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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Video Education On The Constitution by Publius Huldah

" [The Constitution] [o]wing its ratification to the law of a State, it has been contended that the same authority might repeal the law by which it was ratified.      ... The possibility of a question of this nature proves the necessity of laying the foundations of our national government deeper than in the mere sanction of delegated authority. The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow immediately from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority."    
Friday, December 14, 1787,
Alexander Hamilton, 
Federalist Papers # 22

Publius Huldah describes herself in this way: 
"Lawyer, philosopher & logician.  Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution.  Passionate about The Federalist  Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government...."         https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/

She is well worth listening to and reading in regard to the Constitution, and I am telling you, as a well informed kind of  U.S. Constitution literal constructionist that America needs right now against the latest Marxist-Leninist plot by Obama and his fellow traitors (in and outside the branches of Federal Government) who are trying to trick Americans into dissolving the Constitution themselves with a Plan B if their Plan A of out and out dissolving it by "mere declaration it is dissolved" does not work. It is also my own personal view and strong belief that radio personality Mark Levin, to me, is a pseudo-conservative and a traitor who long ago abandoned the Constitution for his new best friend forever (bff) who he will defend as Constitutional when Obama is clearly and absolutely an illegal to the POTUS (not having unity of one allegiance to the U.S. at birth with a U.S. Citizen father, etc.) and a usurper, et cetera, the same man Barack Hussein Obama II, who in my presence in 1981 most definitely and absolutely identified himself as "a Marxist-Leninist".   

Any attempt at an Article V Convention must be quashed BEFORE it happens if we are to prevent this method from those in 3 Federal Branches of Government in Washington D.C., from giving us a Communist Constitution replacement and a tyranny dissolving all rights, over-taxing, and requiring genociding Christians, Conservatives, Veterans, and those they have already declared as their enemies as they side with Al Qaeda over those citizens they are supposed to represent in THIS nation.  As Congressmen and women engage in gay sex, pedophilia, black-mail, and what have you, they have NO interest in doing their jobs to follow the Constitution anymore, as this nation is now running on auto-pilot while an oligarchy of unelected leaders decide what to do next without inciting a few million citizens to march on D.C. and take it over and do what needs to be done.  That is where we are at historically.    Or so it seems in my opinion.  That's my Input, anyway.  -- Brianroy






I also include a recent weekly supplemental comment by the John Birch Society


Delegates to an Article V Convention Can’t be Controlled by State Laws!

By Publius Huldah
Our Declaration of Independence (2nd para) sets forth our long forgotten Founding Principles that:
♦  All men are created equal.
♦  Rights come from God.
♦  People create governments to secure God-given rights. The first three words of our Constitution throw off the European model where political power originates with the State; and establish the new Principle that WE THE PEOPLE are the “pure, original fountain of all legitimate political authority” (Federalist No. 22, last sentence).
♦  When a government seeks to take away our God given rights, we have the right to alter, abolish, or throw off that Form of government.
These are the Principles which justified our Revolution against a King.
These are also the Principles which permit us today to throw off our Form of government by discarding our existing Constitution and replacing it with another one. This is why the language at Article V of our Constitution, which authorizes Congress to call a convention “for proposing amendments”, does not restrict Delegates to merely “proposing amendments”: Delegates are invested with that inherent pre-existing sovereign right, recognized in our Declaration, to abolish our existing Form of government (our Constitution) and propose a new Constitution.
This has happened once before in our Country. I’ll show you.
The Federal Convention of 1787: Federal and State Instructions to Delegates
Pursuant to Article XIII of The Articles of Confederation (our first Constitution), the Continental Congress resolved on February 21, 1787 (p 71-74) to call a convention to be held at Philadelphia:
for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation”.
The Continental Congress authorized each of the then 13 States to appoint Delegates to the convention. Twelve of the States 1 made laws respecting the appointment of Delegates and issuing instructions to Delegates. Ten States instructed their Delegates to propose alterations to the Articles of Confederation; and only two (North Carolina and New Hampshire) gave instructions which arguably permitted their Delegates to do more than propose alterations to the Articles of Confederation. 2
But the Delegates ignored the federal and State limitations and wrote a new Constitution (the one we have now is our second Constitution).  Because of this inherent authority of Delegatesit is impossible to stop it from happening at a convention today (which will surely result in a third Constitution).
The Delegates to the 1787 convention also instituted an easier mode of ratification. Whereas Article XIII of the Articles of Confederation required approval of all of the then 13 States before an amendment could be ratified; Article VII of the new Constitution provided that only 9 States were required for ratification of the new Constitution.
 Why is an Article V Convention Dangerous?
So! Do you see?
If we have a convention today, there is nothing to stop Delegates from proposing a third Constitution with its own new method of ratification.
New Constitutions are already prepared and waiting for a convention. Here are three:
♦  Fifty years ago, the Ford & Rockefeller Foundations produced the Constitution for the Newstates of AmericaIt is ratified by a referendum called by the President [Art 12, Sec. 1]. If we have a convention, and Delegates propose the Newstates Constitution, it doesn’t go to the States for ratification – it goes directly to the President to call a Referendum. The States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government. Read the Newstates Constitution and tremble for your country.
♦ The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has a Constitution for The New Socialist Republic in North America.
♦ The Constitution 2020 movement is funded by George Soros and supported by Marxist law professors and Marxist groups all over the Country, Cass Sunstein and Eric Holder. They want a Marxist Constitution and they want it in place by the year 2020. It further appears that Soros is funding much of the current push for an Article V convention.
Warnings from the Wise
Brilliant men have warned against an Article V convention. It is immoral to dismiss their warnings:
♦  Alexander Hamilton writes of “the utter improbability of assembling a new convention, under circumstances in any degree so favorable to a happy issue, as those in which the late convention met, deliberated, and concluded…”  Federalist No. 85 (9th para)
♦  James Madison writes in his Nov. 2, 1788 letter to Turberville that he “trembled” at the prospect of a second convention; and that an Article V Convention would give “the most violent partizans” and “individuals of insidious views” “a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric” of our CountryInFederalist No. 49he shows that the convention method is NOT GOOD to correct breaches of the federal constitution because the People aren’t philosophers – they follow what influential people tell them! And the very legislators who caused the problem would get themselves seats at the convention so they could control the outcome.
♦  Former US Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg reminds us in his Sep. 14, 1986 article in The Miami Herald, that at the convention of 1787, the delegates ignored their instructions from the Continental Congress and instead of proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation, wrote a new Constitution.He warns that “…any attempt at limiting the agenda [of the convention] would almost certainly be unenforceable.”
♦  Former US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Berger warns in his June 1988 letter to Phyllis Schlafly that “there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention”; “After a Convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the Convention if we don’t like its agenda”; and “A new Convention could plunge our Nation into constitutional confusion and confrontation at every turn…”
Read MORE at: https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/delegates-to-an-article-v-convention-cant-be-controlled-by-state-laws/

