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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reflection: Sunday Sermons with Charles Stanley

Guest Blog: CFACT - Farmers under the gun in Obama “clean power plan” by Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Farmers under the gun in Obama “clean power plan”

July 15, 2016    by Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Previously published at CFACT and reprinted under CFACT fair use republication policies.  

Hidden in the thicket of the Obama administration’s elaborate scheme to transform the U.S. energy sector away from fossil fuels is a section that puts American farmers squarely in Washington’s bull’s eye.

The Clean Power Plan, the final version of which was unveiled on August 3, 2015, is generally understood to target emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants in the name of combatting climate change, formerly known as global warming. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants by 32 percent below 2005 levels within 25 years.

But the plan is about much more than destroying the coal industry before closing in on natural-gas producers as a means of clearing the path for otherwise uncompetitive wind and solar power. The White House wants to use its alleged concern for the climate as an excuse to subject farmers to “sustainability” standards cooked up by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In an eye-opening article in the Wall Street Journal (July 11), Bruce E. Dale, professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Michigan State University, points out that EPA “is counting biogenetic-carbon emissions as if they were the same as fossil-carbon emissions. They are not.” Dale explains that agricultural products such as grains and oilseeds contain biogenetic carbon, which comes from the atmosphere and returns to the atmosphere when these products are consumed, “such as when human beings eat bread and then breathe out the carbon dioxide resulting from the breakdown of bread in the body.” Biogenetic carbon, he says, “cannot contribute to climate change.”

“Unjustified Carbon Tax on American Farmers”

Lane notes that EPA’s Clean Power Plan “proposes to penalize biogenetic carbon emissions unless food processors (bakers, brewers, grain processors) or energy producers (like utilities using seed hulls to produce electricity) can prove that they used ‘sustainably-derived’ agricultural feedstocks.” This, he believes, will impose “an unjustified carbon tax on American farmers.”

By appointing itself the biogenetic overlord of American farmers, EPA, not for the first time, is engaging in “mission creep.” It is intruding on bureaucratic territory that has traditionally belonged to the Department of Agriculture. As Brian Seasholes, a former research fellow at the Reason Foundation, pointed out in a recent email,
“The growing reach of land-use-control laws, coupled with increasingly aggressive pressure groups looking to find ‘regulatable’ things on people’s land, and the growing power of remote sensing devices (satellite and drone imagery) is a massive and growing threat to landowners.”

Regulating “Sustainability” in the Farm Field

Whatever the case may be for fossil fuels’ influence on the climate, EPA has willfully distorted the issue with its plan to regulate biogenetic-carbon emissions as if it were fossil-carbon emissions. In so doing, Lane says, EPA is now “trying to regulate ‘sustainability’ in the farm field.

The Clean Power Plan has something in common with another EPA scheme to assert regulatory authority over millions of acres of private land, the “Waters of the United States,” or WOTUS rule. Under the guise of “protecting” isolated bodies of water, WOTUS would impose federal zoning on farms and other rural properties throughout the country. Like WOTUS, the Clean Power Plan has been stayed nationwide by a federal court pending the outcome of numerous lawsuits against EPA.

Neither rule was enacted by Congress; both are products of Washington’s sprawling bureaucracy. Both show the threat the administrative regulatory state poses to liberty and prosperity.

Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Bonner R. Cohen, Ph. D., is a senior policy analyst with CFACT.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Recollections of A Western Deputy: 1894 - Exposed And Lantern Out

July 27, 1894

       On June 2nd, I finished up serving two weeks as a personal protection guard to Judge Williams after a shootout the U.S. marshal and four other deputy marshals had with the Halder gang, who tried to fulfill their threat in killin’ the Federal Judge over at Capitol City.  Despite my hand to hand brawl with Regis Halder in Judge Williams home in a 28 minute death match in which neither of us for 22 minutes could get the upper hand until I finally began prevailin', the locals there took all the dang credit in the outhouse news journal for the city, but Judge Williams made sure I got the 600 dollars reward and another 1000 besides in savin’ him and his Mrs.  All the furniture in the parlor, the hallway and kitchen was no more...and we went through walls no less than 8 times and put holes in 5 more besides.  Even so, the Judge and his Mrs. were grateful, as calls for help went unheeded at the first cry of 1:32 am in the mornin', perhaps because of the heavy winds outside drownin' them out and knocks at the doors and windows of neighbors also were ignored and unanswered.  It was only because of an old rival -- whom I once fought and never knew he had a condition where his great brute strength came because he had no physical sensation of pain and lived in walking numbness in his 6'7" 320 lb muscular frame -- it was only because of him hat any help came at all, as he and several men of his company were riding by back to the Calvary Post when the Judge was able to direct them to where I was.  But by then, what was left of Regis Halder was in custody and tied secure, and I was in shock passin' out and tryin' to not lose my insides as my body shook uncontrollably from whatever was goin' on, as my left arm cramped tight, a numbness came over my heart, and I went temporarily blind.  

For the rest of that day and the next, I was mostly bed ridden with high fever except for trips to the outhouse, and under Mrs. Williams constant care and on a chicken broth and soup regimen.  I finally was up and about on the third mornin', and took my horse Lightning with me to the Train Station, and went home on the 9:40 am train.  I chose to stay with my horse in the animal car, and swept it out real well on the way back home to help pass the time.  

As soon as I arrived home, my Mrs., hearin’ about the event over the telegraph and takin’ things for granted, bought some new fangled cast iron bath tub and shower outfit, new clothes for the kids and all her relatives, and a whole list of I don't know what, and met me at the Train Station with 9 bill collectors in tow.  I didn’t even get to greet her afore she spoke up and told me to pitchfork over 1,574 dollars.  When I found out what it was for, I said “No!  Give it all back!”  and then she drew down on me, pointin’ a .45 right at my belly and demanded, “Kolica-shista. Give me the damn money, bitte.”

