopped their ears or fawned and ignored the story in order to keep from being fired and ostracized for telling the truth in a Left Wing controlled "going down in flames" economy.

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Learning from Patristics can be interesting

Learning from Early Church Fathers
According to Hippolytus, disciple of Irenaeus (hence third generation from the Apostle John) -- a true Protestant Bishop of Rome, though dismissed as the first anti-pope, in "the Refutation of all Heresies", writes that:

The Essenes:

1. Despise wealth. (9.14)
2. Sell all possessions and live in groups in every city of Israel. (9.14-15)
3. Unlike Jesus' disciples, consider the use of anointing oil as a defilement. (9.14)

4. Always dress in white. (9.14)
5. Carry only weapons when traveling in Israel. (9.15) Contrast Jesus' disciples are to simply carry staves, and only a small ratio are allowed weapons.
6. Are not to own two sets of clothes or shoes. (9.15)

7. Unlike Jesus' disciples, are not to enter the activity of buying or selling. (9.15)

8. Must start their day singing a hymn to G-D before they can converse with another person. (9.16).
9. Are allowed to work only the first 5 hours of the day, and then devote the rest to religious activity and other pursuits. (9.16).

10. Must obey the rulings of their President as if his rulings were new addendums of Mosaic Law. (9.17). These addendums, if neccessary, may be ratified by councils of no less than 100 members present...and rulings ratified by the Councils of 100 are irreversible. (9.20)

11. Are forbidden from cussing. (9.17)
12. Are encouraged to make study of plants and stones. (9.17).

13. Are ever to carry about a hatchet for instant latrine making. They will dig a 1 foot long hole, unfurl their robe like a dress, and squat upon it, not allowing even the sun to shine upon until the hole and its contents are once again covered. However, they are forbidden from doing acts of nature on Shabbat, because this ritual involves work. (9.18, 9.20)

14. Are to be obedient to all rulers after being obedient to G-D, because even wicked rulers are G-D ordained. (9.18, 9.20)
15. Are forbidden to pass beneath any graven image, such as those that would be placed above a city gate among Gentiles. (9.21)

16. If in the presence of an uncircumcised one who discusses G-D and His laws, will either force circumcise such a one by brute force, or slay such a one and feel justified in so doing. ((9.20).

17. Count the Sicarii terrorists who kill, rape, murder at Jerusalem Temple Festivals; and who, with causeless hatred, fought Rome...as one of 4 denominations/factions descended from their brand of Judaism. (9.21)

Again, Hippolytus enlightens us with more Trivia.

1. King Hezekiah's assigned men were the compilers of the book of Proverbs (cf. Proverbs 25:1); but were also the destroyers of Solomon's writings as well. Solomon had composed some 3,000 parables and 5,000 songs...many hundreds of these were about plants and various species of animal life in water, on land, and of the air. The wisdom especially contained remedies for healing diseases. Under the pretext that the people looked to the wisdom of Solomon, rather than to G-D to heal their diseases, Hezekiah destroyed the vast majority of Solomon's library of insight he had left behind. (Hippolytus, fragment on the Song of Songs).

We can therefore see that the fascination Israel had with "magics" from Solomon until the Babylonian destruction of Jerusaelm, was tied into this "forbidden" knowledge, as it were. Later retention might simply have been kept by those who practiced sorceries, until their books and knowledge was burned and purged out along with the dark "arts" they practiced as well.

2. Solomon's Temple, unlike the Temples that followed, was not with its door pointing directly to the East. (Hippolytus, Fragment on Jeremiah and Ezekiel)

Like the recent conclusions of Leen Rittmeyer and Joseph Patrich, the facing of the access to the Temple would have been offset.


It seems that Patrich and Rittmeyer have shown the likelihood of the line of sight of the beautiful gate to the Holy Place being from slightly East-Southeast to West- Northwest. I am of a mind that Solomon's temple was probably more offset than these scholars have proposed. Such would be along a line of sight that leads more directly to the true crucifixion site of the Kidron and Hinom Valley juncture (Rev. 11:8), and a line of sight that is inclusive of the (later) true Pentecost upper Room of the Southeast Temple Court subjoining both the southern wall's Royal portico, and the Eastern wall's Portico of Solomon. But due to Herod's reconstruction of the Temple Mount, we may never know for sure. However, I believe this new angling by Patrich and Rittmeyer is probably at least accurate, or near to it, of the Herodian Temple.

Therefore, many of us can learn from these Early Church Fathers valuable data lost upon our current generation, and the illiteracy of modern secular scholarship in matters pertaining to Judeo-Christianity.