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fictional Story: Another Chapter of Recollections of a Western Deputy (1871 -1897)

As a diversion away from politics, this attempt is to follow up two other fictional stories I wrote, supplementing excessive action and background information, as well as injecting drama and humor.  It is experimental, as were other prior writing attempts such as:   


I generally write rough draft, sometimes proof reading and sometimes not.  In this case, mis-spellings for the sake of sounding western are intentional.  I hope despite the flaws of  not being able to write writing more seamlessly, it is still yet enjoyable to most readers and also a welcome diversion,  nevertheless.  -- Brianroy

Recollections of a Western Deputy (1871 -1897)

For my entries on these days, I simply listed the dates with words, like Sarah June, Carnie Raiders, Zeke Blunt, Carnack.  While Sheriff Bond and Marshall Jackson was still livin', I swore to them I would nary say a word, even in my sleep, of what happened.  Both passed on.  One went up, and the other is burning and a cracklin' and probably a poppin'.  I hope he isn't a cracklin' and a poppin' that much.  He was the best United states Marshall I ever knew.   Both he and the Sheriff were good men when I knew them, and maybe for the one who went down instead of up, maybe all the good he did will keep him from a cracklin' and a poppin'   too much (like what happens to wood with bugs when it burns in the fire after a while).    - Deputy B.

April 5, 1882     Word Jesse James Died and My First Taste of Beer

    We got word on the death of Jesse James two days earlier.  It kinda surprised most folks around here, as at that time, we had someone with round 40 riders living in the woods and prospecting for silver at Rustler's Pass out in Tombstone Canyon some 3 miles north by northeast beyond the outskirts of town, being led by a Carnie (a carnival cheat)  sharp shooter pretendin' to be him, Jesse James.   

I first heard the news of how Jesse got from behind in his own house while  I was tastin' my first beer in Maywood's Saloon.  That beer was was come to town a few hours after daybreak and delivered the news that came off the telegraph in the next town, and that's how we heard about Jesse James.   Maywood's was the first saloon to get the beer and Maywood bought the whole  Circus wagon  it came on, which was driven  by a whiskey drummer who was now selling beer in huge barrels.  They were the only barrels I have ever seen that needed 6 men to unload them with block and tackle, and at almost 280 gallons apiece made of the finest oak I have ever seen, and that thar' was so mighty high falootin'  for a rain barrel,  I was determined to git me 1 or 2 for my own family's rainwater collection.  14 barrels of beer were delivered to Maywood's Saloon, and in two days nuthin', it was all drunk up.

      Maywood made sure that I got not only one, but two of those barrels, all soaped out and clean, and even set it on two large slabs of slate at both ends at the front of the house, ready to collect and drink out of right from reach of the front porch I had just built for the missus.  We had just married on Pilgrim's Thanks Day, late last fall, and were expecting our first of what would eventually be 8 young uns'.    By the time we had 5 of these, we was the only family to have four outhouses with walking stones to where they was 30 feet back of the house.  Yes sirree.  You know you are really comin' up in the world as something special when you can boast that you and yours have more outhouses out back than any one else in town, and good looking white-washed clean ones at that.  For real country folk, we calls THAT as lux-ur-ree!   

