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Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry: The Tribulation Peace Treaty that has no peace (by Brianroy)

3 lights in the Eastern Sky,
3 flashes, like the sun.

3 explosions rippling forth,
3 tragedies becoming one.

The Midas has pushed its talons forth,
though called many names before;
under a Crescent moon proclaiming peace,
but in its heart declares war.

The U.N. banner flies deceiving the West most nations,
for "Peace" they say, have we.
And no one dares bring up the contract of 1938,
signed between Chamberlain and Germany.

And so the arms race is pursued,
the liberals sabotage an act of war, which can bring peace now;
and the conservatives cower in fear,
at the Jezebels and their sacred cows.

Gog and Magog, and Gomer, and all her bands;
they look upon Babylon America with venom drools,
with her Hollywood tales of blood, and violent words they think as "cool";
behold, they say: let us destroy Babylon America, with her evil merchandise, her bloody skirt and her bloody hands.

They no longer look to the L-RD of Heaven and earth for protection;
behold the hedge of His protection is down,
let us remove them from the earth and all memory as if it never was.

They whisper, they conspire, against Israel and then Babylon America to do wrong;
they lift up a common hatred,
they assail against the one true G-D through these two nations,
as if in the harmony of those who lift up a song.

And so, one day soon, there will be 3 lights in the Eastern Sky,
3 flashes, like the sun.

3 explosions rippling forth,
3 tragedies becoming one.

Jordan shall cease to be,
Damascus shall become a flattened ruin.

A man of war in garments and words of peace shall come forth,
and him, the abomination of desolation, shall the nations deify as a god among men;
strengthened bythe Beast, the abomination of destruction from Moscow,
and confirmed by the miracle deceiving false prophet soon after, then.

If you see these men come to power;
the first Rapture you will have missed.
Count 1290 days from the Treaty signing if you can survive,
and if your heart cannot not believe into Yeshua as your L-RD and savior,
you will probably in Day 1291 be,
left behind to be destroyed by violence or fire.

Repent, while the L-RD is near.
Again, I say, repent.

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