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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beck and Foxnews exposes an Obama Communist-Socialist Crime Syndicate Structure to become Trillionaires on USA Thefts

Updated and edited on 04/30/2010.


New developments,

sale of Chicago Climate Exchange

to Europe's Intercontinental Exchange

announced 04/30/2010

for the price of 395,000,000 Pounds.


As I previously posted back on October 18, 2009, the Carbon Tax scheme on a worldwide Governance is best seen and available via the Lowy Institute (a very prestigious Australian think-tank).

Readers need to download and study the essential McKibbin and Wilcoxen's "The Economic and Environmental Effects of Border Tax Adjustments for Climate Policy" February 2009


[[[Update June 01, 2012  pdf. copy may be obtained at  http://www.isn.ethz.ch/isn/Digital-Library/Publications/Detail/?ots591=0c54e3b3-1e9c-be1e-2c24-a6a8c7060233&lng=en&id=96857
end of update]]]

p.3 "In 2006, then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin suggested that countries that do not join a post-2012 international treaty on climate change should face additional tariffs on their industrial exports. The European Parliament's (2005/2049) resolution was focused on penalizing countries such as the United States for non-participation in the Kyoto Protocol."

Then they state this idiotic and contradictory pro-carbon tax assessment:

p.4 "A sufficiently large carbon tax imposed in a major economy would lower global oil prices and lead to higher consumption in countries with little or no carbon tax."

The economic one-world model in the newspeak of Communist macro-economics is to look at the world as a "G-Cube."

p.4 "G-Cubed is an econometric intertemperol general equilibrium model of the world economy with regional disaggregation and sectoral detail."

p.5 [The G-Cube is]"divided into ten regions...Each region is further decomposed into a household sector, a government sector, a financial sector, the twelve industries...and a capital goods producing sector."

p.23 Sectors in the G-Cubed Model
1. Electric Utilities
2. Gas utilities
3. Petroleum refining
4. Coal mining
5. Crude oil and gas extraction
6. Other mining
7. Agriculture
8. Forestry and Wood products
9. Durable goods
10. Nondurables
11. Transportation
12. Services

p.6 "We assume that all agents in each economy have identical preferences over foreign and domestic varieties of each particular commodity. (Anything else would require time-series data on imports of products from each country of origin to each industry, which is not only unavailable but difficult to imagine collecting). The result is a system of demand equations for domestic goods and imports from every region."

In other words, the authors are saying that the coming One World Government will force a universal international equality until you and I and the rest of humanity has almost no personal or ethnic identity in what we buy or sell. The logical regression of this is that we are to be molded to one type of unidentified politically and One World Government (OWG) sanctioned religious lukewarm commonality that the OWG molds to its will and common purpose.

p.8 "Within each region we assume household behavior can be modeled by a representative agent who maximizes an intertemporal utility function subject to the constraint that the present value of consumption be equal to the sum of human wealth and initial financial assets."

Or put another way: Equality of wealth or poverty to be shared by all, and the prices in the US (as Obama put it on the 2008 Campaign trail) "would necessarily sky-rocket".

p.9 "Finally, the supply of household capital services is determined by consumers themselves who invest in household capital. ...the household investment decision is symmetrical with that of firms."

Or put another way: More output by the masses = less starvation and less reduction in the comforts provided by or through the 12 industries listed above. They then add this line of delusional perception akin to someone high on dope, and advocating human slavery as the solution. Each region accumulate a public debt, and how does the region pay down the debt?

"...the government could pay off the debt by briefly raising taxes a lot...."

There is no such thing as "brief" to raising taxes alot. Nor is there a magical sustained increase in income if the resources have already been drained and reallocated.

p. 10 "...allowing for involuntary unemployment...assuming that all economies are always at full employment, which might be fine for a long-run model, is clearly inappropriate during the first few years after the shock."

Or in other words: A few years of massive unemployment, starvation, riots, are to be expected. When they have starved enough, the masses will come begging and be forced into compliance.

p.11 "For all regions other than China, we assume that the exchange rates are free to float and that financial capital is freely mobile."

Why is China alone exempt? Is the One World Government a Maoist Communist model in its formation, with exemptions to the people who de facto help create the model?

p.12 "The first step in computing a carbon-tax border adjustment on a given import would be to determine the total amount of fossil energy that was used directly or indirectly in production of the good."

p.13 "Tracing energy consumption all the way back to raw materials is possible using input-output tables."

p.14 "...simulations we ran using the G-Cubed model to explore the effects of border adjustments. We began by constructing a hypothetical carbon tax beginning at $20 per metric ton of carbon and rising by $0.50 per year to $40."

p.15 "In all four simulations, additional government revenue generated by the border adjustments and the carbon tax itself was used to finance additional government spending in the corresponding region (that is, each region's fiscal deficit was held constant)."

In other words, their model was given bad data in all 4 scenarios, and the pitch is made that new spending magically appears with border adjustments while being also deficit neutral. This is called Genocide, combined with the seizing of assets within a designated zone or territory. As for Carbon tax increases...higher tariffs = less trade = less revenue.

p.18 "The dollar weakens in both [US] simulations..."

Or in other words, the US does not have any benefit in belonging to the Climate Change OWG.

In fact, according to MIT's Richard Lindsen, the latest 2009 Climate Feedback data on the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment shows that the UN Crisis representation is off by as much as 6 times or by 600%!!

Free 6 page pdf. at:

And the missing piece in the Chicago Carbon Emission Exchange scam that Obama, Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, et al. is China's 200 billion dollar role in the US Stock market, and its 700+ Billion dollars of US Treasury debt.

{{Update April 30, 2010

It appears that instead of selling at least 51% of the exchange to China, on April 30, 2010, it was revealed that the ownership of the Chicago Climate (Carbon Emission) Exchange or CCE, has been brokered by a joint effort between Morgan Stanley and Shearman & Sterling LLP. This falls in line with Biblical Prophecy in Daniel 7:7, Revelation 13:1, et al., where the supreme governance authority upon the Earth is to be out of Europe. However, the question becomes, who receives or benefits from the 395 million pounds ($604 million) of a fictitious trans-national trans-governmental unlegislated and unregulated enterprise being made a reality? The Trade was done under what is called "the Scheme", Isle of Man company law, and United Kingdom City Code's "Takeovers and Mergers".

In other words, beneficiaries Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Al Gore, the Goldman Sachs Company, and others, have virtually no domestic accountability even though they appear to still be major shareholders in the Carbon Credit Exchange under "the Scheme". }}

Released by http://www.lowyinstitute.org/
and also published in

The Weekend Australian,
Australian Inquirer section,
13 February 2010, P. 2
says Warwick McKibbin:

"China is key to recovery, having deftly managed the necessary macroeconomic adjustment, and the emerging engine of longrun global economic prosperity. Yet Beijing faces the immediate problem of dealing with severe domestic and international imbalances that could derail the economy.

...China is moving forward with genuine measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To make these policies part of a global cooperative framework [the New World Order]* they need to be converted into a measure of effective carbon price equivalence."
-- Warwick McKibbin of the Lowy Institute

George Soros, as we have seen this past February 2010,

pushes for China to run things in the market, and has announced beforehand he will buy heavily into the bubble that will burst US Capitalism (betting on the burst)for the enablement of what he and Fareed Zakaria of CNN's GPS would label "State Capitalism"...the Communist Stock Market model of Communist China.

{{Update April 30, 2010. Even though Soros pushes for a Communist Chinese engine, as with Biblical Prophecy, the end-times buy in will be for those who follow the European Union Conglomerate. The ability to control who buys, sells, trade, will be tied to those who can control the manufacture and flow of goods, as well as in whose currency the prime world currency becomes. That currency will be something that replaces the Euro, in prophecy...it will not be Chinese. Thus it seems that since the CCE has been sold to the Intercontinental Exchange of Europe, that is where the people who wish to not be Christian, and escape the Tribulation, and who wish make a fortune in the next decade will apparently need to invest 40-50% of their portfolio.}}

In regard to the markets, he states: "Regulators are always behind the curve", therefore "the market should not be regulated."

"When I see a bubble, I buy that bubble, because that's how I make money".

In effect, it sounds to me as if Soros is boasting he has made billions on "insider information" or furtherance by corruption, bribes, or what have you...and fears that if regulators examined his behavior, he would lose his billions and be imprisoned as if another junk bond scandal, etc.

But now, with the information exposed by the staff of Foxnews with Glenn Beck, Soros now stands to potentailly and eventually make "trillions" along with Obama and Jarrett and Gore, on the greatest rip-off scheme of all time...a $10 Trillion dollar a year "Global Mandatory Tax" that will increase annually in adjustment to currency devaluation and inflation.