I replied to the wife within hearing of the general public for the first time I can remember in cultured rhetoric, 
“You do know you’re surreptitiously drawing down on and holding up a Federal Officer and committing at least 5 felonies that I can charge you with, do you not?”

To which the small crowd gasped, 
“Deputy B. is speaking like an educated man.  He’s been fooling us all these years with a dumb yokel lingo as an act!”  --    And words to this effect.

The wife almost growled in agreement, saying,  
“He always speaks a clear and concise English and German at home, though his Dutch is sometimes as bad as his yokel.  He only speaks like a moron to keep an upper hand like a card sharp not letting a fool  know he already knows the game forward and backwards, and strings them along like a carrot on a long stick dangled before a horse drawing a cart.”

To which I replied to her, 
“Put up your gun.  The play acting is over.  Here’s the entire amount minus twenty dollars, all in this almost good for nothin' paper money.   You charged for it, you pay them yourself."

I then turned to two of my boys, who accompanied their mother to the station to greet me.
  "Winston, Henry, you take care of your mom and see she comes home safe.  I'm holding you two responsible. "

With that I pulled a 4 inch thick stack of bills wrapped in paper and tied with twine from my inner jacket pocket, and gave it to the wife.  

 So with that statement to the boys said, I guided my daughters Hallie and  Charlotte, who were also on hand there with their mother and brothers, to get aboard the buckboard that was waiting for me, and then brought them home  while their mother paid the bill collectors off.  

The girls then happily took me on a tour of some of the things their mother bought, and even got me to stand in a cast iron bathtub and look up as I yanked a chain.  They frightfully scurried off as I got soaking wet from some kind of overhead pan punched through with lots of little holes, and I hollered out their names  followed with a “Damn it” for good measure. Apparently, they were not aware that someone had as yet filled the upper gravity basin full of water.  It was cold, and it went into some cuts under my hair that I didn't know were there until they were hit by the cold water, and this gave me a terrible headache at the time.  

Over the next three weeks, at the back corner of the property, by the Creek, I built a 15 foot deep block house as an explosive workhouse.  I even put up a 2 foot by 4 foot sign in which I wood chiseled and painted that read, "Deputy B.'s Tree and Stump Enterprise", as if it were really something.  The thought of it still to this day makes me want to hang and shake my head in embarrassment.   

I only got to use this building for one experiment.  While working for the Governor on an assignment, a United States Army explosives engineer showed me how to make nitro glycerin from the basic elements, but failed to inform me that besides temperature and motion, there were some other danger signs to be aware of.  I made a batch of  what I reckon was by then about 24 gallons in total at full potency, of which perhaps 8 of these gallons were reduced down into one pint bottles, which I figured to use for blasting stumps and earning an extra income at this if I became proficient enough. I had not yet tested the potency of the nitro, and if I had, I would have realized that 2 ounces to perhaps 4 at most,  rather than 16 were more than enough for most stumps that I would have contended with.

Unfortunately, I noticed that it was a bit humid and hotter in this cellar than I thought.  Water was seeping through the walls, and I realized that I should have made the cellar like Noah's ark, and put a heavy layer of black pitch under the base and up the outside blocks and sealed it tight enough to float.  At some point, I noticed that all of a sudden, a lot of the nitro not only was sweating outside their bottles, dripping wet, but some of them began to smoke.  Fortunately the family was all to the other side of the property, and I mounted Lightning and sunk spur out of there.  A little over a half mile away, I spotted the wife walking towards me with a basket of food, intending us to have a meal together.  I jumped off the horse, and picked her up intending to put her on Lightning and ride out of there.  As soon as I whisked her up, she began struggling and fighting me, and as she did so, the blockhouse blew up.

Folks for more than 20 miles saw and heard that explosion.  Some of the boys from the Confederacy in town reckoned the debris went mostly straight up no less than more than 900 feet in the air.  My sign ended up on one of my brother-in-laws roofs some two and a half miles away, and I figure me and the wife had about three to six inches of dirt sprayed down upon us, but fortunately no rock or wood debris, which mostly went north across the Creek into unoccupied open lands.  

Before the waters of the Creek rushed in, a couple of local engineers who later looked at the damage, figured an original crater more than 90 feet deep on one end, and the other dimensions were 137 feet by near 91 feet 7 inches.  The entire town rushed out by horse, mule, and by foot, and watched in shock as the wife beat and kicked and chased me from one end of the property to the other end and back again, before I made it back to the house and barricaded myself inside.  She demanded I unbar the door, and I yelled through the window for her to go home to her mother.  She snapped back that I was embarrassing her in front of the whole  town and to please let her in.  Having a soft spot of compassion for her, I removed the 6' by 8' by 6' barricade beam and let her in.  Then I made a mistake.  I forgot there was an iron skillet by the front door and I turned by back on her to walk into the kitchen -- in Danish the wife calls the kitchen as the "kjokken" --  where I could sit down at a eating and visiting table with her and let her let me have it.  As soon as my back was turned, she must have been running, because I don't think I walked two steps  toward the kitchen table to her more than 10 and for the next two weeks, it was lantern out.  

To this day, as an exclusive requirement of our reconciliation,  she won't let me near even a stick of dynamite at Beth's general store, nor to have or handle on the property.  If there are any stumps to be blown up, either Winston or Henry, who were both trained in the proper use by Beth and some of the boys from the Sons of the Confederacy would do the job themselves.  