According to Tertullian,

1. The coming of Messiah, as indicated within a restricted timeline of fulfillment by the prophet Daniel, must occur prior to the ceasing of when unction can be made to anoint such a one as King. It is not the anointing that must occur, but Messiah's arrival before the unction ceases. Hence, no Temple and priesthood of the Temple, the unction ceases in existence...and no one else may come after to fulfill the prophecy. Hence, we are given witness that Jesus fulfills the requirement of coming as messiah before the cessation of both the Temple (with its priesthood) and the Holy Unction. (An answer to the Jews, .13)

2. Houses of ill repute (brothels) were identified by the use of laurels wrapped upon a post outside their door.

And various dressings upon doors were to the honor of various door-deities of the Romans, depending on where and how you dressed your gate or door. You had a hinge-goddess (Cardea), a door-deity (Forculus), a thresh-hold deity (Limentinus), and a Gate-deity (Janus), that helped identify your household as being apart from Judeo-Christianity.
Hence, a Christian was not allowed to have greenery upon their door, gate, or posts; but to be themselves as the light of the world, and a tree ever-green. (On Idolatry, .15)

In other words, the ancients had various "outward signs" that they looked for to testify of themselves and their beliefs. We, in our own way, also should refrain from even the appearance of idolatry ourselves; perhaps in ways we so exhibit now, but that we are or are not readily cognizant of.

An example may be in wearing the image or advertisement of a movie or rock star on a t-shirt,etc., that would constitute a "graven image of" or something that can be construed as idolatry.

Tertullian teaches us,

1) That for most of the first 170 years of Christianity, christians were forbidden from being allowed to defend themselves in Roman courts of law. (Apology,.2)

2) That any deity of Rome had to be first voted as a deity, and recognized by the Roman Imperial Senate. (Apology, .5)

3) That three of the primary occupations of Christians were that of: sailors, soldiers, and farmers. (Apology, .42)

4) In the Gladiator mid-day games ,after a battle exhibition, an actor dressed as Hermes/Mercury would first go about the stadium with a hot iron poker, and stick the bodies to see if any were feigning death or unconsciousness (and this would be part of the entertainment). He would be accompanied by an actor (probably executioner also) who was dressed like Pluto, holding a sledge like hammer in hand, to drag the gladiator bodies (or even body parts) away. (Ad nationes, 1.10)

5) Also at these (mid-day) Gladiator games, there would be the sellers of blood, who with a collection cup or pan, would collect fresh blood from the fresh punctured thigh wounds they would make of "criminals" as they lay dying, and sell it into the crowd as a cure for diseases like epilepsy. While wild animals/beasts that devoured men in the arena, were slain and sold outside the arena for food. (Apology, .9) Usually, it is several animals at a time that were released, and hence slain for exotic meat sales. (Ad nationes, 2.14)

6) Many Gladiator games began with a parade, in which many costumes and statues, thrones, etc., were displayed...like an ancient Macy's / Rose Bowl / Mardi Gras parade all wraped up in one. They also incorporated pagan religious rituals as part of the entertainment. (De Spectaculis, .7)

7) Gladiators are urged into combat by nearby overseers with rods and cat and nine-tails, so that if they do not perform or kill their opponent, they are attacked from behind by others. (De Spectaculis, .21)

Should the gladiators turn to attack these, there were archers all around the arena at appointed stations, set at the walls to shoot those in the arena (be they man or beast) down.

It is therefore no wonder, that Christians who were condemned to death in these kinds of arenas, simply chose to die quickly; rather than to kill or resist unneccessarily for the perverse amusement of others and risk their own eternal souls --being about to die in their last minutes anyway.

Jefferson's Prayer

Thomas Jefferson would not have removed Jesus Christ or the mention of G-D from public office and Federal Government, contrary to Liberal Hypocrites or the illiterate - or the Communist-Socialists and their Atheist allies.

As President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson offered this prayer:

Almighty God, Who has given us this good land for our heritage; We humbly beseech Thee that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of Thy favor and glad to do Thy will. Bless our land with honorable ministry, sound learning, and pure manners.

"Save us from violence, discord and confusion, from pride and arrogance, and from every evil. Defend our liberties, and fashion into one united people the multitude brought hither out of many kindreds and tongues.

"Endow with Thy spirit of wisdom those to whom in Thy Name we entrust the authority of government, that there may be justice and peace at home, and that through obedience to Thy law, we may show forth Thy praise among the nations of the earth.

"In time of prosperity fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day of trouble, suffer not our trust in Thee to fail; all of which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen."

President of the United States: Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1805

Poetry: To post in poetry (by Brianroy)

To what do we owe
an idea of posting in po - etry?

Is it to stub our toe,
and claim it simply as an entrance to a valley in northern Italy?

Some times we write,
sometimes we speak;

and the words don't come forth so clearly.

Some say "fly a kite",
some tell us we tweak;

but the answer lies more far than nearly.

And when we sit and think a while,
and laugh aloud and begin to smile;

the world thinks we are crazy.

But let them talk to themselves,
and jest as if the pixies and elves;

and the lines of what is moral becomes hazy.

So now we turn to G-D's great book,
and read it almost every day,
even if it's just a look.

We open our hearts and minds to Him who does save,
and listen to what He has to say,
trusting Him in how to live and now behave.

The application isn't always so perfect;
for we tire and struggle.

And yet someday, at the Throne of Him we will see...
that redemption
in the fabric of all things
pointing always to Him through Calvary.

Praise G-D: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Glory to G-D in the highest, the highest most!

Poetry: The Tribulation Peace Treaty that has no peace (by Brianroy)

3 lights in the Eastern Sky,
3 flashes, like the sun.

3 explosions rippling forth,
3 tragedies becoming one.

