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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deliverance Through the Raptures, Part 2

Wedding Terminology is used:

In the "Rapture Scriptures", we saw a clear association of being "called up" with the snatching away of the saints of GOD. In the Jewish wedding celebration, there is a term called in Yiddish: "aufruf", which translated means, "to be called up." When a distinguished guest sits at a low or back table, and the groom wishes to honor that one by having him share his wedding table, the guest is "called up" to take his place of honor by the groom. We note that the true Jewish Messiah, whom we of the nations call Jesus, also taught concerning this wedding tradition, saying,
" When you are invited by one to Feasts , [such as a wedding]
do not recline at the Chief Seat,
lest (someone) more honorable be invited by him,
and he doing the inviting coming to you will say to you,
'Give this one place.'
And then you will begin to take the last place with shame.

But when you are invited, go and recline in the last place,
that when he who is inviting you comes, he (may) say to you,
'Friend, go up higher.'
Then will be to you glory before those reclining with you.
For everyone exalting himself will be abased,
and he humbling himself will be exalted."
(Luke 14:8-11)

In the Tanakh (the Old Testament), the saints are called 'the gathered ones", from the term Synagogue (which means "gathering" or "assembly").

With the coming of John the Baptist and Messiah YHVeH, the saints are called the ecclesia: "the called out ones". In the End Times, we will also now be known as "the called up ones." When the LORD comes to "Call Up" the saints in the Enochian (pre-tribulation) or the Elijahn (mid-tribulation) Raptures, we can turn to the Writings of Truth (the Bible's Old and New Testaments) and examine its use of wedding terminology to help illustrate these coming events of 'Aufruf'', of being "called up."

1) "And He as a Bridegroom coming forth from His Canopy;
He rejoices like a hero, to run a race.
From the end of the heavens, His going forth;
and His orbit, to their ends:
and nothing being hidden from His heat."
(Psalm 18:5-6)

"As a Bridegroom rejoices over the Bride,
(so) shall your GOD rejoice over you."
(Isaiah 62:5)

"YHVeH thy GOD in the midst of thee (is) mighty; He will save,
He will rejoice over thee with joy;
He will quiet you in His love,
He will joy over thee with singing."
(Zephaniah 3:17)

The LORD "comes forth" from though from a hidden dimension, through the fabric of this enclosed universe which we look at as though it were infinite. He descends upon the earth as a bridegroom coming for his bride, to take her (His saints) up, snatching her away, and then rejoicing over the saints as though a groom on his wedding night joyful over His beloved bride.

In the Jewish marriage ceremony, when a man and woman are married at the first, they are betrothed or engaged, but without sexual relations. This state is called Kidushiyn (ןישודק), which shares the same root as "Kedushah": holiness. Many rabbis call this period, the "Period of Sanctification", or words to this effect. A man and a woman are first joined as soul mates, and in physical union last.
In the wedding ceremony, the Bride wears white, the symbol of purity. The word for white in Hebrew is Lavan (לבן), spelled (reading from right to left) as Lamed-Beth-Nun. Divided we can read "L'BeN": which means "for the Son" We can also read LeB N(un), as it were: LeB means "heart", and Nun is the letter of "Faithfulness' and of the "heir to the Throne". Thus, to wear white is intended as a statement of Faithfulness and Fidelity to the One whom the Bride is marrying. In the case of the Church, Faithfulness and Fidelity to Messiah YHVeH, whom we of the nations have first come to know as Jesus Christ.

It is in Heaven that the saints are garbed in "white", and are collectively the Bride of Messiah YHVeH.
And Messiah YHVeH said,
"He that overcomes, the same shall be clothed in white garments;
and I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life,
but I will confess his name before My Father,
and before His angels."
(Revelation 3:5)

And John wrote,
"And I heard as it were, the voice of a great multitude,
and as the voice of many waters,
and as the voice of many thunderings, saying,
'Hallelujah! For the LORD GOD Omnipotent reigns!'
'Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him:
for the Marriage of the Lamb is come,
and His wife has made herself ready.'
And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen,
clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.
And he says to me, 'Write,'
'Blessed are they which are called
unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.' "

(Revelation 19:6-9)

The Tanakh (our Old Testament) also declares insight to this Wedding Ceremony in our New Testament. In our next quote, we see first when it is that Messiah YHVeH comes for His Church, and the difference between those He rebukes from those who obey His Voice. Then, we are given insight to the reward of those who obey His Voice: deliverance from Great Tribulation, and bliss. For example,

