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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts on Carbon-14 and Climate Carbon Science in general

Immanuel Velikovsky, though controversial, explored the dating methods using Carbon-14 in relation to Egypt. In his analysis, such as wood samples from Tutankhamen artifacts, Egyptian chronology is generally 300 to 800 years confused.

There are several themes that run through an ancient redating process, and theoretical science, sad to say, is one of them. Theoretical science is often hindered by ignorance which rules out visible acts seen in Nature / Creation which tells us that life never runs at an absolute regularity or constant (storms and their activity to soil and strata prove this) and in reality, must allow for metabolism and nature to some degree run at a differing speed now than 4,000 years ago by an unknown rh-factor (as it relates to blood and metabolism)  and an unknown x-factor.

An example of putting forth a theory of science in a place where we can see the application more rigidly, I can put forth a clear answer to the Riemann hypothesis after this fashion. Remember, this is just an example of theoretical science. In his hypothesis, Riemann used Gematria and 4 languages to show a formula where .33 = .33 using a cubicle, or three-dimensional analysis, as does Einstein in his E = mc square formula. Riemann, as a student of Hebrew and Greek under his theologian father, was aware that the Greek letters, created at Phoenicia, were actually shapes from a lost art of mathematical engineering calculations using a cubicle or 3-dimensional expression. In our day, we have to use computers to rediscover what some ancients already knew. By taking his formula as a simplified expression of symbols and Gematria, Riemann was able to use a shortcut method of verifying his calculations, which is exactly what geniuses are able to do. And to this day, mathematicians are taking the long way round, when the short method is what Riemann was teaching us by his example.

In this, we formulate an hypothesis knowing the history of Riemann, his hobbies, his correspondence, his habits, his past writings...and we reach an intelligent alternate theory as to what lay behind the riddle of his hypothesis. It doesn't have to be correct...simply plausible enough to be correct. And strangely enough, the debate about ancient history, is done in much the same way. The more we know...then the more we know. We are information junkies in need of learning as much as we can, because so very few of us can sift and properly analyze the dat we have received from the ancient past.

Getting back to Carbon - 14:

Our Northern Hemisphere river run-off in our current day is probably much slower than even 200 let alone 2,000 years ago. An example of this was a report done on the speed of the flow of Niagara Falls in the 1700s, and the erosion process decreasing over many decades. The run-off, as we have seen in a recent rain in Texas, can be the equivalent of 50,000 to 80,000 years of corrosion in a matter of a few days., baffling those of the related Earth Sciences.

Compared to the era of the Black Sea deluge, even our planetary and magnetic conditions are different. Our magnetic sphere is decreasing at a rate that cannot allow the Earth to be older than 80,000 years, for example, without attaining polarity equivocal to a forming star. Ozone levels and human population conditions are vastly different. And especially important to radio carbon dating, the amount of water available to evaporate into the atmosphere (such as in non-glacial form) will also affect carbon dating.

We know that the ancient testimony was that Europe was still a glacial wilderness as late as 1000 B.C.; and this can be seen (or perhaps we should say, reasoned) in the very slow migration into the Continent. For example, why did Rome form in the 700s B.C., and never expand first to unoccupied Gaul and further inland northwards? The Celts themselves are tracked as in the northern regions of Turkey and near the Caspian Sea, yet 600 years later, they are only just settling in Gaul. Why? Their Germanic cousins have moved into central and western Europe from Macedonia, of which Alexander was. why did it take so long, if not for Glacial recession?

Again the amount of water available to evaporate into the atmosphere (such as in non-glacial form) will also affect carbon dating.

When the Mediterranean began to rise, that Sea flowed into the Black Sea basin, and filled it. The question, is when? Greek history tells us of the great cataclysm, or destruction by water and ice.

It is important that we realize that modern and past science does not hold the answers. And more and more, we have to apply what we know in combination with the past testimony of the ancients. Too many people wish to rewrite H.G. Wells as George Orwell did, and make a new history of the past that never existed based on a philosophy to the exclusion of a Creator.