The Midas has pushed its talons forth,
though called many names before;
under a Crescent moon proclaiming peace,
but in its heart declares war.

The U.N. banner flies deceiving the West most nations,
for "Peace" they say, have we.
And no one dares bring up the contract of 1938,
signed between Chamberlain and Germany.

And so the arms race is pursued,
the liberals sabotage an act of war, which can bring peace now;
and the conservatives cower in fear,
at the Jezebels and their sacred cows.

Gog and Magog, and Gomer, and all her bands;
they look upon Babylon America with venom drools,
with her Hollywood tales of blood, and violent words they think as "cool";
behold, they say: let us destroy Babylon America, with her evil merchandise, her bloody skirt and her bloody hands.

They no longer look to the L-RD of Heaven and earth for protection;
behold the hedge of His protection is down,
let us remove them from the earth and all memory as if it never was.

They whisper, they conspire, against Israel and then Babylon America to do wrong;
they lift up a common hatred,
they assail against the one true G-D through these two nations,
as if in the harmony of those who lift up a song.

And so, one day soon, there will be 3 lights in the Eastern Sky,
3 flashes, like the sun.

3 explosions rippling forth,
3 tragedies becoming one.

Jordan shall cease to be,
Damascus shall become a flattened ruin.

A man of war in garments and words of peace shall come forth,
and him, the abomination of desolation, shall the nations deify as a god among men;
strengthened bythe Beast, the abomination of destruction from Moscow,
and confirmed by the miracle deceiving false prophet soon after, then.

If you see these men come to power;
the first Rapture you will have missed.
Count 1290 days from the Treaty signing if you can survive,
and if your heart cannot not believe into Yeshua as your L-RD and savior,
you will probably in Day 1291 be,
left behind to be destroyed by violence or fire.

Repent, while the L-RD is near.
Again, I say, repent.

Poetry: Vision and dreams that were once for just me (by Brianroy)

I dream a dream,
and it is in a Church that I sit.
With believers of Yeshua of every time and team,
Jew, Protestant, non-denominational, Coptic, Eastern, and Catholic.

We are all here and all aware,
but know not any other, nor ask...we don't dare.

The air is filled with a silence that hangs,
as the congregation regulates their breathing.

Eyes closed, heads bowed, thoughts now focus.

In the distance and ever closer, the sound of running waters;
like a trickling stream to some, like a gushing river to others.

Eyes begin to open, and look up and forward, and around at each other.

Hearts begin pacing faster, as the sermon begins,
"Children of the Living G-D...Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters."

And yet a few stare in shock, as if hearing a hocus;
when the speaker utters words the waters run louder with his teething;
and with a "Thus saith the L-RD",
suddenly an ear-ringing thunder bangs!

And all that is left, is the sound of a heart-beat beating;
as all others fade quickly from view.

A Sheet falls down as from Heaven,
and a vision of hands to just below the elbows -- appear:
turning open and continuously flipping
the pages of the Holy Bible facing down;
as a pulsating trickle of blood beats highs and lows like a heart monitor.

A vision of David, in a castle room of stone;
and the hands now assist Him, and assist Him alone.
The pulsating of blood, now beats high and low;
and upward to Heaven, that sheet now must go;
for the last vision, must remain sealed.

Heads shake in fear and awe; but the voice is silent now;
the lips still move upon the speaker, but you cannot hear what or how.

A reed pen drops from the podium onto the rug,
and it sounds as the breaking of glass.

To which sound I now awake from sleep...
in anxiety only my head to shrug,
and say aloud, "Alas! Alas!"

Poetry: A moment in time: prettier than a picture (by Brianroy)

There are waters flowing, as the clouds roll by --
on a sunny afternoon:

over a babbling brook, while green fields are gently swaying,
as the wind makes them to swoon.

The trees at the field's edge gently clap their hands,
while the birds in them sing sweet songs.

How gentle the earth...the sky..the view...
who can tell us there is wrong?

A deer walks gingerly across the grass,
and a family of rabbits hop along, following behind.

And under an acorn tree, squirrels eagerly gather their nuts;
and acrobaticly enjoy their happy little find.

How sweet the air, how lovely so;
how blessed is the appeal!

How freely is this for thee, how lovely so;
at no cost is G-D's gift, the beholding of Creation's zeal.

Poetry: A pursued distraction (by Brianroy)

I’m standing here, but I’ve forgotten why.
I’m digging into my pockets,
looking for a memo I thought I wrote for myself, and looking around.
What is the reason?, I ask myself with a sigh;
Did I come for a book or a look, or drop something on the ground?

And then I see you through the living room window,
As on the sidewalk you stroll on by;
And thumpa-thumpa does my heart go;
As I race to put on my running clothes so quick and sly.

And out the door I race, and suddenly stop;
As I run back to grab the house keys in my hand.
Out to the edge of the front lawn I trot,
As I frantically look;
Where did that voluptuously beautiful woman go, I ask myself;
And see that you’re not yet out of sight.
Ah, just a block to a block and a half away...
Then down the road I book.

I sprint as with wings,
and my legs feel as made of air.
Children and old ladies stare with awe,
as I fly past slow moving cars,
gaining ground.

