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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Erev Hypothesis

The Erev Hypothesis. The abstract goes to the effect that the contrariness to the laws of observable sciences (such as gravity) can be contradicted or disrupted for periods of short durations, so as to suspend those laws within a means of controlled chaos...albeit, temporariliy.

Erev simply means evening in the Hebrew, "And evening and morning", etc. But it also has 13 - 15 other meanings attributed to it. One of these is "disorder" or "controlled chaos" if you will.

The Erev Hypothesis is explored through the notion that spikes in the paleomagnetic pole reversals

upon Earth occurred daily in the first 7 days of Creation, and in disastrous consequences in 2348 B.C. (Noachian deluge), 1961 B.C. (Sodomic Epic and misdated Holocene shifts), 1551 B.C. (the Exodus' Red Sea and Sinai events), 1511 B.C. (the reversal of the Jordan and the sun appearing to stand still for a day).

It may be, that events such as the Holocene shifts of land masses and the parting of the Red Sea, or the bending of the heavens upon Mt. Sinai, will be re-witnessed as accurate event happenings by the ancients by modern man as he experiments with his super linear coliders.

The Hadron Collider
This mega-linear collider http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/ will be one of the keys for us to understand and see the Biblical past in present fluxes of known scientific laws of Creation. Associated with the Hadron collider is both hope and dread:


The field of archaeology has a great ignorance to those forces which governs the miraculous or intervening activity of G-D in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Exodus 14:21-22 to Joshua 10:13 to Luke 23:44 / Acts 2:19-20, and so forth.

It may be that the Hadron Collider will show that pole reversal or disrupted paleomagnetism will be the physical answer that the "unbeliever" will grasp inseeing the truth of the Biblical historical literary record.

Both those at the EU's Geneva and USA's Los Alamos projects seek THE Star Wars weapon of the linear super collider. In its military aspect, electro-magnetic pulsation is a specific weapon that can render all electronics as without capability of accepting or sustaining power, or of retaining data of any kind. Hence, from CDs and DVDs to appliances to vehicles to power grids to any object sustaining or dependant on electric charges, or its use, will be rendered impotent.

It will be the super collider that will sustain the ability to create power source of the "ultimate", the coming earth to satellite to earth laser weapon, in which at the press of a button, a laser zap can be made at any location or target on the face of the Earth by the presses of a key board and a sustained Space program.

The downside of this new technology may be that we will accelerate the decrease in global electro-magnetism, and accelerate pole shifts...one of the true components of danger in global warming...moreso than sulfur dioxide releases and temporary ozone depletions.

In the past 150 years...or so it is believed...the Earth has already moved 10 percent into the same kind of total magnetic pole reversals as seen in the sun, and documented by the Ulysses satellite.

Sunspots and blackouts are in direct correlation to these pole disruptions and reversals, and we can tie such to the 30 A.D. sackcloth sun, and another to come in these last days, sometime perhaps between 2012 and 2042. No one knows for sure.

Most agnostic and atheist archaeologists will discount that the Reed or Red Sea could part, and walls of water stand. Through mega-disruptions in the earth's poles, the laws of gravity as sustained and promoted from Earth-Sun-Moon are altered. Such documentations of magnetic pole shifts have been reported as observable in minute geologic sample borings up to 400 meters in depth.


But as the writers of that pdf state in the opening of p. 5, "Time cannot be estimated except very crudely...." This is not just on two strata close together, but I dare say on all 5 observable levels of these magnetic pole reversals in strata samples mis-listed as millions of years apart, I would interpret as perhaps being the same magnetic polarity shifts of : 2348 B.C., 1961 B.C., 1551 B.C. , 1511 B.C., and 30 AD.

30 A.D. would be the event of the Cross, where a full moon of blood red light under a clear sky of withdrawn stars and a black sun was observed from noon to 3pm when Jesus hung upon the Cross.

Such a paleo-magnetic shift and manipulation extending far out beyond the Van Allen belts may well be explained in this way as end-time happenings also in Luke 21:25 through the Greek (numbered to Strong's):

And there shall be signs in the sun,
and in the moon,
and in the stars;

and upon the earth
[A compelling pressing afflicting and plaguing with and among] G4928

of nations,
with distress

[I.e., no resources and great doubt as how to proceed];G640

the sea G2281 and
The waves
[that which resonates and vibrates] G4535

Luke 21:25

The idea of sun echo is more than an intensifying of a holding together, in this verse’s application, it is likened to as if pressing in upon a claustrophobic in the middle of a crowd, who is that at the same time is a flying apart emotionally and physically with fear and disease (via the nervous system).

