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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Illumination Sermon: Sunday November 27, 2016

In Psalm 18:28
     "For You will make luminous (and gloroius) my lamp.
       YHVeH My GOD will cause my darkness to glitter
               and shine in illumination."  

Is every man in need of having the inner lamp of his being -- lit up?  And if YHVeH  makes His Light to shine within man, how can this come about in such a way that the pilot (as it were) was never extinguished? 

There is something more than the Lamp of the eyes.  There is something more than a Lamp of the heart or mind.  It has to do with an immortal soul.  Jesus / Yeshua teaches that we are not to take away from the Torah / the Instruction / the Law, nor to teach men to do so.  But Torah / the Law / the Instruction of the first 5 books of the Bible which also requires that we believe and affirm Adam and Eve and the Creation of the world, that Instruction along with the 613 Laws of Moses and the Instruction of all that happened in the Exodus and more, all that was as a school-master, says Rav Saul (whom we of the Gentiles call the Apostle Paul), and this school-master is to teach us of Messhiach / of Christ and of GOD's Kingdom.  We are called into the gentleness of the instruction, direction, and teaching of YHVeH (whom is revealed as the LORD Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD), teaching of both HIM and of His Kingdom. 

Once the inner being and the eyes are lit up, though the rest of the world lay in darkness, and gropes about as though blind, the righteous is able to move about freely as if they have an inner night vision.  And if a blind man is explained this, he understands not the experience.

We can also see through the illumination of Scripture that in the coming Kingdom we who are to enter into Second Life shall behold and be part of that experience in which light takes on the appearance as though a fabric, and shines everywhere 7 times brighter than the brightest noon-day sun (Isaiah 30:26).  How can we, who have not seen (or have not now the capacity to endure) such light, truly comprehend this?  So it is with the one who has been lit up by GOD within, and the one who has not been lighted from within.

The one not lighted asks, "How can one project a flashlight upon the mind?  Will he perform surgery, and shine upon the brain or the heart?"  Even so, the spiritual aspect of the man comprehends it not.  But in asking, such a one is half-way up the sidewalk to the DOOR, who is Christ, who is the only accepted path that GOD the Father allows for fallen man to come to Himself.  They must enter by proper means spiritually and by trusting faith, and only by and through receiving and accepting HIS gift to us, His only Son who is of the same literal spirit substance and Oneness as GOD the Father.  

 GOD is Spirit.  GOD lights up the spiritual aspects of a man...the spirit and soul.  For they who worship Him, must do so in spirit and in truth.  And what is the best aspect of that in Scripture to us?  The Shekinah...the very presence of YHVeH  that must come and...as the Torah / the Instruction (which must include all 5 of the first books of the Bible, NOT just the 613 commandments for Israel related to Moses) says...dwell within - Devarim / Deuteronomy 33:12 (as well as among - Shemos / Exodus 25:8, 29:45) or between the shoulders of his beloved or righteous ones (as it were). 

It is only in the Messhiach YHVeH / the LORD Christ whose shadow Israel has lived among the nations (Lamentations 4:20) both when He was pre-incarnate and now post-incarnate and glorified (resurrected from the dead and ascended into Heaven and is coming again) that the answer lies.  Only Jesus / Yeshua meets the criteria, and joins us perfectly into fulfillment in the Tanakh / the Old Testament again and again and again (ad infinitum).

Those who insist only the 613 Laws of Moses are "Torah" to be obeyed and believed, then I would ask them what of the over 200 commands of Torah that are made "inactive" because there is NO TEMPLE at present, what happens to those Laws?  If they cannot be adhered to or obeyed, by what right do they "poof" say they are no longer obligated to obey those laws or that the nation of Israel cannot demand a tent and Temple instruments and sacrifice to assure atonement?  They also enter into a state of regard to these Mosaic Laws as do the Christians they hypocritically scoff at while coming to the SAME conclusions regarding these 202 or so Temple Laws of Moses in the Torah.  

These are made dormant...and put to sleep, as it were.  They don't die.

If they can be put to sleep...how is it accomplished?  Do we destroy a Temple at Moriah every time we can't take the full weight of sacrifices anymore?  No.

Those Laws that are now dormant, are nailed to the Cross above us, hanging and quivering in the body of Jesus Christ.   His body has long been taken down, and since resurrected, and ascended into Heaven...but like the Angel of the LORD seen some height above David, at the place of sacrifice...by faith and throughout all eternity...the sacrifice upon the Cross by Yeshua / Jesus  remains suspended in Time, throughout all Time, past-present-future throughout all eternity.

If Laws can be made dormant, they can be found as finding fulfillment in their Sabbath rest.  If there can be a Sabbath rest from some Laws, then all Laws can find a fulfillment in the Sabbath.  If the Sabbath can find fulfillment in its Creator, then we can reduce all Law to two points of order and disorder:  day and night.  Day becomes - "Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD..."   Night becomes - "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself..."

These appear to be the two Laws of Heaven, the two laws which  are both for the angels and for man, and are united in one person, the GOD-man Jesus Christ -- who became both our Day and Night, in order that we might become the Children of the Light (only) in GOD Almighty.

And as it is Jesus' place to sit at the Right Hand of the POWER / at the Right Hand of GOD the father, so it is for us who are in Christ to be called to be reflections of Christ and His glory, and this in no way excludes Israel from also be called to believe into Messiah and reflect His likeness and glory to the Gentiles /the nations.

In the Hebrew, the translation into English of the name "Benjamin" is.... "Son of My Right Hand".   If the righteous ones become as Benjamin, as Devarim / Deuteronomy  33:12 says, YHVeH  will indwell them, between the shoulders, and make His abode with them there.  In effect, it is as if GOD is promising not only a special presence and relationship with His People, but that He will be their wings -- as if angel's wings from between their shoulders -- in life.  They shall by His help and His will and when He wants those wings to flutter or flap, be able to abide in safety or flee in safety from all earthly ills in life.  This ought to be both a lesson to us and to Israel.  

The Flag of Israel is white... for purity and origin in the LORD.

The Flag of Israel has a horizontal upper blue stripe and a horizontal lower blue stripe...meaning the waters and the waters of Genesis' Creation account, divided to the upper and the lower.  It was from this time that Israel finds it's right of Existence...from the foundation of the world.

Between the upper and lower waters, stands the star of David.  It is a multi-geometric form.