You round a curb, and pass out of sight;
And as I strain to see where you are going;
I arc too wide, coming in too fast, and...
Pow! I run into a light!

And just before I pass out,
I remember reading something like...
"Beware the lust of the eyes,
the lust of the flesh,"
(and what was that last line?),
"and the pride of...light?" ("thump").

Poetry: The Parting of Friends (by Brianroy)

I spoke to her, but there was tension there:
It wasn’t the light of her eyes, nor the lilt of her hair.

Her voice spoke volumes, and yet in few words;
It wasn’t what was said, it was what I heard.

A sadness, a separation, a parting of friends;
And nothing I could do or say, could ever make amends.

A loss of interest, a polite greeting and pause:
No excuses, no reasons, no ‘just because.’

It was if there was shame, a shame of knowing me;
As if I were the one, that kept her from being free.

The fields of friendship between us were once green and flowing,
Like a meadow with a running brook, and shade trees growing.
We used to laugh and play, and rest every now and then;
And dip our feet in the waters together, and call each other, ‘Friend.’

And now I look across those fields, and see the beauty all gone;
The grasses all dried up and matted, and bramble bushes upon.

There is a dumping ground here now, where waste and refuse abound;
And little by little, trash grows into a mound.

The waters, once so pure and so sweet,
(which we tasted out of each other’s hands, as we played with our feet):
those waters are bitter now, too bitter to drink.
I wish it wasn’t so –I pray, and wish, and think.

Our lives flicker now, with memories come and gone;
Like the scenes of a late night movie (on a television left on).
The signal comes and goes, and words sometimes fade away;
But the hope still lingers, to dream of another day.

“You can’t reclaim the past to salvage what you have lost…”
“You can only keep memories a treasure…if you can only know their cost.”

“Memories are like a closet,” the Wise One once said;
“out of which treasures new and old come.” So don’t be misled.

As for me…
I shall go back in time,
To a more pleasant day of reason and rhyme;
Where she and I are lovers once again:
…in a field green and flowing,
with a meadow and a running brook, and shade trees growing:
where we can laugh and play, and rest now and then…
and dip our feet in the waters together,
and pour our hearts out to each other;
and call each other, ‘Friend.’

Poetry: The Canopy (by Brianroy)

The cirrus clouds line the sky of blue,
like drapes of mist from gravity suspended.

And yet the blue of the sky is an illusion,
and illusion of sight and of refractive light.

What is man, a soul dwelling in this house of flesh,
that he should declare his life on his own depended?

We are provided a tent of the Earth in which to dwell,
with air and water and warmth and G-D's aid to it amended.

The message of which we are so vacuate and blind is so true,
but mankind knows not how to accept without calling it an intrusion.

Sin and rebellion is in our nature to cause us to want to fight,
even the ideas that might remove our vain imaginations and pathway to hell.

So, the next time you walk, look up and enjoy the Canopy of the great outdoors;
know that G-D created the Earth, the sky, the trees,
not only to caretake and protect;
but to behold, and think of Him and His love for you, and enjoy.

The Erev Hypothesis

The Erev Hypothesis. The abstract goes to the effect that the contrariness to the laws of observable sciences (such as gravity) can be contradicted or disrupted for periods of short durations, so as to suspend those laws within a means of controlled chaos...albeit, temporariliy.

Erev simply means evening in the Hebrew, "And evening and morning", etc. But it also has 13 - 15 other meanings attributed to it. One of these is "disorder" or "controlled chaos" if you will.

The Erev Hypothesis is explored through the notion that spikes in the paleomagnetic pole reversals

upon Earth occurred daily in the first 7 days of Creation, and in disastrous consequences in 2348 B.C. (Noachian deluge), 1961 B.C. (Sodomic Epic and misdated Holocene shifts), 1551 B.C. (the Exodus' Red Sea and Sinai events), 1511 B.C. (the reversal of the Jordan and the sun appearing to stand still for a day).

It may be, that events such as the Holocene shifts of land masses and the parting of the Red Sea, or the bending of the heavens upon Mt. Sinai, will be re-witnessed as accurate event happenings by the ancients by modern man as he experiments with his super linear coliders.

The Hadron Collider
This mega-linear collider http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/ will be one of the keys for us to understand and see the Biblical past in present fluxes of known scientific laws of Creation. Associated with the Hadron collider is both hope and dread:


The field of archaeology has a great ignorance to those forces which governs the miraculous or intervening activity of G-D in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Exodus 14:21-22 to Joshua 10:13 to Luke 23:44 / Acts 2:19-20, and so forth.

It may be that the Hadron Collider will show that pole reversal or disrupted paleomagnetism will be the physical answer that the "unbeliever" will grasp inseeing the truth of the Biblical historical literary record.

Both those at the EU's Geneva and USA's Los Alamos projects seek THE Star Wars weapon of the linear super collider. In its military aspect, electro-magnetic pulsation is a specific weapon that can render all electronics as without capability of accepting or sustaining power, or of retaining data of any kind. Hence, from CDs and DVDs to appliances to vehicles to power grids to any object sustaining or dependant on electric charges, or its use, will be rendered impotent.