April 7-9, 1882    The Imposter Pretendin' to be Jesse James 
                              Kills Marshall Jackson's Niece, 
                              and Events Of What Happened Next

     Marshall Jackson's sister was more than 20 years younger than him, and about a year before what was about to happen, she moved here with her husband and three children.  Josiah age 6,  Uriah age 5, and Sarah June age 3.    Sarah June was the delight of the town.  She just had to make an appearance on any street, and horses and gun-slingers alike pulled a hard rein being genteel like around her.  The child was a beautiful blond-haired blue eyed sparkle of sun and fizzle, and no matter how you was feelin', folks just naturally felt better and smiled.  There were some who hadn't smiled in years, who I never woulda known were missing so many teeth or had rotten gums.  No wonder they drank so much corn liquor, whiskey, and rye for breakfast as at any other time.   Even Marshall Jackson hisself gave up chawing tobacco just to be around Sarah June, which were most of the only times I ever seen him smile.  

    Round about late December 1881, a carnie sharp shooter took up with a group of busted prospectors.  The Carnie was  pretendin' to be Jesse James in search of his brother Frank and hidin' from the Law.  He eventually got about 60 together and started raiding farms and lone homesteads for food and supplies, rustling cattle and horses, sometimes doing dastardly things that one would figure more from savage tribes than from white men to their own kind.  In early February 1882, they crossed paths with Horseshot Harry and decided to shoot him down where he stood.  Even the Siouxs, the Commanche, and the Blackfeet are not so bold as to take on Horseshot Harry when he was mean and sober.  After that, then they was about 40 taking flight as if the Army gave them all yellow streaks down the back, and they was a living up to it.   But even with 40 out of the 60 gettin' away,  Horseshot Harry got 3 of those 40 so shot up in the back parts with rock salt from his Injun Special (as I heard Marshall Jackson once call his 4 barreled double over and under shotgun), that they never rode a saddle again, and it would be years before any of these, from what I hears, would ever even sit again.  They was lucky, if you could call it that, as they would be the only survivors of the Carnie Raiders.

At about 3 pm, Marshall Jackson's little sister and niece was returning home on an afternoon walk next to Harned's Harness shoppe, when Zeke Blunt, pretendin' to be Jesse James rode in at a gallop up main street at a high gallop, shootin' and a poppin'.  Even though bullets would be fired by the Carnie Raiders just about every which way and where, it was in the first two shots fired by Zeke Blunt that Sarah June was struck in the back and chest.  The first bullet in the back spun her around out of her mothers hand, and the second bullet struck her straight through the heart, and knocked off her feet almost 10 feet back into a horse hitching post.   
 Not one of the 36 riders with Blunt took notice.  Not a one of them  no good skunks!  Six of them raiders jumped off their horses, kicked open the doors of the town bank, while another 4 charged across the street one door over and shot everyone in the Wells and Fargo.  

The raiders blew the safe at Wells and Fargo, and blew the safe at the bank almost at the same time.  They used so much dynamite at the bank, they knocked down 23 feet of the east wall, the adjoining corner with the whole 30 feet of the north wall, and that adjoining corner with about 19 feet of the west wall.   We had more of the bank blowed out into the street, alley, and vacant lot next door than was left to the first story of the bank when it blowed.  As the raiders went to get their loot out of the bank, the 14" by 10" upper support beams and roof collapsed under its own weight, I reckon: killing 3 Carnie Raiders, and trapping 1 more (who I was later told had died when those trying to chop him out accidental like missed a couple times with their axes. It happens.).  The two carnie raiders at doing the stick up left with only about 1700 dollars in gold, silver, and paper.  Most of the rest of the remaining 6,000 dollars lay mixed in with all the rubble, and there wasn't much time to get off the horses and scoop it all up.  

 At the Wells and Fargo, those 4 Carnie Raiders, two who was  Jay-hawkers,  knew how to blow the safe and got just 580 dollars in gold.   They was so busy going after the safe, they left a strong box just sittin' right thar' in the far corner, with just a lock they could have shot open, with almost $24,000 waiting for the morning stage that never showed.  

When all this began to happen, the Sheriff and me was out west of town about half a mile stopping two neighbors from killin' each other with pitch-forks when we heard the shootin.'  We was just about 40 rods short of Main Street at a high gallop when the dynamite exploded.    Marshall Jackson tendin' his horse in the Livery, out on Chestnut 22 rods past the Beavers place.  When he heard the shootin' he saddled and scidattled, and came at a high gallop about 4 lengths behind me and the Sheriff.  As we rode down main Street, it was like the whole world was slow and time was thick like molasses.  Seconds that felt like minutes, it was if we was back at East Calvary Field for Marshall Jackson, and as if I was back in the war at Trevelian making charge after charge.   I pulled and fired 14 rounds from my 1873 Winchester .44-.40, pulled and fired all 12 from both Colt .45s, before my horse was shot dead and pinned me down, resting on both legs at the boots.  I reloaded both pistols quickly, and kept firing until after getting several pistol grazes, and my dead horse taking more than 90 shots, a Carnie Raider rifle shot grazed me near the heart and knocked the wind out of me for a moment as I struggled to breathe and reload once again, but couldn't.   Both the Sheriff and Marshall Jackson also lost their horses, but was firing back as quick as they could from behind an anvil and water trough at Lars's  Blacksmithy.  
Having got their loot, the raiders left town, 9 of them laying dead in the street, 3 in the bank, with 1 more trapped there. At least 13 more of them were shot, and they lost 11 horses, but took the ones already tied up to the rails and hitchin' posts that didn't break free and run away from all the shootin'.  4 townsfolk horses lay dead or wounded at the rails on either side of the street wher the raiders was, and another 7 down the street from where we rode were down had to be put down.  