The macro-cosmic mono concept is that of a Dodecagon, of having 12 sides: representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

       The hexagon within the Dodecagon is given to sides that are precisely 1/2 the length of the exterior sides. Unlike the rest of Creation, those sides of the inner hexagon are neither chiral nor achiral.  Being a perfect number (6 = 1,2,3), the inner hexagon is perfectly balanced and finds its origin in G-D's plan and design. 
       Altogether, the totality of sides = 18, or Prime (17) + 1. This is the microcosmic division.  In the 18 sides joined, we see a formula of the spaces of 6 small triangles gathered together around an invisible base (the hexagon). 

These 7 spaces represent the 7 Spirits of GOD, as it were, and the mystery of complex unity in the Yachid / one and singularly one  concept of Jewish understanding how that ehad, one united, can also be as if yachid.

The macrocosmic dual-concept of the Star of David (and how I draw it) is an upward triangle overlapped by a downward triangle.  This, too, is based on a perfect number of 6.

In effect, the flag of Israel is 3 objects:  waters (representing the Heavens and the Spiritual), waters (representing the Earthly manifestation and both literal waters and the people), and the Star (the sign of the House of Messhiach, the returning King, who is YHVeH).

Hence, GOD has testified His Trinity indirectly even in the very flag of modern day Israel -- and offers those with eyes to see and ears to hear a mystery of mathematical science for those who wish to be frontiersmen and women exploring new and yet unpopulated territories of knowledge if they would only just have the willingness to obtain both the key of Yeshua / Jesus (GOD the Son)  and have a willing-trusting Faith.  

John 6:37
  All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him
[or her] that cometh to ME I will in no wise cast out.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Geert Wilders Video and Transcript Of Final Trial Statement During His Chronic Persecution By Anti-Netherlands Globalists In Their Own Government As Wilders Defends Free Speech Appeal That May Springboard Him Into Netherlands Next Prime Minister On March 15, 2017

Mr. President, Members of the Court,

When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and The Netherlands.
For centuries, the Netherlands are a symbol of freedom.

Who one says Netherlands, one says freedom. And that is also true, perhaps especially, for those who have a different opinion than the establishment, the opposition.
And our most important freedom is freedom of speech.

We, Dutch, say whatever is close to our hearts.
And that is precisely what makes our country great.

Freedom of speech is our pride.

And that, precisely that, is at stake here, today.
I refuse to believe that we are simply giving this freedom up.
Because we are Dutch. That is why we never mince our words.

And I, too, will never do that. And I am proud of that. No-one will be able to silence me.

Moreover, members of the court, for me personally, freedom of speech is the only freedom I still have. Every day, I am reminded of that. This morning, for example. I woke up in a safe house. I got into an armored car and was driven in a convoy to this high security courtroom at Schiphol. The bodyguards, the blue flashing lights, the sirens.

Every day again. It is hell. But I am also intensely grateful for it.

Because they protect me, they literally keep me alive, they guarantee the last bit of freedom left to me: my freedom of speech. The freedom to go somewhere and speak about my ideals, my ideas to make The Netherlands – our country – stronger and safer. After twelve years without freedom, after having lived for safety reasons, together with my wife, in barracks, prisons and safe houses, I know what lack of freedom means.

I sincerely hope that this will never happen to you, members of the court.

That, unlike me, you will never have to be protected because Islamic terror organizations, such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS, and who knows how many individual Muslims want to murder you. That you will no longer be allowed to empty your own mailbox, need to carry a bulletproof vest at meetings, and that there are police officers guarding the door whenever you use the bathroom. I hope you will be spared this.

However, if you would have experienced it – no matter how much you disagree with my views – you might perhaps understand that I cannot remain silent. That I should not remain silent. That I must speak. Not just for myself, but for The Netherlands, our country. That I need to use the only freedom that I still have to protect our country. Against Islam and against terrorism. Against immigration from Islamic countries. Against the huge problem with Moroccans in The Netherlands. I cannot remain silent about it; I have to speak out. That is my duty, I have to address it, I must warn for it, I have to propose solutions for it.

I had to give up my freedom to do this and I will continue. Always. People who want to stop me will have to murder me first.

And so, I stand here before you. Alone. But I am not alone. My voice is the voice of many. In 2012, nearly 1 million Dutch have voted for me. And there will be many more on March 15th.

According to the latest poll, soon, we are going to have two million voters. Members of the court, you know these people. You meet them every day. As many as one in five Dutch citizens would vote Party for Freedom, today. Perhaps your own driver, your gardener, your doctor or your domestic aid, the girlfriend of a registrar, your physiotherapist, the nurse at the nursing home of your parents, or the baker in your neighborhood. They are ordinary people, ordinary Dutch. The people I am so proud of.

They have elected me to speak on their behalf. I am their spokesman. I am their representative. I say what they think. I speak on their behalf. And I do so determinedly and passionately. Every day again, including here, today.
So, do not forget that, when you judge me, you are not just passing judgment on a single man, but on millions of men and women in The Netherlands.

You are judging millions of people. People who agree with me. People who will not understand a conviction. People who want their country back, who are sick and tired of not being listened to, who cherish freedom of expression.

Members of the court, you are passing judgment on the future of The Netherlands. And I tell you: if you convict me, you will convict half of The Netherlands. And many Dutch will lose their last bit of trust in the rule of law.

Of course, I should not have been subjected to this absurd trial. Because this is a political trial. It is a political trial because political issues have to be debated in Parliament and not here. It is a political trial because other politicians from – mostly government parties – who spoke about Moroccans have not been prosecuted. It is a political trial because the court is being abused to settle a political score with an opposition leader whom one cannot defeat in Parliament.
This trial here, Mr. President, it stinks. It would be appropriate in Turkey or Iran, where they also drag the opposition to court. It is a charade, an embarrassment for The Netherlands, a mockery of our rule of law.

And it is also an unfair trial because, earlier, one of you – Mrs. van Rens – has commented negatively on the policy of my party and the successful challenge in the previous Wilders trial. Now, she is going to judge me.

What have I actually done to deserve this travesty? I have spoken about fewer Moroccans on a market and I have asked questions to PVV members during a campaign event. And I did so, members of the court, because we have a huge problem with Moroccans in this country. And almost no-one dares to speak about it or take tough measures. My party alone has been speaking about this problem for years.
Just look at these past weeks: Stealing and robbing Moroccan fortune seekers in Groningen, abusing our asylum system, and Moroccan youths terrorizing entire neighborhoods in Maassluis, Ede and Almere. I can give tens of thousands other examples, almost everyone in The Netherlands knows them or has personally experienced nuisance from criminal Moroccans. If you do not know them, you are living in an ivory tower.