It will be the super collider that will sustain the ability to create power source of the "ultimate", the coming earth to satellite to earth laser weapon, in which at the press of a button, a laser zap can be made at any location or target on the face of the Earth by the presses of a key board and a sustained Space program.

The downside of this new technology may be that we will accelerate the decrease in global electro-magnetism, and accelerate pole shifts...one of the true components of danger in global warming...moreso than sulfur dioxide releases and temporary ozone depletions.

In the past 150 years...or so it is believed...the Earth has already moved 10 percent into the same kind of total magnetic pole reversals as seen in the sun, and documented by the Ulysses satellite.

Sunspots and blackouts are in direct correlation to these pole disruptions and reversals, and we can tie such to the 30 A.D. sackcloth sun, and another to come in these last days, sometime perhaps between 2012 and 2042. No one knows for sure.

Most agnostic and atheist archaeologists will discount that the Reed or Red Sea could part, and walls of water stand. Through mega-disruptions in the earth's poles, the laws of gravity as sustained and promoted from Earth-Sun-Moon are altered. Such documentations of magnetic pole shifts have been reported as observable in minute geologic sample borings up to 400 meters in depth.


But as the writers of that pdf state in the opening of p. 5, "Time cannot be estimated except very crudely...." This is not just on two strata close together, but I dare say on all 5 observable levels of these magnetic pole reversals in strata samples mis-listed as millions of years apart, I would interpret as perhaps being the same magnetic polarity shifts of : 2348 B.C., 1961 B.C., 1551 B.C. , 1511 B.C., and 30 AD.

30 A.D. would be the event of the Cross, where a full moon of blood red light under a clear sky of withdrawn stars and a black sun was observed from noon to 3pm when Jesus hung upon the Cross.

Such a paleo-magnetic shift and manipulation extending far out beyond the Van Allen belts may well be explained in this way as end-time happenings also in Luke 21:25 through the Greek (numbered to Strong's):

And there shall be signs in the sun,
and in the moon,
and in the stars;

and upon the earth
[A compelling pressing afflicting and plaguing with and among] G4928

of nations,
with distress

[I.e., no resources and great doubt as how to proceed];G640

the sea G2281 and
The waves
[that which resonates and vibrates] G4535

Luke 21:25

The idea of sun echo is more than an intensifying of a holding together, in this verse’s application, it is likened to as if pressing in upon a claustrophobic in the middle of a crowd, who is that at the same time is a flying apart emotionally and physically with fear and disease (via the nervous system).

Salos can incorporate anything that causes motion, vibration, waves, tossing, rocking….events such as wind, currents - surf - tide, electro-magnetic forces, earthquakes, and so forth.

Even if these great "star wars" machines do not destroy the planet ("for the earth abides forever" says Scripture)...between natural means and unnatural manipulation...modern science may see a day archaeologists and scientists would not dare to have previously believed [which requires intellectual acumen as well as faith], a manipulation of the laws of science in ways that verify the Bible...but to our own destruction.

The Hadron Collider may eventually be used for a type of Star Wars laser technology, where it could conceivably generate enoughpower to fire a laser, bounce it off a satellite, and strike a target upon the Earth and destroy it. This brings us to the AntiChrist of Scripture who can call fire down from heaven in a clear blue sky. Although it could conceivably be lightning, man generally tends to deceive in our generation by using science to manipulate within the laws of the Creator's Creation. The general data regarding lasers and photon collider generation for that power, that infers to the real purpose of the Large Hadron Collider (in a non-classified format), and its relation to affecting the electro-magnetic polarity of the Earth, can be found and pulled up in links available to the public.

By seeing that the geo-cosmic chaos relationship when great shifts in the Earth's polarity occurs suddenly, along with manipulation of other forces, perhaps even external solar wind flare-ups, and a potentially a lunar closeness that reduces the moon to as little as 130,000 to 150,000 miles from Earth, affecting massive tidal changes...we can grasp better how that waters of the Hebrew Exodus of 1551 B.C. can be made to stand in heaps as the Bible declares regarding the Exodus escape through the Reed/ Red Sea.

In relating to this same period, the volcanic Mediterranean /Aegean island of Thera blew contemporaneously with the Hebrew Exodus. Researchers have yet to reconcile it with Levant archaeology in the study of tsunami sediments and strata, which there have been upwards of 300 tsunamis in the Mediterranean basin, according to some tsunami experts. The conference report of which I point to is:

How will great storms and tsunamis play on the cultures of Canaan / Israel? More often than not, history is silent on the matter. In Germany, Scientific American in July 2008 reports the discovery of ancient micro-organism preservation from past ages in volcanic rock in Germany. Yes, even Germany has volcanic origins, as does Israel's Dead Sea rift.

We find sea fossils and micro-fossils in the unlikeliest of inland locations in North America. How about Israel? What would be the relationship to the same strata of sea-fossils and humans and relevant human debris? That depends on how far inland into Israel they are found, and cataloguedas having been located. Hence, ocean and geologic sciences and archaeology can easily overlap in this specialty study.