When asked by Fareed Zakaria about the US Markets needing to become more like the Chinese Model, in which Communism was called "State Capitalism" by Fareed, George Soros replied, " Again you, if you want to keep on going, they [the Free Markets] will have to modify their models."

According to his interview with Chrystia Freeland in New York of the Financial Times of London on October 23, 2009, Soros advocates that China will be the new and smaller engine of the New World Order, replacing the US as a world leader, and that China would drive the Financial Sections of the world.

[But on April 30, 2010, we now find that the European Intercontinental Exchange has made the highest cash bid.]

By intentionally designing and pushing for, actively aiding in the creating of a world stock market and currency crash, starting from the United States so that its AAA rating might become that of a junk bond status, the act of High Treason and the plans to carry it about by so-called US Revolutionaries like the immigrant Soros, and likely illegal alien (but 100% NOT a US Natural Born Citizen) Barack Obama, et al, is worthy of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution. But when Obama controls the Attorney General, and the Congressional majority with its leaders conspires in the Criminal Enterprise, we find ourselves with no other recourse than an Emergency Injunction via the US Supreme Court which needs one more justice to agree to hear the case (if this is still so).

In the Financial Times article, Soros appears to have suggested that China simply buy its way in and take over. That certainly qualifies for subversion and high treason, and as a genuine Communist plot to overthrow both the Government and Economy of the United States of America. So what will be done about it?

Soros in this Financial Times interview also openly advocates a new world currency forced upon the US. He says that China will be the new (albeit smaller) engine, and that the US is a “drag” upon the world.

Again, to me, this is as if we (the USA) need to be discarded, or occupied by the International Community. To Soros, the new currency of the future is the Chinese renminbi, and only as long as the Chinese currency supports the US dollar, will the dollar cease from collapsing (Soros appears to say). How much clearer a picture does the Federal Law Enforcement Community need? I have to wonder.

Where are all those in the Federal Government in Law Enforcement and Attorney roles who claim that they believe into the US Constitution and vow to uphold it? Where is the outcry, the cry of alarm?

George Schwartz, aka, George Soros, is best described as an insane non-believing self-hating Hungarian Jew whose obsession as one of the 30 riches men on the planet, is to make nations conform into obedience to a New World Order under the direction of Communism.

But Soros is not alone. Back in the Council on Foreign Relations Magazine of November/December 2009 --

-- C. FRED BERGSTEN, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Treasury under the liberal hate-monger President Jimmy Carter, also advocated and substantiated the Council on Foreign Relations agenda that the US dollar be dumped in favor of something of a more global currency.

This brings us back to the original 10 region model (as foretold by the Bible in Daniel and Revelation) listed in the Lowy report, etc.

Is it the long term plan of Obama and his Communist co-horts (that Beck rightly labels as "Crime Incorporated") to take over and economically rape, and to literally see killed an unknown number of tens of millions of people in a One Region conglomerate of Canada-USA-Mexico? Obama is an avowed Marxist from his youth (as stated in his own words wishing to be especially taught by, and seeking out "Marxist Professors"), and that is what Marxists often do when they take over...commit mass murders and genocides.

Will their greed really stop at just the desire to possess or destroy North America only, whichever the two they actually desire? If a fire can never have enough, and an appetite can return, the answer to that last question, then, must be: NO, their evil desires will never have enough.

We have a legal and peaceful means by which to stop all this...the tool of the US Supreme Court, and the lack of eligibility to the US Presidency of Barack Obama. It is a window of opportunity I had never expected to stay open even half as long as it has. As long as we work within the legal and peaceful framework while we have a US Constitution, we can preserve, protect, defend, and PERPETUATE the US Constitution. That must be the goal of "we the people" who are patriots: the ever seeking of the preservation and perpetuation of our Constitutional Republic for all its citizens, without regard to race, gender, religion. Amen.

My Conversion Testimony, by Brianroy

Many people write and confess their sins to the world, and the world knit-picks at those confessions. And perhaps some of the things and experiences I survived wouldn't be believed anyway. Those are external factors, outside the body (after a sense) or of the body (physical) happenings.

But faith and trust are matters that cannot be expressed by external elements often used in testimonials. Faith is an internal engine, and everyone of us has a G-D shaped spiritual dwelling place within us that needs G-D to come in and dwell (John 14:23,17), in order for us to be made complete, and to light the pilot of eternal life (that lays ever extinguished in those who reject Jesus Christ, the Creator who in His preincarnate state, breathed into the nostrils of Adam, and gave Adam his eternal soul) -- cf. Lamentations 4:20, Genesis 2:7, John 1:3-4.

In 1986, I began to be truly drawn toward the L-RD Jesus after a long absence based on many circumstances, experiences, and so forth. I had thought at one point over the several years past, that the height of "intellectualism" and "advanced thought" was to be found in an agnostic view of the world. Agnostic is simply the placing of an alpha-privitive (or prefix letter "a" as a negative in the Koine Greek) before the Greek word for "knowledge" or "knowing". Thus, to be an agnostic, is to profess ignorance and say, "Gee, I just don't know".

I did what I perceived as somewhat intense research and thought on the matter, and found that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was and is woven into the very Fabric of the Creation, and is inescapable to those truly looking. It is not just that "there is a G-D", but there is a G-D and His Christ as revealed by the Holy Spirit.

The Churches I sought out were ill equipped, and a few television ministries I sought help from in understanding how to bridge the gap from being unsaved to being "born again" was never fully realized via the D. James Kennedy (Presbyterian) or the Jack Van Impe (prophetical combination of Baptist and Pentecostal) ministries. Other ministries over the years were used like the evangelist of John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" helping to point the way. There were probably many of them, from people I met to those whom I read or heard or saw or knew about (either up close or at a distance).

But, for whatever reason, G-D used Jimmy Swaggart's Television Ministries to both properly walk me through a believing Romans 10:9-10,(13) prayer of confession on Easter Sunday 1987 (April 17, 1987, the Leviticus 23 holiday for the same is the Spring Festival of Firstfruits, and is the day used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 to explain the Resurrection, as Christ rose from the dead on "Firstfruits" in A.D. 30).

For me, personally, the first two intense New Testament works I was drawn to were Galatians and Ephesians, followed by a reading of Ezekiel and Isaiah in the Old Testament (as I recall). Even though I would read other works, it seemed that (at my new born again state), I personally was drawn back to these 4 works in my own personal study and Christian growth.

One of the songs that struck a resonance in my soul at the time, and still does today, is "We shall see Jesus", taken from the inspiration of 1 John 3:2.

For the believer, our job while on Earth is to make a difference for the better, while preparing ourselves for any moment to depart this life as if peacefully going on a journey, to join Jesus in Heaven. We have our reservation, and our spiritual bags are packed. Instead of looking for a Tahiti or Cayman, or other tropical island "paradise", we find ourselves looking for that city, the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 - 22, which Christ is preparing for us (John 14:2-3, 12:26, et al.).

We tire of the sin in this world, even when we are flawed with its traps as well. Choosing to avoid the practicings of sins to what degree as according to each one's ability, we are judged not by our transgressions, but are forgiven of our sins constantly by confession, prayer, and dedication to the minimizing of such things that are either consciously or unconsciously said or done. But our victory is not by our "works", it is by G-D's gift of the ransom paid by Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:8,9). That is why we can joy daily, hourly, and even through the moments, that though Jesus and what he did in being our scapegoat and our Paschal Lamb upon the Cross...and sing "Hallelujah, my sins, they're gone at last."

I am glad, and blessed to be born again. Therefore part of my character and nature is to extend the invitation and teachings of and about Christ Jesus, and to extend freely (without money, without price -- Isaiah 55:1) that which uplifts and confirm why we should believe into Him and His Bible (etc.). In order that by the call of of Isaiah 55:6, the seeking of the L-RD while He is near, as Zephaniah 2:3 completes the verse, that "it may be ye shall be hid in the Day of the L-RD's anger."

Regardless of your skin color, or wealth status, but based on your humanity, I would wish the best both physically,, and spiritually for you in the most equitable and righteous manner possible. The greatest gift is one that Christ paid for, your eternal soul. By faith, if you seek to be transformed and made born again (John 3:5,7), and confess and believe into the L-Rd Jesus, what he did at the Cross, and that He was raised again from the dead, and call upon Him (read and do Romans 10:9-10,13)...you shall be saved. All the spiritual leprosy of sins shall be washed away, like Na'aman in the Jordan River (2 Kings 5:1-14)...and you too, can sing about the joy of being "freed from sin, and born again".

The Bible says that we are as pilgrims and strangers passing through this life (e.g., Hebrews 11:13), and as a child gets homesick for his parents, so too do we Christians sometimes get homesick for G-D the Father and Jesus Christ the Son of G-D. And we can even sing about such as part of our expression of faith and trust into the L-RD, as well.