I tell you: If we can no longer honestly address problems in The Netherlands, if we are no longer allowed to use the word alien, if we, Dutch, are suddenly racists because we want Black Pete to remain black, if we only go unpunished if we want more Moroccans or else are dragged before the penal court, if we sell out our hard-won freedom of expression, if we use the court to silence an opposition politician, who threatens to become Prime Minister, then this beautiful country will be doomed. That is unacceptable, because we are Dutch and this is our country.

And again, what on earth have I done wrong? How can the fact be justified that I have to stand here as a suspect, as if I robbed a bank or committed murder?

I only spoke about Moroccans on a market and asked a question on an election night meeting. And anyone, who has the slightest understanding of politics, knows that the election night meetings of every party consist of political speeches full of slogans, one-liners and making maximum use of the rules of rhetoric. That is our job. That is the way it works in politics.

Election nights are election nights with rhetoric and political speeches; not university lectures, in which every paragraph is scrutinized 15 minutes long from six points of view. It is simply crazy that the Public Prosecutor now uses this against me, as if one would blame a football player for scoring a hat-trick.

Indeed, I have said on the market in the beautiful Hague district of Loosduinen “if possible fewer Moroccans.” Mark that I did so a few minutes after a Moroccan lady came to me and told me she was going to vote PVV because she was sick and tired of the nuisance caused by Moroccan youths.
And on election night, I began by asking the PVV audience “Do you want more or fewer EU,” and I did also not explained in detail why the answer might be fewer. Namely, because we need to regain our sovereignty and reassert control over our own money, our own laws and our own borders. I did not do that.

Then, I asked the public “Do you want more or fewer Labour Party.” And, again, I did not explain in detail why the answer might be fewer. Namely, because they are the biggest cultural relativists, willfully blind and Islam hugging cowards in Parliament. I did not say that.

And, then, I asked “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans” and, again, I did not explain in detail why the answer might be fewer. Namely, because people with a Moroccan nationality are overrepresented in the Netherlands in crime, benefit dependency and terror. And that we want to achieve this by expelling criminals with also the Moroccan nationality after denaturalizing them of their Dutch nationality and by a stricter immigration policy and an active voluntary repatriation policy. Proposals which we have made in our election manifesto from the day I founded the Party for Liberty.

I explained this in several interviews on national television, both between the statement on the market and election night, as well as on election night a few moments after I had asked the said questions. It is extremely malicious and false of the Public Prosecutor to want to disregard that context.
Disgusting – I have no other words for it – are the actions of other politicians, including the man who for a few months may still call himself Prime Minister. Their, and especially his, actions after the said election night constituted a real persecution, a witch hunt. The government created an atmosphere in which it had to come to trial.

Prime Minister Rutte even told small children during the youth news that I wanted to expel them and then reassured them that this would not happen. As if I had said anything of that kind. It is almost impossible to behave viler and falser.
But, also, the then Minister of Security and Justice, who, it should be noted, is the political boss of the Public Prosecutor, called my words disgusting and even demanded, he demanded that I take them back. A demand of the Minister of Justice, you do not have to be called Einstein to predict what will happen next, what the Public Prosecutor will do, if you do not comply to the demand of the Minister of Justice.
The Interior Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, too, both from the Labour Party, expressed themselves similarly. In short, the government left the Public Prosecutor no option than to prosecute me. Hence, in this trial, the Officers of Justice are not representatives of an independent Public Prosecutor, but accomplices of this government.

Mr. President, the elite also facilitated the complaints against me. With preprinted declaration forms. Which were brought to the mosque by the police. In which, it has to remarked, the police sometimes said that they, too, were of the opinion that my statements were inadmissible.

And a sample made by us showed that some complaints were the result of pure deception, intimidation and influence. People thought they were going to vote, they not even know my name, did not realize what they were signing or declared that they did not feel to be discriminated against by me at all.
Someone said that, at the As Soenah mosque after Friday prayers alone, 1,200 complaints had been lodged because it was thought to be an election. There were parades, led by mayors and aldermen, like in Nijmegen, where CDA mayor Bruls was finally able to show off his deep-seated hatred of the PVV. The police had extra opening hours, offered coffee and tea, there were dancing and singing Moroccans accompanied by a real oompah band in front of a police station, they turned it into a big party.

But meanwhile, two representative polls, one commissioned by the PVV, the other commissioned by De Volkskrant, showed that, apart from the government and media elite, 43% of the Dutch people, around 7 million people, agree with me. Want fewer Moroccans. You will be very busy if the Public Prosecutor is going to prosecute all these 7 million people.

People will never understand that other politicians – especially from government parties – and civil servants who have spoken about Moroccans, Turks and even PVV members, are being left alone and not prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor

Like Labour leader Samsom, who said that Moroccan youths have a monopoly on ethnic nuisance.

Or Labour chairman Spekman, who said Moroccans should be humiliated.

Or Labour alderman Oudkerk ,who spoke about f*cking Moroccans.

Or Prime Minister Rutte, who said that Turks should get lost.

And what about police chief Joop van Riessen, who said about me on television – I quote literally: “Basically one would feel inclined to say: let’s kill him, just get rid of him now and he will never surface again”?

And in reference to PVV voters, van Riessen declared: “Those people must be deported, they no longer belong here.” End of quote. The police chief said that killing Wilders was a normal reaction. That is hatred, Mr. President, pure hatred, and not by us but against us. And the Public Prosecutor did not prosecute Mr. Van Riessen.

But the Public Prosecutor does prosecute me. And demands a conviction based on nonsensical arguments about race and on concepts that are not even in the law. It accuses and suspects me of insulting a group and inciting hatred and discrimination on grounds of race. How much crazier can it become? Race. What race?

I spoke and asked a question about Moroccans. Moroccans are not a race. Who makes this up? No-one at home understands that Moroccans have suddenly become a race. This is utter nonsense. Not a single nationality is a race. Belgians are no race, Americans are no race. Stop this nonsense, I say to the Public Prosecutor. I am not a racist and my voters are neither. How do you dare suggest that? Wrongly slandering millions of people as racists.
43% of the Dutch want fewer Moroccans, as I already said. They are no racists. Stop insulting these people. Every day, they experience the huge problem with Moroccans in our country. They have a right to a politician who is not afraid to mention the problem with Moroccans. But neither they nor I care whether someone is black, yellow, red, green or violet.
I tell you: If you convict someone for racism while he has nothing against races, then you undermine the rule of law, then it is bankrupt. No-one in this country will understand that.

And now the Public Prosecutor also uses the vague concept ‘intolerance’. Yet another stupidity. The subjective word intolerance, however, is not even mentioned in the law. And what for heaven’s sake is intolerance? Are you going to decide that, members of the court?

