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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Illumination Sermon: Sunday November 27, 2016

In Psalm 18:28
     "For You will make luminous (and gloroius) my lamp.
       YHVeH My GOD will cause my darkness to glitter
               and shine in illumination."  

Is every man in need of having the inner lamp of his being -- lit up?  And if YHVeH  makes His Light to shine within man, how can this come about in such a way that the pilot (as it were) was never extinguished? 

There is something more than the Lamp of the eyes.  There is something more than a Lamp of the heart or mind.  It has to do with an immortal soul.  Jesus / Yeshua teaches that we are not to take away from the Torah / the Instruction / the Law, nor to teach men to do so.  But Torah / the Law / the Instruction of the first 5 books of the Bible which also requires that we believe and affirm Adam and Eve and the Creation of the world, that Instruction along with the 613 Laws of Moses and the Instruction of all that happened in the Exodus and more, all that was as a school-master, says Rav Saul (whom we of the Gentiles call the Apostle Paul), and this school-master is to teach us of Messhiach / of Christ and of GOD's Kingdom.  We are called into the gentleness of the instruction, direction, and teaching of YHVeH (whom is revealed as the LORD Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD), teaching of both HIM and of His Kingdom. 

Once the inner being and the eyes are lit up, though the rest of the world lay in darkness, and gropes about as though blind, the righteous is able to move about freely as if they have an inner night vision.  And if a blind man is explained this, he understands not the experience.

We can also see through the illumination of Scripture that in the coming Kingdom we who are to enter into Second Life shall behold and be part of that experience in which light takes on the appearance as though a fabric, and shines everywhere 7 times brighter than the brightest noon-day sun (Isaiah 30:26).  How can we, who have not seen (or have not now the capacity to endure) such light, truly comprehend this?  So it is with the one who has been lit up by GOD within, and the one who has not been lighted from within.

The one not lighted asks, "How can one project a flashlight upon the mind?  Will he perform surgery, and shine upon the brain or the heart?"  Even so, the spiritual aspect of the man comprehends it not.  But in asking, such a one is half-way up the sidewalk to the DOOR, who is Christ, who is the only accepted path that GOD the Father allows for fallen man to come to Himself.  They must enter by proper means spiritually and by trusting faith, and only by and through receiving and accepting HIS gift to us, His only Son who is of the same literal spirit substance and Oneness as GOD the Father.  

 GOD is Spirit.  GOD lights up the spiritual aspects of a man...the spirit and soul.  For they who worship Him, must do so in spirit and in truth.  And what is the best aspect of that in Scripture to us?  The Shekinah...the very presence of YHVeH  that must come and...as the Torah / the Instruction (which must include all 5 of the first books of the Bible, NOT just the 613 commandments for Israel related to Moses) says...dwell within - Devarim / Deuteronomy 33:12 (as well as among - Shemos / Exodus 25:8, 29:45) or between the shoulders of his beloved or righteous ones (as it were). 

It is only in the Messhiach YHVeH / the LORD Christ whose shadow Israel has lived among the nations (Lamentations 4:20) both when He was pre-incarnate and now post-incarnate and glorified (resurrected from the dead and ascended into Heaven and is coming again) that the answer lies.  Only Jesus / Yeshua meets the criteria, and joins us perfectly into fulfillment in the Tanakh / the Old Testament again and again and again (ad infinitum).

Those who insist only the 613 Laws of Moses are "Torah" to be obeyed and believed, then I would ask them what of the over 200 commands of Torah that are made "inactive" because there is NO TEMPLE at present, what happens to those Laws?  If they cannot be adhered to or obeyed, by what right do they "poof" say they are no longer obligated to obey those laws or that the nation of Israel cannot demand a tent and Temple instruments and sacrifice to assure atonement?  They also enter into a state of regard to these Mosaic Laws as do the Christians they hypocritically scoff at while coming to the SAME conclusions regarding these 202 or so Temple Laws of Moses in the Torah.  

These are made dormant...and put to sleep, as it were.  They don't die.