Jesus loves you. Peace. Shalom. Amen.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America's drive to destruction by Obama et al. Are they intentionally trying to bring about the Tribulation Period?

There has been an acceleration on an end-run of the Global Communist Agenda by the Obama Administration and its allies. In the past 10 days, on Capitol hill, we have the free floating reports that appear to include verbal agreements of a deal made with Gas and Utilities, so as to allow the doubling of Gas and Utility prices on US Consumers (somewhere such as a year from now). But so far, the reports are unconfirmed. Compare Lord Monckton's statement to a Detroit radio station:

In effect, it seems that one of the things DC is doing, is advance negotiating with Oil & Gas companies like Shell. It appears that vehicle Gasoline that is now selling at 3.37 a gallon in April 2010, would be selling at a rate of 6.74 a gallon by this time next year. Instead of the various Government agencies receiving, say $1.24 in tax revenue a gallon, that revenue would be tripled in tax per gallon revenue with the difference of 89 cents (by hypothetical example) being an allowance non-taxed royalty (clear profit). The presumption being, that if the doubling creates a 50% reduction in gas volume sales, the oil companies selling vehicle consummables would keep their profits at current or almost current levels free and clear, while tax revenues increase by 50% (allegedly) and carbon emissions are dramatically reduced.

The rippling effect does not truly "soak the rich", it extremely oppresses the poor, and creates the near absolute guarantee of civil unrest, rioting, mass arson and vandalism, and violent crime that will make the United States become more like an out of control derelict African third world dictatorship, that a civilized and advanced (though enriched) culture.

Some follow blindly as if to deceive themselves and say that they are abolishing "greed". This has long been known to be a lie, as Milton Friedman once rebuffed Phil Donohue.

In fact, those who are Communist radicals are often among the most greedy, and demand the seizure of assets and wealth of their neighbors for themselves.

G-D tells us:
"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor's." Exodus 20:17

In order to ensure a full transition of America toward the depravity of a godless (but for deity transferred upon its ruler) Communist modeled dictatorship, one that seizes the wealth and property of the masses and to "ensure economic security" of the newly enriched State by that property and wealth seized up from the masses, Obama says:

Thus, it will be on such a premise, that "possession is 9/10ths of the law of the jungle", that Obama will eventually justify arming an SS-style personal army of lawlessly inclined idiots quick on the trigger and loyal only to Obama, to act as a National Civilian police force, and to wage civil war on state and local law enforcement across this nation. The notion would be, if Hitler can have his own SS-armies and SS military bodyguards, why not himself? But an out of control immature National Civilian Police Force, composed largely of black gang members (criminal elements) would mean a more horrendous swath of murder and destruction than General Shermans march through the South, burning down Atlanta, and marching onward to the Atlantic Ocean. But that is probably the kind of carnage that was envisioned and planted in Obama by radical associations
such as Weather Underground founders Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn-Ayers, and Jeff Jones.

Obama says that he wants a "civilian armed force as powerful and as well armed as the military". For those of us who have studied World War 2 and the preceding two decades leading up to its occurence, there can be absolutely no mistake...it is certainly NOT a hyperbole, an excessive exaggeration, to say that Barack Obama is literally demanding his own eventual variant of an SS-Gestapo Bodyguard Army, the same as Adolf Hitler had.

Have we forgotten so soon the suffering of those who were the prey of the SS? Or what about those who survived, like Simon Wiesenthal, and what happened after?

In Harvard Law & Policy Review [Vol. 2, 2008, p. 73]
Obama nominee to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Goodwin Liu, states in his "CONCLUSION" that:
"Law by its nature seeks to impose order on a less-than-orderly world.
A degree of slippage between legal doctrine and social reality is an inevitable byproduct of law’s normativity...But the legitimacy of law depends not only on its inner logic and coherence but also
on its responsiveness to the actual conditions
and historical understandings of the society it governs."


In effect, in the code language of Communists, the negative (as with Obama) becomes the positive of what you will do. In the dealing with legislation on Wall Street, the intent is actually to create a stranglehold to take it over, and subsume it into a part of the State. The legal slippage is based on an inner logic of "the ends justify the means"...as preached and taught by Saul Alinsky, Vladimir Lenin, and Karl Marx. The cadre organization out of Chicago's Communist-Socialists is determined toward creating a new Carbon Credit economy, and is empowered by the same criminals of Goldman Sachs who helped orchestrate the financial meltdown. Call the Company criminal, but staff the Administration with the specific personnel who aided and abetted the crookery.

Those schooled in Biblical literature would see that the parallel is drawn by the New Testament's Greek (through the Greek's word pictures) that describe the world as purposely and willingly heading on into the chaos and destruction of the Tribulation and Great Tribulation periods, intentionally.

The Tribulation is the entirety of 7 years in length, but especially the first 3 1/2 years (1290 days). The Great Tribulation is in specificity as the last 3 1/2 years in length (1335 days). Though some might argue a 1290 day Trib followed by a 45 day Great Tribulation.

In either case, a minimum of 5/6ths the world's population gets wiped out, a world wide nuclear and conventional war, a 100% world wide earthquake, the collapse of the Earth's Crust under the Continental 48 United States into the Earth's magma and a permanent ash cloud over Europe that never lifts during the period, hypercanes of such fearsome speeds that they will make tornadoes look like slow winds and melt the hearts of those in its path with unspeakable terror, the full collapse of all monetary and identification systems to an almost stone age level except for implanted "marks" in the right hand or upon the cornea of the right eye (cf. Matthew 5:29-30) or in the forehead over the right eye (Revelation 13:16-17) , etc.

As if, perhaps, to dare G-D to bring his prophecies of the end times to pass, and damn the world in the process. But the Day of the L-RD has no rest in it for anyone, and is just one long nightmare, one long time of physical and spiritual insanity where man not only wars against man without any real inhibition...by the Creation, and its creatures, also wars against mankind.

But before we get too far into the chaos requirements that may be two or three years out from now, the chaos of a sort of what appears to be a Satanically driven and fallen spirit-guided Communist "cadre organizations" planning the full overthrow of the US Government from inside and outside the White House and Houses of Congress, what about the immediate near term doubling of utilities, such as Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Electricity, and Water? Those who have the means of paying will not be molded into compliances, but the majority of Americans, already on or near a financial brink by the meltdown intentionally enabled by Dodd and Frank (and others) on the inside of Congress, the poor Americans will be forced to have their utility bills go unpaid, the utilities soon after shut off to their residences, and then have their dwelling places condemned with themselves evicted.

The Lowy Institute's revealing of the One World Governance Carbon Tax and Spread the Wealth system has been previously addressed at:


The ripple effect will likely then be an immediate drop in perishable grocery sales for canned and fresh goods, which canned and fresh goods will themselves double, triple, and quadruple, and eventually shelf rot or become massively chronic high theft items; followed by the mass planting of home gardens in attempts for survival. These gardens will be vigilently sought out even moreso than illegal drugs, rewarding tipsters (often one's own family), and regulated by an over-expanded government entity with martial law police powers which will then dispossess the owners of the plants of all properties and lands they own via technicalities that range from water run-offs, to no registration of the plants, to no reports created to comply with EPA reporting on the plants. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=92002

That action, also, could theoretically lead to both riots, and specified mass purgings by enactments of Martial Law with mandatory vaccinations for "disease prevention", but which instead destroy people over a matter of hours or days (being declared a mythical / propaganda pandemic). The likely serum will need to be some kind of nerve agent that attacks the body at first like the flu, and ends up looking like some kind of Mad Cow disease, but is NOT communicable. Another possible route is by the drinking water. Instead of initiating sterilizing drugs into the water system, Tanker trucks would administer drugs into the local water supply after removing local workers to the facility by some kind of quarantined inspection, and those who drink or wash in the water, will absorb the drugs either orally or through the skin, and perish in that manner.

In order to do such an action, the logic would follow that the US Government would have to cease to exist, and be part of a larger international creation...one that despises Americans, and devalues American lives hatefully as being either of little or no worth. On April 25, 2010, the Financial Times of London indirectly reported that Wall Street Governance Legislation now being argued by the US Senate, will be the Legislative means that will springboard the United States into being at the economic governance and part of the New Regime of the Global Governance. The New Global Governance will be "a tough new international capital regime" (i.e., dictatorship) of State Capitalism, much like the China model (by linguistic inference).

Do we really need to intentionally accelerate this nation into the Chaos Principle of the Communists who will overthrow the US Government, because the US Supreme Court and the Media refuses to address Barack Obama's ineligibility to be a United States President via his alien national father, suckered by the color of his skin as though he were Pharaoh and deity of the land?