On other planets,we know there is a tie in between electro-magnetic polarity, volcanology, and surface formations such as plains, hills, and valleys. A more recent public example was the NASA verification of this through the MESSENGER satellite. http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/news_room/telecon4.html

In the solar example linked earlier, the sun is said to reverse its magnetic poles every 11 years. Sun spots, we are learning, are often a by-product of this shifting. In the application to the Earth, it appears that the waning of the paleomagnetic life-force of the Earth is potentially a greater cause for global warming than any other factor...including sulfur dioxides and ozone depletion.

So, what may appear as electro-magnetic science fiction at the first, when investigated, may also have to be considered as a viable alternative explanation to the archaeological record concerning the Israelites and certain events in Egypt and the Levant.

In other words...archaeology that looks solely in the ground with just garden tools, and forsakes the probabilities in a 3-dimensional view of 3500-4000 years ago, seems to me, a field in need of updating and further education.

In other words...an future archaeology greater than one reduced to that looks which (despite mounds of new data and new technologies) hunkers solely in the ground with just garden tools. A new archaeology which forsakes the ever growing age of humanity to its source in what one may rationally editorialize as lunacy ...or perhaps motivated by depressant stimulants(?)... in which some cite pre-historic strata in Israel from 800,000 years ago with such a strata as containing "fire starters", etc. The very suggestion of 5000 B.C. humanity in Israel is ludicrous, and all data from 5000 to 800,000 appears absent. The only credible ...and that is stretching the definition of "credible"...claims to even such ages as 5,000 - 7,000 years B.C. ...to which dates I disagree, but Harvard and Chicago U accept...are thought to be in northern Syria and Iraq. To this 800,000 year claim at Hebrew University, click on:

W.F. Albright and Cyrus Gordon knew that they needed to reach out into multiple specialties of linguistic and cultural knowledge, and other disciplines; so too, need we to upgrade the proper merger of science and history into the 21st century, and as we see a final last days fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 ...

King James Version
12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

...and unlock the past which had been shut up and sealed.

As for the words of the future, that is in G-D's hands, and for His will and time to open and reveal beyond what he already has...or to fulfill what He has already promised will happen.

Carbon-14 dating applied to some ancient Biblical Chronology

On Aug 07, 2008...Bryant G. Wood PhD reported the following data on Jericho's Carbon 14 dating that supports my thesis in dating Jericho's destruction to 1511 B.C. to being more within the margin of error than those who date to the 1400s B.C. and later:

Initially, a C14 date of 1410 +/- 40 B.C. (done by the British Museum) was published for charcoal from the destruction level of Jericho (Jericho V [1983], p. 763).

This was later found to be in error and corrected from 3080 +/- 40 BP to 3300 +/- 110 BP (Radiocarbon 32 [1990]: 74; BP = before present), which calibrates to 1590 or 1527 +/- 110 B.C., depending on how one reads the calibration curve (Radiocarbon 35 [1993]: 30).

Additional tests were done on six grain samples from the destruction level resulting in dates between 1640 and 1520 B.C. and 12 charcoal samples from the destruction level resulting in dates between 1690 and 1610 B.C. (Radiocarbon 37 [1995]: 217).

This Carbon-14 dating reported in 1995 is thought to be more reliable than the previous data.

One of the things that is seemingly left out in the Carbon-14 debates is contamination, and cross-sourcing.

For example, there is data that shows that when a modern animal is fed old and rotten vegetation, the animal can soon carbon-14 date to whatever you would misdate the rotten food to, because the rate of decay throws off the effectiveness of Carbon-14's accuracy. So in that respect, decomposition (its rate and state of) needs to be factored in in carbon-14 dating.

In contrast, the Jericho data suggests a suspension of decomp in the grain and charcoal samples. The difference in the charcoal dates to the 1600s B.C., may relate to the age of the wood or tree when it was cut (some may argue). Even if this were true, we again are looking closer to a 1511 B.C. destruction than any other proposed date for the fall of Jericho under Israel's entry into the Land.

SCIENCE, back in 1983 with Keith and Anderson's 'Radiocarbon dating: Fictitious results with Mollusk Shells' (August 16, vol. 141, No. 3581, pp. 634-636) showed that Mollusks could generate fictitious results of Carbon-14 dating by up to 3000 years, depending on what muddy river bottom they were feeding off of. And if river mud can alter mollusk Carbon-14 dating...in what other living creatures or once living organisms could they affect? Could deer or other animal antler growth, for example, reflect this in C-14 data? Strangely enough, this very example done in 1957 is often used in debates between young and old earth advocates, even though 3 stages of the same antler growth reflects a difference of some 5,000 years in C-14.

Hence, 5,000 years and more can be fictitiously attributed to C-14 dating. Thus, we can virtually bring the Holocene era into the Bronze Ages in one stroke via one example of a past Yale University testing on the subject. And even though advances have been made in Carbon-14 analysis; if the data going into the program is flawed...the resulting data that comes out will simply reflect that same flaw. Unfortunately, most and nearly all "scientists" simply take the C-14 results of others at face value and hypothesize by faith rather than "science", never testing and analyzing the sample and data themselves to see if the same result will happen again and again (which is what a scientist is "supposed" to do).

In regard to site dating found in material, using Carbon 14, we should always ask...Where would the best organic matter for use in dating that is the oldest but the freshest cut and least contaminated be found, and did we find it?