It is not up to you to decide. Nor to the Supreme Court or even the European Court. The law itself must determine what is punishable. We, representatives, are elected by the people to determine clearly and visibly in the law for everyone what is punishable and what is not.

That is not up to the court. You should not do that, and certainly not on the basis of such subjective concepts which are understood differently by everyone and can easily be abused by the elite to ban unwelcome opinions of the opposition. Do not start this, I tell you.

Mr. President, Members of the Court,
Our ancestors fought for freedom and democracy. They suffered, many gave their lives. We owe our freedoms and the rule of law to these heroes.

But the most important freedom, the cornerstone of our democracy, is freedom of speech. The freedom to think what you want and to say what you think.

If we lose that freedom, we lose everything. Then, The Netherlands cease to exist, then the efforts of all those who suffered and fought for us are useless. From the freedom fighters for our independence in the Golden Age to the resistance heroes in World War II. I ask you: Stand in their tradition. Stand for freedom of expression.
By asking a conviction, the Public Prosecutor, as an accomplice of the established order, as a puppet of the government, asks to silence an opposition politician. And, hence, silence millions of Dutch. I tell you: The problems with Moroccans will not be solved this way, but will only increase.

For people will sooner be silent and say less because they are afraid of being called racist, because they are afraid of being sentenced. If I am convicted, then everyone who says anything about Moroccans will fear to be called a racist.
Mr. President, Members of the Court, I conclude.

A worldwide movement is emerging that puts an end to the politically correct doctrines of the elites and the media which are subordinate to them.

That has been proven by Brexit.

That has been proven by the US elections.

That is about to be proven in Austria and Italy.

That will be proven next year in France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

The course of things is about to take a different turn. Citizens no longer tolerate it.

And I tell you, the battle of the elite against the people will be won by the people. Here, too, you will not be able to stop this, but rather accelerate it. We will win, the Dutch people will win and it will remember well who was on the right side of history.

Common sense will prevail over politically correct arrogance.
Because everywhere in the West, we are witnessing the same phenomenon.

The voice of freedom cannot be imprisoned; it rings like a bell.

Everywhere, ever more people are saying what they think.
They do not want to lose their land, they do not want to lose their freedom.

They demand politicians who take them seriously, who listen to them, who speak on their behalf. It is a genuine democratic revolt. The wind of change and renewal blows everywhere. Including here, in The Netherlands.

As I said:
I am standing here on behalf of millions of Dutch citizens.
I do not speak just on behalf of myself.

My voice is the voice of many.

And, so, I ask you.
not only on behalf of myself,
but in the name of all those Dutch citizens:
Acquit me!
Acquit us!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Guest Video: Bill Still - Republic of the United States and Russia Were Friends During U.S. Civil War, So There Is Precedent To Be Friends Again

Check out this video for a surprise historical ending

Bill Still in part comments:
    "US-Russian friendship – known in diplomatic language as “normalized bi-lateral relations” – jumped significantly during the American Civil War.

A little known fact is the Russians helped President Abraham Lincoln preserve the Union when in 1863 – at the height of the Civil War, Czar Alexander II sent part of his Baltic fleet to port in New York and part of his Pacific fleet to port in San Francisco as a show of force and friendship between the two nations.

Tsar Alexander gave orders that if either England or France actively intervened to support the South, Russia would consider such action as a declaration of war.

This was at a time when the Rothschild banking families were angered that the United States had been out of their control since its founding.

This split away from the privately-owned central bank system of the Rothschilds was exacerbated when Lincoln decided to issue debt-free US Notes instead of borrowing for their war needs from Rothschild-affiliated banks in London and Paris.
Czar Alexander II had also fought to prevent the Rothschilds from establishing their central bank in Russia.

The Czar knew his chances of keeping his nation free of central bank control over the national money system would be seriously diminished if they were to finally capture the United States banking system – something which did not finally occur until the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Historian Thomas Bailey, in America Faces Russia, wrote that with the Union split, Russia had to face her enemies alone. Therefore, Russia had a vested interest in the outcome of the Civil War.

The Russians provided a stabilizing force to ensure that the wealthy new nation was not divided in twain; and then the two pieces returned to colonial status – England re-colonizing the North – and France re-colonizing the South.
Despite the fact that the North had seen recent victories at Gettysburg and Antietam, ironclads that were being built in British shipyards that would soon be sent to the Confederate Navy to help it break the Northern naval blockade of southern goods being exported to Europe – the main source of income for the South.

In the heart of the Confederacy, French diplomats were busy securing the support of the South to take over Mexico.
Lincoln had no other friends among European nations."

Check out the video and share with friends, and tune in to Bill's Youtube Channel
as a regular stop, if not daily,  at least once a week or more. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump President-elect November 8, 2016 It Is Time For Those Making Death Threats To Knock It Off And Grow The Hell Up

Donald Trump is now the President-elect of the United States of America. 

 Those who believe in the Constitution and equality and liberty for all can now breathe a sigh of relief, as prosperity and full time job growth and a resurgence of American Exceptionalism is about to spring forth as tens of millions of part-time and unemployed Americans chomping at the bit for an opportunity to work toward wealth and self-sufficiency and to break free of debt will now have that opportunity to roll up their sleeves and really make the next 4 years and more some of the very best in America's history as a Republic.  

Meanwhile, anarchists and people seething with hate, if not to Trump it would always be somebody else because hate is all they know or WANT to know, are posting death threats with intent against President-elect Trump on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and the like on the Internet.  

Thank you to the morons posting their threats while showing their statement clearly INTENDS to be a threat on social media, as you easily reach the threshold of committing a felony and have opened yourselves to removal from an about to prosper American economy and society for up to 5 years.

 Trump can now ask the DOJ to round you all up for 5 year prison sentences and fine you as well.  From the lowest dumbass anarchist up to George Soros, may the new Department of Justice under President Trump  ENFORCE THIS PROVISION ON YOU!   

Here is the Law:

18 United States Code §871. Threats against President and successors to the Presidency
            (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, or knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

            (b) The terms "President-elect" and "Vice President-elect" as used in this section shall mean such persons as are the apparent successful candidates for the offices of President and Vice President, respectively, as ascertained from the results of the general elections held to determine the electors of President and Vice President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 1 and 2. The phrase "other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President" as used in this section shall mean the person next in the order of succession to act as President in accordance with title 3, United States Code, sections 19 and 20.

I suspect, though, that there will likely be an amnesty period post-election of perhaps a few days, as long as nothing happens to President-elect Trump or Vice-President elect Pence  (Pence being someone whom I still do NOT trust).  But a friendly warning to those who should know better, who probably won't be told because the Democrat Party Leaders and Anarchists thrive on seeing others take life-altering destructive consequences while they as cowards run away and pretend no responsibility...to all the dumb-ass anarchists on social media...