Deputy B. - Retired    June 10, 1902 
Exclusive for The Law and Order Weekly
Recollections Not Shared In The Book

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama Personally Wargames For 3 Hours At White House With Domestic Terrorists To Race Kill Other Americans At Cleveland RNC Convention - All Blood Spilled Will Be Obama's Intentional And Specific Fault

Obama directly involves himself in organizing, directing and orchestrating upcoming Republican National Committee Convention "Black Lives Matter" Domestic terrorism.  One of the chief BLM leaders meeting with Obama in that 3 hour meeting lives in a George Soros "Open Society" Board Member's home  

and as posted at the American Mirror, following Cleveland, guess where one of the places that lawyers and those with an action should look for Deray and those who enabled him?

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.20.36 PM

  At the July 18-21, 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio...any deaths caused by or as a result of actions or words or emotions or what have you sparked by the BLM should be directly linked and laid upon Obama as himself PERSONALLY responsible and criminally liable.  

If he does not want that responsibility, he will tell the BLM to stand down and NOT show up, and order Federal Law Enforcement to disarm and bar them, because they publicly repeatedly have threatened to kill police, whites, and members of theirs HAVE recently killed the same as those they have threatened.

  Members of theirs have for months publicly social media threatened both the life of Presidential Candidate Trump and his supporters, not to mention various reporters nationally and internationally, some of those very same people who the BLM has threatened violence against who will indeed be legally and peacefully in Cleveland publicly at the Convention, who the BLM wants to kill and otherwise criminally victimize. 

If people die July 18 to 21 of 2016 in Cleveland Ohio as a direct result of the BLM presence and or participation after this well known public approval of criminal riots and murdering of Police by BLM Members, the blood and criminality under U.S. Law is unmistakenly 100% DIRECTLY OBAMA'S FAULT and he will be just as criminally liable.  

Space Portals and the Large Hadron Collider

      The world is living in what the Holy Scriptures of the Bible call "The Last Days".  Ignorant and illiterate globalists and unbelievers who are incapable of sound  in regard to the preternatural realms, give us the same old lie that the Bible does not tell us anything, or that you have to be part of the occult to learn true metaphysics. All occults, when you get to the basic existence of them,  are all about Satanism - Luciferianism - Devil Worship.  It is really THAT simple, that easily broken down and understood.  

      Each occult organization of this world in their own way  are nothing more than backward Devil Worshipers, and the real metaphysical of eternal life-giving power is always ultimately found out to be solely in the same faith and summed up in child like simplicity as that same basic knowledge as possessed of the true Bible believer into Jesus Christ, washed by faith in the blood of the Lamb of GOD at the Cross of Calvary in 30 A.D. in a one time for all time atoning act.  It is a metaphysical ingrained fact in Creation  that even the most powerful demons or fallen angels are hindered and often stopped from being able to overcome the mere spoken name of Jesus Christ when a believer uses that name with faith into Jesus Christ as his or her protection.   Why is that?  Because THAT Name is where the true power of the Universe is. 

      The pre-incarnate Jesus, as Jehovah / YHVeH, whose very NAME you and I breathe in and out and are to know (Lamentations 4:20) by the will and good pleasure of GOD the Father, created this Universe, and to Him alone has all authority in it and over it been granted, even if He gives us space and benevolent time to a designated limit set in Bible Prophecy to screw it up in limited amount on Earth for ourselves. 

      Technology has more and more  been pushed to follow a type of occultic religious sorcery instead of intelligent creativity alone.  Since the 1970s, the United States has engaged in splicing insect genes with human genes, animal genes with insect genes, and doing all sorts of cross-breeding experiments too disgusting to relate here.  The average public citizen has no clue how alien and science fiction horror far too many globalist mad scientists are trying to make into a reality, and succeeding.  

     Horror movies are generally a mental conditioning and desensitization of the mass populace that allows the most horrific experiments to be sniffed at, even if discovered and exposed to exist.  And it does not have to all be biological, this desensitization also involves the break down of the nuclear family, the acceptance of violence and murder and manipulation  of the general population by many means, and often in coordinated but compartmentalized efforts, so that the citizen is overwhelmed and told by the State and various approved authority figures that his oppression and many manipulations are normal, and to accept these intrusions and attacks and manipulations and to NOT fight back or individualize and be in any way victorious in resistance and extracting themselves from being enslaved or oppressed  in any way. 

      So it is no wonder that there is a form of mass disconnect and a hypnotically induced or inserted form of insanity by hundreds of means and ways upon society, so that a hurdling toward nuclear war in reality seems little more than some fictional movie or a dream passing in the night, and this mass hypnosis attention deficit disorder (MHADD) or "mhaddness"  dumbfounds the leadership of a nuclear superpower that has seen us as a nation voluntarily send its own people into a disconnect insanity while provoking a world war of nuclear exchanges and annihilation of hundreds of millions, if not billions, as if seeing themselves as spiritual Luciferians who are as if about to themselves morph magically into some kind of advanced next stage of evolution alien life-forms while on earth, who are now not even human anymore, but some sort of hybrid other kind of species. 

       So for the globalist elites, anyone or anything that holds them back from immortality, even of living 160 or 200 years instead of 60 or 80 or 100, they are as if evil and irrationally the hindrance to their new sought longevity.  It is as if they are fed the lie of being like gods, the same as was stated (in Genesis Chapter 3)  in the Garden of Eden to get Father Adam and Mother Eve to eat the forbidden fruit which stripped them of immortality, because they had already the light of eternal life already given them and by their spiritual death, that flame of eternal life  given by the Creator (the pre-incarnate Jesus and the GOD-spark by which man attains longevity in this body) was extinguished.  Through Jesus, the spiritual flame is re-lit through faith, but the flame of longevity now is only to be after the Resurrection of the Dead unto life, while unbelievers retaining damnation, refusing even the spiritual spark which is the means by which the eternal GOD-spark will be re-given, which is actually a sliver of the eternal fusion of the energy of  GOD Himself, only then will eternal life be attainable in a form by which the body of man achieves a same and greater state as that of the angels of Heaven themselves.  