Even so, for me, it is yet a happy event for the above Jericho dating to be along the lines of placing 1511 B.C. within the oft cited C-14 150 year margin of error. Some of the sceptics may yet be finally be coming around.

Fixing our C-14 and ceramic Chronology
As I have pointed out, C-14 chronology is seriously flawed. What is equally flawed, is the new notion that we can now create data into existence by cross-quotations, so as to date ceramic development some 4,000 years ago into 25 year increments. This is utterly preposterous and ridiculous.

Unless a specific artist is identified and isolated, as some ante-Nicene fathers do of the much later Greek deity statues (and on occasion included the rich men who posed and paid for such likenesses), the notion we can consistently date ceramics to 25 year increments of development is as the ash heap at the end of a lit cigarette in reliability.

If the old Chronology of more than 10 years ago can be altered, so can the new chronology of the last 10 years. The new proposal is that all archaeology dated as 2350 B.C. be redated as 1980 B.C., and the insanely accepted notion of several hundred years of nomadism and city abandonment be discarded for a zero year, and perhaps for as many as 3 - 6 months.

What would cause an abandonment? How about geological and geo-climatic changes? That is, great natural disasters of violence.

One such disaster is that which cause the cessation of the Akkadians, and destroyed the forests of the like time period that ascended up from the Persian Gulf throughout southern Iraq, etc.

DOI: 10.1130/0091-7613(2000)28<379:CCATCO>2.0.CO;2 © 2000 GeGeology; April 2000; v. 28; no. 4; p. 379-382;ological Society of America
H. M. Cullen1, P. B. deMenocal1, S. Hemming1, G. Hemming1, F. H. Brown2, T. Guilderson3 and F. Sirocko4
1 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, New York 10964, USA
2 University of Utah, Park City, Utah 84112, USA
3 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California 94551, USA
4 Institut für Geowissenschaften, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, 55099 Mainz, Germany

The Akkadian empire ruled Mesopotamia from the headwaters of the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers to the Persian Gulf during the late third millennium B.C. Archeological evidence has shown that this highly developed civilization collapsed abruptly near 4170 ± 150 calendar yr B.P., perhaps related to a shift to more arid conditions. Detailed paleoclimate records to test this assertion from Mesopotamia are rare, but changes in regional aridity are preserved in adjacent ocean basins. We document Holocene changes in regional aridity using mineralogic and geochemical analyses of a marine sediment core from the Gulf of Oman, which is directly downwind of Mesopotamian dust source areas and archeological sites. Our results document a very abrupt increase in eolian dust and Mesopotamian aridity, accelerator mass spectrometer radiocarbon dated to 4025 ± 125 calendar yr B.P., which persisted for 300 yr. Radiogenic (Nd and Sr) isotope analyses confirm that the observed increase in mineral dust was derived from Mesopotamian source areas. Geochemical correlation of volcanic ash shards between the archeological site and marine sediment record establishes a direct temporal link between Mesopotamian aridification and social collapse, implicating a sudden shift to more arid conditions as a key factor contributing to the collapse of the Akkadian empire.

If the demise of the Akkadians with "volcanic ash shards" occur simultaneously with the destruction of Sodom, what then?

At about the same dating, we find the geo-climatic changes were not just region wide, but world wide.

The Holocene, Vol. 15, No. 3, 321-328 (2005)

DOI: 10.1191/0959683605hl825ft © 2005 SAGE Publications
A severe centennial-scale drought in midcontinental North America 4200 years ago and apparent global linkages
Robert K. Booth
Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 53706, USA; rkbooth@wisc.edu
Stephen T. Jackson
Department of Botany, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY 82071, USA
Steven L. Forman
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL 60607, USA
John E. Kutzbach
Center for Climatic Research, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 53706, USA
E. A. Bettis, III
Department of Geoscience, University of Iowa, Iowa City IA 52242, USA
Joseph Kreigs
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Upper Iowa University, Fayette IA, USA
David K. Wright
Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL 60607-7059, USA

We present evidence from a variety of physical and biological proxies for a severe drought that affected the mid-continent of North America between 4.1 and 4.3 ka. Rapid climate changes associated with the event had large and widespread ecological effects, including dune reactivation, forest fires and long-term changes in forest composition, highlighting a clear ecological vulnerability to similar future changes. Drought is also documented in the Middle East and portions of Africa and Asia, where it was similar in timing, duration and magnitude to that recorded in the central North American records. Some regions at high latitudes, including northern Europe and Siberia, experienced cooler and/or wetter conditions. Widespread mid-latitude and subtropical drought, associated with increased moisture at some high latitudes, has been linked in the instrumental record to an unusually steep sea surface temperature (SST) gradient between the tropical eastern and western Pacific Ocean (La Ninia) and increased warmth in other equatorial oceans. Similar SST patterns may have occurred at 4.2 ka, possibly associated with external forcing or amplification of these spatial modes by variations in solar irradiance or volcanism. However, changes in SST distribution bracketing the 4.2 ka event are poorly known in most regions and data are insufficient to estimate magnitude of changes in solar and volcanic forcing at this time. Further research is needed to delineate geographical patterns of moisture changes, ecological responses, possible forcing mechanisms and climatology of this severe climatic event.

