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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Repost of Environmental Solution To US Air Quality: Plant Billions of TREES

 The following is a Google SUPPRESSED posting by me (found at
 http://brianroysinput.blogspot.com/2009/12/complete-monckton-lecture-in-st-paul.html  )
that I personally believe will go a long way to solving alot of the air quality crisis in the United States, simply and cheaply (as opposed to Agenda 21, 2030, et cetera).

I have minor edited  some spelling errors etc.

The Complete Monckton Lecture in St. Paul, and a few musings of mine on eco-friendly ideas to implement 

 was published here on

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


An essential lecture that everyone interested in Global Warming should view and listen with an open mind, and soberly consider at least once.

We can easily present economical solutions, but they are neither politically expedient to implement without manipulating an abuse of power, nor are they economically acceptable, lest a transfer of wealth -- via less indebtedness -- be given to the people.  Governments and Major Conglomerates would rather enslave mankind than to economically and efficiently resolve what they themselves have irresponsibly festered and then called a crisis.

1)  The Earth needs Ozone replenishment, Carbon Dioxide cleansing, and enhanced oxygenation from current levels. Carbon creation, such as Carbon-14, is a naturally occurring event, and will matriculate from the upper to lower atmosphere by natural processes and laws of Creation.  Since the politics of idiocy have driven man to retardation on the topic of what is and is not real pollution and real contaminants endangering our survival and those of our eco-systems, such as serious petrochemical infusions that create adverse and sick mutations, acid rains, and so forth...I think it is time that the whining Communists and Socialists either come up with answers, or adopt my eco-ideas, or just plain shut up and talk about something else, since they can't even have honest discussion and offer constructive solutions.

Ozone replenishment to the atmosphere is created when oxygen is naturally photo-chemically converted by the ultra-violet rays of the sun.  It is not adversely affected by freon production or man-made chemicals.  It is adversely affected when man removes the oxygenating replenishment process.

In the United States, we need a two fold aggressive Forestation greening of current Federal and State controlled lands, along with voluntary assistance from the general private property owning public. Trees need to be planted away from water mains and telecommunication cables and power lines.  
a) The plantation of 6 billion aspen poplar tree saplings at a rate of 150 trees per barren acre lot. 10 to 12 billion dollars to plant 6 billion trees removing 1 billion tons of carbon, creating oxygen and new ozone replenishment for the ozone holes is economical.

b) The planting 1-2 billion other types and varieties of trees, especially longer duration varieties such as maple oak, and at least 50 million of these fruit trees (pear, apple, or such as to be later determined) for harvesting for human and animal consumption, and/or composting for fertilizing. 

We also need to experiment in the implementation of offshore plankton farms in swim and boat free zones, and buoyed off in sections no greater than 200 underwater acres (less than 1/2 square mile sections) at a time.  The Aleutians and selected pre-protected coastal sites to later be determined.  The idea is to plant plankton in specified zones for observation and monitoring as to the effect they have on oxygenation, affect on the local eco-system, what effect if any such isolated plankton farms have on maritime travel, and before - during - after sampling of the immediate waters within 50-100 yards regarding pollution, oxygenation, salinization, and other relevant chemical analysis required.

2)  Water resources inland must be replenished and distributed from the coastal regions to the interior.  40% of the world's population lives on the coastal regions, and engineering in the 20th century has excessively drained off interior water to an excess that endangers some interior eco-systems, usually in drought years. 

Israel is an excellent source of water technology development.

Increase the number of 500,000 gallon per day or greater desalinization plants nationwide and worldwide, partially powered by wind and solar. Provide each of these (where appropriate) with a 100,000 to 200,000 gallon a day siphoning from capacity to inland reservoirs or storage locations against drought years or to alleviate drought.    Build additional Water tower farms of 10 to 12      2.5 million gallon capacity tanks that can accompany these new desalinization plants in case of seasonal and annual major maintenance or temporary shutdowns.   If needed, create more pond and lake reservoirs, and utilize these for water supply and hydroelectric power supply, and ensure stability of the reservoir and channeling water transfer infra-structure.  Water encourages green plant life, which brings in wild life, and promotes eco-balance.

