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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Birth, shedding sin like shedding leprosy, part 2

Ma'or Tzara'at

In the Bible, we are told how that the presence of “haunting Ghosts” are viewed as a “Ma’or Tzara’at” / “A Luminous Leprosy”. In our American culture, Halloween has become a celebration of “haunting ghosts”, those who are “demons” and “spiritual lepers”.

The demon spirits, in effect, attach themselves to the human host who has taken the blood of sacrifice and ingested it back into himself. He has either eaten or drunk the blood (Leviticus 17:12,14), and is effectively cutting Himself off from Israel (Leviticus 17:10, I Corinthians 10:19-21).

It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul (Leviticus 17:11), and if a sacrifice is made unto demons (Leviticus 17:7), what is happening to the blood? The blood somehow is absorbing sin, by acting as an atoning work. If that blood is not burned up, or buried by earth, it retains sin, and cries up from the ground (Genesis 4:10); or it is turned into a corrupting agent, a perpetuator of sins that it had retained.

When the spiritual blood of Christ is drunk in Communion / Thanksgiving, it forms an affirmation of Faith and a spiritual attachment between the subject and His G-D. He is saying, “L-RD make Your home in Me. Come dwell within me, as You said You would, according to Thy Holy Word.” If one should drink the blood of idols, he extends the same invitation to demons.

When the body of the man dies, the unsaved soul descends to hell, but leaves the demons behind until the APPOINTED TIME concerning their Judgment. When the body of the believer dies, his spirit is taken up by G-D’s Spirit to Heaven, and there is sweet co-habitation with the L-RD.

The Land of Israel is so sensitive, that when a man is an idolater, his house may even display a sign of his spiritual leprosy upon the walls of his house; especially if that house is recently purchased and taken over by a believer. In Leviticus 14, the priest will order the believer’s possessions out of the dwelling and shut the house up for 7 days. There will be examination, and a further removal of contaminated stones and dirt, and a new plastering, if the plague stays in the house.

If the plague returns again after this, it will then do so with "Ma'or" leprosy: that is, it will be accompanied by luminaries or “ghosts”. This signifies a defilement with demons through a blood attachment. The priest will have to offer a trespass offering that combines the essentials of the Cross with the Trespass offering… the offering up of an “Escape-Bird” (vv. 49-53), instead of an escape goat. In effect, the bird flies off, carrying the demons in the same way the pigs running off the cliff of Gadarene also carried the “Legion” (Mark 5:1-13).

Matthew 8:16-17, tells us that Jesus by His very words, had authority to cast out demons and heal sicknesses without shedding blood. This tells us, that even before Calvary, He was as already being Crucified for us before the Father and all of Creation. In the Aleitheia (or Spiritual and True Reality of Heaven), Christ is crucified from before the Foundation of the world; but in this material reality, He was physically crucified on a date we label as March 23, 30 A.D.

Historical Parallels in 1511 B.C.

The city of Jericho in 1511 B.C. experienced the invasion of the Nation of Israel from the East, through the wilderness and low mountain ranges.

Jericho had been a well watered with fresh water supplies and a thriving civilization from before the era from Moses birth, or circa 1631 B.C., through the next 120 years to 1511 B.C.'s Israelite invasion and successful conquest.

The following of the books of Moses, including Leviticus 14, suggests the Jewish practice to raze whatever structure and levels that remained to its foundations...in order that the land might be sanctified and made holy (set apart). The passages in the latter part of Leviticus 14 suggest this: such as the walls taking leprosy upon themselves (or words to this effect in the Torah).

The Hittites would have controlled the Eastern Banks of the Jordan prior to the invasion of the Hebrew peoples. One of the points of note about the Hittites, is that they ecumenized the deities and religious practices of the lands they and people they conquered.

Their influence over the Eastern banks of the Jordan would certainly be a consideration until some time after the confrontation of Kadesh, after which a truce and then a Peace Treaty was signed prior to the rise of Israeli kingship and the Assyrians in the East.

Hence, a Hittite influence upon the eastern bank of the Jordan Valley from 1630 B.C. to circa 1200 B.C., should enter into our considerations to the Conquest of Joshua through much of the times of the Judges. The strength of that influence would wax and wane...and in 1511 -1496 B.C., and to Joshua's death in 1471 B.C. (Judges 2:8), non-existant. The next date of interest, after the Hebrew settling on the Eastern Bank, is 1450 B.C., with the invasion by the "king" of Mesopotamia, Chushanrishathamin (Judges 3:8).

It is via the practice of dealing with “Ma’or Tzara’at” / “A Luminous Leprosy” that we will understand why Archaeology will have sites appear to have had hundreds of years of existence wiped clean and removed from their strata in the Land of Israel. It deals with Joshua, the Mosaic Law, and purging of leprosy via removing idolatry and uncleaness from the Land.

Hence, the reason why we should expect a gap of 1500 B.C. cities to have their Middle Bronze and Intermediate Bronze levels "vanish", and not reappear again until the low strata of the EB or 2350 B.C. level, which the Israelites would have reduced them to, and removed away the evidence.

The idea behind razing conquered cities to their foundations and removing those strata in 1511 - 1496 B.C.

For 15 years, Joshua and the nation of Israel disrupted the chronology of the promised land ( i.e., Israel) for modern Archaeology, via the practice of razing to the ground, and possibly to below ground level.

At the time Israel took possession...all lands pertaining to Israel's THEN control, would be subject and bound to this decree / view under Joshua -- even as it was under Moses.

That means, south from the East Valley of the Jordan to the Arnon river, and around the base of the Dead Sea and inclusive of the Lisan Peninsula - all cities given over to idolatry in such a way, must have been either put to the leprosy test. Those test buildings failing the leper test could then be determinate as to whether the city was or was not razed by Israel during these 15 years of Joshua conquest (1511 -1496 B.C.).