If they can be put to sleep...how is it accomplished?  Do we destroy a Temple at Moriah every time we can't take the full weight of sacrifices anymore?  No.

Those Laws that are now dormant, are nailed to the Cross above us, hanging and quivering in the body of Jesus Christ.   His body has long been taken down, and since resurrected, and ascended into Heaven...but like the Angel of the LORD seen some height above David, at the place of sacrifice...by faith and throughout all eternity...the sacrifice upon the Cross by Yeshua / Jesus  remains suspended in Time, throughout all Time, past-present-future throughout all eternity.

If Laws can be made dormant, they can be found as finding fulfillment in their Sabbath rest.  If there can be a Sabbath rest from some Laws, then all Laws can find a fulfillment in the Sabbath.  If the Sabbath can find fulfillment in its Creator, then we can reduce all Law to two points of order and disorder:  day and night.  Day becomes - "Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD..."   Night becomes - "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself..."

These appear to be the two Laws of Heaven, the two laws which  are both for the angels and for man, and are united in one person, the GOD-man Jesus Christ -- who became both our Day and Night, in order that we might become the Children of the Light (only) in GOD Almighty.

And as it is Jesus' place to sit at the Right Hand of the POWER / at the Right Hand of GOD the father, so it is for us who are in Christ to be called to be reflections of Christ and His glory, and this in no way excludes Israel from also be called to believe into Messiah and reflect His likeness and glory to the Gentiles /the nations.

In the Hebrew, the translation into English of the name "Benjamin" is.... "Son of My Right Hand".   If the righteous ones become as Benjamin, as Devarim / Deuteronomy  33:12 says, YHVeH  will indwell them, between the shoulders, and make His abode with them there.  In effect, it is as if GOD is promising not only a special presence and relationship with His People, but that He will be their wings -- as if angel's wings from between their shoulders -- in life.  They shall by His help and His will and when He wants those wings to flutter or flap, be able to abide in safety or flee in safety from all earthly ills in life.  This ought to be both a lesson to us and to Israel.  

The Flag of Israel is white... for purity and origin in the LORD.

The Flag of Israel has a horizontal upper blue stripe and a horizontal lower blue stripe...meaning the waters and the waters of Genesis' Creation account, divided to the upper and the lower.  It was from this time that Israel finds it's right of Existence...from the foundation of the world.

Between the upper and lower waters, stands the star of David.  It is a multi-geometric form.

The macro-cosmic mono concept is that of a Dodecagon, of having 12 sides: representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

       The hexagon within the Dodecagon is given to sides that are precisely 1/2 the length of the exterior sides. Unlike the rest of Creation, those sides of the inner hexagon are neither chiral nor achiral.  Being a perfect number (6 = 1,2,3), the inner hexagon is perfectly balanced and finds its origin in G-D's plan and design. 
       Altogether, the totality of sides = 18, or Prime (17) + 1. This is the microcosmic division.  In the 18 sides joined, we see a formula of the spaces of 6 small triangles gathered together around an invisible base (the hexagon). 

These 7 spaces represent the 7 Spirits of GOD, as it were, and the mystery of complex unity in the Yachid / one and singularly one  concept of Jewish understanding how that ehad, one united, can also be as if yachid.

The macrocosmic dual-concept of the Star of David (and how I draw it) is an upward triangle overlapped by a downward triangle.  This, too, is based on a perfect number of 6.

In effect, the flag of Israel is 3 objects:  waters (representing the Heavens and the Spiritual), waters (representing the Earthly manifestation and both literal waters and the people), and the Star (the sign of the House of Messhiach, the returning King, who is YHVeH).

Hence, GOD has testified His Trinity indirectly even in the very flag of modern day Israel -- and offers those with eyes to see and ears to hear a mystery of mathematical science for those who wish to be frontiersmen and women exploring new and yet unpopulated territories of knowledge if they would only just have the willingness to obtain both the key of Yeshua / Jesus (GOD the Son)  and have a willing-trusting Faith.  

John 6:37
  All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him
[or her] that cometh to ME I will in no wise cast out.

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