No matter what theoretic worst case scenario is run, in every instance there is a despising of the poor that the Communist-Socialists claim to champion, and a great devastation of millions to tens of millions of humanity WITHOUT mercy or pity.

Even as Irenaeus wrote of the coming Anti-Christ who shall arise out of Greece or lesser Greece (Italy):
"...deceit shall be in his hand, and he shall be lifted up in his heart: he shall also ruin many by deceit, and lead many to perdition, bruising them in his hand like eggs.
…events which shall occur in the time of Antichrist is it shown that he, being an apostate and a robber, is anxious to be adored as G-D; and that, although a mere slave, he wishes himself to be proclaimed as a king.

For he (Antichrist) being endued with all the power of the Devil, shall come, not as a righteous king, nor as a legitimate king, [i.e., one] in subjection to G-D, but an impious, unjust, and lawless one; as an apostate, iniquitous and murderous; as a robber, concentrating in himself [all] satanic apostasy, and setting aside idols to persuade [men] that he himself is G-D, raising up himself as the only idol, having in himself the multifarious errors of the other idols. This he does, in order that they who do [now] worship the devil by means of many abominations, may serve himself by this one idol...."
Irenaeus, Against Heresies, 5.25.4,1

And for the reasons Irenaeus lays out, Obama (it seems to me) is merely a precursor to the real Anti-Christ, a kindergarten warm up who is also a usurper and robber like Anti-Christ will be on a global scale that we cannot yet fathom. Irenaeus, it appears, also warns us that the warm up who imitates the de facto Anti-Christ, must also murder. Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, were all robbers and murderers. Since Barack robbed the office of the Presidency of the United States, it follows, that if he is an anti-Christ imitator (refuses to resign the office he robbed, and refuses to allow the Supreme Court to reverse all he has done), then he must become a mass murderer of anyone he deems is his enemy. The only question is, how many millions will he eventually be responsible for? And if he somehow keeps control over the US without mass killings, still he will enable and empower Iran to obtain perhaps hundreds of nuclear weapons and ICBMs...maybe even sell our own ICBMs and sign Iraq over to his Shiite co-Jihadi Mullah friends in what will be the new Persia. Biblical prophecy states that Iran as Persia, will arise and possess such lands and weaponries when they aid the nuclear annihilation of the United States on day 1290-1291 of the 7 year Tribulation Period, launching the Great Day of the L-RD (immediately following the seen Elijahn Rapture).

For more on the Raptures, see:


But as for the Enochian Rapture, it will be sudden, and unseen. And it may or may not be something like what is portrayed in the second minute of this video:

Obama's pseudo-US NBC status now slapped silly as fraudulent from the other side of the Ocean via Joyce v. DPP et al.

I came across an interesting British case that appears to fit in nicely with Vattel's Law of Nations, and the newly revived debate that surrounds this work as viewed by the founding fathers like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and others.

I have communicated this information to New Jersey Lawyer Mario Apuzzo in Blog Comment form, and it is my hope that others will utilize it as well.

Joyce v. D.P.P. seems relevant v. Obama regarding his passport issue and his British Commonwealth citizenship.

Some excerpts:
"Held (1.) that an alien abroad holding a British passport enjoys the protection of the Crown and if he is adherent to the King’s enemies he is guilty of treason, so long as he has NOT renounced that protection…
Per Lord Porter: The renewal of the passport did not prove conclusively in law that the duty of allegiance continued until the passport ceased to be valid, unless some action on the part of the Crown or of the appellant put an end to that protection... Resolution of the judges of January 12, 1707, Foster’s Crown Cases, 3rd ed., p. 185, discussed.

… The appellant was born in the United States of America, in 1906, the son of a NATURALIZED American citizen who had previously been a British subject by birth. He thereby became himself a natural born American citizen"

[That is, he only became a "natural born American Citizen" via the Naturalized to the US Citizen FATHER - Brianroy].

"…an alien owes a local allegiance only so long as he resides within the King’s dominions, the nature of allegiance has been long settled: … Calvin’s case 1a, 4b, 5b. Blackstone’s Commentaries, 1st ed., vol. 1, pp. 357-9: “Allegiance, both express and implied, is however distinguished by the law into two sorts or species, the one natural, the other local; the former being also perpetual, the latter temporary. …. Local allegiance is such as is due from an alien, or stranger born, for so long time as he continues within the King’s dominion and protection: and it ceases the instant such stranger transfers himself from this Kingdom to another. … As therefore the prince is always under a constant tie to protect his
natural-born subjects, AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL COUNTRIES, for this reason their allegiance due to him is equally universal and permanent. But, on the other hand, as the prince affords his protection to an alien, only during his residence in this realm, the allegiance of an alien is confined (in point of time) to the duration of such his residence, and (in point of locality) to the dominions of the British empire. …”

…in Foster’s Crown Cases, 1792 ed., p. 185: “And if such alien seeking the protection of the Crown; and having a family and effects here, should during a war with his native country, go thither, and adhere to the King’s enemies for purposes of hostility, he might be dealt with as a traitor. For he came and settled here under the protection of the Crown; and though his person was removed for a time, his effects and family continued still under the same protection. This rule was laid down by all the judges assembled at the Queen’s command, January 12, 1707.”


Further of significance in the Joyce v. D.P.P. case, beyond the fact that it is the Father's Citizenship that confers a "natural born status", is the "passport" issue.

It was argued by the defense
“Apart from the Naturalization Act, 1870, the general principle still holds good. Nemo potest exuere patriam. Nothing a man does can make him a British subject and nothing he can omit to do can prevent him from being a British subject if he was so born.”

It was argued by the Crown
The passport is now the method by which the Crown accords [*359] his protection to persons abroad. It is the sovereign’s express command to his representatives that protection is to be given and in its normal functioning puts into operation the Crown’s protective system. The resident alien shares now in the general protection of all the inhabitants of the realm but the passport holder has the benefit of a protective machinery going much further, even to the point of involving the country in war: see article on International Law in Practice by Sir William Malkin (1933), 49 Law Quarterly Review, p. 489, and Encyclop3Ú4dia of the Laws of England, 2nd ed., vol X., p. 585, et seq.”

The French word “liege” is believed to be derived from the Feudal “serf” or Latin “letus” or “leticus”. But the Romans themselves appear to have borrowed their understanding from the Germanic “lethigaz” (those who are freed, released, set at liberty, let go).

Is it not the case that the precedent of aliens being born into legience as “born citizens” via jus soli, appears to have only entered English legal interpretation (so far as we are aware) via the Scottish “Calvin’s Case” decision, decided by Lord Coke in 1609?

Coke himself on the 1608 Calvin's Case (decided 1609)


The Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, Winter 1997, "NATURAL LAW AND BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP IN CALVIN'S CASE (1608)" by Polly J. Price

Indeed, it seems to be the case.

Obama’s Father transfers a de facto British Commonwealth Citizenship of the territories of Britain legience to Barack II, so that not only is Barack II a Kenyan “natural born citizen” and US Presidency Usurper, but he must be viewed as a British “natural born citizen”, because it is the Father’s Land… Nemo potest exuere patriam - No one may leave the Fatherland…that counts in Vattel, US Supreme Court Law, and in the British Law of Citizenship argued by Joyce v. D.P.P. in Great Britain
Re: Patrium as "Father's Land": http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/morph?l=patrium&la=la&prior=ad
et al.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday, February 26, 1888, p.6 argued that the paternity (cf. also Alexander Porter Morse's concurring reply) was the determinent in the child's natural-born status, and the only overseas possibility for the child born as a US Citizen under protection by law to be called natural born and possibly ascend to the Presidency was by being born to a US Citizen Father (and US citizen mother) on a ship under a US Flag on the High Seas (in International waters).

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday, February 26, 1888, p.6

Time Magazine 1943
What a difference 67 years makes in the Media. During World War 2, the publisher of Time Magazine had a Vattel-like perspective on the difference between native-born and natural-born.


"Time Magazine: A Letter From The Publisher, Dec. 13, 1943

April 26—U.S. at War. The Constitution provides that the President must be a "natural born" citizen, but he does not have to be "native born." If he had to be "native born" a man born of American parents outside the country could not become President."

So said the publisher of Time Magazine in 1943.

Now it seems to me, that clearly in 1943, the publisher of Time Magazine had the legal view that a United States "natural-born citizen" was born of 2 United States citizen parents, even if the child was (by presumption)
born outside the confines of the US or its territories (say on an ocean liner in International waters, under a US Flag as the 1888 Brooklyn Eagle stated, perhaps). But he may simply mean the "territories of the US". In any scenario of the above TIME Magazine position, Obama's alien father denies Barack legitimacy in the eyes of the Law.

