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Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry: Vision and dreams that were once for just me (by Brianroy)

I dream a dream,
and it is in a Church that I sit.
With believers of Yeshua of every time and team,
Jew, Protestant, non-denominational, Coptic, Eastern, and Catholic.

We are all here and all aware,
but know not any other, nor ask...we don't dare.

The air is filled with a silence that hangs,
as the congregation regulates their breathing.

Eyes closed, heads bowed, thoughts now focus.

In the distance and ever closer, the sound of running waters;
like a trickling stream to some, like a gushing river to others.

Eyes begin to open, and look up and forward, and around at each other.

Hearts begin pacing faster, as the sermon begins,
"Children of the Living G-D...Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters."

And yet a few stare in shock, as if hearing a hocus;
when the speaker utters words the waters run louder with his teething;
and with a "Thus saith the L-RD",
suddenly an ear-ringing thunder bangs!

And all that is left, is the sound of a heart-beat beating;
as all others fade quickly from view.

A Sheet falls down as from Heaven,
and a vision of hands to just below the elbows -- appear:
turning open and continuously flipping
the pages of the Holy Bible facing down;
as a pulsating trickle of blood beats highs and lows like a heart monitor.

A vision of David, in a castle room of stone;
and the hands now assist Him, and assist Him alone.
The pulsating of blood, now beats high and low;
and upward to Heaven, that sheet now must go;
for the last vision, must remain sealed.

Heads shake in fear and awe; but the voice is silent now;
the lips still move upon the speaker, but you cannot hear what or how.

A reed pen drops from the podium onto the rug,
and it sounds as the breaking of glass.

To which sound I now awake from sleep...
in anxiety only my head to shrug,
and say aloud, "Alas! Alas!"

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