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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Humor - Political Editorial. Obama 2012 sells Mug Admitting Obama Fraud on US Citizens.

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So states the Store for BarackObama.com regarding Obama's alleged Birth Certificate Mug:
"Made In The USA Mug
     There's really no way to make the birth certificate conspiracy completely go away, so we might as well laugh at it -- and make sure as many people as possible are in on the joke. Get your Made In The USA mug today. (SKU OFA0805)  $20"

Mug Picture = Proof?  

What is the pitch?  Read it again.  It is to this effect:  
"Buy Obama's mug because it says Obama was "Made in the USA", but it does NOT say "BORN in the USA?"   

MADE is defined as "artificially produced", "fictitious, invented".   

The Mug does NOT define or infer "made" as a slang, such as in "making babies" / "having sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration by the phallus".  So even from the making babies or conception non-issue declaration: yeah, we got the "made" part. 

But where is the "BORN" phraseology? It isn't there!!!   So are we having an Obama 2012 Campaign confession to facts and supposition we already know? Barack was conceived or inseminated in the womb of his mother in the USA and BORN SOMEWHERE ELSE, AND HIS BIRTH DOCUMENT WAS FABRICATED.  THE MUG IS A CLEAR ADMISSION OF OBAMA'S FABRICATION OF BIRTH PLACE AND FABRICATION OF DOCUMENTATION GUILT!!! 

Talk about your Freudian slip. 

 So what are Obama's spokespersons saying in their campaign finance raising pitches now?  If it's printed on a mug it must be real?  

Actually, the definition of  
"believing into a document that is supposed to stand up in a Court of Law, and is refused to be submitted into Court as Evidence -- and the fact that even Obama's own supporters have NOW defined the reason for that refusal of submission into any Court of Law as evidence, citing the excuse on their own $20 Mug and being based on the definition of carefully well chosen words as Intellectuals in using the word 'MADE' -- and believing into a document that even the Obama Campaign states on its own Obama Mug that the Obama Certification of Live Birth document and any claim of a USA birth location was artificially produced, fictitious, and artificially produced"   
to still thereafter believe into Obama's White House released electronic forgery as though it were a Court acceptable genuine document...well, that falls into the realm of believing into a "Mythology".  

Good grief!  I mean, really.  A document that they willingly only share in a Public Relations atmosphere where it is NOT illegal to lie, because they are NOT under Oath under penalty of perjury with Criminal consequences the moment they lie.

Don't tell me.  The Obama people and the "will lap-dance Obama Media"  will tell us something to the effect that the person the  electronically produced Certificate of Live Birth, the one that Hawaii Department of Health Director Neal Palafox said was non-existent in the Vault Copies of Hawaii in January 2011 when he checked at the insistence of Governor Abercrombie, the same document OBAMA AND HIS LAWYERS WILL ONLY PRESS CONFERENCE DECLARE AND REFUSE TO INTRODUCE AS EVIDENCE IN A COURT OF LAW, is "real", because if it's on the side of a mug it thus makes it a genuine verification of a reality?

So let me get this right.  If Obama's spokespeople at a Hollywood Elite Fundraiser Event should see a mug with Snoopy on it, and thereafter they go to an amusement park like Knott's Berry Farm in Los Angeles, and they see  someone dressed up in a giant Snoopy costume, are they going to now be tripping out like they've been dropping acid and trying to relive the late 1960s or first years of the 1970s, telling us how a Charles Schultz' cartoon character was "really real, dude?"    Oh yeah. I guess after a trip to Disneyland (in California) or Disney World (in Florida),  Mickey Mouse must be real to them ,too; and perhaps that's why these Obama supporting yokels were insisting everyone who registered as Mickey Mouse in Wisconsin was a legitimate voter, wasn't it?  Don't believe Mickey Mouse is real?  Welcome to the new version of reality being put forth by Obama's spokespeople, where they will now say: "Look, he's on the side of the mug! That's all the proof you need!"  

What next? Dog on 2012 Campaign button = Get the Bestiality Votes?

So what's next?  In the Fall of 2012, in the Voter Registry, will we probably also find Bo Obama registered to vote at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come Election time? After all, he's on a campaign button for 2012. 


What would stop Obama's people from justifying registering a dog to vote?  Their campaign 2008 in part depended on ACORN voting for Barack under the names of dead people in swing states like Ohio.  So making the transition from dead people to animals in voting by proxy isn't as far-fetched with Obama-philes as one might have otherwise thought.   Think about this:  in 2011, Obama had absolutely no problem lifting the ban on Bestiality (sexual intercourse between humans and animals) in the Military, 

even when it was brought to his and his Press Secretary's attention.  

