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Saturday, November 21, 2009

EU President: All aboard for Global Governance?


Herman Van Rompuy is the new European Union President. In this Youtube BBC video, pay attention to the English Translator at 1:39 when he mentions “The Climate Crisis which threatens our very survival”: the same Global Warming pseudo-crisis as is being challenged by over 30,000 scientists;


but instead, Rompuy and his fellow hacks want to drum up emotional hysteria among the masses, so that they might be suckered into thinking they are being rescued via a Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen December 2009. Give us all a break!

Watch the video above. Heighten your listening especially at 1:56 when he says “2009 is also the first year of Global Governance”….

"We're living through exceptionally difficult times – the financial crisis and its dramatic impact on employment and budgets, the climate crisis which threatens our very survival, a period of anxiety, uncertainty and lack of confidence...Yet these problems can be overcome through a joint effort between our countries. 2009 is also the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the global management of our planet."

What is it that Rompuy is REALLY saying? The G-20 is here to take over the world.

This is the same G-20 that the alien natural born citizen, and criminal Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama II, signed away US Sovereignty in Pittsburgh PA in the summer of 2009 to be economically be governed under. The signing of the Climate Change Treaty, even by an illegal office holder, is viewed by the US Department of State to be legally binding...and thus, we can interpret this to mean that such a legally binding signature will be to obligate the USA to ever after be poltically under the thumb of unelected European and other leaders who have no interest in the USA, except to steal its perceived wealth and to enslave or eventually kill it.

In the United States, Coca-Cola and many large multi-national Corporations are leading the way to support the Copenhagen Treaty. Coca-Cola launched a site called Hopenhagen, but that site -- at least on November 21, 2009 -- was (perhaps temporarily) frozen from response to any clicks short of signing a petition to support the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty. The US has many companies that operate in as many as over 100 countries of the world. To them, they feel required to "sign on" in order to survive.

But in reality, what we should be doing, is cutting the world off from us (the USA). In fact, we have enough resources to get along fine without the rest of the planet for at least the next 280 years...and if we set our technology and resources to the task, the USA could make its energy and other resources stretch even longer than that. And politics is generational...so isolationism on our terms, and world trade on our terms is possible. We will have to beef up our military to 4-6 million, kick out the foreigners, revamp the currency system to self-sustenance based on a Gold and Silver trade in standard, and pull back to just a 50 state concern. But is the Isolationist Strategy politically acheivable? Sadly, no. It is likely not ever to gain more than a 20% support in either the House or the Senate because our politicians and way of thinking is centered on fostering corruption, complaining about it, and then looking the other way more than rooting it out.

Worldnetdaily reports http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=116310 that at least 100 companies are on board with Copenhagen. It was not so surprising to see many of the names, but one that did catch me scratching my head was the Wall Street Journal as supporting the New World Order and the rise of Satanism under the auspices of "environmentalism". But anyone that is "not in Christ Jesus" is subject to the Great Deception of Satan, and the world religion of Babylon's "mamlakutu" or "mamon".

When Satan tempted Eve at the Garden of Eden, he did so from an illusion of gloriousness. He gave the best illusion of the riches of the kingdom that the Garden of Eden had to offer. The best he could do is to sparkle his jewelry before Eve (Ezekiel 28:12 ff.), and she fell for this ploy.

As a result, he went about using this desire for “things” to create an alternate kingdom, based on the illusion of wealth. In the alternate and fallen kingdom, one is at first enticed with “lust” to perform activities for what was originally owned by all. This insanity was called “Babel”, and means, “confusion”.

The idea of what wealth is, in lands or possessions, or the credit system to purchase those possessions and land, is called “Mamon”.

The alternate reality man has built, his “society, and civilization”, is founded on a common illusion. Failure to abide by that system of Babel -- known as Babylon, an ever-evolving religious order on the worship of Mamon, -- means persecution - privation - and death. In our day, what is the mamlakutu of the vanity that G-D hates...that riches equal righteousness.

It is though the tree that man likely first made his idols ... through wooden stocks, especially overlaying them with gold or silver (Isaiah 44:9-17).

The overlaying of these stocks of wood with precious metals is tied to the first manmade kingdom in the Bible, the “Mamlakutu” of Babel in Genesis 10:10. Man becomes his own potter of his own god, as if taking G-D's place, when G-D formed man like a potter forms clay (cf. the Hebrew) in Genesis 2:7.

“Mamlakutu” is closely identified and associated with “Melek” (“king”), after the form of a religious identity: a king who is both king and pontifex maximus (“high priest”).

And yet, this "melek" / "king" is also the new alleged "malak" / angel - messenger and protector of the man as well.

Therefore, deification lies not upon the stock of wood, its shape, or upon the precious metal with which it is covered; inasmuch the emphasis that is placed upon the imaginative “value” of the gold, or silver, that covers the image. The greater the value placed onto the metal, the greater the trust in the “riches or wealth” of the kingdom based on wealth: the “Mamlakutu” (Mem - Mem - Lamed - Kaf - Tav - Vav).