A Possible "Building" or "City's Leper Test"?

In these years, the likely scenario would be that the conquered city ready for Israelite habitation would have chosen buildings out of it...and the resident walls sprinkled with holy water of the ashes of the red heifer upon it, using hyssop and purple wool. The place would then be shut up for 7 days following this exorcism.

In Leviticus 14, we see that the priest will order the believer’s possessions out of the dwelling and shut the house up for 7 days.

After the 7 days, there will be examination by the kohenim (ritual priests), and a further removal of contaminated stones and dirt, and a new plastering may even be applied (upon discretion of the kohenim, if the plague stays in the house.

If the plague returns again after this, it will then do so with "Ma'or" leprosy: that is, it will be accompanied by luminaries or “ghosts”. The priests will declare they have seen ghosts...and the building or city will be razed.

The seeing of the “Ma’or Tzara’at” signifies a defilement with demons through a blood attachment. The priest will have to offer a trespass offering that combines the essentials of the Cross with the Trespass offering… the offering up of an “Escape-Bird” (vv. 49-53), instead of an escape goat. In effect, the bird flies off, carrying the demons in the same way the pigs running off the cliff of Gadarene were testifiedto as carrying off the many demons who inhabited an insane man and called themselves “Legion” in the NT times (Mark 5:1-13).

So, in discussing the Archaeology of this Mosaic time period...it might do well to also be willing to examine the religious zealous influences that could have had a direct impact upon the archaeology of the period.

a razing of cities to a clean leveling and removal of what we account as 850 years of history is indeed possible if :

1) There is an over staffing of help to get the job done.
--- The Hebrews could field over 600,000 men in a military capacity, ages 20-59, upon their crossing the Jordan River.

2) There is a strictness of the discipline of the participants toward following orders with zeal to micro-efficiency.
--- One needs only a thorough reading upon religious laws within the Torah, especially Vayikra / Leviticus, to be aware of this stringency for efficiency placed upon every soul of the Hebrews camp of 2.5 - 3 million.

3) There is a religious zeal hammered into and coming from the participants to please their Deity who demands micro-efficiency.
--- We have examples laid out for us through the Torah and Joshua that any lapse in micro-efficiency --even by one individual -- could result in national defeat or disaster.

4) There are religious priests involved looking for micro-evidence.
--- The Torah and the book of Joshua speaks of Kohenim accompanying the armies of Israel under Moses and Joshua.

5) They are intelligent enough in engineering or other means to grasp concepts on how to build and level a city, and utilize tools to the most effective effort while using the least amount of energy to do so.
---The generation entering the Promised Land over the Jordan river bed, had many who worked from the ages of 6 to 19, and learned the skills of their fathers, who helped build up two cities in Egypt: Pothim (not Pithom, as it is mispronounced) or Memphis, and the city later called Ra-Amesses (Bad Amosis in the Hebrew idiom) which is associated with Heliopolis / On.

Again, we see such a play on words with Ra-Amesses (Bad Amesses the person / "On" or "Avaris" for the city) and Pothim (many secret chambers/openings) instead of Pithom for the description of Heliopolis in Exodus 1, for example.

The Hebrews also renamed people, as well as cities, after their experiences with them.

Ahasuerus is the Hebrew renaming of the Persian Khshayarsha. The Hebraicization is likened to Ach-Shoresh, or "brother root".

Darius (darayavahush in the Persian, loosely meaning the "King known as 'the One'") is actually a designation for "emperor".

Over a century after the Hebrews had left, On / Heliopolis probably evolved under Osiris and Isis his queen, followed Orus their son. You better know these, perhaps, in Greek mythology as Bacchyus/Dionysius, Ceres, and Apollo.

Amenophis (II) - Osiris 1422 B.C. to 1391 B.C.
(Gk. - Bacchyus) 30 Years 10 mos. (credited as though unbroken)
(Gk. - Dionysus) w/ Queen Isis (Gk. - Ceres)

Orus 1391 B.C. to 1354 B.C. (Gk. - Apollo) 36 Years 10 months

In spite of who came later, the point is, that the same ones who were skilled as youngsters in helping their fathers in Egypt / KMT at Memphis and Heliopolis/On in 1552 B.C, were active in the armies of Israel and applied their skills which would have been honed in mental application and training by teachings over the next 40 years in preparation for entering and building the Promised Land...but removing the profane, first.

Therefore, the generation under Joshua in 1511 - 1496 B.C. could well have had and retained such requirements as the five that I list above, and successfully razed down to even the removal of micro-archaeology from the sites they chose to during / in these 15 years of conquest.

A study of ancient civilizations and the Bible, will also point to using fire and running waters as a choice removal of the profane. The idols of Jerusalem, for example, were burned and stamped or ground to powder, and cast upon the graves of those in the flash flood riverbed, where they would wash away.

Thus, a burning of idols and the Satanic to ashes represents the act of Faith by man acting in obedience to GOD, a Baptism of the Faith or the Spirit, after a sense. And then the rain washes the ashes away, as a Baptism of water...so that even the Land may be redeemed and made Holy unto GOD by fire and rain, by being reborn both the Spirit and by Water (as it were). Its redemption is best when it is cultivated with purity, so that it sprouts anew as either crops, or as a garden of grasses and trees and shrubs by those people who have wisdom to do so...and in the doing, to glorify GOD. Hence, a lesson in nature rebirth or born-again experience which Jesus related to Nicodemus can be brought to mind here as well.

In John 3:3, we are all called to be "gennethe anothen", "born from above" into the Kingdom of GOD, the "basileaian tou Theou".

As Jesus declared in John 5:24 -
"Amen, Amen, I say unto you, He that heareth My word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life."

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