Salos can incorporate anything that causes motion, vibration, waves, tossing, rocking….events such as wind, currents - surf - tide, electro-magnetic forces, earthquakes, and so forth.

Even if these great "star wars" machines do not destroy the planet ("for the earth abides forever" says Scripture)...between natural means and unnatural manipulation...modern science may see a day archaeologists and scientists would not dare to have previously believed [which requires intellectual acumen as well as faith], a manipulation of the laws of science in ways that verify the Bible...but to our own destruction.

The Hadron Collider may eventually be used for a type of Star Wars laser technology, where it could conceivably generate enoughpower to fire a laser, bounce it off a satellite, and strike a target upon the Earth and destroy it. This brings us to the AntiChrist of Scripture who can call fire down from heaven in a clear blue sky. Although it could conceivably be lightning, man generally tends to deceive in our generation by using science to manipulate within the laws of the Creator's Creation. The general data regarding lasers and photon collider generation for that power, that infers to the real purpose of the Large Hadron Collider (in a non-classified format), and its relation to affecting the electro-magnetic polarity of the Earth, can be found and pulled up in links available to the public.

By seeing that the geo-cosmic chaos relationship when great shifts in the Earth's polarity occurs suddenly, along with manipulation of other forces, perhaps even external solar wind flare-ups, and a potentially a lunar closeness that reduces the moon to as little as 130,000 to 150,000 miles from Earth, affecting massive tidal changes...we can grasp better how that waters of the Hebrew Exodus of 1551 B.C. can be made to stand in heaps as the Bible declares regarding the Exodus escape through the Reed/ Red Sea.

In relating to this same period, the volcanic Mediterranean /Aegean island of Thera blew contemporaneously with the Hebrew Exodus. Researchers have yet to reconcile it with Levant archaeology in the study of tsunami sediments and strata, which there have been upwards of 300 tsunamis in the Mediterranean basin, according to some tsunami experts. The conference report of which I point to is:

How will great storms and tsunamis play on the cultures of Canaan / Israel? More often than not, history is silent on the matter. In Germany, Scientific American in July 2008 reports the discovery of ancient micro-organism preservation from past ages in volcanic rock in Germany. Yes, even Germany has volcanic origins, as does Israel's Dead Sea rift.

We find sea fossils and micro-fossils in the unlikeliest of inland locations in North America. How about Israel? What would be the relationship to the same strata of sea-fossils and humans and relevant human debris? That depends on how far inland into Israel they are found, and cataloguedas having been located. Hence, ocean and geologic sciences and archaeology can easily overlap in this specialty study.

On other planets,we know there is a tie in between electro-magnetic polarity, volcanology, and surface formations such as plains, hills, and valleys. A more recent public example was the NASA verification of this through the MESSENGER satellite. http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/news_room/telecon4.html

In the solar example linked earlier, the sun is said to reverse its magnetic poles every 11 years. Sun spots, we are learning, are often a by-product of this shifting. In the application to the Earth, it appears that the waning of the paleomagnetic life-force of the Earth is potentially a greater cause for global warming than any other factor...including sulfur dioxides and ozone depletion.

So, what may appear as electro-magnetic science fiction at the first, when investigated, may also have to be considered as a viable alternative explanation to the archaeological record concerning the Israelites and certain events in Egypt and the Levant.

In other words...archaeology that looks solely in the ground with just garden tools, and forsakes the probabilities in a 3-dimensional view of 3500-4000 years ago, seems to me, a field in need of updating and further education.

In other words...an future archaeology greater than one reduced to that looks which (despite mounds of new data and new technologies) hunkers solely in the ground with just garden tools. A new archaeology which forsakes the ever growing age of humanity to its source in what one may rationally editorialize as lunacy ...or perhaps motivated by depressant stimulants(?)... in which some cite pre-historic strata in Israel from 800,000 years ago with such a strata as containing "fire starters", etc. The very suggestion of 5000 B.C. humanity in Israel is ludicrous, and all data from 5000 to 800,000 appears absent. The only credible ...and that is stretching the definition of "credible"...claims to even such ages as 5,000 - 7,000 years B.C. ...to which dates I disagree, but Harvard and Chicago U accept...are thought to be in northern Syria and Iraq. To this 800,000 year claim at Hebrew University, click on:

W.F. Albright and Cyrus Gordon knew that they needed to reach out into multiple specialties of linguistic and cultural knowledge, and other disciplines; so too, need we to upgrade the proper merger of science and history into the 21st century, and as we see a final last days fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 ...

King James Version
12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

...and unlock the past which had been shut up and sealed.

As for the words of the future, that is in G-D's hands, and for His will and time to open and reveal beyond what he already has...or to fulfill what He has already promised will happen.

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