And since glacial core sample dating uses Carbon 14 well outside the range of its full-life, and there is a history that supports an "artic" Britain and central and western Europe until the 500s B.C. -- then we may have to also redate the Holocene events that include land separation and spreading, and lifting (as was done with Scotland) to be theoretically redatable to a 500 year age from Abraham to Joshua, instead of 13,000 to 5,000 years ago.

The Holocene, Vol. 10, No. 4, 489-501 (2000)
DOI: 10.1191/095968300676735907
© 2000 SAGE Publications
"Patterns of isostatic land uplift during the Holocene: evidence from mainland Scotland"
David E. Smith
Centre for Quaternary Science, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB, UK
Robin A. Cullingford
Department of Geography, Exeter University, Amory Building, Rennes Drive, Exeter EX4 4RJ, UK
Callum R. Firth
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PH, UK)

Preliminary results of a lengthy and detailed investigation into middle- and late-Holocene raised shorelines in mainland Scotland indicate that three shorelines are sufficiently widely distributed to permit an examination of their extent and of the patterns of uplift which they indicate. The shorelines are the Storegga Tsunami Shoreline, reached at c. 7100 14C years BP, at the culmination of the Main Postglacial Transgression; and the Blairdrummond Shoreline, reached after the Main Postglacial Shoreline, at c. 2000–4200 14C years BP, at the time of a tsunami believed to have been caused by the Second Storegga submarine slide; the Main Postglacial Shoreline, reached at c. 5800–6850 14C years BP. The Main Postglacial Shoreline, previously believed to be the highest Holocene raised shoreline in Scotland, is now believed to be overlapped around the periphery of the uplifted area by the later Blairdrummond Shoreline. Isobase models, based upon quadratic trend surface analysis of available comparable height data consisting of altitudes on former estuarine surfaces and related to the local High Water Mark of Ordinary Spring Tides, depict the pattern of uplift for each shoreline. These models are probably more accurate than previous models of land uplift for the period studied, and indicate a consistent and unchanging uplift pattern during the middle and late Holocene.

In other words, a crustal shift of the Earth pushing west, consistent with the Dead Sea Rift in or about 1980 B.C., the approximate time of Sodom's destruction -- to about 1551 B.C., the time in which the Exodus of Israel occurred.

If we remove these Holocene Geo-realities into a new time-frame, based on a 6,000 year earth, as zircon analysis of Helium according to natural (not unnatural) science shows the Earth to approximately be...as I have posted the link to previously...then, the demise of the Akkadians and of Sodom, and miraculous events such as the sun standing in the sky for Joshua without setting...enters into the realm of geologic theory and scientific sensibility, instead of being simply a literary fantasy - myth of the ancients, or even modern proponents of such a possibile scenario.

In some areas crustal shift of the Holocene in the new time-frame, could reasonably be seen to have quickly created valleys, like the Dead Sea rift, or created mountains or hills, or formed islands from masses separated from their prior mainland states in days, and months, and years..rather than epochs, contrary to what we know Creation / Nature to be in its own violence.

The word has been at NASA through satellite surveillance technology data of the last 30 years, that volcanism will indeed shape both surface plains and valleys on other planets; and the electro-magnetic forces are also a factor in these events, as I have previously touched upon with -- currently or allegedly dated to -- Holocene Levant, Scottish, and North American examples.

The G-D Factor: Miracles manifest in Creation must always be considered Possible


The above pdf. tells us about the 1990 Cosmic Background Explorer Satelitte, C.O.B.E., and the background radiation of the entire sphere of the northern heavens -- as seen from the North Galactic Pole -- which showed an average temperature of 2.735 degrees centigrade above Absolute Zero.

The spectrum curve was less that 1% across the entire range of observed frequencies. That is, the universe was like some giant Cosmic radiator. There was no pond rippling big bang. The echoes of history tell us that the Universe was created in a "poof" / "everywhere all at once" and in an even distribution fashion... exactly like the ancient Bible Scriptures which tell us that G-D stretched the Heavens like a curtain, and it was there.

The COBE used the milky way galaxy as a mean center for its Daily Microwave Radiometer (DMR) readings. DMRs are those wavelengths which are able to be filtered out from our own galaxy's emissions. There are 3 known DMRs, and the COBE used all 3.

In 1993, the Jet Propulsion Labaratory (courtesy of NASA) revealed a 365 day condensed DMR picture of the North Galactic Pole Sphere, and this is where the "radiator" picture comes in. It was at this meeting that the American Astronomical Society officially said the fluctuation was not as high as 1%, but only .03% or three-one hundredths of one percent. They also settled on a final number of 2.726 Centigrade above Absolute Zero (over its previous 2.735).

So if the Universe scientifically testifies that it was simultaneously created everywhere at once by G-D in a macro-cosmic action; we cannot discount the rapid shifts of islands breaking off from continents, the creating or traveling of mountains many miles as if on rollers virtually overnight, or of G-D the Father sending us His Son to preach to us the message of eternal spiritual redemption. These things we simply cannot honestly discount either scientifically or logically.