2) "Behold, the NAME of YHVeH comes from afar;
His anger burns, and His burden rises.
His breath is become an over-flowing torrential river,
rising to the neck,
to divide and to sift the nations
[wheat from chaff, sheep from goats]
in a sieve of vanity,
and to place a misleading bridle
[cf . 2 Thes. 2:11-12 ]
on the jaws of the people.
This Song shall be to you, [as the song from a Bridegroom]
as when the night Feast is sanctified; ['behold! The Bridegroom cometh!]

and gladness of heart, ['go ye out to meet him.' Mt. 25:6]
as one going with the musical pipe -- [cf. Is. 5:26; Zech. 10:8]

to come into the Mount of YHVeH, -- [cf. Rev.14:1,3]
to the Rock of Israel. -- [cf. Deut. 32:3-4,15]

And YHVeH shall make heard the majesty of His Voice, --[I Th. 4:16]
as He shows the descent of His Arm, -- [cf. Ex. 15:3,6; Deut. 5:15]
with raging anger, and the flame of consuming fire,
with cloudburst, with fierce storm,
and with stones of hail with great recompense."

(Isaiah 30:27-30)

The Delivered Ones:
The ones who are delivered, are defined as those who 'bear up and remain under, and enduring as with PATIENCE / 'hupomonos' (ύπομονης), are those who "keep" the words of GOD as true followers of the LORD.
Those who are called to "Follow" the LORD, in the Greek, would find the usage of akoloutheo (άχολουθέω) to mean: 'to move together in the Way, doing so both quickly and straightly.' This is the inference given each time Jesus says, "Follow me"; and this point is driven home in the Greek with Revelation 3:10-11a, in which we read in our English as:

3) "Because you kept the word of My PATIENCE,
I also will keep you out of the Time of Trial
being about to come upon all the habitable world,
to try those dwelling upon the Earth.
Behold, I am coming quickly."
(Revelation 3:10-11a)

We are called to follow the straight and narrow Way, whether as an individual with the greater universal Church of believers throughout all history and all times; or together as a unit as One, quickly obedient to the LORD and true to His teachings and His Word.

The Temptation Prophecies: What the Temptation of Christ teaches of the Raptures in the Last Days

When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and then went into the wilderness to go without food and water for 40 days and 40 nights, fulfilling the fast of Moses outside the Mount and outside the Law, what happened in relation to the debate with the former 5th Living Creature, whom we know as Satan or 'Adversary'?

Luke 4:1-4 - The Temptation prophecy concerning the First Rapture

In Matthew 4:1-4, and Luke 4:1-4; we find that the Church must first go through the trials of being fleshly minded, the Lusts of the Flesh. [re: I John 2:16]
Having passed this period, Matthew /Luke 4:5, then Jesus in "Body" is taken up.

In Matthew and Luke, there is an accurate accounting of the teachings and history of Messiah YHVeH, however, the order which Luke writes in 49-51 A.D., while in Corinth of Achaia in the presence of several of the original disciples, including John of Zebedee, is confirmed by John of Zebedee in I John 2:16. Matthew wrote his gospel in Jerusalem in Aramaic in A.D. 55 or 56, prior to his martyrdom on November 16, 56 A.D. in a land far away from Israel. From Aramaic, the gospel of Matthew was almost universally translated into Greek and probably Latin as well. Thus, a later copyist may have slightly altered the order Matthew's original may also had in agreement with Peter and John and Andrew and others who visited Corinth in 49-51, even as other apostles were also at Antioch of Syria to help establish the Church there.
The Apostle Paul relates to us that the "Church" is what? "The Church is the body of Christ." (Romans 12:4-5; I Corinthians 10:16-17, 12:27), and the head of the Church is Christ (I Corinthians 11:3). Even as the body of Christ is taken up / snatched away at the Temptation, so too will the Church be taken up / snatched away in relation to the Temptations coming upon the Earth in the Latter Days in conjunction with the Tribulation and Great Tribulation Period.
So, following Luke's chronology and confirmed by John (of the Temptation events), the Temptation of the Flesh leads to the Enochian Rapture in the Last Days.
The Psalms tell us that GOD rides upon the cherub, even so as YHVeH Messiah did with Satan in the Temptation, and that riding the cherub precedes the Rapture of the Church and is directly associated with it in prophecy.

"In my distress I called upon YHVeH… [substitute 'Tribulation' for "distress"].
He bowed the heavens also, and came down… [the descent of YHVeH]
He rode upon the cherub and did fly:
yea, He did fly upon the wings of the wind.

[Messiah rode upon the cherub Satan, at the Temptation; later at the descents / Raptures, He will ride perhaps upon another cherub. However, at the Second Coming, He will opt instead to ride down upon a Heavenly white horse. Thus, there will be some animals in Heaven also.]