But now, 67 years later, the media and Liberal position has reversed from a "jus sanguinis only" position of both parents to a "jus soli only". Hmmn. Curious, and too convenient.

But the 2 parent rule has been a recognized "Law of Nations" for citizenship since at least, and before the 350s B.C.

If we were to go back to Greek sources like Aristotle, we would see that though the situation of what defined citizenship (and legience) may have pragmatically varied (being relaxed) in times of dearth or in war (Aristotle, Politics Book 3.5).

But in times of prosperity, the 2 parent rule in defining citizenship (and a natural-born legience) was not only the ideal, but preferred as a norm, and appears to have been an ancient means to "restrict" immigration and growth from those not "jus soli".

By example, Aristotle, The Athenian Constitution, 2.26, (translated by Frederick G. Kenyon)
“…it was resolved, on the motion of Pericles, that no one should admitted to the franchise who was not of citizen birth by both parents.

I still contend that the best and most correct application of citizenship, as it regards "natural-born" subjects, must be focused on through paternity, the Father, in US Supreme Court Law. And in the quote I used from Joyce v. D.P.P. @348, is when the rubber meets the road. The British took the same view toward whose naturalization to the United States granted the US "jus soli" birth of the child his US natural born status. The mother status was left out as though it was irrelevant (where the father's citizenship and status was known).

Since Obama's father never naturalized to the USA, it is impossible for Barack to be a natural born child of any other nation (under natural law or the Law of nations outside a special circumstance of World War or Great Dearth) than that of his father's. In 1961, we had no World War 3, nor a great dearth in the USA (Britain and Kenya) so as to relax our laws in regards to the ease of transferring or swapping citizenships as they might have in pre-Aristotle Greece and elsewhere.

And in that sense, without a renunciation of the same British Commonwealth and Kenyan Citizenships by Barack Hussein Obama II's 21st birthday, the US Supreme Court (if they decide on this case) must apply to him as extant his British Commonwealth citizenship: Nemo potest exuere patriam; and call Barack Hussein Obama II as malum in se, unConstitutionally in the Office of the Presidency of the United States, and that every act he commits or has ever committed while egregiously and illegally presuming the Presidency of the United States, is another illegal act that needs to be reversed by the Supreme Court and ruled invalid.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lt. Col. Allen West, TEA-Party Candidate 2010, 2009. Plus a bonus video

Liu's "Keeping Faith" is about applying Darwinism to Law, and applying faith to that method

Goodwin Liu,
Keeping Faith with the Constitution,
[9 free chapters published by the Leftist and apparently pro Communist-Socialist alias named]
the alleged "American Constitutional Society" http://www.acslaw.org/

A few points regarding the "Living Constitutionalists", or better yet, let us refer to them as mental "Darwinists Under Liberal Legalism for Communist Action, Revolution, & Evolution" (Dullcare).

Liu writes as to what defines his "brand" of Constitutional Interpretation:
“Our approach explains the dynamic character of constitutional law by focusing
on how courts,
political leaders,
and everyday citizens
and adapt our written Constitution.” P. 29

In other words, the Constitutional Law is whatever a judge, political leader, and everyday citizens make it out to be…and if even a very small consensus of law-breakers and abusers warp and misinterpret the Constitution in the same way on the judicial bench, in political leadership, and among Leftist pseudo- "citizen action groups" …such as the right to circumcise/clitorize girls (as Muslims regularly do in Africa), subject populations to Muslim Sharia beatings – tortures - and executions, smoke dope, or demand lifelong welfare and endless educational grant entitlements to those refusing to work or contribute to society,
then by consensus, the Constitution now says those things without ever having said or implied the same.

But what if a majority consensus of Christians would demand a Sunday Sabbath (shut-down) on all businesses, as was popular in the first 190 years of this nation? Or what if a majority, as does now, would demand that Congress not impose taxation without representation? Congress under the unholy three, Obama - Pelosi- Reid, is clearly guilty of abuse, fraud, and pork waste of nearly 1 trillion dollars; and now the annual burden of purchasing a good that includes a minimum of 4 annual IRS force taxed annual payments in advance (Healthcare Insurance) for a service that is neither "necessary" nor "proper" in either this nation’s history or in the entire history of mankind’s civilizations over thousands of years. Thus, this "evolutionist philosophy upon the Law", is made up of the worst kind of hypocrites, those who calim the dynamic of a “living Constitution” while promoting totalitarianism, and also claiming inequality in their favor is justified by any and all means necessary. Communist-Socialists redefining themselves as "living Constitutionalist" effectively argue in ded or action that a "living Constitution" does not apply to Conservatives, but only the deviants and criminals of society in order to abuse and overthrow the Constitution and its orderly “originalist” System.
It could well be said, by looking at the judicial cases in various states and nationally, that the ACLU -- a 1930s splinter group from the Communist Party, with many splinter groups of its own (like ACORN by example), which promotes the Darwinian "living Constitution" conceptually -- has wreaked havoc upon US Law for the long-range goal of a Leftist Totalitarian Society in America since its beginnings.

And to this criminal mindset, Liu writes: p. 29 “In our interpretive tradition, reading the Constitution’s text and principles in light of changing norms and societal consequences is not radical.”

To Mao and Stalin, mass murdering tens of millions or a revenge upon clusters of many thousands being put to death at a time, was not radical, but "sweetness, that allows one the most pleasurable sleep" (or words to this effect, wrote Stalin).

So, as with "evolution" and "depravity" upon the amoral soul of Communism, one must have a conscience to call anything truly radical. So if the conscience is seared away, radicalism is redefined as Standard Operating Procedure in theoretical context, if not also eventually in application in Communism.

Liu argues two primary points that Originalism is incapable of properly interpreting and reconciling the Founding Fathers with today's societal norms.

The first point of his contention with Originalism was presented as though it was his best.

Liu was unable to be intellectually able to grasp how that a modern handgun could be accepted as a firearm under the Founding Father’s grasp.

Perhaps Liu would do better with this if he featured advocating this Stoner's idea on video, and then having “The Smoking Gun Presents: the World’s Dumbest Liberals” http://www.trutv.com/shows/tsg_presents/index.html

Liu has obviously never heard of a musket pistol; like the 1760 Scottish Flint-lock which was thought to have been an infamous weapon at the Battle of Lexington http://gun-sword.stores.yahoo.net/aac-7.html. Nor, perhaps has Liu even watched old pirate movies where historical props to 100 years earlier included the earlier variants of these musket pistols.

On this "greatest put down of Originalism" that he can muster, Liu has clearly lost the ability to reason that a firearm using gunpowder or explosive residue to fire a projectile is clearly an understood concept by those in the 1700s. One .60 caliber musket ball fired from a 1775 musket pistol, at point blank range; or one .50 caliber bullet fired from a 2010 Desert Eagle at point blank range. If both have the same exact effect, and kill...how are they so hard to grasp under the "Originalist" view?

Even the publicly self-professed "weed smokers" (like Garrett and Bonaduce) of “The Smoking Gun Presents: the World’s Dumbest..." would have their jaws dropping open at the vacuacy of such an argument as Liu presents: that the Founding Father's would not have called a pistol a firearm?!?

(Script: (Lines for Leif Garrett and/or Danny Bonaduce) - "Dude, they had musket pistols in the French and Indian War, let alone the Revolutionary War. Every school child in our own generation knows that. Is this guy Liu serious? Have you never ben to Williamsburg or one of the many Colonial Museums back east? Dude, get with it! If that's all it takes to get a Ph.D., to not even know that musket pistols were around during the Revolutionary War, and be called a scholar and "intellectual"...where do I mail in my 10 bucks and get my degree?
You don't think I'm serious? Here. Here's my 10 bucks. What's my selection of Universities. I want the same ones Liu got. I want to be known as a real lulu. Get it? Never mind." -- Ad libs invited).

The other major contention Liu draws, stating that it is impossible for Originalism to resolve, is to explain away the Constitutional Protection of private papers from “Search and Seizure” in the age of the Internet.

Is it "really" so hard to resolve in a simplified "Originalist" fashion?
We will skip the fact that goods, including furniture, were also stamped.

In the age of the Stamp Act,
the physical entry was into the home,
and rummaging through the home
to include any location not in plain sight
that might have an unauthorized document
that had not paid a tax
and been stamped to show that a tax had been paid.

Physical entry into private area of occupancy and ownership.

"Fishing" for that which they have no idea what they are seaching for, hence "warrantless"...nor any specific idea where incriminating privately owned documents are within the confines of the residence or on the limits of the owner's property. (For which reason some documents and monies were hidden in tins in gardens or owner memorized burial locations).

