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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Birth, shedding sin like shedding leprosy, part 1

In John 3:5, Jesus spoke of rebirth by water and spirit.

The first -- a rebirth by means of water -- has to do with the shaving and bathing of one just cleansed from Leprosy (cf. Leviticus 14). They were as dead, but now are given new life as if born again into the Community as a new creature / creation.

The second -- a rebirth by means of the Spirit -- has to do with the action of Faith in GOD's means of Redemption, and this Faith is not what saves, it is the Redeemer --Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD -- whom we trust by Faith, through the Holy Spirit.

The first manifest expression of a rebirth in this manner is seen in the first formation of the Sanhedrin...in which Moses "spirit" increased, and this "spirit" was then imparted to his 70 helpers. In effect, the truly baptized in the Holy Spirit are seen as Eldad and Medad , who separated themselves from the other elders of the Sanhedrin, and went "Pentecostal Evangelical"; proclaiming the "good news" in the Camp among the people, prophesying, and perhaps speaking in tongues as well (Numbers 11).

The condition and religious ritual a healing of Leprosy, is found most prominently in the verses of Leviticus 14:
By Faith, GOD heals the leper of his leprosy. The leper has all the hair shaved off his body, washes in water, and shows himself to the priest.

The former leper offers sacrifice by way of a mediator with one of two birds (two turtle doves). The one bird is killed in an earthen vessel with living waters. The priest then takes the cedar wood (a type of the Cross) with scarlet and hyssop, and the living bird and dips them in the blood of the sacrificial bird. The Sacrificial bird becomes a type of Christ, and when it flies away, it represents Christ's death upon the Cross, taking away the blemishes and trespasses and sins of the world, once and for all.

After a 7 day separation, the former leper again shaves, but this time, only all the hair upon his head from the neck up. On the 8th day, he must come and stand in the gates of the LORD with two male lambs (representing the Father and the Son) and an ewe (a female lamb representing the Holy Spirit) of the first year to offer up as a complete and atoning sacrifice: trespass, sin, and burnt (guilt) offerings.

The blood of the sheep atone for all Trespasses, all Sins, all Guilt, in regard to the healed leper.

And after some more ritual, the former leper is soon to be allowed to ENTER into the Congregation of the Living, into the Communities of Israel, and be able to freely live in Zion as one from among the (living) dead...as one BORN-AGAIN by water and the Spirit, to dwell among the living.

The last Old Testament prophet, John the Baptist, once pointed to Jesus and declared: "Behold the Lamb of GOD which taketh away the sins of the world!"

In John Chapter 3, Yeshua / Jesus discusses with Nicodemus on how to believe.

The very name of Nicodemus declares him to be one of the 7 elders of Israel, and the second most powerful member of the Sanhedrin outside of the High Priesthood. He was a man of authority. The descriptive used of him by Jesus, retained for retained through the Gospel of John for all eternity, tells us that he was chief rabbi of ALL eretz Israel OUTSIDE JERUSALEM.

Nicodemus arrived to question Jesus by night for two reasons: 1) Jesus was an ordained "Semikah" rabbi under Nicodemus' jurisdiction, and he wanted to decide for himself what Jesus taught and thought privately as well as publicly. 2) The Sanhedrin Katan was out of control, and occupied by 23 wild-eyed zealots who could instill the death penalty in matters of Jewish law, and whose members (we learn from Josephus) were to likely include Sicarii Gladiator terrorists and murderers themselves. Thus, Nicodemus appeared before Jesus in the darkest of conditions, because at the time, he feared for his life in associating with Him. This in spite of being the chief Rabbi and Master Scholar of all Israel.

Yet, for all his knowledge, Nicodemus too, was unable to grasp Heavenly and spiritual things through the shadow of earthly examples.

In the case of having a proper spiritual perspective, Yeshua / Jesus uses the example of the Born-again experience of the Leper whose Leprosy is healed. We can either evoke the passage of the Levitical experience of the Torah in Leviticus 14, or of the Prophetical experience of Naaman in 2 Kings 5:1-19.

In Gematria, the Torah offering is symbolized as an Alef: a lamb as a vav, and two turtle-doves as two yods. Thus, the Jewish convert is asked to confirm that which he is already shown through the Torah and the Writings and the Prophets.

In the case of Naaman, he is asked to simply "trust" into the Salvation of the spoken "Word" and heed the "Voice", the Yeshua of G-D, who spake to Hebrew Fathers and to the nations through the Hebrew prophets.

The Jew rejoices in Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible), because he feels that he really hears the "Voice", the "Qol", the "Logos" of G-D -- through the Instruction / Torah.