Small Saltwater fish farms can accompany each desalinization plant, in order that any reasonable fish species thought to be destroyed can be equally replaced back into the eco-system.  It must not over populate, lest it creates an overabundance of other species. 

3)  We need to let Creation supply and create from existing and even perpetual sources, and to capitalize on these sources in regions having more sunshine and less rain than the better watered and more vegetated regions of the planet.  Economical solar panels can be placed on every roof in every nation or region having less than 30 inches of rainfall a year.  Regulators to each of these can send electricity into the grid, and the owners upon which property the solar panels rest will share in the royalties of excess energy sent back into the grid, or receive credits against electricity they use for that energy sent back into the grid.

Allow solar farms of 270 to 5400 acres to be set up in non-populated or less than 100 person per square mile desert regions.  In California, the additional planting of certain vegetation for the betterment and perpetuation of endangered species can offset the need for stopping projects because of snails, squirrels, turtles, or what ever the contention would be. The best hope for solar efficiency has been killed by the eco-nuts who scream the loudest for Green Energy, and then act as if they field kicked their brains across a parking lot and only want sex and drugs when a legitimate solution is in the works.  Case in point, Brightsource.  

In fact, Israeli technology has the bridge of redeeming a large chunk of the Carbon and Global warming crisis to an age of transition to a more eco-friendly energy usage by mankind.

Hypocrites, the corrupt, and morons are keeping solutions from being made a manifest reality.

Other Southwestern states in the US that are not as environmentally hyper-sensitive, may wish to consider even larger solar farms.  The Middle East can largely be weaned off fossil fuels for their own national consumptions, still selling fossil fuels over a greater length of time, extending supply life and revenue.  Wasteful extravagance on luxury will need to be rechanneled toward longevity with both comfort and practicality.    

Allow and encourage home gardens, farms, fruit trees, vegetable planting.
http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=92002  On March 16, 2009, WorldNetDaily reported on the Obamanutjobs wanting to outlaw home gardens and farms unless they followed corporate regulations, monitored water runoff, and were nudged out of existence by costs to operate.   This common sense back to where Nature / the Creation is our friend, and back to pragmatism,  will gradually decrease some the need to ship these items in excessive quantities, and save fuel transfer costs.

Drill here, drill now.  What is the logistic waste of fuel burned to ship 10,000 tankers of oil to the United States, verses simply pumping and shipping it from our coasts or through the pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states?  

Allow for use of steam power out of our industrial smoke stacks, and reconvert that into energy for the plants they emanate from...cutting down on both emissions and outside energy usage. 

Many, many good ideas can be thought up, and using current technology, implemented in 2-3 years or less, if government bureaucracy, politics, corruption, and Major Conglomerate bullying would just get out of the way.

So where are the eco-friendlies in giving out that "shout, shout, let it all out" constructive criticism?  

Time to solve the common problems for the betterment, well-being and peace of all of us.  We Christians also need to come forth with solutions, as I have here, acting as faithful stewards of what GOD Almighty has given us, and to be the salt and light of the world that the LORD Jesus called us to be.

Friday, May 18, 2018

BUY THIS BOOK And Be MORE Informed On The Globalist Conspiracy And The Decline Of The USA Because Of Them.

 Available Tuesday May 22. 2018.    Please get it and share the information with those you are at political AND social harmony with.  Read it, and recommend it.  Arm yourself with a knowledge and education that crunches years of learning otherwise into a matter of weeks and days to absorb what many at first might find overwhelming revelations of historical truths and facts kept from most.  

Recommended by ex-CIA officer Kevin Shipp 

For a good one hour example of some of Kevin Shipp's information of inside the CIA and USA Shadow Government politics, check out


The Killing Of Uncle Sam

by Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L. Williams

Pride, greed, and power have driven men to do the unthinkable–including selling out their nations and unsuspected citizens to the most corrupt and destructive “invisible” global leaders on Earth. But how did this happen on American soil? How did the downfall begin and who were the predators that the “land of the free and home of the brave” fell victim to? And is all hope lost?