Exploration of various concepts and theories was and is a learning experience. For example, I would recommend the reading Immanuel Velikovsky’s correspondence with Einstein:

Even if Velikovsky’s theories are controversial, and sometimes incorrect, follow the line of reasoning of his contentions with ancient Greek and Patristic literature:

1) Electromagnetism or other forces yet unknown or uncomprehended may play a more important role in the human history and hence the local cosmos than has been generally recognized heretofore:

2) It is quite obvious that the alleged chronology of ancient Egypt is seriously flawed, which many historians apparently lean on too heavily as if factual, and create new history based on flawed interpretations of Egypt's chronology.

Other writings of Velikovsky should be read and thought upon.




In doing so, plausible explanations to miraculous events may spring to mind. For example, though somewhat off the subject: Has science ever considered the effect of a moon sized Ice Comet colliding with the sun? If so, would the projections be similar to what happened at the time of Christ's crucifixion, between noon to 3 pm -- that is, an effect spoken of in Acts and Joel?

Iin Velikovsky's way of looking at things, the idea is to present valid theories to consider, not in having the absolute truth. And if time and science proves otherwise...then at least we arrived to a point of greater knowledge and understanding much more quickly because we examined all the data and possibilities.

My take, based on Greek and Patristic historians and apologists, is that the Black Sea began to be filled in 1551 B.C. at the time of the Hebrew exodus and the explosion of Santorini island.

In regard to Carbon-14 dating, we need a basic understanding: http://edmall.gsfc.nasa.gov/99invest.Site/science-briefs/ace/ed-radioact.html

These will illustrate or concentrate on the theme of a Carbon increase when life dies...but no one dares factor in the Earth's population explosion and other Carbon releases in the last 300 years. So if the part per million (ppm) of Carbon is increasing in the atmosphere to 350 ppm, we are increasing animal and human life and death while decreasing the ratio of plankton and plant life compensation to off-set the increase. We need more trees and shrubs and plankton to perpetuate life on Planet Earth...but instead, politicians and multi-owning Corporate movers and shakers would rather establish a New World Order and oppress mankind into slavery to some kind of world government.

But in regard to Carbon-14, the spike and adjustments in life and death variables of mass populations or regions is never factored in the Carbon-14 dating; making C-14 projections into the ancient past an often unreliable exercise that cannot be technically called "scientific" because so many results can come from the same batch of ground, even if created at about the same time.

Maybe there is some concern when Carbon-14 is scaled back by other concerns from Creationists:
because science, when removed from the myth of evolution,
offers a perspective that leaves evolution as more than a little inconconclusive

Compare the last above link article with Nasa:

Ozone holes are noticeably affected by volcanic eruptions...but our concentration on Carbon-14, says NASA, spills over into other dating problems:


And what about approved teaching materials?

Try this Home page: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/hframe.html

And this Carbon-dating section:


Has Carbon-14 and its relation to Ozone holes and Global warming been truly thorough? Or asked another way, has the primary collected data from 1962 -1993 that sparked the Global Warming Crisis theories been inclusive of affected nuclear detonation test areas?

North and Southern hemisphere raw data 1962-1993

Nydal, R., and K. Lövseth. 1996. Carbon-14 Measurements in Atmospheric CO2 from Northern and Southern Hemisphere Sites, 1962-1993. ORNL/CDIAC-93, NDP-057. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 67 pp.

In the 1960s, thermonuclear bomb tests released significant pulses of radioactive 14C into the atmosphere. This major perturbation allowed scientists to study the dynamics of the global carbon cycle by measuring and observing rates of isotopic exchange. The Radiological Dating Laboratory at the Norwegian Institute of Technology performed 14C measurements in atmospheric CO2 from 1962 to 1993 at a network of ground stations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

These measurements were supplemented during 1965 with high-altitude (9-12.6 km) air samples collected using aircraft from the Norwegian Air Force. The resulting database, coupled with other 14C data sets, provides a greater understanding of the dynamic carbon reservoir and a crude picture of anomalous sources and sinks at different geographical latitudes.

This database is outstanding for its inclusion of early 14C measurements, broad spatial coverage of sampling, consistency of sampling method, and 14C calculation results corrected for isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay. This database replaces previous versions published by the authors and the Radiological Dating Laboratory.

Fourteen stations spanning latitudes from Spitsbergen (78°N) to Madagascar (21°S) were used for sampling during the lifetime of the Norwegian program.

Some of the stations have data for only a brief period, while others have measurements through 1993. Sampling stations subject to local industrial CO2 contamination were avoided.