…YHVeH also thundered in the heavens,
the Highest gave His Voice…He sent from above, He took me,
He drew me out of many waters
[i.e., peoples].

He brought me forth also into a Large Place…." [cf. Isaiah 26:20]
(Psalm 18:6,9,10,13,16,19)

The Second Rapture: Following the lust of the eyes (Luke 4:5, I John 2:16)

Christ is taken up to a high mountain, representing Babylon, and is tempted by the lust of the eyes with the religion of and the best that "Mamon" / 'wealth' has to offer.
In the period of the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation, even as the 2 Great Witnesses work signs and wonders, and so do the 144,000 witnesses work signs and wonders; so too, will there be a counter campaign by the Enemy. It will be so that great wonders in our days which we have only read as happening during Christ's ministry and the earliest New Testament Church, will be perhaps so common, that their reading would be as ho-hum small stuff compared to what's happening now (rather than scoffed at) in the Tribulation Period. There will perhaps be escalations to the quality of goods and material comfort and gain that we cannot yet fathom in the Pre-Tribulation Era in which this is being written. These gains are to off-set the great trials and sufferings that mankind will endure prior to the Great Annihilation of Day 1290-1291 of perahaps 1-2 billion lives in a single hour.

But, in the first 3 ½ year Trib period, I send the warning, 'Beware of false prophets! Don't trust your eyes, trust in GOD's Word, the Holy Bible (preferably KJV/RSV, NASV, or LITV for the English); and trust what YHVeH Messiah / Jesus Christ has said beforehand.'

The second Rapture occurs only after the new Church sprung up as open eyed babes in the word, aided by the 144,000 witnesses of the sons of Israel, is extensively tested by the "Lust of the Eyes". Messiah YHVeH warns of the false prophets in these days who will use 'great signs and wonders' to try and deceive even His "elect", and will do so if that were possible (Matthew 24:24). Indeed, in Revelation 13, we see that "the" great false prophet does so wonderfully, that the whole world appears to sway under his great signs and wonders in favor of worshipping the "beast" and "his image" (Revelation 13:11ff.).

The Final Descent / The Return of Christ: Following the Pride of Life (Luke 4:9 ff.)

"And he [the errant cherub] brought Him to Jerusalem, and set Him on a
pinnacle of the Temple."
(Luke 4:9)

The Third Temptation occurs at the Temple in Jerusalem. In this period, most of those who come to accept Messiah YHVeH must die for it. Yet, they die with the assurance that their killers will die in manners like as the saints are afflicted (Revelation 13:10). However, the saints are assured that their good witness, even in martyrdom, will bear fruit and their good works will follow after because of their faith (Revelation 14:12-13). After this last Temptation of Messiah by the Enemy, there is a period of Rest: this represents the 1000 year Day or Sabbath in which Messiah YHVeH reigns on earth from Jerusalem.
Therefore, the Temptations also teach us of the Raptures in the Last Days as well. It is so interesting that Satan misquotes the purpose of Psalm 91, because it encompasses so much about this neglected Doctrine of Messiah.

When we read Psalm 91, what read confirmation of all the Rapture Scriptures we have , in both papers, thus far covered. Let's look at this.

"He who dwells in the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH
shall live in the Almighty's shade.
[cf. Ps. 18:19; Is. 26:20; Jer. 17:12]
I will say to YHVeH:
'My Refuge, my Fortress, and my GOD;'
[cf. Joel 3:16; Ps. 50:1-6]
I will trust in Him.

…With His feathers He shall cover you,
[cf. Deut. 32:11]
and under His wings you shall seek Refuge: [cf. Ps. 57:1]
a Shield and a Buckler is His Truth. [cf.. Jo. 14:6; Gen 15:1; Psalm 57:3]

…For His angels He will order for you [cf. Ps. 68:33-34; 50::4-5]

to keep you in all your ways.
On their palms they shall bear you up,
lest you dash your foot on a stone.
…'Because on Me has he set his love,
[cf. Rev. 3:10]
I will deliver him, I will set him on High, [Ps.27:5; 9:7-10]
for he has known My NAME. [I Chronicles 16:35]
He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
and I will be with him in his distress,
and I will rescue and honor him.
[cf. Zephaniah 3:17]
With length of Days will I satisfy him, [cf. Ps. 118:17,; 49:6-9, 15]
and will make him see My Salvation ." [literally, 'My Yeshua /Jesus,
(who is to come);cf. 1 Sam. 2:10 Heb.]
--Psalm 91:1-2,4,11-12,14-16

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