     Globalists, desiring to merge with machine and even insects, seeking empowerment and believing the lies of the Devil and of themselves, are ever failing to recognize their humanity has never changed, only their mental state has changed while engaging in homosexuality - pedophilia and other occultist ritual practices and gone from from sane to nuts.  Meanwhile, such are now in leadership positions and their insanity and Luciferianism perplexes other world leaders because those in America and the West behave as if trying to live out some comic book fantasy in the real world, and the Media and so many who are supposed to be alert members of society, are themselves entranced and going along with the insanity of those as if in bondage and Satanically possessed, acting as if having given themselves over to hypnotic suggestions and commands of unknown alien hostile master controllers who also could care less about humanity as a whole.      

Meanwhile, since September 10, 2008, the experiments have been conducted at the Large Hadron Collider have entered a new phase of operations.  

This mega-linear collider http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/  will be one of the keys for us to understand and see the Biblical past in present fluxes of known scientific laws of Creation. 

Associated with the Hadron collider is both hope and dread:

The Large Hadron Collider website describes the nuclear technology electro-magnetic unit as thus:  


"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It first started up on 10 September 2008, and remains the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way.

Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide. The beams travel in opposite directions in separate beam pipes – two tubes kept at ultrahigh vacuum. They are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting electromagnets. The electromagnets are built from coils of special electric cable that operates in a superconducting state, efficiently conducting electricity without resistance or loss of energy. This requires chilling the magnets to 271.3°C  a temperature colder than outer space. For this reason, much of the accelerator is connected to a distribution system of liquid helium, which cools the magnets...

Thousands of magnets of different varieties and sizes are used to direct the beams around the accelerator. These include 1232 dipole magnets 15 metres in length which bend the beams, and 392 quadrupole magnets, each 5–7 metres long, which focus the beams. Just prior to collision, another type of magnet is used to "squeeze" the particles closer together to increase the chances of collisions. The particles are so tiny that the task of making them collide is akin to firing two needles 10 kilometres apart with such precision that they meet halfway.

All the controls for the accelerator, its services and technical infrastructure are housed under one roof at the CERN Control Centre. From here, the beams inside the LHC are made to collide at four locations around the accelerator ring, corresponding to the positions of four particle detectors – ATLASCMSALICE and LHCb."

In Switzerland, since at least 2009, it has been reported that the Large Hadron Collider is being used to experiment in opening inter-dimensional windows, be they time or space portals, to see what is there, what may or may not come through.

Then in December 2015, in Geneva Switzerland, a tourist noted one of the daytime sky reactions while the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was running in operation.

7 months later, in June 2016, an even stronger night time experiment was conducted, an a more ominous result was achieved.


In ancient history, there were at least 5 major magnetic polarity shifts in regards to planet Earth, and temporary states of anarchy which disrupted the whole planet.   The worst being the Noachian Flood of 2348 B.C.  This was followed in distant severity in 1961 B.C. with the destruction of Sodom and the creation of the Dead Sea depression; then again in  1551 B.C. and 1511 B.C. coinciding with the Hebrew Exodus,  and finally again in 30 AD.  with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  

30 A.D. would be the event of the Cross, where a full moon of blood red light under a clear sky of withdrawn stars and a black sun was observed from noon to 3pm when Jesus hung upon the Cross.

Psalm 81

Thou calledst in trouble, and I delivered thee; I answered thee in the secret place of thunder….

It appears that according to prophecy, there will by necessity be another and even more power Hadron Collider built in Israel in the coming years, because without being at a portal point, such as the lost location of Jacob's ladder (genesis 28:10-19), the inter-dimensional portal will not achieve the Globalist mad scientists aim...to invade Heaven itself.  

 Prophecy indeed tells us hat eventually, an  inter-dimensional “window on high” opens up (Isaiah 24:18)  but that it will be directly above the southeast section of Megiddo, over part of the Valley of Jezreel.   The inter-dimensional window will be a portal -- like the concept of an inter-dimensional "worm hole" -- that warps instantaneously, the distance between Heaven and Earth. It will indeed likely be called at that time, "Jacob's portal" or "Jacob's ladder" or words to that effect.     And it will probably look like a more intense form of the June 2016 "Awake" night-time experiment at the LHC.  For that to happen, one of the requirements will be to initiate an invasion of Israel or a war in which a 7 year truce is signed that allows for Israel to rebuild its Temple.  In exchange, the main goal for the Globalists will likely be the building of an even more powerful collider in that southeast section of Megiddo in order to open up the portal of Heaven itself and invade it.  Part of the motivation will come because the Enochian Rapture might have by some kind of electronic observation identified that location at that unseen Rapture.  I doubt my writings will mean anything to them prior to those observations.  And since prophecy already makes it a known place and a known event openly, I believe it should be allowable to discuss the actual inter-dimensional portal location within 5,000 to 6,000 feet above the Earth in that location.  Other places of sensitivity Masons and others have already known exist, and errantly seek dominion in such locations in the hope of demonic spirit guides or at least word it to that effect.  