Notice how Obama's own Press Secretary blew a challenge to legalizing bestiality off as if it were a matter of privacy between a consenting adult and?      This consensus approach was followed by the issuing forth of Obama's dog Bo on  Obama 2012 Campaign buttons.  Or maybe it was the buttons first, and then the acceptance of Bestiality by Obama and his Administration?  So what's the deal, here?   Obama accepts and promotes the pitch for those voters who would practice Bestiality, and then offers his dog up as what?  Their sex symbol?  In either case:  Yuck!  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1908 A brief look back: Republican and Democratic Party Platform excerpts

 Compare these Platforms with what they practice and how they behave in our current day. 

 Republican Party Platform of 1908
July 16, 1908
Rights of the Negro
The Republican party has been for more than fifty years the consistent friend of the American Negro. It gave him freedom and citizenship. It wrote into the organic law the declarations that proclaim his civil and political rights, and it believes to-day that his noteworthy progress in intelligence, industry and good citizenship has earned the respect and encouragement of the nation. We demand equal justice for all men, without regard to race or color; we declare once more, and without reservation, for the enforcement in letter and spirit of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments to the Constitution which were designed for the protection and advancement of the negro, and we condemn all devices that have for their real aim his disfranchisement for reasons of color alone, as unfair, un-American and repugnant to the Supreme law of the land.
Fundamental Differences Between Democracy and Republicanism

...The present tendencies of the two parties are even more marked by inherent differences.  
The trend of Democracy is toward socialism,
while the Republican party stands for a wise and regulated individualism.  

Socialism would destroy wealth, Republicanism would prevent its abuse.

Socialism would give to each an equal right to take; Republicanism would give to each an equal right to earn. 

Socialism would offer an equality of possession which would soon leave no one anything to possess, 
 Republicanism would give equality of opportunity which would assure to each his share of a constantly increasing sum of possessions. 

In line with this tendency the Democratic party of to-day believes in Government ownership, while the Republican party believes in Government regulation. Ultimately Democracy would have the nation own the people, while Republicanism would have the people own the nation.

Upon this platform of principles and purposes, reaffirming our adherence to every Republican doctrine proclaimed since the birth of the party, we go before the country, asking the support not only of those who have acted with us heretofore, but of all our fellow citizens who, regardless of past political differences, unite in the desire to maintain the policies, perpetuate the blessings and make secure the achievements of a greater America. 

 Republican Party Platforms: "Republican Party Platform of 1908," July 16, 1908. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.


 Democratic Party Platform of 1908
July 7, 1908

We, the representatives of the Democracy of the United States, in National Convention assembled, reaffirm our belief in, and pledge our loyalty to, the principles of the party.
We rejoice at the increasing signs of an awakening throughout the country. The various investigations have traced graft and political corruption to the representatives of the predatory wealth, and laid bare the unscrupulous methods by which they have debauched elections and preyed upon a defenseless public through the subservient officials whom they have raised to place and power.
The conscience of the nation is now aroused to free the Government from the grip of those who have made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations. It must become again a people's government, and be administered in all its departments according to the Jeffersonian maxim, "equal rights to all; special privileges to none."
"Shall the people rule?" is the overshadowing issue which manifests itself in all the questions now under discussion.

Increase of Office Holders
Coincident with the enormous increase in expenditures is a like addition to the number of office-holders. During the past year 23,784 were added, costing $16,156,000, and in the past six years of Republican administration the total number of new offices created, aside from many commissions, has been 99,319, entailing an additional expenditure of nearly $70,000,000 as against only 10,279 new offices created under the Cleveland and McKinley administrations, which involved an expenditure of only $6,000,000. We denounce this great and growing increase in the number of office-holders as not only unnecessary and wasteful, but also as clearly indicating a deliberate purpose on the part of the Administration to keep the Republican party in power at public expense by thus increasing the number of its retainers and dependents. Such procedure we declare to be no less dangerous and corrupt than the open purchase of votes at the polls.

Economy in Administration
The Republican Congress in the session just ended made appropriations amounting to $1,008,000,000, exceeding the total expenditures of the past fiscal year by $90,000,000 and leaving a deficit of more than $60,000,000 for the fiscal year just ended. We denounce the heedless waste of the people's money which has resulted in this appalling increase as a shameful violation of all prudent considerations of government and as no less than a crime against the millions of working men and women, from whose earnings the great proportion of these colossal sums must be extorted through excessive tariff exactions and other indirect methods. It is not surprising that in the face of this shocking record the Republican platform contains no reference to economical administration or promise thereof in the future. We demand that a stop be put to this frightful extravagance, and insist upon the strictest economy in every department compatible with frugal and efficient administration

Income Tax
We favor an income tax as part of our revenue system, and we urge the submission of a constitutional amendment specifically authorizing Congress to levy and collect a tax upon individual and corporate incomes, to the end that wealth may bear its proportionate share of the burdens of the Federal Government. 

Democratic Party Platforms: "Democratic Party Platform of 1908," July 7, 1908. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.