The nations rejoice in the prophets of the Old Testament, because through them we hear the "Voice" of He who spake at Sinai more clearly through these men (and sometimes women like Deborah, and Hannah).

But like Naaman in 2 Kings 5, we all appear and arrive as the living dead and as lepers before GOD, UNTIL...WE BELIEVE. We enter into Baptism by faith enough to enter, and then...afterwards, through the experience of the blessing and acceptance of the LORD...afterwards, we learn to see, know, perceive, experience faith / trust into the LORD Jesus, Messiah of GOD the Father.

Without the Amens, we read:

" [And Jesus said ...]
Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of G-D.

...Can a man be born when he is old?
[,Nicodemus asked.]
Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?

... Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of G-D. [Jesus replied]

...born of the flesh is flesh; and
...born of the Spirit is spirit."
(John 3:3-6)

The word "see" is "idein", the aorist infinitive active of the Greek word which means to "see... know... perceive... experience".

The adjustment of one letter "e" before this spelling -- "edein" instead of "idein" -- will place it as a pluperfect or a result of an action that happened in a "past" tense. What would it have meant to us if Jesus had said...

"Except a man be born again,
he cannot HAVE SEEN
he cannot HAVE KNOWN
the Kingdom of G-D." ?

It does not say he cannot have briefly "tasted" or "sensed"...it says he cannot see, know, perceive, experience. What would that slight adjustment have meant to you, if it had been said in that manner or way to Nicodemus? And so we must ask ourselves...do you view your "salvation" in a past tense, instead of a living "in the present and believing now" experience?

But let us now reread the passage with the Amen in them:

Jesus (with quiet authority): "Amen, Amen -- I say unto you, Except a man be born-again, he CANNOT SEE the Kingdom of G-D."

Nicodemus (with astonishment): "How? Can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?"

Jesus: "Amen, Amen, I say unto you. Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot ENTER the Kingdom of G-D."
Nicodemus: "How can these things be?"

The word "Amen" in the Hebrew has the same connotation in the Hebrew as an instruction or "halicha" (religious ritual law) that Nicodemus is to "repent, trust and believe, to be more faithful and truthful, to come to the Right Hand".

Jesus is instructing the master teacher of eretz Israel. This tells us the sorry state that the Pharisaic leadership of Jerusalem and all Judea had fallen to in the First Century A.D., despite there being a presence of a Holy temple in Jerusalem.

In Isaiah 53:1, "Whom shall believe our report, and to whom is the Arm of the LORD revealed?"

In Isaiah 53:1, when one repents and trusts the report {shmua / sh'ma - hence a commanding "report" to which one is to stop, listen intently, and obey concerning, in regard to/ } about Jesus the Messiah, there is an apocalypse -- an unveiling, an uncovering -- that occurs: and one sees the ARM of the LORD manifest in some special and enlightening way.

Therefore, to see Jesus, who is this ARM {v'zeroa} of the LORD, is to see the Kingdom of GOD.

In regard to water and the Spirit, it is by the Works of moving forward by Faith (e.g., John 6:29).

The child like willingness to come forth and call out to Yeshua is that trust that Adam, as though or like a child in his new state, should have had and done in Paradise.

Thus, be a person born again, free from leprosy at the Temple, or born again and free from leprosy by dipping in the Jordan 7 times...there is clear precedent in the Law and the Prophets on this one. By the action of faith, trust, and believing into Yeshua...you can be righteousified by that which is beyond the Law, and the fulfillment of (the intent of) the Law and the Prophets.

Isaiah 53:4 "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of GOD, and afflicted."

This verse uses a certain word of interest..."nagua" / "stricken". Nagua is effectually used by Jewish rabbinical scholars as one of the secret names of King Messiah the "Hivrah" or "leper".

In Negaim, that which deals with {the afflictions of} leprosy, the Aramaic word Hivrah originally is used after the miracle of the whiteness made by Moses' yad (his hand) being placed into his bosom (which he was to exhibit before Pharoah), and the whiteness of the yad / hand leaving when he draws his hand in a second time. Later, "Hivrah" takes on the inference of a white layer (some say 'film') upon the surface of the skin.

As King Messiah, the use of the Aramaic (think Galilean) word Hivrah tells us that He identifies with and is able to heal the sick, paying for them their penalties by His act of service (as we keep reading Isaiah 53 to the end of the chapter) in pouring out His own innocent soul unto death, and taking (absorbing) all their maladies upon Himself and rendering those maladies/infirmaties as impotent.