WISE UP  AND KNOCK IT OFF!   GROW THE HELL UP and live your life as a peaceful part of society.  Most of you are legal adults above the age of 18.  If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to be expected to take responsibility as adults, and stop demanding to have it both ways as if spoiled rotten kids who should never be punished no matter what the damage or harm you inflict on others happens to be.  

You do not expect others who do physically shoot you or drunkenly run you over to fully get off without consequences, so why should you demand to have it both ways where you are concerned?  

You say that you are "Hot shit?"  Well, hot shit gets dropped in a toilet and flushed, dumb ass.

    Think of yourself as a wild animal and part of a jungle?  We live in a human society of laws and reason.  Wild animals in nature that wander into human society are either caged or destroyed. 

 If you choose the path of a wild animal, why would you expect a society at large to not expect those in Law Enforcement and the Courts to deal with you by at least temporary removal until you come to your senses and realize the stupidity on how you are being used and manipulated by those who do not care the least bit about you, but take pleasure in seeing you as a fool they pulled the string on, that went off and destroyed itself like a spinning top loaded with gunpowder and a lit fuse? 

 Stop being the by-product entertainment of an entire ideology that cares nothing about you, take your place in society as useful and productive citizens and find fulfillment and happiness, and flush away your bitterness the same as you would bad food that passes through you down a toilet.  Let it go.  Let it go and move on legally, peacefully, finding content and a lifting of so many burdens that you would wonder why you ever bothered to carry them at all, and be so glad you aren't weighed and pushed down by their weight anymore, and so glad that you made such a right decision...so glad.  May such a happy and glad life be yours, but you have to want to have it, and you have to make that journey to be there, in a good place in life.  

Make the journey by letting go of all your anger and bitterness now.  Flush all your anger and bitterness (all of it) away and let's move on under a prosperous America with OUR President Trump and saved Constitution together as one nation, one team, prospering and enjoying life legally and peacefully.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today, November 8, 2016

I -- paper ballot -- voted for Donald Trump

Let's all stop the "rain" of tyranny from falling down on all of us -- stop Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016,  and VOTE TRUMP!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Following The Hillary Treason And Treason Scandal Is As Easy As Taking One Major Newspaper's Open Trail Of News For Your Starting Point: For Example, The New York Post

The New York Post on November 6, 2016, just been pushed to the forefront in noting that Hillary Clinton regularly sent classified e-mails for her MAID to print up for her. 

Marina Santos, an immigrant from the Philippines, recommended and formerly BRIEFLY EMPLOYED / PRESUMABLY SPY PREPPED by former Clinton Attorney (and the frequently attending Bilderberg) Vernon Jordan, has NO Security Clearance or vetting to handle any Federal documents of any clearance level, none.  Even so, since at least 2011, United States National Security was routinely and chronically COMPROMISED by Hillary Clinton, who in 2011 was the Secretary of State and effectually America’s highest diplomat outside the Presidency of the United States, the personal foreign representative of the Presidency itself.   It is a FELONY to give Classified Documents to those without the proper security clearance, and Hillary did so with her maid perhaps hundreds of times, because even her staff thought it a normal and regular way of having classified documents printed up at Hillary's residences in paper form.  

In January 2009, in anticipation of being Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton purchased a private e-mail server and labeled it “Clintonemail.com”, which tells us from the very first, it was set up by Huma, a specially trained Saudi trained agent from ages 2 -18 with a compromised Jewish pedophile sex obsessed and greedy pervert for a husband, to be openly hacked by the government of Saudi Arabia and at least 6 foreign entities whose names have yet to be fully vetted.  It was TREASON aforethought, with 100% criminal intent to betray this nation’s top secrets.  There is no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" about the Weiners having 650,000 saved Clinton and Clinton related e-mails on a black-mail insurance laptop discovered this year by Law Enforcement in legal pursuit of a properly executed subpoena.  


There is also no way that Hillary or Huma can honestly deny their equal death penalty guilt in their criminal betrayal from Day 1 and before Hillary assumed her pay-for-play crime schemes where she used the leverage of the United States Government to strong-arm, blackmail, hustle, and coerce payments to herself and her husband while also (perhaps hyperbole, perhaps not) 1,000,000 times worse than World War I’s most notorious female spy, Mata Hari,  giving away classified and top secret information in time of war to anyone apparently paying the 8 figures and up to be hooked up to her server, which may also include those representing Communist China, which has repeatedly vowed to one day nuke and destroy the United States of America as a mortal enemy temporarily at peace while it profits their interests. 

But make no mistake, from Law Enforcement leaks and Wikileaks, we are learning that pedophile sex perversion is something that Hillary and Huma have also engaged in, and that this blackmail evidence is also on the Huma laptop shared by Anthony Weiner and his anti-Semitic (but would for espionage marry for her Islamic Jihad cause, Anthony's front)  wife Huma Abedin-Weiner.

On November 5, 2016, the New York Post made note that a Clinton Foundation LLC squirreled away in Delaware and created in August 2010 was started with an initial startup of $20,000,000 from “Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.”

Canadian Citizen Frank Giustra, a former traveling companion of former  President of the United States Bill Clinton (who in 2005 helped him secure ownership interests in 3 Russian Uranium mines in  Kazakhstan)   is heavily involved in the George Soros co-founded International Crisis Group which mixes International Banking interference along with Carnegie Foundation fronting Central Intelligence Agency Officers who scheme how best to rip off, dismantle, agitate, overthrow, or skim off other nations while using the pretense that they merely wish to directly interfere with Government and Media and the like of a nation simply to INSERT “policies to prevent, mitigate or resolve conflict.”   Nelson Rockefeller once called “conflict” as the act of competition against him, and if anyone competed against him at any level, Rockefeller noted that to him that was a “sin” and unforgivable.  On average, again and again, it always appears that one of the primary themes of motivation that drives most of the people that Soros supports and deals with as allies, they all seem to  view economics the same way, they want to take over and enslave, and no matter how much they steal, kill, destroy…anyone who gets in the way to expose or stop them, to point out their lawlessness to their hurt, to them it is “sin”.  Considering the source and depth of evil taking that view, it is a compliment to say we “miss the mark” of being lawless and criminal as they try to reverse evil as a good morality upon us, as long as THEY do it and are never accountable for their actions.   