Round about as the last reload and the last two or three score of shots were being fired, a travelin' Methodist circuit preacher pulled me out from under my horse, and out of my boots.  When the shootin' stopped, he helped boot up my soaked with black horse's blood soaked stinkin' feet, threw a hat full of water from the water trough Marshall Jackson had fired from, and then me and the Sheriff and Marshall Jackson all high-tailed it to the stalls, and rustled 3 Kentucky horses Wells and Fargo was supposed to take to a breeder somewheres, and we used these thoroughbreds shod for battle, and snortin' and rarin' to go to run them Carnie Raiders down to the ground.  

  All three of us, me and the Sheriff and the Marshall could only see and hear only what we was directly lookin' at, as if the whole rest of the world was like the rustlin' of the leaves, the flowing waters over the rocks of a running brook, or somethin'.   The whole town lay a cowering behind shot out windows and closed doors, and it was a quiet like I hadn't heard since before the fightin' stopped in 1865. Having got my boots on, I stomped a couple of times, and spied the Blacksmith's livery.  

 Even tho' I beat Marshall Jackson's time saddlin' a horse, I still had to gallop up the street a few buildings past Marshall Jackson's sister, who was caressing Sarah June and wailing.  I dismounted and went over to see if there was anything I could do, as I called out to Marshall Jackson for him to come quick, but he already had heard and recognized his little sister grieving and was thar' immediately. 
 Harned came out of his Harness store in a bee-line to Marshall Jackson, carrying his brand new made double sawed off shotgun overlay, a leather flap that mounts over the saddle's  horn and gullet.  It held 2 sawed off  double barrel shotguns and 6 rounds of  00 buck like a Mexican bandolier besides.  Harned handed the entire and outfitted rigging to Marshall Jackson and quickly told us what happened.  All Marshall Jackson could say in response was, "They shot my niece.  Them no good skunks killed my niece!!!"  And in a quiet rage, before I could even mount, Marshall Jackson jump straight up over the rear end of the horse, into the saddle, and was at a full gallop down Main in the direction the raiders had fled before I could even turn around, leap a few steps into a running jump and even place one foot in the stirrup.  But once in the saddle, I hesitated. 
The whole town must have heard the Marshall, as they now were a peekin' through their windows and coming out their doors like they was dreamin' and tryin' to wake up.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the General Store's owner,  my cousin Beth who was known as the Widow Bennett, despite bein' in her 40s now,  at a full run.  She must have read my mind, as she -- running briskly-- came out with 6 boxes of bullets, 3 of the right kinds in each hand.  From her right hand I took one for my repeatin' rifle and two for my Colt .45s, as the sheriff, already mounted, reached down and grabbed his 3 boxes from gently her left hand, nodded a "thank you Ma'am", and sunk spur.  I quickly followed,.  Even tho' I quickly caught up to and sided Sheriff Bond as we rode at a gallop, me and him never got closer than what must have been 100 rods, near 333 yards I reckon, to that lead Marshall Jackson had on us until the Marshall pulled up.  

The raiders had just enough time to dismount and begin running into the woods at Rustler's pass, where the road narrows briefly to only a wagon wide about a stone's throw, with steep wooded hills on both sides about 300 feet high.  The road then widens out enough for  4 or 5 wagons to ride side by side for about a mile before narrowing again and winding this way and that like a snake on a downhill slope that drops about 120 feet, and is about a wagon and a horse rider wide for about 350 rods or more, and comes out into an open plain at the base on the other side.  
The raiders having just jumped their britches off them high ponies upon reaching the narrows of Rustler's Pass, trying to ready themselves to bush-whack any who followed.  With his horse a foamin', Marshall Jackson comes at a high gallop and pulls up just in time, a blastin' with both sawed offs blazin' out of both hands into their backs, his reins in his teeth.   Marshall Jackson and them varmits went smoke for smoke for almost half a minute before Sheriff Bond and I could reach him.  By then he hisself had been shot 6 times not counting the 18 holes he had in his hat: 2 deep grazes in the left leg, one through the muscle in the back of his lower right leg, one lodged in the hip and one lodged in the shoulder on the left side, and a through shot to his upper right arm. For another 4 or 5 minutes, me and the Sheriff  and the Marshall went smoke for smoke with those raiders, and all the while that no good Carnie was always way out to the rear of the action tightly behind a tree or a rock somewheres.   After that, some 30 or more of the townsfolk, enraged at the death of Sarah June, rode in and in less than another 2 minutes more, went smoke for smoke and with us, snuffed out almost half of the Carnie Raiders.