The sites have sufficient separation to describe the latitudinal distribution of 14C in atmospheric models. The sampling procedure for all the surface (10-2400 m asl) 14C measurements in this database consisted of quantitative absorption of atmospheric CO2 in carbonate-free 0.5 N NaOH solution. The 14C measurements were made in a CO2 proportional counter and calculated (14C) as per mil excess above the normal 14C level defined by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Atmospheric 14C content is finally expressed as 14C, which is the relative deviation of the measured 14C activity from the NIST oxalic acid standard activity, after correction for isotopic fractionation and radioactive decay related to age."

And later on...

"...The 14C tropospheric data show a sharp increase in tropospheric radiocarbon levels in the early 1960s and then a decline after the majority of nuclear tests came to an end on August 5, 1963 through the Test Ban Treaty.

The sharp peaks in tropospheric radiocarbon in the early 1960s are more pronounced in the Northern Hemisphere, reflecting the location of most atomic weapons tests. The measurements show large seasonal variations in the 14C level in the early 1960s, mainly as a result of springtime transport of bomb 14C from the stratosphere ...

During the 1970s, the seasonal variations are smaller and are partly due to seasonal variations in CO2 from fossil-fuel emissions. The rate of decrease of atmospheric radiocarbon provides a check on the exchange constants of the atmosphere and ocean."

In the 1970s, the Science Czar John Holdren joined many others in stating that the fluctuations of Carbon had no effect on preventing the coming Ice Age in the next 30 years. If Science Czar Holdren had it wrong then, what qualifies him to disqualify others like Richard Lindzen, far more competent, honest, and data focused than he? In fact, Holdren, who prefers mass sterilization via public drinking water...even though it might sterilize and make extinct animal life in those same local regions used, is a Liberal ideologue who injects his liberalism into the science, making him a quack.

Some may say Carbon-14 doesn't matter, because science now claims the Universe is 15 Billion years. The number keeps growing by the billions with each generation because of a liberal ned to deny G-D. In regard to a less than 12,000 year old universe in a 15 billion year Big Bang Universe, nuclear physicist Dr. Gerald Schroeder presents an interesting concept of time and space that I think anyone fascinated with age and the Universe.

It isn't as heavy as one might expect.

Again, reiterating how the complex issue can really be quite simple to solve. Some have called the Riemann hypothesis a near impossible mathematical riddle. It isn't. Riemann was multi-lingual, so a basic knowledge of his interests and capabilities was the key in deciphering that riddle...and it was quite easily done for someone knowing what the keys were. Languages in the elements of the formula itself, as seen through the 19th Century mind. By converting the Riemann hypothesis into 4 languages plus a fifth element, the formula simply states that .33 = .33 (using Gematria as part of the solution). In another example, in reading the mathematical sequence and formulas in the strokes of Greek Letters, by converting them into a 3 dimensional manifestation, we discover the same basic mathematical principal of Einstein's E = MC2 as a Greek cubicle of the letter for 900, in the same manner or way that the Riemann hypothesis is a cubicle summation that uses simplicity to ensure accuracy, going back to his theological studies in Hebrew under his Christian theologian father, etc. These claims can be duplicated by any Technology Institute in the world. The only question is, "will the resultant technology created from this insight open for mankind a Pandora's Box"? It could to some extent, perhaps...but the Bible assures us that the Jesus will never let mankind fully extinguish himself as a species.

In the 1970s, the Science Czar John Holdren joined many others in stating that the fluctuations of Carbon had no effect on preventing the coming Ice Age in the next 30 years. If Science Czar Holdren had it wrong then, what qualifies him to disqualify others like Richard Lindzen, far more competent, honest, and data focused than he? In fact, Holdren, who prefers mass sterilization via public drinking water...even though it might sterilize and make extinct animal life in those same local regions used. Copenhagen is a means of unleashing 1500 Holdren-like quacks -- (many of whom may me complicit in falsifying Climate Science Data to editorial license like Holdren himself has done http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/17183 ) -- via a One World Government upon the Earth.

At Copenhagen, the United States will be in a Group chaired by Australia, and also represent New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Norway. The Chair, also speaking for its member partners, with a US Department of State or higher Representative, has already pledged to sign the Copenhagen One World Government Treaty...in spite of its bad science used for creating what has to be a violent world oligarchy and enslaving system.

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