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Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry: The Canopy (by Brianroy)

The cirrus clouds line the sky of blue,
like drapes of mist from gravity suspended.

And yet the blue of the sky is an illusion,
and illusion of sight and of refractive light.

What is man, a soul dwelling in this house of flesh,
that he should declare his life on his own depended?

We are provided a tent of the Earth in which to dwell,
with air and water and warmth and G-D's aid to it amended.

The message of which we are so vacuate and blind is so true,
but mankind knows not how to accept without calling it an intrusion.

Sin and rebellion is in our nature to cause us to want to fight,
even the ideas that might remove our vain imaginations and pathway to hell.

So, the next time you walk, look up and enjoy the Canopy of the great outdoors;
know that G-D created the Earth, the sky, the trees,
not only to caretake and protect;
but to behold, and think of Him and His love for you, and enjoy.

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