Of those varmits, what was left of them at Rustler's Pass, 15 lay dead and 3 wounded, and the remaining 6 (one of which was Zeke)  lit out down Tombstone Canyon to what lay on the other side. 
Later me and the Sheriff found out from that Posse that was sent by the on the street insistence of Judge Hollister , that in fact, all 18 raiders died.  The last 3 he later said was shot right between the eyes with big black powder burns, all of them corpses being cross-eyed, the court ruling their deaths as self-inflicted and suicides.  

Sheriff Bond and Marshall Jackson then argued back and forth for a couple minutes, and it ended with Sheriff Bond giving the Posse instructions to follow what Marshall Jackson tells them to do.  Marshall Jackson then deputized me and Sheriff Bond as Deputy U.S. Marshalls for the purpose of avenging his niece and bringing in Zeke Blunt and those who escaped with him as dead, rather than alive.   We could hear thunder rollin' in on the other side of Tombstone Canyon, as me and the Sheriff mounted, were given another two boxes of bullets sent from Cousin Beth, and a pack that had jerky, beans, a small pan, a small coffee pot with two cups, and a small bag of coffee.  Durn that woman, if she didn't knows my mind since we was kids.  Sometimes she reads me like a dang book and peeks at the next chapter before I even get thar'.   

For 2 days through wind and constant rain and mud and dark skies, we chased those raiders as best we could.  It was nearly 40 miles over to Fudrow's woods, and there we found some hard ground above the trail that gave us the edge we was needin'.  By the time we caught up to them, it was 5 or 6 miles further on, about 2 miles past the Carnack & Carnack saw mill at Potato Crick.  Potato Crick flows North west to East by Southeast just south of Carnack, more of a village than a town, population around 260, which lay about 20 rods north of the Crick.
Luckily for us, and bad for the Carnie and his raiders, Carnack was where Horseshot Harry was staying a spell, having slept about 10 rods north of the river by an open fire.

  The raiders had now been reduced to riding jack-asses stolen by them at gunpoint from the Carnack & Carnack  saw mill 2 miles south of Potato Crick, and did not recognize Horseshot Harry, who was buried under buffalo hides for blankets and coats, looked just like some fat half-breed Injun warming hisself by a real nice and invitin' camp fire at the first.  The 6 also freezing but surviving raiders also saw that it wasn't just the invitin' camp fire, but it also must have been the smell of the hot coffee he was having, which me and the Sheriff could also soon smell twice or more as we also forded the Crick moments after the raiders did,  and as the wind blew this way and that.   

Likely as not, the Carnie and his 5 raiders with him probably only noticed the one leaning single shot .50 caliber Buffalo Rifle, and figured Horseshot, who theys figured was probably some half-breed, to be easy pickins.   Being too dadburned cold to think straight, these 6 dumb jack-asses got those jack-asses they was ridin'  to ford a near ice cold Crick some 16 foot or more deep to get to Horseshot's side, but not yet being able to recognize him.  We was about 20 rods through the trees and about 80 rods by trail to Potato Crick  when the Raiders plunged into the waters.  Had we a clear shot, we woulda took it then as those varmits were first crossin.'
Horseshot Harry, being the man he was, immediately recognized those varmits and as soon as all 6 made it across the Crick (which was now about two stone's throw)  onto his side, Horseshot suddenly jumped up a blastin.'    Me and the Sheriff was not quite half way across, watching them all,  when Horseshot, going smoke for smoke with these varmits,  in four blasts from his four 40 inch barreled Shotgun "Injun Special" shot the 4 behind Zeke the Carnie, then dropped his own just for hisself special made 4  40 inch barrel shotgun and pulled a Colt dragoon and shot the rider in front of the Carnie deader than a coon-skin cap.  

Meanwhile, Sheriff Bond and me was fording a current that was so strong, and it was all we could do to hold on to our horses and get across.  We eventually came out of the current about pistol shot downstream from Horseshot about a minute after it was all over.  

As Horseshot shot the hired help, the Carnie shot Horseshot six times. Even so, Horseshot didn't go down.  6 times at the heart, and Horseshot didn't go down!
 Having spent a cold night, Horseshot had cloaked himself in more than 6 layers of Buffalo hides, and as it happened, during the hoppin' and a poppin' the left side folded over on itself and covered Horseshot's heart with a thickness of more than 12 Buffalo hides.  He never felt a one of them.  The Carnie's fingers numb from the cold, fumbled for his bullets and  never had a chance to reload.  Horseshot reached over to his leaning .50 caliber Buffalo Rifle, laying against a large fallen tree log he was settin' on, and blew a hole through the Carnie's head where his nose used to be. 