Mexican Citizen Carlos Slim was born to a father whose name was Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz, and Carlos has so directly benefited from the opportunities presented by the horrific job and economic disaster of Bill Clinton’s crown trade deal called the North American Free Trade Agreement in which the United States was imploded economically on purpose, that in the 2000s Carlos Slim quickly rose to be called the world’s richest man, though realistically it is the world’s richest outside the Saudi Arabian peninsula.  Carlos Slim specializes in foreign American based companies as well as other enterprises, and in the last decade has bought into American enterprises, while more often downsizing and selling off assets and laying off American workers while racially heavily promoting Hispanic replacements for those that remain or in employee rollover.

For whatever reason, the Clinton Foundation hid the initial $20,000,000 start-up as being sourced in these two men, until a re-filing of certain tax claims in 2015, a 5 years after the fact disclosure they those of the Clinton Foundation believed would not even be a blip on the radar unless someone was actually looking for that information, which they must have deemed as highly unlikely to happen 5 years after the fact.

But here it is now 2016, and we come to find that only some 20 months after the money-laundering for subversive purposes under the Haiti relief scam, come April 2012, Hillary was indirectly shaking down another $20,000,000 for the “private fund”, while also obtaining back-dated speaking fees for Bill Clinton at $12,000,000 an hour or $1,000,000 for just 5 minutes of his time face to face. 

To: blindsey@clintonfoundation.org, lgraham@clintonfoundation.org, doug@presidentclinton.com, justin@presidentclinton.com
Date: 2012-04-16 18:56
Subject: Qatar, Brazil, Peru, Malawi, Rwanda

Last Thursday, April 12, I met individually with the Ambassadors from Qatar, Brazil, Peru, Malawi, and Rwanda, in Washington, DC. Below is a summary of key points from each meeting, and we are following-up on each point. I'd welcome your feedback. Sincerely, Ami


- Would like to see WJC "for five minutes" in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC's birthday in 2011.

- Qatar would welcome our suggestions for investments in Haiti - particularly on education and health. They have allocated most of their $20 million but are happy to consider projects we suggest. I'm collecting input from CF Haiti team.     

[etc.  ....]

   Note that 96% of the monies collected for Haiti by the Clintons never reached the people of Haiti...this includes monies collected from FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS and negotiated through their AMBASSADORS.  Now the Clintons may gripe that some 8% of the monies went to Haiti so it was 92% that they received, but good grief, when a charity is reputable and NOT CRIMINAL, especially with no advertising weigh downs, it should be 91% or more going to the charity and at worst, 9% administration and labor costs.  The Clintons entirely inverted that and then some because it is all a money-laundering scam…and since they have a history trafficking cocaine for the elder George Bush when he was Vice-President and then President Bush in the 1980s into the early 1990s, could the Clinton Foundation also be laundering Drug Money for Cocaine Cartels as well as for other international interests who want to hide millions by using WJC LLC as a sort of financial “rat line”? 

In the specific April of 2012 bribe of $1,000,000 to William Jefferson Clinton, while Hillary served as the Secretary of State, millions of dollars in no tax reporting revenues were ever as a carrot for mere face to face access of Bill, with promises that gifts can be retroactive or pre-dating tax reports and payments to the Internal Revenue Service to be washed and hidden however the Clintons wish.

This million-dollar payoff was not an exception, it was a regularity and if we just roll back 5 months earlier, we find also (thanks to Wikileaks on Hillary Campaign Manager and inner circle member co-conspirator John Podesta’s e-mails)  that the Clintons insisted on a $6,000,000 payoff check to meet with a "Sheikh Mo"... but not mentioned is that these go to WJC LLC
and allegedly, according to private investigators (two sources with direct federal agent connections who have access to this information) that any pay-off from $250,000 into the millions of dollars always get taken out and redeposited to accounts elsewhere within 1 hour, always.  Or words to this effect.    

 And just in case you don't already know it, Wikileaks got the Podesta emails from U.S. Intelligence, 

 not the Russians from which they arranged payoffs and sold off U.S. National Security to, and thought they got betrayed by (out of their own guilty consciences knowing they themselves betrayed and continue to betray America with Treason punishable by death upon legal conviction).  

Hat Tips to The Drudge Report, Infowars, Wikileaks  -- Brianroy

Hillary Clinton's And Her Close Associations Having Participation In Satanism, Pedophilia, Blackmail, And Treason. This and Russia Today's Posting Of The Wikileaks Founder's Interview With John Pilger.

Hillary as a witch already swears to go to hell upon her religion and beliefs, and now through Wikileaks and the Huma Abedin-Weiner blackmail file of 650,000 emails plus files which contain nude and compromising photos of Satanic Rituals, the raping of minors (allegedly not just those 12 or 11, or 9 or 8, but as young as 4), sodomy with and upon animals involving members of Congress, compromising photos on Hillary's own personal circle, the Weiners, and Hillary Clinton herself engaging in felony crimes are all alledgedly on the laptop computer scandal, and verified in pedophile code in the Podesta emails...child rape engaged in by not just John Podesta and his brother (who through Wikileaks release of John Podesta's emails, we learn that Tony Podesta was offered sex with three children in a hot tub, one just 6 years old who was promoted as "almost 7" as if that made it okay) but through the Podesta emails we learn that there were those under age 10 and 11 children that Obama himself f**ked and raped as a fellow practicing pedophile and whom was passing on those children these people valued and appraised as $62,000 in white slave child traffic merchandise for others in the Clinton circle to RAPE as well. 

Ground fetal organs served as "Pate'" and ritually eaten for power from victimized souls in third trimester abortions, is to be looked for as one of the forthcoming shoes to drop in the coming email and laptop scandal of Hillary Clinton and close associations. 

 It is said by those who have direct New York Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation task force sources in possession or of direct access to the Weiner laptop that the lid on this national and international child rape and Satanic orgy religious sacrifice of souls scandal is about to blow off if the NYPD will just media dump all the scandal NOW and tell the Department of justice criminal co-conspirators backing Attorney General Lynch to shut it down to just go F**K THEMSELVES in their pursuit to obstruct justice for that pedophile rapist felony criminal and murderer, the practicing ritual Satanist, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham-Clinton and all her felony co-conspirators who raped and perhaps murdered hundreds of children in a sex scandal supplying children we can only now presume to be from locales such as Boystown, through various archdioceses of the Roman Catholic Church, various day care centers, orphanages, and a variety of other soon to be known locations.    

Meanwhile, Russia Today posted a video and transcript of Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks who received the Podesta emails from U.S. Intelligence sources, NOT the Russians)  being interviewed by an Australian.  


Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the Saudis 
Published time: 5 Nov, 2016 05:59

Edited time: 5 Nov, 2016 21:53

Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year.