Presumption of guilt without reasonable cause.

Invasion of privacy based on the presumption of failure to pay a tax without just cause or proof.

So in regard to the Internet or one's computer.

Computer in the home, protected from Search and Seizure use by the Government Writ / Subpoena needed.

Private Documents in the home, protected from Search and Seizure by the Government. Writ / Subpoena needed.

Documents shared on the Internet in a public forum, not protected from Search and Seizure use by the Government.

Documents shared with an employer or the Government, privileged, but subject to Search and Seizure.

Any keystrokes not sent as a completed message, not subject to Search and Seizure.

Was that "really" so hard in the context of applying Originalism to our times? No.

By refusing to recognize a lowest common denominator between technology and the lack of technology, Liu and the Liberal Left are left with the lowest common denominator in terms of a lack of reason or intelligence.

We need to move away from over-complicating in order to placate ego, and move to a simplification that dramatically cuts the impitible poppycock transmuted as “Bureaucratic Red-Tape”. Only in our day, “Red” has taken on a Socialist-Communistic redefinition.

Unfortunately, when people are put forth to be Judges of Circuit Courts of Appeal without experience, often displaying a lack of common sense engulfed by "Communist-Socialist partisan agendas"; the Media looks at the color of their skin, finger wets their own social networking popularity among the celebrity and jet sets, and then turns a blind eye, and a deaf ear for the pleasure of sins for a season...being the antithesis of Moses (cf. Hebrews 11:26) and the Founding Fathers who quoted the Biblical book of Deuteronomy (featuring G-D, the People of Israel, and Moses) more than any other reference work.

"Moses...choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward. By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible."
(Hebrews 11:25-27)

We need more wise men of G-D like Moses, not godless reinterpretations or misinterpretations of US Constitutional Law. We need to view the Constitution in the context of the piety and distinction in which it was received, as the wisdom of G-D given to godly Christian men for godly government pending the Return of Jesus Christt; and being such, at such a level, that not since the impartation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has there been such a unique wisdom from G-D imparted to mankind.

Even with such a statement, the Constitution is absolutely no where near possessing the immediate presence of Divinity as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His Holy Bible...the Holy Bible being the Divine Writings of Truth imparted to us by G-D from Heaven, that we may get to know Him, the Deity, the Invisible Creator of the Heavens and the Earth: G-D the Father, though Jesus Christ the L-RD, through the teachings by G-D the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brianroy Answers Reader's Questions: What about the 6th edition of Black's Law on NBC?

Kaleokualoha wrote and stated:
Parentage is irrelevant: ‘Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e. in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad.’ — Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition’

Currently, Black’s Law states,
“The rule [is] that a child’s citizenship is determined by the parents’ [plural] citizenship.” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 941 (9th Ed. 2009). That is, the rule is “now” parents, plural.

So there you have a contradiction where Black’s Law, subject to the whims of its changing editors and inaccuracy by generalities, is at odds with itself. The key words that are missing is the "parents" of the same nationality, or "citizens" of the same nationality that a child is born to (in order to have an nbc status). The 6th edition is then, hence, overly abridged to convey or allow the presumption of an inaccuracy as many Obama defenders so took it as.

Unfortunately, Black’s Law in the 6th edition is defining only two of five types of citizens, the “Natural Born” and the “Naturalized”. It behaves as if there were no other options, no other complications. And in just 3 editions, oops. Which edition of Black’s is to be believed? In Court, Black’s would thus be effectively neutralized, and the opinion thence rendered as worthless.

It would be nice if those supporting the Usurper Obama would be honest about how the abridgement of Black's has led to an inaccuracy in Black’s law, so that not even the United States Supreme Court found that above-reader cited definition acceptable, but rather still questioned themselves over what a “Natural Born Citizen” was to be defined as in:
Kennedy v .Mendoza-Martinez, 372 U.S. 144 (1963)
Schneider v. Rusk, 377 U.S. 163 (1964)
Afroyim v. Rusk 387 U.S. 253 (1967)
Shapiro v. Thompson, 394 U.S. 618, (1969), dissent
Rogers v. Bellei 401 US 815, 826 (1971)
Vance v. Terrazas, 444 U.S. 252 (1980)

Nor was that 6th edition Black's Law definition accepted as “settled” or anywhere near the “Authority” that Obama supporters claim that it is:

E.g., http://yalelawjournal.org/images/pdfs/pryor_note.pdf
Jill A. Pryor, The Natural-Born Citizen Clause and Presidential Eligibility{&tc}…in 97 YALE Law Journal 881, 887-888 (1988)
claimed that “…at the time of the framing of the Constitution, there was no common understanding of what ‘natural born citizen’ meant.”

And then she delved into some Court cases, the 14th Amendment, and what have you, and still couldn’t get it figured out right (even by her own admission).

And then we could cite: Volume 107, No. 1 Senator John McCain and Natural Born Citizenship September 2008 (Michigan Law Review)

Again, the 6th Edition of Black's Law was NOT as definitive as pro-Obama supporters claim, and cling to as if a life vest while drowning in an ocean of Obama's deception.

The term “natural born citizen” is very often NOT accepted by Leftist Constitutional scholars, who continually throw up their hands as if to say “I don’t know what it means, unless you apply it against my Leftist Party Candidate”, or words to this effect.

What we are dealing with in “natural born citizen” is a term from Constitutional Federal Law.

Natural Born Citizen is not Civil law, nor English Common Law, and it has yet to be codified. It is a “natural law” which finds it way from a Christian Doctrinal view of Natural Law…not Darwinism, but from an Old and New Testament view that infused the Holy Bible’s G-D and the Laws of Nature into an understanding of what Creation demanded upon mankind, and society in the sight of G-D.

Therefore, the seed of the father was the genesis or beginning of the origin and identity of the child in Creation / Natural Law…the mother’s citizenship, without the absence of the Father was often irrelevant (unless prestige, wealth, rulership, or such complications were involved). The 20th and 21st Century mind has to enter into the 18th Century mind to grasp the “Originalism” or “Intent” of the Founding Fathers. This is something that is most often beyond the grasp or the political machinations of the Communist-Socialist American Constitution Society, the ACLU ( both of which G. Liu held state/ regional executive board positions in) , and others attempting to semantically freakizoid or “evolve” the Constitution, even when arguing against “Originalism”. They just cannot grasp a Christian mindset by which the French Vattel and the US Founding Fathers were profoundly influenced by.

The use of the Greek word "agape" by Vattel in expressing his intent and origins of his Law of Nations, specifically refers us to a passage in John 21 as well as various passages of the New Testament describing "G-D's Love" in an asexual/non-sexual way. It is greater than "Phileo" (the which Peter was only able to give at the time he was questioned)or "brotherly love". Agape is an act or state of grace, forgiveness, and generosity betwen people. And Agape is a NON-classical Greek word uniquely atuned to the New Testament, not so much so to any other sources.

In 1797, Vattel's Law of Nations English Edition in London England translated Section 212 “Indigenes” as “natural-born citizens".

This was consistent with Ben Franklin’s 1775 French copy of Vattel’s Law of Nations, in which an amended phrase of clarification, “des citoyens et naturels" appeared as the explanatory of the “indigenes” usage.

We have yet to hear as to what French Edition of Vattel’s Law of Nations that George Washington checked out of a New York Public Library and never returned. http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/04/17/2010-04-17_read_it__weep_by_george_prez_racks_up_300g_late_fee_for_two_books.html

Natural Citizens who are indigenous were hence translated as “Natural-born Citizens”. That is how the English translator views the term “indigenous” in 1797; and it is likely, based on Ben Franklin’s 1775 copy, that the Founding Fathers who specifically wrote the Constitutional Article 2.1 “natural born” provision, also viewed it as so defined as well.
In other words, “natural born citizen” was a term more deeply involved than the generic “native”, those who were full citizens and classified as inhabitants who made their home and identity with a location. In the 1700s, with respects to the Colonies, some natives were original, some were pioneer founders.
There was also a synonymous parallel that could be drawn with the “savage” cultures in which Indians were “natives” of a land as far as their oral history could remember (perhaps 600 years or more).

An indigene is from the Latin, “indigena”: in (in) + gen (to beget). In the Bible, the lineages is that Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob, and so on. Someone who is “indigenous, is defined as someone who is born of a particular race that is associated or attached to the country he/she is born in. They are produced and arise naturally in the locale they are brought up in, by two domestics. In nature, a crossing of a foreign and a domestic produces a Hybrid…it is not an “indigenous” species, so neither is Barack Jr. an indigenous or US natural born citizen, even if he were born in the US (which two high officials in the nation of Kenya, and Nairobi’s own media disputes, citing Kenya as the place where Obama Jr. was born).