 The Scriptures describe the "in between" / "the inter-dimensional", as though a long winding path or road in the AWPR revealing of Greek of 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

There will eventually be a War of the Heavens (Revelation 12:7-9; Judges 5:19-22) on Day 1291 (cf. Daniel 12:11, 9:27) of the Tribulation Period as we enter into the Great Tribulation Period which will end 1335 days after that (Daniel 12:12).  But in regard to the war in the Heavens as we transition from the Tribulation into the Great Tribulation Period upon the Earth, there will be an inter-dimensional  invasion that will be signaled by Media broadcast of Anti-Christ at the Temple, marching into the Holy of Holies and declaring "Anochi Elohim", where he is then shot in the head, and Satan enters him and his deadly wound miraculously heals.   The invasion in which fallen angels are likely accompanying and assisting humans in an inter-dimensional  air / space war would be launched from nearby locations with perhaps many hundreds of modified fighters of more advanced capabilities than we can dare as yet imagine now, and will be fought primarily upon the roadway in the heavens that leads to Heaven, the tunnel roadway itself being as if a vacuum flowing like a rushing river torrent drawing to a distant outside this Universe location, and that roadway also perhaps like some kind of canyon path having unknown attributes which allow for landing and ambush?  

“Came Kings. They fought. 
Then the Kings in Canaan fought in Taanach [in the Valley of Jezreel],
by the water of Megiddo.
The unjust gain of silver, they took not. 
From the heavens, fought the stars: [the angelic hosts]
from their courses, they fought with Sisera.
The torrential river Kishon swept them away. 
That ancient torrential river, the torrential river Kishon.
Then from the galloping galloping of His mighty stallions
did the horses beat the hooves.
‘Curse Meroz’, said the Angel of YHVeH, ‘Bitterly curse its inhabitants, 
for they did not come to the Divine assistance and help of YHVeH, 
to the help of YHVeH (as to be) among the warriors and mighty men.’”
(Judges 5:18-23 -- translation mine)

It is my understanding that the Earth will have a nuclear war on Day 1290-1291 against the United States of America, and that its 48 state main portion will entirely collapse into the earth and the crust of the Earth will cease there.  Ocean waters will rush upon the lava mantle regions below and create a boiling effect that will rock the planet like pouring water into a hot deep oil fryer, and along with a failed nuclear weapons strike against an asteroid to divert it that will crash in the Mediterranean Sea and be over a quarter mile in diameter, as stated in Isaiah 24:1, the Earth will indeed be more than just "bent, twisted, distorted, and ruined", like the King James translation it appears it will possibly literally be turned upside down as well, by which Planet Earth could be flung so far off its axis that at one point the tip of South America will be where Greenland used to be, and perhaps for days or even weeks  North America will be representative of the South side of the planet.  In the end, however, I think Israel will probably end up on a rotating Earth above 40 to 50 degrees North Latitude once the Earth settles into its post-nuclear war rotation.  The lands which used to be the 48 states of the United States then will have seared shut and been covered by the oceans (Jeremiah 51:42), and the USA as Babylon of the Last Days will sink into oblivion fulfilling the scroll of the words of Jeremiah were bound to a stone and cast beneath the waters of the Euphrates river in Jeremiah  51:63-64.

We already know that every valley will be filled and every mountain (not just in Israel, but over the whole Earth) will be sifted low and every steep place will be leveled flat in Isaiah 40:4.  Yet, the question of how much the Earth shakes and reels to and fro like a hut when the windows on high are opened in that passage of Isaiah 24:16b-18 sees the Earth knocked exactly how far off its axis, and how much closer by hundreds of thousands of miles our annual revolution around the sun will be by comparison to what is now in 2016, will only come to those few who live to see it and have the presence of mind to calculate and know it, rather than just suffer in the heat from it. 

 The signs of the ends are miraculous signs, and apparently, like with the Awake experiment of the Large Hadron Collider, perhaps some of those miraculous signs man himself contributes to bringing about, thinking how great it is to create chaos (as if he can control chaos in Creation, but like grasping at the wind with his fingers, really cannot); and fails to realize it is already prophesied and associated as a sign of great coming destruction.  

Zephaniah 1  (KJV)
14 The great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the Lord: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.
15 That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness,
16 A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.
17 And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

18 Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Message To Black Lives Matter: To Claim Black Lives Matter Is One Thing. Your Words And Actions Show That You Are Lying Hypocrites!


       I have a message to the "Black Lives Matter" that I would like to get across....
YOU are ALL a bunch of lying HYPOCRITES.

      Many of you who actually walk in street protests or riots  are being paid $15 an hour and less by George Soros or some organization to protest and agitate, and a lesser number are , "wink, wink", encouraged to be violent or promote violence.  If the victim is a black police or law enforcement officer, or even just an innocent black bystander, you don't care enough to live by your own rhetoric.

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  

Obama doesn't really care about blacks in the United States of America.  What best interests has he ever cared about outside Hollywood, ESPN Sports, or fund-raising for himself?    An illegal foreign usurper for 8 years, with the full power of Congress for the first 2 of those years, what dignity did he ever give black United States Citizens in economic self sufficiency, the dignity to hold new full-time jobs and for all those who wished it to work and prosper and provide for their own?  Hell no.  And why?  Because Black Lives DON"T Matter to Obama, unless he idolizes certain celebrities of them, or they offer him worship (kisses and praises of the lips).  And even then, he loves to have them suffer en masse with the rest of the people of the United States of America.  He would rather seek any opportunity to create disunity and discord, to break down the basic peace of all communities, exploiting a Trayvon Martin "gangsta" as a martyr to riot for, and when a good person is assassinated like for making a wrong turn by his own or related "Law Enforcement"

