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Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry: A moment in time: prettier than a picture (by Brianroy)

There are waters flowing, as the clouds roll by --
on a sunny afternoon:

over a babbling brook, while green fields are gently swaying,
as the wind makes them to swoon.

The trees at the field's edge gently clap their hands,
while the birds in them sing sweet songs.

How gentle the earth...the sky..the view...
who can tell us there is wrong?

A deer walks gingerly across the grass,
and a family of rabbits hop along, following behind.

And under an acorn tree, squirrels eagerly gather their nuts;
and acrobaticly enjoy their happy little find.

How sweet the air, how lovely so;
how blessed is the appeal!

How freely is this for thee, how lovely so;
at no cost is G-D's gift, the beholding of Creation's zeal.

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