After Sheriff Bond and me reached Horseshot, and found out who he was, and he found out what happened to his friend the Marshall....  Well...Horseshot being well deserving of his reputation,  then disarmed me and the Sheriff at gun-point, tied us up to a tree, face first into the bark, and shot our horses for not keeping up with his friend Marshall Jackson or catching the varmits sooner.  He then lynched all 6 jackasses used by the raiders on 4 century old or older trees with the aid of the ropes me and the Sheriff had on our saddles, and the aid of a block and tackle he got out of the village.   Horseshot then threatened that if Marshall Jackson died, he would avenge his death by killin' us.  He then left.  

For the next 7 hours those stupid townsfolk, mostly women and old men and children (as the working men of the village were away at the saw mill),  watched us -- the Sheriff and me -- tightly tied face first into either side of that huge old acorn tree and rope pinned into the bark .  And it was for more than 47 times that stupid squirrel that lived in that tree ran up and down my back and sides, even hiding his acorns in my holster and in other places I don't reckon I have a mind to mention.   Only when I asked to be released by saying I had "to go pee", did one of the children  come up with a hatchet and cut us loose.  I should have said "I had to go" sooner, as I was holding it the whole 7 hours!

Deputy B.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Faith Into Jesus / Yeshua As The One True Messiah In The Holy Scriptures: A Faith That Is Easily Involved And Extensive, Or If One Chooses, Easily Simple.

"No danger shall affright, 
no difficulties intimidate us; 
and if in support of our rights we are called to encounter even death, 
we are yet undaunted, 
sensible that he can never die too soon,
who lays down his life in support of the laws and liberty of his country."
    -- August 30, 1774

              Middlesex County of Massachusetts Convention Resolution

Often, I present the Gospel as if by means of dealing with hostile listeners predisposed to NOT believe, and with the presumption that THEY are of a mindset that in order for a Christian to believe intelligently, he/she must be able to present a justification before other humans to why they believe, by means of proofs and the power of persuasion.  I too, sometimes forget, sometimes ignore even as a flaw of character that is mine, that our Faith in the True and Foretold Messiah of Israel, Yeshua HaMesshiach who is Jesus Christ,  Whom is the only means of eternal spiritual redemption that ever was or ever shall be offered to mankind, is a faith that can be grasped even simply, even by a little child if so presented.  Yet, rather than stay with a simplicity of milk,  the inclination is to go deeper into the meat and solid substance of GOD's Word, for a more deeper satisfaction in discussing or sharing the One True means of Eternal Salvation, with no apologies to idolaters and all those willlingly going to hell that might or would be offended.  

  From Adam from just before he was cast out of the Garden, which the LORD GOD revealed to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 when he slew animals and gave Adam a coat of skins
 21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.
 down to our day, that One True Faith is the same LORD who stood with Adam in His pre-incarnate form and created Adam's living and reasoning soul so that we breathe in and out the very NAME of the same Messiah who is the breath of our nostrils (Lamentations 4:20, Genesis 2:7, et al.)  does not stand or fall by the means of our ability to persuade or offer proofs...those are simply tools to aid believers to be solidified more in the faith, as well as assist unbelievers to believe.   

 Of this Messiah,  Micah 5:2 describes His origins as from of old, even to the everlasting ages of the everlasting ages.

John 1:1-18 informs us that this one is Jesus Christ.  He was at the “Beginning”, at the αρχη, the “Bereshith”, or “beginning of all time”, as expressed in Genesis 1:1.

 This concept is seen in Greek concepts, in which Ceres (the daughter of Prometheus) became Isis, the queen of Egypt (through marriage to Osiris).  Thereafter, she was called by the Attic Greeks “IO”, after the concept of  “we have arrived as a civilization, beginning here.”  Egyptian wealth, naval and military, education and medicine, food and liquor, was all infused into Attic society Archē is, in turn, equated in the Greek with προτος: the first in pre-eminence, time, position, and authority before all others.

  The Apostle John uses protos in
Revelation 1:5, when he quotes Messiah Yeshua as “the First”, he does not just explain Messiah as being just a “first one” born from the dead, but reaches for a deeper meaning.  Christ is “before the birth”   πρωτοτοκος    of all Creation, as Paul cites in Colossians 1:15.  He bears forth the Creation of the universe by His power, the power of the spoken word (Hebrews 11:3, Isaiah 14:24).

The Father thinks it, the Son speaks it into existence (
John 8:28,38; 12:49; 14:24; Psalm 119:160, 33:6,9).  Cf. the “Oneness of GOD” in John 10:30, Deuteronomy 6:4, Zechariah 14:9.  Isaiah 48:16-17 lists a LORD YHVeH, YHVeH Spirit, and YHVeH the Redeemer; the Old Testament origin to Matthew 28:19’s justified use of  “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”.

John 1:3 , of YHVeH Messiah, we are informed twice that “all things through Him   εγενετο”  -- all things came into being at a point in time when the “Beginning” was in a new state, and still unfolding into existence (i.e., ginomai being twice in the aorist).  “Egeneto” is followed immediately by an emphasis on ginomai’s perfect tense: “gegonen”.  This tells us the continuing existence of the new state that has come into existence, as being upheld by the word of His power (as it were).