Man then, moves from trusting a living G-D, to trusting a vanity that he has made up, as he attempts to give life to something that cannot live but in the realm of ideas or altered perceptions.

It is as if the word Hebrew word "Zeroa" / "seed" (Zayin - Rosh - Ayin) is like petrified acorns of a petrified acorn tree. The concept is there, and the imagination can carry the notion forth, but a physical "living" life is not found in it. And strangely enough, the same word "Zeroa" (Zayin - Rosh - Ayin) can also mean "arm".

Hence, Psalm 112:2's "his seed [ Zayin - Rosh - Ayin - Vav] shall be mighty upon the earth" is essentially the same word as in Deuteronomy 11:2, " His mighty Hand and His arm [(Vav) - Zayin -Rosh - Ayin - Vav] , stretched out."

The reading of the Hebrew in both passages can be read to exegetically of a "seed" of the LORD who is also the "Arm" of the LORD, and in agreement with the prophetical requirement of the LORD Christ (Lamentations 4:20) who is ever to be growing great(er and greater) as typified through the word "Gadol" (e.g. cf. Eze. 31:7,18 with Psalm 79:11, Deut. 11:2, and Micah 5:4).

This word "zeroa" then, is in effect testifying of Genesis 3:15, that it is the seed / arm of G-D who is to be virgin born, Messhiach, Messenger, King, and G-D of Israel ... Jesus Christ. He is, as the Nicene Creed puts it, G-D from G-D, Light from Light, very G-D of very G-D...hence, Jesus is our complete Redeemer, in every sense of the word.

That faith in King Messiah is separate from the system of “Mamlakutu” (Mem - Mem - Lamed - Kaf - Tav - Vav).

The two mems ממ, as according to the Hebraic art of Gematriac analysis, represent the “peoples pressing together” to enter this kingdom being established by Babel (cf. Hebrew of Genesis 10:10). It is as the masses of the humanity fill the “broad way”, the “euruchoros” of which Christ alludes (Matthew 7:13), in which a wide open countryside, as vast as far as the eye can see. The broad way is where every one is free to travel, to sit, to move, or to pursue which ever way is right in their own eyes. These are they, the multitudes, who ignore G-D’s call for travel on the pressing and narrow path, prefer the wide path or broad way to attain their own salvation. They despise G-D’s Voice, and curse and gnash their teeth.

The Lamed ל tells us that they are learning that this way of life is both to be desired and acceptable. It is not a natural instinct that is inherited in their genes, they must learn the error of the religion of Mamon.

The Kaf כ tells us what they are learning: of how to oppress and suppress one another with the palm, and of violence.

The Tav ת informs us that this kingdom is believed into as if it were an everlasting institution.

The Vav ו informs us that the desires of this kingdom hold a hook into those believing into it. They are like fish whose mouth is caught with a hook and line, or are limited to swim within the confines of a net by the sin nature: they are become as slaves and as captives to it.

We are called, then, by the very nature and institution of "religion", not to place our value in a stock of wood -- but upon what is "on" that stock of wood...i.e., upon Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

In Christianity, we look upon the Cross --or rather, upon Christ, more precious than a whole universe of diamonds and gold, who was nailed into the “tree” or “wood” -- and we place our most esteemed value upon Christ, who is our Life (or should we say, "lives"), our most-extreme end, and our justification for living.

In effect, rather than trying to help billions of men, women, and children across the Globe to a better standard of living, cleaner conditions, better plumbing and housing, etc., the G-20 is pushing "Global Governance" under the de facto religion of mamon or "wealth environmentalism". It is sold as a type of Communism, when in fact it is oligarchal, power and wealth in the hands of the fewer masters, in ints reality and nature.

In ancient Latin literature, this modern Mamon Environmentalism is exposed as being more along the lines of latifundia: seized private properties conglomerated by corrupt a wealthy upper class and worked upon by slave labor. When that happened over 2,000 years ago, it sparked the Slave Revolution of Spartacus in Italy from circa 73-71 B.C.

But times have changed. Russian Communism lasted under the Iron fist for well over 60 years, and Chinese Communism was celebrated last September by Obama and members of his Administration last September. So realistically, what separates these rulers of the G-20 or those who will sign the Copenhagen Treaty morally from the most evil dictators and oppressors of past human history? Any nation that signs it...in regard to those leaders that support it...morally, there is not very much difference at all, because they will have given license to future genocide and mass murderers to pale past history with numbers to horrible to even comprehend. I fear that the deaths of over 1 billion human beings will be directly upon their heads within their lifetime. And the misery of billions more, upon their heads also. Such is an evil, a very wicked generation of leaders indeed recreate and re institute Human Slavery; and to create an entire religion around environmentalism, in order to pacify the unsaved masses into docility.

Yes, the Global Governance via the Climate Change Treaty of Copenhagen 2009 is evil, it is wrong...and unfortunately, "Global Governance", in and by itself is Biblically prophesied to occur before the Day of GOD Almighty's Wrath upon mankind for rejecting Jesus Christ and the saving / atoning work He did for us upon the Cross (that by faith and trust into Jesus, we would be reconciled to He who is our Creator, and gave us this planet and all that is therein, in the first place).

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