 it's okay to be unaccountable, and it's okay to have one's own ambassador murdered, and it's okay to not jail a whitey female witch who is complicit in 18 murders with her husband over drugs and illegal monies and acts of Treason and now classified mail and demand she is too big to jail, because once again, in a recent one on one between Loretta Lynch on behalf of Obama and Bill Clinton on behalf of Hillary, in front of 50 television and other Media who were told to shut up and black out the Phoenix meeting, a meeting in which Bill Clinton (according to his known dirty tricks tactics) flashed blackmail documents 

to putative Attorney General Lynch and most likely also threatened that both he and Hillary have possession or access to Obama's real birth docs that show Barack's real biological mother is Indonesian and that his father was indeed Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. a UKC Kenyan and both parents being alien makes the putative President Barack (the usurper) out to be a de facto 100% FOREIGN NATIONAL AT BIRTH to two alien nations.  Therefore, Bill would have shook Lynch with the fact that Obama  has NO RIGHT to the Presidency of the United States (under the United States Constitution) and must keep up the front and support Hillary or be exposed and face conviction that also includes execution under the Law.  Hence, a full 8 year reversal.  So in retrospect, we see that Panetta the former Soviet Communist agent of the 1980s (not a card carrying officer, but a contract employee) must have kept that CIA "Obama's real bio file" as insurance -- when he purged fellow traveler and certain Chinese, Russian, and Muslim files while head at both  CIA and DOD under Obama --  for himself after all.  

  Where the hell is all the call to have family unity of a mother and father and children with hearts of love toward one another, rather than trying to be divisive and inciteful, to pass along hate of one's own normal heterosexual feelings to be and live a man or woman, instead of confuse and denigrate a man for being a man and a woman for being a woman, and a child for being a child?  No.  Obama and those he enables and those who enable him RAPES the minds and souls of all black children in the United States of America, tells them that they must accept mental illness, homosexuality, transgender confusion, rebel against parents, murder their unborn, disparage of the future, lash out in hate against whites and the police, hold their hands out as slaves to beg the State for assistance, and embrace and accept emotional and psychological shackles as SLAVES to the House Negro at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, do their "Yassir, boss" and go out and riot when he orders them to, while he then privately laughs at the "useful idiots" who in every Communist Revolution will always be among the first to be shot and executed or sent off to the Concentration Camps as soon as the real enforcers of the revolution (and certainly not you...be they United Nations Sanction Foreign Troops or what have youcome in.  

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  

Certainly not to you or Obama.  Obama spent what, nearly 20 years in Chicago, first arriving there in 1981 to interview with Bill Ayers, and then after being recruited as a fellow traveler who Ayers mentored for at least 5 days in my oft presence and / or public view over those next 5 days, later returned after Ayers took Obama's Columbia entrance exam for the moron, just so he could get in, and then Obama did a gym shower attendance for at least one semester while getting credits.  So why should he care when he spends more than 20 years off and on living in Chicago, and the murder rate of blacks exceed more than 1,000 a year, be it by gang violence or otherwise, in a gun control city that BANS GUNS so more blacks can be murdered.  Where are the protests to end black on black violence IN CHICAGO?  Where is Obama ever insisting a reduction in black crime rates, black on black, or in the murders of blacks by crime spikes because of a removal of the black population to defend themselves against gangs and individual violent criminals?

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  Certainly NOT to all of you lying racist hypocrites.  Trump wants ALL AMERICANS to prosper and have full time jobs (with good wages) for those 
who want one, and the DIGNITY of NOT BEING A SLAVE.  So if you want to riot, and tear down the Nation as well as those you racially claim to side with, you should be treated with no more respect than foreign terrorists and the same kinds of domestic other ethnicity racial groups that YOU despise.  

American Citizens -- after a sense -- all wear the same citizenry, the same flag, and should all have the same allegiance and common interest just like all members of a military branch are all part of the same team.  Race is pushed aside, and it is the uniform that is the mental trigger that makes the other person in uniform ignore the person's skin color, and all that matters is he or she is part of the same team.  When a group divides and splinters themselves off in the military, do they last or do they fail and find they need the support of the whole organization that is the military after all?  Either you are FOR the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, or you are so disrespectful you are NOT deserving of any respect or sympathy or empathy.  Your willingness to be slaves and a joke of Communist - Globalist puppet-masters, and your desire to be little more than a criminal class of cowardly slaves to those who pay you a few measly bucks and to be their useful idiot  agitators to destabilize and make other blacks suffer economically and otherwise because of you, demands we do NOT respect you, and if you want to push it, fine, there are those of us who will push it where you do NOT want to go, and those who you leave behind will bitterly regret what morons you are and were, be you ending up with life in prison or taking some other as yet unknown swifter path which directly leads you to an  eternal damnation without chance or opportunity to repentance and eternal salvation.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


At the behest of Alex Jones, owner of INFOWARS who today urged his listeners today on July 5, 2016, to get out and preserve this article on the Internet, I am reposting as per his verbal public permission of an article originally at:


                          AND THE SELLING OF US SECURITY

Roger Stone | Infowars.com - JULY 5, 2016

For the Clinton crime family, selling out US national security is a family business

This may be the greatest scandal in 50  years of American history.
It makes Watergate look like a jay walking charge. It makes the Iran Contra affair look like a small time operation. This is what House Republicans should have Impeached Bill Clinton for instead of lying about a White House Intern giving him head in the Oval Office. It’s called treason.


Bill Clinton is at the center of the greatest foreign policy deceit ever perpetrated on the American people. He used the power of his office to allow the selling and delivery of high tech missile defense components to governments of countries that are listed as threats to this country and the stability of the world. Russia was one of the benefactors of deals Clinton made without proper authorization from Congress. Ignoring CIA and Pentagon reports that showed how Russia was continuing a major and secretive modernization program for its strategic nuclear missile systems, Clinton allocated over $1  billion to “help” the Soviets “dismantle” their nuclear weapons. In 1995 the General Accounting Office (GAO) wrote that Moscow refuses to permit American audits of the $1.25 billion disarmament aid. This is an important issue because it allowed the Russians to use American taxpayer’s money to build new offensive nuclear weapons that directly threaten the United States.