Hence, He is so great in conquering sickness with but a word or a touch(as even the Gospels testify of Jesus' own abilities), that He is given the power to conquer death, and see His Seed (His followers / believers into Him) after Him.

In other words, as we read even from just the chapter of Isaiah 53 from Isaiah 53:4 onward, we now transition into the world to come, where it is the King Messiah who reigns over those who were healed and who believe into and follow Him, while yet King Messiah is still affecting this world as well.

I will lift up the Cup of Jesus / Yeshua

In Psalm 116:13 we read: kos-yeshu{a}oth esha

“The cup of Yeshua / Salvation, I will lift / carry.”

KOS {then a connecting horizontal} YeSHUAOTH ESHA [Alef-Shin-Alef].

The phonetic of “esha” {from the Hebrew “nasa”, to bear up, bring, exalt, carry} is the same as Alef-Shin-He, ESHaH {“woman”}.

Even as Eve, the woman { “eshah” } was taken out of Adam (Genesis 2:21-23), and of the same substance as Adam, being from the bosom of Adam…so is Yeshua here prophesied in Psalm 116:13 as being “he who is from the bosom of G-D the Father”, and the Name and means by whom mankind is to be redeemed unto G-D and “saved”.

By means of the woman, and by means of the Tree in Eden, to which the deceiving Serpent (Satan) occupied and deceived, Man fell through sin. So it is that by GOD in Christ opening His arms upon the Tree, He draws in Israel on the Right and the Nations with the Left, and atones for them upon the Cross. Where there was once rebellion and unbelief focused upon a Tree in Eden...so now, by means of a Tree, the Cross, and Faith focused toward the Obedient Christ upon the Tree, so Man can thereby be redeemed by the Obedient Word of the Father, Jesus Christ.

By being attached via the horizontal of the Cross, we see that Kos, the act of exaltation and being carried to deliverance, is accomplished in and directly to Yeshua/Jesus.

Yeshua is He whom will bear up and carry mankind. The deliverance is found in and through a coming by Esha...He who effectively "mothers" over us with the GOD's Love.

The last letter in the expression "Kos-Yeshu{a}oth Esha" is the “alef”. When the "alef" is lifted or "exalted" 45 degrees, as I have demonstrated elsewhere, it shows “Christ crucified”...He who is lifted up and exalted upon the Cross.

And how does He -- Yeshua -- come into the world of men and deliver? Through “esha / eshah”, through being carried and borne, and exalted through the {seed of the} woman, as Genesis 3:15 prophesies.

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman,
and {enmity} between thy seed and her seed;
He shall bruise / crushingly pound thy head,
and thou shalt bruise / hiss at his heel."
(Genesis 3:15)

The revered medieval Jewish sage, Rashi, explains: "you will bite him on his heel, and even from there, you will kill him."

According to Rashi, the hissing at the heel clearly implies the killing of Messhiach / Messiah / Christ.

The hissing and bruising at the heel, though it kills, indicates a temporary killing of the Messiah...because the crushing of the head indicates a victory by the Messiah AFTER that He had been slain, and brought to life again.

On the second go round with the Snake as the adversary (or ha Satan), we fast forward to Genesis 48:17-18, to the conquering Messiah who is now raised. How do we know this? Because Genesis 3:15 speaks of the SAME PERSON seed (singular) and not of another.

In Genesis 48:17, we see that again, the serpent waits in ambush...but strikes as an anti-Messiah / anti-Christ through the seed of Dan, but is unable to touch the rider (as Rashi also concurs). The Messiah who comes conquering is named Yeshua / Salvation / Jesus, as we see revealed in the Hebrew of the next verse, verse 18.

The two prophecies (Genesis 3:15 and 48:17-18) testify of
the many hundreds of years difference, even as the rabbis state,
"if Israel is unworthy, Messhiach will come lowly, riding on an ass (Zechariah 9:9). If Israel is worthy, Messhiach will come as a mighty conqueror."

Even the rabbis must use more than one scripture to explain this. Hence, even those Jews who deny Jesus as their King, themselves affirm two comings, even if they deny this while affirming it also though the lowly and conquering parallels they themselves have given.

Only the LORD can reveal these secrets, and one must be born again...and by this, meaning something more than the OUTWARD SIGNS of undergoing that ritual of Moses or of the prophetical miracle of being cleansed from leprosy (Leviticus 13, 2 Kings 5) or of the consecration of the Levites (Numbers 8:6-7). Three OT examples of the NT call to be "born again", proving "by example" that the NT "basar" / "good news" / "gospel" in and through Yeshua is truly from HASHEM (or as some would phrase it, "truly Jewish").

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