This book captures details of the last 200 years of American history that mainstream media does not want you to know. It dissects the “legalized” system of the private central banks that has gone unchecked, and delivers gut-wrenching truths about the real domestic and foreign enemies of the United States. With over 1000 footnotes and quotes from former presidents, prime ministers, and state officials, it will equip you with the facts that the elites have covered up for centuries and empower you to stand up for the truth.

About The Authors
Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are the founders of Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay Church, and River Bible Institutes in Tampa, Florida. In December 1987, they moved from their native land of South Africa to the United States with their three children. With a passion for souls and a love for God, Drs. Rodney and Adonica have conducted soul-winning crusades in 59 nations with over 18,000,000 reported decisions for Jesus Christ.  Contending for another Great Spiritual Awakening in the USA, they also host the annual Celebrate America DC event at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall in Washington D.C.  In July 2017, they were invited to spend the day at the White House and Dr. Rodney was asked to pray for President Donald Trump. Following his visit, Dr. Rodney launched a 24/7 prayer initiative for the President and the nation. Today, Dr. Rodney’s influence continues to rapidly expand. They have over 3,172,600 views on YouTube, a Facebook following of over 150,000 with weekly posts reaching close to 3 million, and over 43,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined.  His Great Awakening Broadcast airs six nights a week on CTN with an estimated audience of over 70 million households.  

Paul L. Williams holds a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Drew University. He is a journalist and the author of 15 books, including Among the Ruins: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church, Crescent Moon Rising: The Islamic Transformation of America, The Day of Islam, The Al Qaeda Connection, The Vatican Exposed, Osama’s Revenge, and Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia, which is being made into a movie series for AMC. The winner of three first-place Keystone Press Awards, he has written articles for major news outlets, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, NewsMax, The Counter-Terrorist, and National Review. Dr. Williams has served as a consultant on organized crime and international terrorism for the FBI; editor/publisher of the Metro (Scranton, PA), and an adjunct professor of theology, humanities, and philosophy at The University of Scranton and Wilkes University. He gained international prominence by exposing the plot of the Toronto 18 to blow up Parliament and to behead the Prime Minister.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Missing Social Media Tech Company Scandal

 If there is one Law Review article that should be nationally talk radio read and discussed in April 2018, it should have been:

Kate Klonick p.1599
Volume 131 · April 2018 · Number 6

It was released with ample time for Congress to read it prior to dog and pony show questioning CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook online practices. 
Zuckerberg tried to put one focus on pre-censorship artificial intelligence.  The inference regards a situation where as one types anything, the Artificial Intelligence program that Facebook pre-programs  as containing hate speech into its software, even as the person is typing, that typing is deleted and the user is cyber-blocked (or perhaps we should envision cyber attacked, and their computer or phone or internet access destroyed?).  Zuckerberg envisions 5 - 10 years for such an Internet artificial intelligence takeover where only a select few elites have control and bypass keys.  But what if any such system becomes self-aware, as DARPA is trying to develop and employ it as?  Two movies that explored a general concept of that, Wargames in the 1980s and Terminator, come to mind for general discussion with those who are intimidated about discussing an article from a Law Review or general themes and practices by those heading large communications related companies. 