Under U.S. law, no money could be spent in Russia until the Clinton administration certified that Moscow is not engaged in any military modernization program that exceeds legitimate defense requirements. The Clinton administration along with U.S. Air Force General Eugene Habiger, the commander of U.S. Nuclear forces signed off on the Russian aid package after returning from an exploratory trip to Russia to investigate construction of a huge secret underground base in the Ural mountains. True, the base is as big as the entire area of Washington D.C. and is defensive in purpose. In addition to the base, the Russians built two cities to house the more than 30,000 workers involved in the project. By 1996 authorities had barred defense attaches from going into the facility.

Known as Yamantau Mountain (translates to ‘evil mountain’), the facility is being constructed to offer a safe place to retaliate in the event of an American nuclear attack. To me, this represents a direct conflict of interest. Clinton gives the Russians over one billion dollars to help them take down their nuclear weapons but instead they use that money to build a huge bunker where they can wage nuclear war on the U.S.

Not only that, the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces issued a statement suggesting that nuclear missiles can be secretly deployed at the base as part of what is being called the “dead-hand doomsday system” where nuclear missiles can still be fired automatically by a command program. This means even after Russian leadership is destroyed, and no one is there to push the ‘button’, missiles will be fired automatically against the perpetrators allowing for complete destruction on a world wide scale. By April 1996, reports  confirmed the automatic nuclear attack system listing it as being in the final stages of operation.

It’s more than a coincidence that 1996 saw a massive Russian military build up including major improvements to the Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic nuclear bombers as well as the long range cruise missiles they carry. Money had also made it possible to design and construct a new class of nuclear submarines called “the Borei-class strategic missile boat.” At least part of Russia’s miraculous financial bonanza is the direct result of United States money. As usual, all the public knows is that the U.S. is helping Russia to “dismantle” some of its nuclear programs.

Bill Clinton wants Americans to know that he has worked very hard to show that Russia and the United States are together in making the world a safer place. In a speech to Moscow University students, he said; “Look what our partnership has already produced. We reversed the dangerous build up of nuclear weapons. We’re two years ahead of schedule in cutting nuclear arsenals under START 1 ( Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). START 2, which still awaits ratification in the Duma, will reduce our nuclear forces by two-thirds from Cold War levels. President Yeltsin and I already have agreed on a framework for START 3 to cut our nuclear arsenal even further.”

Clinton also announced that the two super powers agreed to share warning information on worldwide launches of ballistic missiles and space launchers. Clinton referred to an agreement by which Russia and America would no longer target each others missiles. Yet in a secret CIA report to Congress, “detargeting” is purely symbolic and does nothing to affect the targeting of strategic nuclear missiles. Placing nuclear missiles in a non target status is like putting your DVD player on pause. When you’re ready to launch, just hit the retarget button and bombs away. What’s more, there is no way of verifying if Russian missiles are in detargeted mode or not.

President Clinton went to great lengths to satisfy political debts. Of this there is no doubt. As Governor of Arkansas he saw to it that cash donors to his political campaign were given special consideration and awarded with lucrative contracts, and that same pattern stayed with him throughout his entire political career and beyond.

In 1998, CIA Director George Tenet testified that the radical Muslim regime in Iran was getting a great deal of technical assistance and materials from Russia. The year before he had testified that along with Russia, North Korea was providing technology to Iran and that it wouldn’t be more than a year before Iran would have their own medium range nuclear missiles. In 1999 Tenet once again told the Senate that the flow of missile technology had not stopped and in the last six months Russian expertise and material was flowing to Iran’s missile construction allowing them to develop more sophisticated weapons and longer range missiles. Before sanctions could be brought against various Russian companies, Iran conducted the first test flight of its new medium-range missile. This act of aggression clearly showed that Iran was now capable of destroying any threat in the Middle East as well as most of Central Europe with chemical and biological weapons.

In no uncertain terms, Clinton had helped Russia modernize her weapons systems to the tune of billions of dollars, while at the same time and behind our backs, Russia continued a secret campaign to weaponize Iran. Clinton, for all his attempts at marginalizing the seriousness of Russia’s nuclear weapons programs had failed to properly assess the Russian threat.

That Russia was involved in nuclear proliferation to our enemies was a national security failure of monstrous proportions. That a United States President would willfully and knowingly sell, trade, or supply nuclear weapons technology to our oldest adversary is one of the greatest crimes committed against the people he is sworn to protect. It gets worse. Clinton was aware that Russia had been supplying highly sensitive technology and materials to our enemy, the Iranians.

In a closed door meeting held at the Kremlin, in May of 1998, White House National Security Adviser Samuel Berger told Russian Security Council Secretary Andrei Kokoshin: “One and a half years after President Yeltsin told President Clinton that ballistic missile technology transfers to Iran would stop, it still continues… Now time is running out; the stakes are great… Unless this problem is solved we see a potential trainwreck in our relations.” Why was it up to Yeltsin to end the transfers? Why was Clinton allowing Russia to give defense secrets to Iran? Did Clinton have something to gain from allowing this? The answer can be found in a shocking conversation. On March 13, 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin met in Egypt. The minutes of this meeting were recorded in a classified document called “a memorandum of conversation.”

