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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Peter 2:19-25 Using full amplification from the Greek word pictures: Translation mine.

"For yes, even this is grace:
that if, and affirmatively if,
through one's own conscience and witness of GOD
anyone will so bear up under that sorrow which causes one to mourn and grieve,
even though they are being brought into and through the experience unjustly and undeservedly.

For what glory is there,
if you indeed patiently endure being struck and mistreated
because of your own wrong-doing, in swerving and straying from the Truth?

[Avoid being deceitful at any level or in any form]

And on the contrary, if indeed,
because of doing good and kindness to others -- you endure the experience of suffering--,
this one recieves a regeneration with joy, and acceptance from GOD.

For even you were summoned and called forth,
because Christ suffered,
undergoing this experience on the behalf of us,
leaving behind an example to us,
to the end that it might be that you should follow upon the very impressions of the footsteps of Him who did NOT sin,
nor was even the bait of fraud or deceit found in His mouth;
who, though being cursed -- and mocked -- and derided,
did not also revile in return:
even through His experiencing suffering,
He refrained from making threats; but instead,
delivered up His power over to the One vindicating honestly and justly;
that for the sins of us, He would carry upon Himself -- in His own body -- onto the Tree, in order that we might die to the guilt of ours sins, and by conforming to His will, we might have living life:
of whom, by the wound of Him,
you were saved from the consequences of straying from the Truth,
because in what manner you were as sheep wandering,
but now rather, you have turned yourselves around back,
to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls."

The wondrous cross

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