 In regard to Congress questioning Zuckerberg, the primary practice of Facebook outsourcing moderators who have no interest or care about our First Amendment and/or the US Constitution was left alone.  Congress obviously doesn't read the Law Reviews, let alone most of the bills they vote on.  But unfortunately, those of us who READ end up being the media manufactured threats.  Never mind a general public that increasingly has a lower and lower ability to read, with an above the 4th grade illiteracy rate, not to mention being workplace innumerate and asking, "A third of a pound, how much is that?  A quarter?  That's 73 or something on the scale, isn't it?"  Yes, friends, the public teachers of this nation congratulate themselves for pushing such morons as GRADUATES into US society...and this is probably about 40% bare minimum of those in the U.S. Public School System.   Now take such a moron, with perhaps a third grade English literacy, if we are lucky, and give him or her a corporate excuse to hate America and Americans and our "free speech" and our Constitution, and give these foreign dumb-asses a set of rules that for them is the supreme law for keeping their job,  and more money (even though far less than would be paid in the USA) in their  foreign country than 80% of his or her struggling  peers, and what do you get?  One correct answer would inevitably include or be: A Facebook moderator.  

  Facebook moderators are first and foremost FOREIGNERS who don't care or in any way intuitively grasp the Constitution of the United States First Amendment.

 Facebook as of 2016 outsourced virtually all moderation (except the last level upper Corporate decisions) outside that of these United States.

 The Harvard Law Review never up dated that likely we should include CHINA as an additional call center, or perhaps it is that they are not directly over the USA in moderation as those of Ireland wanting EU totalitarianism and India's Big Brother have a number or you don't exist to buy or sell or own anything system with its caste levels of slugs and slaves to half human to whole humans view of humanity (very often most opposite of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution's language) has.

Facebook moderators are First and foremost those "we don’t care about US Constitution" FOREIGN call centers in the Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, India, or Eastern Europe. 

 Their immediate supervisors are in where Obama was college initiated into his Shia Islam as a young man in a CIA outpost of Hyderabad, India, as well as a George Soros and EU Governance Connection and CIA outpost hub in Dublin, Ireland.  

Main Corporate Facebook Supervisor and Tier 3 Attorneys are over the India and Ireland based supervisors, and are based in Austin Texas as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. 

Check out pages 1634 and 1640-1641 of this hyperlinked April 2018 Harvard Law Review especially. 

While operating in the USA, Facebook needs to abide by the US Constitution and Civil Rights anti-discrimination laws that protect religious beliefs as well as race from persecution. 

They need to suspend outsourcing moderation to FOREIGNERS and hire USA born moderators who live and work HERE in the United States at all 3 tier levels, and the same needs to be said of Google and Youtube. FIRE the foreign born visa and other non-citizens from the entire 3 tier moderation process for all USA accounts. 

Let's look at the referred to points at the Harvard Law Review to which I refer:
{Quote} Exactly “who” was moderating the content changed significantly in

January 2009, when Facebook opened its office in Dublin and first

started outsourcing its content moderation through consulting groups.

Before then, most moderators worked in Palo Alto and were similar to

Facebook’s main user base — “homogenous college students.” 250 The

shift to outsourced moderation continued when a new community

operations team was set up in Hyderabad, India. 251 {Unquote} p. 1634
[250 and 251 footnote refer to:] Telephone Interview with Dave Willner, Former Head of Content Policy, Facebook & Charlotte Willner, Former Safety Manager, User Operations, Facebook (Mar. 23, 2016).

{Quote} In the early days, recent college graduates based in the San Francisco

Bay Area did much of the Tier 3 content moderation. 290 Today, most platforms,

including Facebook, either directly employ content-moderation

teams or outsource much of their content-moderation work to companies

like oDesk (now Upwork), Sutherland, and Deloitte. 291 

In 2009, Facebook opened an office in Dublin, Ireland, that had twenty dedicated support and user-operations staff. 292 In 2010, working with an outsourcing partner, Facebook opened a new office in Hyderabad, India, for user support. 293

Today, Tier 3 moderators typically work in “call centers” 294 in the

Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, India, or Eastern Europe. 295

Within Facebook, these workers are called “community support” or

“user support teams.” 296

Tier 2 moderators are typically supervisors of Tier 3 moderators or

specialized moderators with experience judging content. They work

both remotely (many live in the United States and supervise groups that

290 Telephone Interview with Dave Willner & Charlotte Willner, supra note 147; Telephone Interview with Sasha Rosse, Manager of Glob. Outsourcing, Facebook (May 16, 2016); Buni & Chemaly, supra note 12.