The document was obtained by Bill Gertz of the Washington Times and discloses President Yeltsin saying to Clinton that because of his global stature he should “support Russia and that means supporting Yeltsin.” Clinton responds by raising an issue: Russia’s refusal to allow imports of American chicken. At the time Russia was importing about 40% of  America’s chickens. The major supplier of chickens in the U.S. comes from Tyson Foods of Arkansas. Owner Don Tyson, just so happens to be one of Bill Clinton’s biggest financial donors. The Russian ban on chicken imports was not without reason: the U.S. had been flooding Russia with poor quality chicken. With the ban in effect, Tyson’s profits were suffering and he needed Clinton to do something about it. Clinton, according to the classified document, assured Yeltsin that the situation was being handled. Yeltsin agreed to resume imports for continued support from Clinton. Within one week, the chicken dispute was settled and Tyson was back in business.

It was less than 50 years ago that two American citizens were tried, convicted and executed for passing information about the atomic bomb to the Russians. Their names were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. A co-conspirator, Harry Gold was sentenced to 15 years for being the courier. They were convicted under Section 2 of the Espionage Act of 1917, 50 U.S. Code 32 (now 18 U.S. Code 794) which prohibits transmitting or attempting to transmit to a foreign government information “relating to the national defense.” In my opinion, Bill Clinton violated the same statute and should suffer the same consequences.


In 1996 President Bill Clinton, at a fund raising dinner in New York City said this: “There are no more nuclear missiles pointed at any children in the United States. I’m proud of that.” But by 1998, the CIA’s National Intelligence Daily stated that “thirteen of China’s 18 long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles are targeted on the United States.” How could such a discrepancy occur? When did Clinton know and what did he do to prevent this dangerous situation? These are valid questions and in light of Clinton’s involvement in Russia’s nuclear weapons advancements, I shudder to think that this too was a result of Clinton’s business dealings.

CNN reported how China has been stealing our most sensitive nuclear secrets in an article dated May 25, 1999 and posted on their website. The article was called: China stole U.S. nuke secrets to ‘fulfill international agenda.’ The article reveals that China has been stealing the most sensitive nuclear secrets for several decades and despite high-level knowledge of the thefts, security at U.S. nuclear labs still “does not meet even minimal standards.” The CNN article goes on to state that President Clinton had known since 1995 and yet little was done about it. In April 1998 Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) disclosed detailed information that U.S. aerospace companies had helped China improve its strategic nuclear missiles as part of a major ICBM modernization effort. The named companies were listed as Loral Space & Communications Ltd., Hughes Electronics, and Motorola as supplying the Chinese with space launch technology which China used to improve its nuclear missiles.

Congressman Rohrabacher went on to say: “There is ample evidence that American technology was transferred to this hostile potential enemy of the United States… (providing) the Communist Chinese the guidance needed to upgrade and perfect highly sophisticated weapons systems, increasing the reliability and capability of Communist Chinese rockets… This has given, what anyone has to admit is at least a potential enemy of the United States, a better ability to deliver nuclear warheads to our country, to American cities, to incinerate millions of our people.” Was there a connection between Bill Clinton and any of the three corporations named as supplying China with materials that improved the lethality of their missiles? I’m glad I asked that question.

The chairman of Loral Space &Communications was a heavy financial donor to Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party in general. His name is Bernard Schwartz and in a six year period between 1992 and 1998 he donated over $1.1 million to Clinton and the party. To show his appreciation, President Clinton allowed Schwartz to travel to China with U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Clinton loosened export controls which enabled Schwartz to purchase Chinese booster rockets for use in launching Loral’s satellites. The relaxing of controls was a two way street and gave the Chinese an avenue with which to import hi tech materials from Loral and other U.S. corporations that dealt in sophisticated electronics.

Hughes Electronics was also named in Rohrabacher’s report. Its CEO, C. Michael Armstrong lobbied Clinton to relax the export controls of sensitive technology. An internal White House memo dated December 8, 1993 and originating from the National Security Council, detailed how Armstrong pressured the administration into easing the trade restrictions with China. Armstrong had threatened to launch a major publicity campaign against the administrations sanctions if the controls were not relaxed. In 1996, a Chinese rocket (missile) carrying a $200 million Loral satellite exploded on its launch pad. Loral and Hughes put together a team of scientists to investigate the problem. The problem(s) were identified and the information was given to the Chinese consortium Great Wall Industry, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Corporation. Armed with the information supplied by Hughes and Loral, the Chinese were able to  upgrade their nuclear ICBM’s.

Why did President Clinton allow this? Well it was determined that the Chinese were secretly funneling large donations to the Clinton campaign. Federal investigators found that China Aerospace Corporation had given $300,000 to Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung for Clinton’s election. In  1993, it was discoverer that China was selling missile technology to Pakistan. Under tremendous pressure from Congress, Clinton banned U.S. space industry from using Chinese rockets to launch their satellites. The ban didn’t last long and in October 1994, Clinton lifted the ban. Despite reports that China had continued to sell nuclear technology to Pakistan and missiles to Iran, Clinton signed waivers for four U.S. satellites to be launched by Chinese rockets. Clinton did this over strong objections from the State and Defense Departments. Johnny Chung and Loral’s Schwartz donated another $100,000 each to Clinton. The fact that Clinton personally issued the waivers to allow shipments of U.S. technology that greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of Communist China’s missiles is grounds for impeachment, regardless of whether or not there was any quid pro quo for those decisions.

President Bill Clinton did more to damage U.S. national security than anyone else in American history. He is a traitor to our interests and he is guilty of espionage. He should have been arrested, impeached and convicted. The question is, how did this story escape mass media attention?

I would like to credit these sources from which I have acquired  information.

Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Securityby Bill Gertz, Regenery Publishing Inc. 1999
Report: China Stole U.S nuke secrets to fulfill international agenda