Therefore, since Barack Obama Sr. was a foreigner, who was NOT attached (by naturalization or any other kind of citizenship to the soil or people of the United States), to call Barack Jr. an “indigene” is to be not only incorrect, but self-deceptive for the sake of a party or ideological loyalty, rather than a scientific adherence and blind application as we must expect in applying the Law uniformly, without respect of person(s).

Hence, Barack Obama is NOT a Constitutionally qualified office holder, and the "Black's Law" excuse is nullified as self-contradictory, shallow, misleading and incorrect, and moot.

I hope this enlightens those who have yet to do the research into the issue, and is of a good help. Thanks for the feedback. Peace.

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Unasked Questions. Obama opens door on eligibility delving into origins and Frank Marshall Davis by stone-walling

Unasked questions.

Some Obama worshippers state that Obama has the proof that he is a US Citizen...but without a US Citizen Father, he is ineligible under US Law to the Presidency. Clarence Thomas admitted to Representative Serrano on C-Span that Obama was not USA born and is still President, but that the US Supreme Court was avoiding the issue of his eligibility.

Does the US Supreme Court want to avoid the deaths of tens of millions of US citizens and a Communist Revolution via the Obama et al. overthrow of the US Government by NOT avoiding Obama's eligibility issue, and removing him...or would they rather chuckle, and see America see here what happened when Joseph Stalin took over Russia in the 1920s and 1930s? Mass murders, mass starvation, the achievement of the "Socialist State"? History tells us that the Supreme Court (minus Sotomayor), the cream of all military leaders, conservative intellectuals, outspoken critics (like me) would all be the first to be liquidated by the Communists in any Government overthrow they commence. Need a visual help on this?
Ronald Reagan narrated an excellent documentary on Communism in the early 1960s. Some of you may be old (or young) enough to remember this very film being shown in some schools until the early 1970s.

So if Obama feels no need to produce a Long Form or original birth certificate, does that mean he has an undeclared US Citizen biological father? He, by his condescension and secrecy, and in defiance to Bute v. Illinois @ 653 while claiming title to the public office of the Presidency of the USA, has opened the door to the next phase of examination and scrutiny.

What about the Frank Marshall Davis connection? The Communist and pornographer says he child molested a 13 year old girl named Ann, the same middle name as Obama's mother.

We would have to assume that that "Ann" was a "model" of nude or child porn pictures, who was taken advantage of and regularly statutorily raped (under the law) by Frank Marshall Davis.

The same Frank Marshall Davis was brought into Obama's life as a substitute father figure by Obama's own maternal grandfather. Why specifically Frank Marshall Davis unless there was some kind of "special" comnnection with the grandfather, Ann, Barry, or any two or all three?

Question: Was there money ever paid to the Dunham's for Ann to pose as a teenage model?

Question: Did Obama's white grand-parents profit by child pornography, and if so, is it possible for us to find a money trail in any of their extant private or public records, or those of Frank Marshall Davis?

Question: Are there any child porn photos out there of Obama's mother dating from about 1956-1960, be they based in Hawaii, Washington State or Kansas, so as to support such a hypothesis?

Question: Was there a sex scandal that involved the Dunhams in Kansas that required them to move, or was it to be more well connected with the Communist Party USA?

Question: Can we trust the veracity of any DNA test that would determine if Barack is or is not an Obama or a member of the Davis family?

If Obama wants to avoid the eligibility issue while demanding his right to overthrow the USA as a Communist Subversive under another name, then he can continue doing so while becoming the laughing stock of the world in the process in the same way he and his worshippers have attacked the TEA-party with homosexual terms most of us TEA-parties have never heard of until the apparent homosexuals of the Left themselves, Gergen and Matthews and Cooper, brought that sex act up...as if by the Left's own representative experience. (Yuck!!!)

Personally, I would rather discuss more direct than indirect substance as it pertains to the eligibility and parental origin issue that we can see (in the records and those records made public)...and not delve into these other areas that are within bounds by his refusal to come clean and be open or honest. But these Frank Marshall Davis and "Ann" questions, and those relating to his Communist grand-parents on his mother's side; these are still to be cautiously approached so as to keep to factuals instead of name-calling his mother or grand-parents or stuff like that.

But if the nightclub acts seize control of such speculations, they can really drive Obama's approval ratings and trust down, down, down. And Obama would have only himself to really blame for it, though he might try to Alinsky it away. Does he REALLY want to go there?

Obama simply needs to turn himself in to the US Supreme Court, resign his usurpation of the Presidency...and have them reverse his Presidency to January 19, 2009; and set aside the entire Obama Administration.

And if the Leftist US Senate wants a "black" President, I nominate Lt. Col. Allen West, and that the survivors of the Reagan Administration and those of the Bush Administration would help him organize and govern until such a time as new elections can be held. After all, if it's really about race, why would a TEA-Partier demand a US President born of two US Citizen parents who are BOTH of Black ethnicity, instead of someone only "half-way" there?

Say What? US Supreme Court Justice Thomas admits Obama NOT USA born, and SC avoiding Eligibility Issue!!!

A 15 second exchange from 53 seconds to 1:08 in this clip betwen Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Representative Serrano has raised some eye-brows.

And Justice Thomas states that Obama is NOT USA born and is President, says that the SUPREME COURT is purposely evading the eligibility issue, and does it with a chuckle? So it's funny that the US Supreme Court is "evading" a known fact that a "not USA born person" is "President" of the United States by fraud? Say what?!?

The Republican Leadership still doesn't get it...it isn't Secular Socialism, it is godless Communist-Socialism

Newt Gingrich head scratches, and is slowly coming around in baby-steps that Obama wasn't a genuine Democrat, may have been a Socialist, then was a Socialist, and is now realized as a "secular Socialist". Why is America in so much denial? Has the power of mamon and the need for notoriety and acceptance in the media really so placed a "stoner's" drug haze upon the minds of the vast majority of Americans at all levels?

But the message here and the hope is...at least Newt Gingrich is BEGINNING to come around. And if he is, maybe many tens of millions more Americans as well.

Liu, another scholarly moron with song and dance race baiting with statistics to justify evolving the Law to his whims

“Change comes from power, and power comes from organization.”

“In order to act, people must get together.” Saul Alinsky.

The above is why Obama and his Communist-Socialist allies fear the TEA-Parties.

9th Circuit Court nominee of Obama, Goodwin Liu, wants “broad sources” in which to interpret Law. It goes to the logical regression of trans-nationalism, and World Communism, so as to allow him to take what Marx and Mao said into adjudicating, etc., by implication of where he comes from…the Northern California (Communistic) ACLU.

In the ACLU newsletter Fall 2007 Volume LXXI Issue 4
on p.3 Goodwin Liu decribed himself:
As a scholar who specializes in constitutional law, I am deeply
aware of the challenges we face in protecting civil rights and
civil liberties today. In recent years, we have seen extravagant
claims of executive power and government secrecy, and
an erosion of America’s moral standing in the world. I can
think of no organization more instrumental in undoing this
damage and protecting our freedoms than the ACLU. I am
honored to be nominated for a second term on the Board of the ACLU of Northern California. I currently serve on the Board’s Executive Committee and Legal Committee, and with your support, I look forward to contributing even more to the vitality of the ACLU-NC and its important mission.
Nominated by: ACLU-NC Board of Directors
Incumbent: Yes

http://www.aclunc.org/news/print_newsletters/asset_upload_file88_5313.pdf?ht= ACLU newsletter Winter 2007 Volume LXXI Issue 1
At their December 14, 2006 meeting...Elected to the Executive Committee were: ... Goodwin Liu...et al.

In Harvard Law & Policy Review [Vol. 2, 2008, p. 73]
Liu states in his: CONCLUSION
"Law by its nature seeks to impose order on a less-than-orderly world.
A degree of slippage between legal doctrine and social reality is an inevitable byproduct of law’s normativity...But the legitimacy of law depends not only on its inner logic and coherence but also
on its responsiveness to the actual conditions and historical understandings of the society it governs.

...facts cannot be wished away by formulaic concepts of legal equality. But they can be addressed through imaginative policies within a jurisprudence… in which race structures inequality.

In November 2004, Liu was part of an anti-white symposium of "racial justice". https://litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com/webcd/app?action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=80+Notre+Dame+L.+Rev.+289&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=49c13de37e7b7f63ffd9e80073ab2125

In his co-authored 2005 University of Fordham article,
Liu (p. 794) wrings his hands over the idea of Charter Schools being designed for "white flight" so as to allow a self-imposed segregation.

But the obvious and strangely um/yang attempts of Liu to balance his anti-white Racist views, and the Logical Regressive answers in the overview analysis is probably best viewed in dealing with his legal article in 2007's California Law Review.

