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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outline of Chronology, 1551-1180 B.C., from the Exodus to the Battle of Kadesh

1) In Egyptology, we find that there is a relief that celebrates Raameses victory at Kadesh in 1180 B.C. This same victory is recorded in Judges 13:1, which the biblical record of successions tells us, is 331 years AFTER THE EXODUS. Therefore, this Pharaoh is not the one who died in the Red Sea during the Hebrew Exodus in the era of the Hebrew Judges of Israel, who judged IN ISRAEL.

And if we must amend our dating of the Battle of Kadesh to the Hebrew Outline, making 1220 as 331 years after the Exodus, for example, the Hebrew Exodus and all successive dates are pushed back further until Saul is exclusively 12th century B.C. and Solomon (David's son) is well over 100 years earlierthan all prior predictions. No...Ramesses II is dated by the confirmation and assurance of the Hebrew Chronologies from Moses to the fall of Jerusalem by Babylon in 586 B.C., on its outline's face...and that historic literary outline is to be taken more literally.

After Kadesh, we are told at Karnak: "His Majesty turned back in peace to Egypt, together with his infantry and his chariotry being with him"


2) Kadesh: 31 years earlier. In Judges 11:26, Jephthaa speaks of 300 years having passed from the entry of the Hebrews into Israel, to his time. Hence, Judges 11:26 is datable to 1211 B.C., and Kadesh is earlier, rather than later (as some date his battle to May 1300 B.C.)

The Judges, like Jephthaa, are more so contemporaneous with the Tell El-Amarna tablets, than is the Exodus to its contents. The tablets, dated by some to ca. 1375 - 1358 B.C., calls for Egypt to deliver the Philistine Lords from their ‘apiru” or ‘habiru’ oppressors.

Archer, Gleason L. “A Survey of Old Testament Introduction,” Chicago: Moody Press, ©1964, p. 164, (1974 edition.); cf. pp.241,289-295 (1994 edition.)

Shortly afterwards, we see one of these Canaanite satellite kings of Egypt strengthened against Israel, miraculously as if out of nowhere, with a General Sisera, etc.


The Clementine Stromata Book 1, Chapter 21 with Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews and the Bible, presents us a clear outline.

1551 – 1486 B.C.

Joshua 24:29 ; Judges 2:8 -- “And Joshua the son of Nun…died, being a 110 years old.”

Clement: “As the book of Joshua relates, the above mentioned man was the successor of Moses 27 [ actual 25] years”

Clement: “After the close of Moses’s life, Joshua succeeded to the leadership of the people, and he, after warring for 65 years, rested in the good land other 25.[Corrected by Josephus]

Josephus, Antiquities, 5.1.29: “So Joshua, when he had thus discoursed to them, died, having lived a 110 years; 40 of which he lived with Moses, … He also became their commander after his death for 25 years."

Hence: 1551 B.C - 65 years = 1486 B.C.


1511 B.C. – 1471 B.C.

Judges 3:11 – “ And the land had rest 40 years. And Othniel the son of Kenaz died.”

Clement: “Gothoniel [ Othniel]. the younger brother of Caleb, of the tribe of Judah, who, having slain the king of Mesopotamia, ruled over the people 40 years in succession.”

This section is the only one that I have found where the addition of years seems to infer one meaning while being translated as another, and likely is the one that throws most chronologists off the trail. I believe that the proper interpretation may be that Othoniel co-ruled with Joshua (as his general and then as his chief administrator) for 40 years. The notion that the Land had rest, may imply the East Bank lands of 2 1/2 tribes enjoyed the Shabbat, as did any lands the Hebrews immediately conquered. Unfortunately, this is a tenuous interpretation forced by the circumstance of all the other years of the chronology add up and correspond. Since Scripture is inerrant, I must therefore view the Scripture in the chronology it makes available for me to interpret from, using the information that it provides.

