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Friday, November 6, 2009

HR 3962


Here we go again...another Communist-Socialist power grab via H.R. 3962.

Page 187 following says, if you don't pay into your own required health plan, you will be anti-Constitutionally (since it is neither necessary nor proper) extorted to pay the Commissioner or Health Exchange directly. If the unemployed and poor can't pay, what then: labor gangs?

According to World Net Daily and a Michigan Congressman,

"up to $250,000 in fines and five years in jail for failing to buy the properinsurance coverage" is quite possible.


Under Section 6662(a), 20 percent of an underpayment attributable to health care tax

Section 6663, a fraud penalty of 75 percent of the underpayment

Section 6702, a $5,000 penalty for taking a frivolous position on a tax return

Section 6651, a delinquency penalty of .5 percent under the underpayment, each month

Section 7203, a fine of $25,000 or jail up to one year

Section 7201, a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.

Is anyone jumping for joy and saying this kind of coercion "protection" money is
Constitutionally proper and necessary? Perhaps only the Communist-Socialists, and those thinking they will gain great political power and wealth via the Government vehicle themselves. I doubt very very few others, once they realize the ramifications, will.

PP. 441-462, where starting October 11, 2011, anyone on Medicare Parts A & B, once released from a hospital, will not be readmitted in most cases, because they will not be paid for. If the patient is hospitalized over 90 days, there will be no more payments to the care facility, and the patient cannot be readmitted to another Hospital for the same problem. That means Congress legally grants forced expulsions of coma and other intensive care patients to die. So where can they go? That's begins on page 1361 with Section 2512, where those kicked out or unable to see a doctor via the coming doctor shortages will be referred into Nurse Managed Health Centers. Can the Nurse prescribe medicine, treat serious cases? No. On page 1247 the definition and scope of nursing does not change. She can put a band-aid on you, take your pulse or blood pressure, tell you to change your diet, give you a condom, pat you on the head and order you out the door.

But the protesting Congressman might then point to pp. 672-692, Section 1302,
the "Physician Homecare Pilot Program" (of extremely limited and low number of test sites) will be initiated. But the language actually handcuffs doctors to very limited medical treatment, and such limitations by the administrator, that it becomes as if an "end of life shuffle off care"...where one is either given a pain pill to wait to die, or perhaps the Pilot might allow care to be a Kevorkian assisted suicide program. Since the House of Representative refused time to discuss and debate the provisions, if the Commissioner or Czar has Mengele death Camp tendencies, this bill empowers him or her to become a "Death Czar".

Welcome to Pelosi-Obama Socialist-Communist healthcare...or the lack thereof.

On pp. 1431-1433, Section 2531, there is a Congressional rejection of torte reform unless that reform is pre-existing. If there are no caps, perhaps a Company like Exxon-Mobil, which profited $40 billion a year, can go to a law firm and one or two clients suing Exxon. Why a single person "deserves" more than $50 million dollars in settlement, or some very high amount as that, can someone explain that without frothing at the mouth with GREED? Nope. So a very high cap, on a sliding scale based on profits and worth, should have been part of the language. Instead, we get junk legislation aimed at hurting Americans, and calling abuse as "caring". Evil calls evil as good, and good as evil...and then attacks those who call them on it with slander, as mean-spirited and partisan, etc. Every name they call us, the ones calling us are guilty of those specific sins themselves, and are trying to transfer their sins of damnation unto us. Well, they can shove it, and take all their sins back.

There are also 355 pages of Native American care, including Sec. 307 from p. 1805ff. that has the government build "sanitation" additions to Indian Housing, as if they don't possess toilets. Then, the Government can seize title to individual land ownerships or whole sections of the Reservations because of the sanitation “improvements” and perhaps give it to China to repay our debts, if they have the mind to; and do Anita Dunn’s Mother Theresa combined with Mao’s “power of the gun”. The wild Left Wing of Congress is now gearing to twice victimize Native Americans like rogue and unrepentant 1800s Government Indian Agents...corrupt to the core. Is that "justice"? Heck, no!

[Update: 11/07/2009 10pm PST
The Bill passed the House on Saturday 11/07/2009 with 220-215. Did any of those 220 dunderheads bother to READ the Bill? To them, America is a sucker machine that always forgets and doesn’t care. Let them hear from you otherwise. ]

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