Seattle and Louisville

Liu first salvos with a demand of a need for the spreading of the percentages of school racial populations, and then comments how that “blacks remain "hypersegregated" in many U.S. cities despite improvements in the socioeconomic condition of black families."

"...Whites remain the most racially isolated group: the typical
neighborhood of a white metropolitan resident was 80% white in 2000,
down only slightly from 89% white in 1980."

Without deliberate steps to foster integration, our public schools, like our neighborhoods, "may balkanize us into competing racial factions.""

To me, Liu demonstrates his ignorance and incompetence throughout the article, in which the only solution is forced integrated neighborhoods and schools where an outside entity will choose who lives where and gets educated where in a balance.

E.g., p. 303 he states:
“the doctrine holds that consideration of race as a predominant factor in redistricting is presumptively unconstitutional, and that the presumption may be overcome, if at all, where necessary to remedy past discrimination or when compelled by federal statute.”

In other words, a federal statute by any means necessary will “evolve” the US Constitution to make it and the Law mean whatever “we in power” want it to mean, and people will be force relocated and integrated according to the whims of the coming Communist-Socialist State.

Liu doesn’t offer to take into consideration that one cannot perfect a mathematical ratio into society based on “skin color” dispersement, and then expect the white population to elevate the IQ (or perhaps dumb down) as he Communist ideologically demands. He is more devious, more insidious than that.

I suspect the real goal is primarily compliance to the state, but Liu in effect states that he wants to use integration to dumb down the white population...hence, the educated resistance to Communist-Socialism.

On page 289, he states “A school in Louisville that is two-thirds black and one-third white may offer a suitable environment for interracial contact that dispels stereotypes and teaches children of different races to treat each other with respect.”

In other words, at a 2 to 1 ratio the black kids can either drag down the white kids to a lower IQ and lower common denominator, or at a 1 to 2 ratio, the white kids can elevate and educate the black kids. But if blacks are prone to hyper-segregation, as Liu states on p. 285, the negative and lowest common denominator is implied. So in Liu’s world, the white population of America needs to be whittled down to a 33-34% population to be acceptable. Is he thinking Cambodian or Mao Tse-Tung genocides of the white populations, or what?

And then, to imply blacks are stupid based simply on their skin color and emotional insecurity, or what have you...and this is the kind of condescension that the Black Community can expect from Obama and his Court appointees? What's up with that?

On p. 290, Liu indicates that whites in California schools are 6 times more likely to create a less criminal and more stable educational environment with like fewer educator turnover rates. His point?

On p. 291, Liu states that Asians educationally place behind whites but ahead of black and Latinos in California. Uh huh. His point?

On p. 292 he quotes Justice Thomas as stating:
[I]f separation itself is a harm, and if integration therefore is the
only way that blacks can receive a proper education, then there
must be something inferior about blacks. Under this theory,
segregation injures blacks because blacks, when left on their own,
cannot achieve. To my way of thinking, that conclusion is the
result of a jurisprudence based upon a theory of black inferiority.

515 U.S. 70, 114 Missouri v. Jenkins (1995) (Thomas, J., concurring).

And therefore, Liu argues,
there is a “relationship between racial segregation and educational
that “calls for careful examination”. Does it?

It is very obvious that Goodwin Liu "race baits" and effectively lays the groundwork for a Czar Holdren genociding of tens of millions of white non-Communist populations, in order to create his warped view of: social justice, intellectual justice, economic justice, and so on.

In effect, the underlying theme or complaint of Liu in an overview of his article, is that white US Citizens are making people think and are getting too smart…they need to be dumbed down, and sheepled into being more compliant via dependence upon the State.

On p. 292, Liu then argues that Blacks and Latinos do worse because their teachers are dumber than those in schools where whites have a greater race ratio.

So he effectively wastes 20 pages of the readers time race-baiting the races against one another, laying down Communist statistical justifications to reintegrate the country,
and now states to the effect…”gee, I guess what really is going on, is the teachers in minority schools on average just aren’t very smart.”

And this Asian Communist racist and over credentialed moronic wit is whom the Obama Administration wishes to appoint to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?

So let me get this right,
as long as you are Communist,
a double-talker,
have the right connections,
hate the US Constitution,
use statistics to change the meaning of the Law to whatever you wish to use statistics to alter it to be,
are an anti-white racist leading to the logical regression of genocide, and if you are anti-black and anti-Latino in labeling them as too dumb but to follow Communism and the State (by inference)
…all these points of ignorance qualifies you to be a Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually a US Supreme Court justice?

Liu is, to me, an obvious lulu Communist subversive with suckers like Kenneth Starr and others vouching for this mole whom, in my opinion, should be wearing a Chinese Communist flag for a lapel pin.

The educational system is flawed because the teachers in the failing schools:
are unionized and overly paid;
are themselves often only graduates with sub-standard grades of about 70-76% passing;
are weaned on Left wing Propaganda in achieving their teaching degrees;
are more concerned about teaching Left Wing propaganda material over real history, original sources, and laying proper foundations for students to think;
would rather use multiple choice, and true and false options, and still pass students with grades of 60% or lower with "D" grades instead of failing them, because their feelings might get hurt;
use substandard and inaccurate teaching materials, or materials that have a political tangent or anti-Christian influence in mind;
tend to repeat the same material over the course of several years, so that by example, the only difference betwen a substandard education in English class might be a few different words memorized and a few different books
or literary works read, with no tangible results;
and on, and on, we can go.

Then we can blame high crime or poverty level areas for this or that. In these types of areas, the problem with elevating the education is to increase the length of the school day by an additional 3-4 hours, and to NOT have homework assignments. It is ALL to be done IN SCHOOL, and IN Class. That may mean the primary Reading, Writing/English, History, Math courses recieve an additional 45 minutes each, with an additional gym class where they actual play a sport (not just stand around or walk around the block, as they do in some California schools).

The dumbing down of America's kids is in large part BECAUSE of the ACLU, upon which board Liu sits in Northern California. To dare have the kids read the Constitution of South Carolina, where the notion of different religions is to be a Baptist Christian or Methodist Christian instead of a Presbyterian Christian would be persecuted in Court by the ACLU as teaching religion...and these kind of ideas, of being Christian, discussing the Bible and Christ, is a large part of what ARE the historic writings of the Founding Fathers of the USA. The ACLU and Liu wishes to agnosticate America...that's the alpha-privitive negating a Greek word that means "knowledge", so that a person becomes "unknowing" instead of "knowing", or "uninformed" instead of "informed", "ignorant" instead of "enlightened". With Liu and the ACLU, it is all about conversion to agnosticated sheeple/followers propaganda -- dumbing down the population --and overthrowing the US Constitution, in order to see a godless and oppressive Communist dictatorship and government established in the USA in place of the free republic it has had for well over 2 centuries.

Mass Education sponsored by the State (public education) is only recent modern invention. The universities of the Western World began as Christian, beginning about the 11th and 12th centuries with but a handful for the very rich elite. In the USA education was considered by Congress to be a means by which to bring equality, and every child was to read and study and know the Holy Bible every day in school. Congress authorized their own English copy of the Bible, http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=46

and issued some 70,000 or more to be dispensed in the schools of the new Nation of the United States to rear children up on. In effect, they were given Christian Sunday School in the Public Schools, and as long as no one specified what denomination of Protestant Christianity over another denomination of Protestant Christianity was to be favored, that was defined as "Separation of Church and State". For Liu to be a Constitutional "scholar" and to then teach otherwise, is to teach fraudulently.

On p. 304, Liu argues for racial views to be used as a forced curriculum, but the implication is that a white curriculum is non-racial. In other words, by forcing and over-inflating Black, Latino, and Asian personalities into the psyche of the people. A Logical Regression of that argument is that the State can then Orwellian 1984 create their newspeak of the past, where the past ever changes so much that one day, the origin of the US may be where Chinese merchants settled California, African merchants settled Florida, the groups then merged with the Aztecs of Mexico, and the Native American Indians, had a war where the Indians lost, and voila, the Communist nation of America was born with mythical figures to match…and as for real history…teach otherwise, and it’s the firing squad or the chopping block.

Great. The more we look at Liu, the more obvious and scheming his Communist ideologies are to those who dare to look and see his themes for what they are, and clearly imply should be the role of the Government or State to create his idea of “equity”. It seems to me he would be much happier in North Vietnam in the late 1970s than he would in the US at any time in its history. And if this is not the case, why do his points when followed to their logical regressive inferences say otherwise?

Not only is Liu unfit for the 9th Circuit, but I contend that as a Communist subversive via the ACLU Executive Board, I believe he is unfit to teach based on his political leanings and deviancies.