1486-1471 B.C.
[Unknown 8 year tributary period at any time in this 15 year period]

Judges 3:8 -- “the children of Israel served Cushan-rishathaim 8 years.”

Clement: "Then the Hebrews having sinned, were delivered to Chusachar [ Chushan-rishathaim] king of Mesopotamia for 8 years.”


1477 -1459 B.C.

Judges 3:12 -- “and the L-RD strengthened Eglon the king of Moab against Israel.”

Clement: “ And… were delivered into the hands of Æglom [ Eglon] king of the Moabites for 18 years.”

Josephus AoJ 5.4.1.: “Eglon, king of the Moabites…reduced [the Israelites] to poverty for 18 years.”


1441 – 1361 B.C.

Judges 3:30 -- “So Moab was subdued …and the land had rest 80 years.”

Clement: “ But on their repentance, Aod, [ Ehud.] … was their leader for 80 years.”

Josephus AoJ 5.4.3: “Ehud…died after he had held the government 80 years.”


1361-1341 B.C.

--[actual “Jabin”, king of Canaan]
Judges 4:3 -- [Jabin for ] 20 years … mightily oppressed the children of Israel”.

Clement: “On the death of Aod [Ehud]… were delivered into the hand of Jabim,…20 years.”

Josephus AoJ 5.5.1-2 - Israel subdued by Sisera to Jabin’s control, 20 years.


1341-1301 B.C.

Clement: “Deborah ruled, judging the people 40 years

Josephus AoJ 5.5.3-4 - Israel delivered to Deborah administration and commander Barak.


{A Kadesh in May, 1300 BC would have encountered a simultaeneous Midianite bid for control of the plains and farmlands of the Hebrews.}

1301 – 1294 B.C.

Clement: “On her death, the people … were delivered into the hands of the Midianites 7 years.”

Josephus AoJ 5.6.1: "For about 3 years the Israelites fought off the Midianites and Arabians, then retired to the mountains, and endured famine."


1294-1254 B.C.

Clement: “Gideon, of the tribe of Manasseh …ruled 40 years.”

Josephus AoJ 5.6.7 – "Gideon ruled over the government 40 years."


1254-1251 B.C.

Clement: “The son of Ahimelech, 3 years.”


1251-1229 B.C.

Clement: An Israelite judge [obscured by Clement]…“of the tribe of Ephraim, who ruled 23 years

Josephus AoJ 5.7.6.: “Jair the Gileadite of the tribe of Manasseh…22 years.”

1229 – 1211 B.C.

Clement: “The people having sinned again, were delivered to the Ammonites 18 years”

1211-1205 B.C.

Judges 11:26 – [And Jepthaah inquired] - “While Israel dwelt in …all the cities that are along by the side of the Arnon, 300 years; wherefore did ye not recover them within that time?”

1511 B.C. - 300 years = 1211 B.C. We have a chronologicalmarker for accuracy in Judges 11;26.

Clement: “Jephtha the Gileadite, of the tribe of Manasseh… ruled 6 years


1205 – 1198 B.C.

Clement: “Abatthan. of Bethlehem, of the tribe of Juda, ruled 7 years.”Cf. Judges 12:7,9


Clement: 1198 - 1190 B.C.

Clement: “Then Ebron the Zebulonite, 8 years

Scripture: 1198 - 1188 B.C. Judges 12:11

Clement: 1190 – 1182 B.C.

Scripture: 1188 – 1180 B.C.

Judges 12:13-14 "And after him Abdon... judged Israel...8 years."

Clement: “Then Eglom of Ephraim, 8 years”

A Kadesh battle in 1180 B.C. regarding Rameses and the Hitites would have left a vacuum of power in Israel that is quickly filled by the Cretan based Philistines. That is exactly what appears to have happened.

Clement: 1182 – 1142 B.C.
Scripture 1180-1140 B.C.

Judges 13: 1 And the children of Israel ...into the hand of the Philistines 40 years."

Clement: “Under the power of the foreigners, the Philistines, for 40 years” [Cretan based]

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