Lamentations 4:20 and Genesis 2:7, we see that this NAME is the sound of living breath...inhale masculine YH, exhale feminine VeH.  This exhale feminine as a person of the Holy Spirit is pointed to (though darkly) by Job 27:3.  In Job 26:13, we see the "hand" (Messhiach) is He who created the serpent or seraph (i.e., the Creatures of Creation).  In that verse, the "Spirit" is whom "garnished the heavens".   The word "garnish" is "Shiprah", which is effectively translated as "to order about so as to trumpet forth in clearness."   In other words, to establish an order and enlightenment that reveals Christ in a clear, loud, and resonating way.

The Holy Spirit care-takes and aids in the order of this Universe as the third person of the GODhead, guiding -counseling - teaching of Yeshua (as a mother would teach her children, perhaps), but  operating within the parameters of glorifying the Son -- Yeshua, Jesus Christ (
Romans 8:2; Isaiah 40:13, John 16:13, Psalm 104:1-6, Job 38:5-6, Genesis 1:2, Revelation 22:17). 

The Gospels state of Christ:
Mat. 11:27 - All things, including principalities, are delivered unto Him
Mat. 28:18 - All power on Earth is given to Christ
Luke 10:22, John 3:35 - The Father entrusts all power and dominion as part of the "all things" into Christ. The Father is a separate person in the Oneness of the Trinity who entrusts power and dominion to the Son.
John 17:2 - Jesus has power over all flesh, hence authority as only GOD has

Colossians 1:15-17, we read of Jesus:
"Who is (the) image [eikon] of GOD the Invisible before the birth [prototokos] of all Creation, because in Him were created all things:
-- the things in the heavens; --
and those upon the Earth: those visible and invisible -- whether thrones, whether lord-ships, whether rulers, whether authorities, -- all things through Him, and for Him, have been created; and He is prior to all things, and all things in Him stand-together-with/stand-because-of
[sunesteke] (Him)." (AWPR)

This last word, sunesteke, is the perfect indicative active of sunistemi; and tells us that Jesus "completes" or "fulfills the action" of causing the Earth and the Universe and the very concept of "law" to stand together, whether on Earth or in the Heavens.

In other words, Jesus indeed acts as the exact mirror-reflection (eikon) of GOD the Invisible (
2 Corinthians 4:4, John 1:18), as GOD. His existence precedes (proto) any birth or manifestation (tokos, from 'tikto' - to bear and/or bring forth) of Creation...whether in Heaven, or upon the Earth. Jesus is GOD.

 In the squared Alef   א   we can either view the upper yod as the Father and the Lower Yod as the Son, or we can view Christ as the slanted vav   ו   of the 

squared Alef.       Turn that squared Alef  90 degrees, and we see Christ 



In Hebrews 7:3, Paul through Luke teaches that Melchizedec is "Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of GOD; abideth a priest continually." 
In the teaching of Paul's Gospel to the Diaspora, the focus is on the aspect of Melchizedek being like the ETERNAL Son of GOD in his existence, having no beginning or end. Paul doesn't call Melchizedek an angel, but rather "made like" the Son of GOD. The word in the Greek for "made like" is aphomoiomenos : apo (the intensifier of the word it prefixes) and homoioo (just like, equal / perceived as the same externally in conduct - condition - circumstance - character - comparison. A more proper translation for our use here would be "very much like (in every way) the Son of GOD.

 In Numbers 25:12, the eternal "covenant of Peace [Shalom]" in which Phineas and his descendants are offered an eternal priesthood with (cf. Numbers 25:13) is the only place in Scripture where a letter is cut in half in the Hebrew Torah manuscripts and not rendering it "traif" because it is a custom believed to be from the very hand of Moses himself. 

This split vav in the Hebrew Biblical manuscripts, is the etymological "original intent of the word" equivalent of placing the Cross right smack dab in the middle of the word Shalom / Peace, and declaring that the ruler of Peace who fulfills these words must be both GOD and Man, the GOD-Man. 

The Vav is sliced at a slant to become a lower vav with an upper yod. The Gematriac value changes from 376 to 386, the same numerical value as the Name of Yeshua (whom we Gentiles call Jesus). The Expression "covenant of Peace" is of particular interest in its reappearance in Isaiah 54:10, and then in its association with the Davidic Messiah who is to come in Ezekiel 34:25, namely Christ.  It is also of direct interest here to those Jews who are looking for their Messiah, that Isaiah 53 is prophetically tied to a description of the prophecy contained in Numbers 25:12, which reveals the name of Yeshua, Messiah, the GOD-Man who is both without beginning or end, as well as He who must become a physical son of David in the flesh. Isaiah 53 is the essential part of His Earthly Ministry, what atonement and turning away of hot rage and wrath He did by laying down His life upon the Cross.

The singular man-servant David of Ezekiel 37:25 must be the same prince in Daniel 9:24-27, and yet saves in Isaiah 53:11,12.