John Pilger, another Australian √©migr√©, conducted the 25-minute interview at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has been trapped since 2012 for fear of extradition to the US. Last month, Assange had his internet access cut off for alleged “interference” in the American presidential election through the work of his website.

‘Clinton made FBI look weak, now there is anger’

John Pilger: What’s the significance of the FBI's intervention in these last days of the U.S. election campaign, in the case against Hillary Clinton?

Julian Assange: If you look at the history of the FBI, it has become effectively America's political police. The FBI demonstrated this by taking down the former head of the CIA [General David Petraeus] over classified information given to his mistress. Almost no-one is untouchable.  The FBI is always trying to demonstrate that no-one can resist us.  But Hillary Clinton very conspicuously resisted the FBI's investigation, so there’s anger within the FBI because it made the FBI look weak.  We've published about 33,000 of Clinton's emails when she was Secretary of State.  They come from a batch of just over 60,000 emails, [of which] Clinton has kept about half – 30,000 -- to herself, and we've published about half.

Then there are the Podesta emails we've been publishing.  [John] Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign manager, so there’s a thread that runs through all these emails; there are quite a lot of pay-for-play, as they call it, giving access in exchange for money to states, individuals and corporations. [These emails are] combined with the cover up of the Hillary Clinton emails when she was Secretary of State, [which] has led to an environment where the pressure on the FBI increases.

‘Russian government not the source of Clinton leaks’

JP: The Clinton campaign has said that Russia is behind all of this, that Russia has manipulated the campaign and is the source for WikiLeaks and its emails.

JA: The Clinton camp has been able to project that kind of neo-McCarthy hysteria: that Russia is responsible for everything.  Hilary Clinton stated multiple times, falsely, that seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That is false; we can say that the Russian government is not the source.

WikiLeaks has been publishing for ten years, and in those ten years, we have published ten million documents, several thousand individual publications, several thousand different sources, and we have never got it wrong.

‘Saudi Arabia & Qatar funding ISIS and Clinton’

JP: The emails that give evidence of access for money and how Hillary Clinton herself benefited from this and how she is benefitting politically, are quite extraordinary. I’m thinking of  when the Qatari representative was given five minutes with Bill Clinton for a million dollar cheque.

JA: And twelve million dollars from Morocco

JP: Twelve million from Morocco yeah.

JA: For Hillary Clinton to attend [a party].

JP: In terms of the foreign policy of the United States, that’s where the emails are most revealing, where they show the direct connection between Hillary Clinton and the foundation of jihadism, of ISIL, in the Middle East.  Can you talk about how the emails demonstrate the connection between those who are meant to be fighting the jihadists of ISIL, are actually those who have helped create it.

JA: There’s an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money is spread all over the Clinton Foundation.  Even the U.S. government agrees that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIL, or ISIS. But the dodge has always been that, well it’s just some rogue Princes, using their cut of the oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

But that email says that no, it is the governments of Saudi and Qatar that have been funding ISIS.

JP: The Saudis, the Qataris, the Moroccans, the Bahrainis, particularly the Saudis and the Qataris, are giving all this money to the Clinton Foundation while Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State and the State Department is approving massive arms sales, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

JA: Under Hillary Clinton, the world’s largest ever arms deal was made with Saudi Arabia, [worth] more than $80 billion.  In fact, during her tenure as Secretary of State, total arms exports from the United States in terms of the dollar value, doubled.

JP: Of course the consequence of that is that the notorious terrorist group called ISIl or ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation.

JA: Yes.

JP:That's extraordinary.

‘Clinton has been eaten alive by her ambition’

JA: I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions,  tormented literally to the point where they become sick; they faint as a result of [the reaction] to their ambitions. She represents a whole network of people and a network of relationships with particular states.  The question is how does Hilary Clinton fit in this broader network?  She's a centralising cog. You’ve got a lot of different gears in operation from the big banks like Goldman Sachs and major elements of Wall Street, and Intelligence and people in the State Department and the Saudis.

She’s the centraliser that inter-connects all these different cogs. She’s the smooth central representation of all that, and ‘all that’ is more or less what is in power now in the United States. It’s what we call the establishment or the DC consensus. 

One of the more significant Podesta emails that we released was about how the Obama cabinet was formed and how half the Obama cabinet was basically nominated by a representative from City Bank. This is quite amazing.

JP: Didn’t Citybank supply a list …. ?

JA: Yes.

JP: … which turned out to be most of the Obama cabinet.

JA: Yes.

JP: So Wall Street decides the cabinet of the President of the United States?

JA: If you were following the Obama campaign back then, closely, you could see it had become very close to banking interests.

JA: So I think you can’t properly understand Hillary Clinton's foreign policy without understanding Saudi Arabia.  The connections with Saudi Arabia are so intimate.

‘Libya is Hillary Clinton’s war’

JP:Why was she so demonstrably enthusiastic about the destruction of Libya? Can you talk a little about just what the emails have told us – told you – about what happened there? Because Libya is such a source for so much of the mayhem now in Syria: the ISIL, jihadism, and so on. And it was almost Hillary Clinton's invasion. What do the emails tell us about that?

JA: Libya, more than anyone else’s war, was Hillary Clinton’s war. Barak Obama initially opposed it. Who was the person championing it?  Hillary Clinton.  That’s documented throughout her emails. She had put her favoured agent, Sidney Blumenthal, on to that; there’s more than 1700 emails out of the thirty three thousand Hillary Clinton emails that we've published, just about Libya. It’s not that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state -- something that she would use in her run-up to the general election for President. 

So in late 2011 there is an internal document called the Libya Tick Tock that was produced for Hillary Clinton, and it’s the chronological description of how she was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan state, which resulted in around 40,000 deaths within Libya; jihadists moved in, ISIS moved in, leading to the European refugee and migrant crisis.

Not only did you have people fleeing Libya, people fleeing Syria, the destabilisation of other African countries as a result of arms flows, but the Libyan state itself err was no longer able to control the movement of people through it. Libya faces along to the Mediterranean and had been effectively the cork in the bottle of Africa. So all problems, economic problems and civil war in Africa -- previously people fleeing those problems didn’t end up in Europe because Libya policed the Mediterranean. That was said explicitly at the time, back in early 2011 by Gaddafi:  ‘What do these Europeans think they’re doing, trying to bomb and destroy the Libyan State? There’s going to be floods of migrants out of Africa and jihadists into Europe, and this is exactly what happened.

‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’

JP: You get complaints from people saying, ‘What is WikiLeaks doing?  Are they trying to put Trump in the Whitehouse?’