291 Telephone Interview with Sasha Rosse, supra note 290; Adrian Chen, Inside Facebook’s Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where “Camel Toes” Are More Offensive than “Crushed Heads,”

GAW K E R (Feb. 16, 2012, 3:45 PM), http://gawker.com/5885714/i...

[https://perma.cc/HU7H-972C]; Chen, supra note 12.

292 Telephone Interview with Sasha Rosse, supra note 290.

293 Id.

294 Buni & Chemaly, supra note 12.

295 Content Moderator Interviews, supra note 288; Telephone Interview with Sasha Rosse, supra note 290; Chen, supra note 291; Chen, supra note 12.

296 Telephone Interview with Dave Willner & Charlotte Willner, supra note 147; Telephone Interview with Jud Hoffman, supra note 148.
p. 1641
are internationally based) and locally at call centers. 299   Tier 2 moderators

review content that has been prioritized, like imminent threats of

violence, self-harm, terrorism, or suicide. This content comes to Tier 2

directly through the reporting flow or by being identified and escalated

to Tier 2 by Tier 3 moderators. Tier 2 moderators also review certain

randomized samples of Tier 3 moderation decisions.

...Tier 1 moderation is predominantly performed at the legal or policy

headquarters of a platform. At Facebook, for example, a Tier 3 worker

could be based in Hyderabad, a Tier 2 supervisor could be based in

Hyderabad, or remotely in a place like Dublin, but a Tier 1 contact

would be based in Austin, Texas, or the San Francisco Bay Area.

299 Id.; Telephone Interview with Dave Willner & Charlotte Willner, supra note 147. {Unquote}

 Foreign outsourcing of moderation and full information data mining access to foreign governments, that of the Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, India, or Eastern Europe, is unacceptable. The PUBLIC needs to know. 

FACEBOOK (by its own high level ex-employees whose job it was to know, tells us that Facebook)  OUTSOURCES ALL YOUR DATA TO FOREIGN HANDS AND EFFECTUALLY SAYS,

And perhaps they might say, "Well Apple gave over all its encryption keys, so that every user of Apple products, including Android smartphone users, have all that data as accessible to the Government of China, as it is already backdoor accessible to the United States National Security Agency." 

And the answer would be, if a Chinese businessman openly gave the NSA every smartphone and most computer users in China, especially those in the Government of China for espionage purposes to the United States spy agencies, what should China do to that traitor?

  So when early 2018 Apple does to the United States the same thing, and Zuckerberg tops it off with his own Facebook data mines on hundreds of millions of present and past Facebook users  worldwide, but especially data mine access dumps that for a 0% business tax rate to operate in China that China now gives in reciprocation for the Communist State of China's Intel a full access of the many tens of millions in the USA, are those chief executives at Apple 

Apple Officially Announces Their Merger With The Chinese Government

February 26, 2018

Alex Jones reveals how Apple has officially announced their plans to merge their customers' data and their massive corporation with the authoritarian, communist, Chinese Government. 

or Zuckerberg at Facebook any less a criminal at large (as yet uncharged and unprosecuted)?  

We have two major espionage scandals that need to be Department of Justice prosecuted right now:
1) Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and others on profiteering and espionage crimes in regard of what they gave to Russia and what they personally received; and
2) The Apple and Facebook espionage data to anyone the National Government of China wants any time and however often or as much as it wants, on every USA citizen in present and past accounts access, which they of Apple and Facebook willingly gave to China for a 0% operating in China business tax break and to profiteer from China's widespread slave labor wages.

 These two great espionage scandals of the near past and present need prosecution NOW,  but due to near total Washington D.C. federal corruption and federal blackmail vulnerabilities by those in the highest executive positions in various respective departments and in Congress, they won't likely ever be prosecuted short of a national crisis triggering such an outcry as that of
 (and I am using a hypothetical here) 
against a nuclear flattening of a small American city, it seems to me.