A simple examination of the historical context, even in the Babylonian exilic period, shows that Daniel projects this Isaiah 53 Messiah who will atone for the sins of "the many" (Israel and the nations) as being 70 weeks of years further out from his day. Had Daniel meant 70 literal weeks, Daniel would have revealed this Messiah prior to Judah's emancipation in circa 536 B.C., and we would have known his identity in Ezra, Nehemiah, and from that day to this...because that Davidic King and Messiah must conquer death, and have the final right to rule forever (
Ezekiel 37:25). That is, there can be no kings as successors after him.

There are no Kings after the Caesarian precedent of acknowledging Jesus by the plaque that called Him "King of the Jews" by the procurator and legate, Pontius Pilate in A.D. 30 at the Cross.

Luke in chapter 1, identifies through the angel Gabriel, that this Servant David who eternally sits on the throne is: "JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the LORD GOD shall give unto Him the throne of His father David: And He shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of His kingdom there shall be no end."

Isaiah 62:1ff. and many other places, proclaim GOD is man's redeemer (e.g. Isaiah 43:1, GOD redeems Israel) and not the other way around.

The "righteousness" of Israel shall not be, except through Yeshua, and in the days of His Millenial kingdom (cf. Isaiah 60:21), when all sin and stain is removed from Israel forever by He who died a perfect sacrifice (Isaiah 53:12,10,9,8), and yet lives again to see His seed and end result, and be satisfied (Isaiah 53:11).  Hence, Yeshua is foretold in the Hebrew of the Hebrew prophecy that He is to be a resurrected perfect man, who is also the "Arm of the LORD" (Isaiah 53:1)...meaning He is identified many centuries in advance that He already is  "the LORD of Hosts" (Isaiah 44:6).

Romans Chapter 3 in the King James Version reads: 

23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
21 But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;

Paul expresses Romans 3:21 in the Polyglot Ethiopic in this way:
"At the present time, indeed and therefore, a Righteousness of G-D was caused to manifest and be seen of itself and of its own accord."     

When  the  Servant comes, the people of Israel will pronounce, Baruch ha ba, b'shem adonai.  "Blessed is he who comes, in the name of the LORD".  But what if the inverse expression were also true?   "In the Name of the LORD, blessed is He who comes"?  

The Targums (the Hebrew rabbinic commentaries or explanations on select readings of the Old Testament)  will take "ba" when it appears in Scripture with the Kingship of GOD, especially with the "coming of the Kingship", and impose the Aramaic verb "nalah".   Ba, or "to come", is in regard to the Kingship of GOD, is to be a "nalah" - a "revealing".  That is, an actual physical manifestation that an individual, not just a collective (such as a an entire nation of Israel), that one could or almost could "grasp with the hand", as it were.

In Book 6 of Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus in the Greek, states in regard to Samuel in
I Samuel 8:7, de outos emphanizetai to Theion - "then, to him {Samuel}, appeared and was revealed -- being made visible, GOD."  "GOD was made visible and revealed to Samuel."  As visible as He was with Moses, faces to faces, so also with Samuel, comments Josephus.

In the Assyriac, we read that the cognate to nalah deals with that which can be "not only seen, but grasped in / by the hand".  The root is used only once in
Job 15:29 as MiNLeH, and is used to describe that kind of material gain that can be grasped by the hand, and which substance of ownership could be taken away and vanish.

The Servant in Isaiah 53 is then to be viewed after a more perfect  understanding of the "Baruch ha ba" :
"Blessed is he who -- in the Name of the LORD comes and reveals -- and whom we are able to grasp with the hand, as though a treasure."  or something to this effect.   The Kingdom of GOD and His Servant, comes then, NOT by our own power or works, but by GOD's own power and will to reveal HIM, He who alone embodies GOD's definition to us of His Kingdom, in One Person:  Yeshua.

 And yet, we need not many proofs to believe...but it is comforting to know that these and so many more than we could ever grasp ARE there.    There is no religion in the world that can equal the power and depth of the Bible in truth and a never ending source of new depths of confirmations of its own testimony. 

 But faith in itself, of trusting GOD the Father through His Only Son Jesus, is so easy, and was meant to be easily so.  Jesus used a little child, and taught that the most precious faith is that kept and maintained simply (Matthew 18:1-6).

Our Faith is most powerful, enabling us to stand with authority and power, by being properly placed into believing into the Power of GOD.

He who created the Heavens and the Earth is able to come and dwell among us, be innocent, be scourged and crucified and treated as the scapegoat, offer up His innocent life He took up in our form (for we are made in His Image), and 3 days later, according to prophecy, take His life up again.

Believe into the Power of GOD and that He is.

Believe into the Power of GOD and the salvation available to you exclusively through Jesus through the Cross.

For even the great Apostle Paul said,
"I determined...I made up my mind after the manner of a firm judicial decision...not to know...perceive with the mind or outward senses...anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." (
I Corinthians 2:2)

Why? Because faith into Jesus Christ and Him crucified for atoning our sins, is the Power and means of that Faith which delivers us from Judgment in condemnation to Freedom and Reward and Eternal Life in Christ Jesus.

So maybe the most powerful in Faith are those that do not need multitudes of reasons of why they should believe; but rather, simply, as a little child, believes.  And when the books are opened, pass from Judgment into joyous Reward.