JA: My answer is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that?  Because he's had every establishment off side; Trump doesn’t have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment, but banks, intelligence [agencies], arms companies... big foreign money … are all united behind Hillary Clinton, and the media as well, media owners and even journalists themselves.

JP: There is the accusation that WikiLeaks is in league with the Russians. Some people say, ‘Well, why doesn’t WikiLeaks investigate and publish emails on Russia?’

JA: We have published about 800,000 documents of various kinds that relate to Russia. Most of those are critical; and a great many books have come out of our publications about Russia, most of which are critical. Our [Russia]documents have gone on to be used in quite a number of court cases: refugee cases of people fleeing some kind of claimed political persecution in Russia, which they use our documents to back up.

JP: Do you yourself take a view of the U.S. election?  Do you have a preference for Clinton or Trump?

JA: [Let’s talk about] Donald Trump. What does he represent in the American mind and in the European mind?  He represents American white trash, [which Hillary Clinton called] ‘deplorable and irredeemable’.  It means from an establishment or educated cosmopolitan, urbane perspective, these people are like the red necks, and you can never deal with them.  Because he so clearly -- through his words and actions and the type of people that turn up at his rallies -- represents people who are not the middle, not the upper middle educated class, there is a fear of seeming to be associated in any way with them, a social fear that lowers the class status of anyone who can be accused of somehow assisting Trump in any way, including any criticism of Hillary Clinton. If you look at how the middle class gains its economic and social power, that makes absolute sense.

‘US attempting to squeeze WikiLeaks through my refugee status’

JP: I’d like to talk about Ecuador, the small country that has given you refuge and [political asylum] in this embassy in London.  Now Ecuador has cut off the internet from here where we're doing this interview, in the Embassy, for the clearly obvious reason that they are concerned about appearing to intervene in the U.S. election campaign.  Can you talk about why they would take that action and your own views on Ecuador’s support for you?

JA: Let’s let go back four years.  I made an asylum application to Ecuador in this embassy, because of the U.S. extradition case, and the result was that after a month, I was successful in my asylum application. The embassy since then has been surrounded by police: quite an expensive police operation which the British government admits to spending more than £12.6 million. They admitted that over a year ago.  Now there’s undercover police and there are robot surveillance cameras of various kinds -- so that there has been quite a serious conflict right here in the heart of London between Ecuador, a country of sixteen million people, and the United Kingdom, and the Americans who have been helping on the side.  So that was a brave and principled thing for Ecuador to do. Now we have the U.S. election [campaign], the Ecuadorian election is in February next year, and you have the White House feeling the political heat as a result of the true information that we have been publishing. 

WikiLeaks does not publish from the jurisdiction of Ecuador, from this embassy or in the territory of Ecuador; we publish from France, we publish from, from Germany, we publish from The Netherlands and from a number of other countries, so that the attempted squeeze on WikiLeaks is through my refugee status; and this is, this is really intolerable. [It means] that [they] are trying to get at a publishing organisation; [they] try and prevent it from publishing true information that is of intense interest to the American people and others about an election.

JP: Tell us what would happen if you walked out of this embassy.

JA: I would be immediately arrested by the British police and I would then be extradited either immediately to the United States or to Sweden. In Sweden I am not charged, I have already been previously cleared [by the Senior Stockholm Prosecutor Eva Finne]. We were not certain exactly what would happen there, but then we know that the Swedish government has refused to say that they will not extradite me to the United States we know they have extradited 100 per cent of people whom the U.S. has requested since at least 2000.  So over the last fifteen years, every single person the U.S. has tried to extradite from Sweden has been extradited, and they refuse to provide a guarantee [that won’t happen].

JP: People often ask me how you cope with the isolation in here.

JA: Look, one of the best attributes of human beings is that they’re adaptable; one of the worst attributes of human beings is they are adaptable.  They adapt and start to tolerate abuses, they adapt to being involved themselves in abuses, they adapt to adversity and they continue on. So in my situation, frankly, I’m a bit institutionalised -- this [the embassy] is the world .. it’s visually the world [for me].

JP: It’s the world without sunlight, for one thing, isn’t it?

JA: It’s the world without sunlight, but I haven’t seen sunlight in so long, I don’t remember it.

JP: Yes.

JA: So , yes, you adapt.  The one real irritant is that my young children -- they also adapt. They adapt to being without their father. That’s a hard, hard adaption which they didn’t ask for.

JP: Do you worry about them?

JA: Yes, I worry about them; I worry about their mother.

‘I am innocent and in arbitrary detention’

JP: Some people would say, ‘Well, why don’t you end it and simply walk out the door and allow yourself to be extradited to Sweden?’

JA: The U.N. [the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention] has looked into this whole situation. They spent eighteen months in formal, adversarial litigation. [So it’s] me and the U.N. verses Sweden and the U.K.  Who’s right?  The U.N. made a conclusion that I am being arbitrarily detained illegally, deprived of my freedom and that what has occurred has not occurred within the laws that the United Kingdom and Sweden, and that [those countries] must obey. It is an illegal abuse.  It is the United Nations formally asking, ‘What’s going on here?  What is your legal explanation for this? [Assange] says that you should recognise his asylum.’ [And here is]

Sweden formally writing back to the United Nations to say, ‘No, we're not going to [recognise the UN ruling], so leaving open their ability to extradite. 

I just find it absolutely amazing that the narrative about this situation is not put out publically in the press, because it doesn’t suit the Western establishment narrative – that yes, the West has political prisoners, it’s a reality, it’s not just me, there’s a bunch of other people as well.  The West has political prisoners. Of course, no state accepts [that it should call] the people it is imprisoning or detaining for political reasons, political prisoners. They don’t call them political prisoners in China, they don’t call them political prisoners in Azerbaijan and they don’t call them political prisoners in the United States, U.K. or Sweden; it is absolutely intolerable to have that kind of self-perception.

JA: Here we have a case, the Swedish case, where I have never been charged with a crime, where I have already been cleared [by the Stockholm prosecutor] and found to be innocent, where the woman herself said that the police made it up, where the United Nations formally said the whole thing is illegal, where the State of Ecuador also investigated and found that I should be given asylum.  Those are the facts, but what is the rhetoric?  

JP: Yes, it’s different.

JA: The rhetoric is pretending, constantly pretending that I have been charged with a crime, and never mentioning that I have been already previously cleared, never mentioning that the woman herself says that the police made it up. 

[The rhetoric] is trying to avoid [the truth that ] the U.N. formally found that the whole thing is illegal, never even mentioning that Ecuador made a formal assessment through its formal processes and found that yes, I am subject to persecution by the United States.