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Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry: To post in poetry (by Brianroy)

To what do we owe
an idea of posting in po - etry?

Is it to stub our toe,
and claim it simply as an entrance to a valley in northern Italy?

Some times we write,
sometimes we speak;

and the words don't come forth so clearly.

Some say "fly a kite",
some tell us we tweak;

but the answer lies more far than nearly.

And when we sit and think a while,
and laugh aloud and begin to smile;

the world thinks we are crazy.

But let them talk to themselves,
and jest as if the pixies and elves;

and the lines of what is moral becomes hazy.

So now we turn to G-D's great book,
and read it almost every day,
even if it's just a look.

We open our hearts and minds to Him who does save,
and listen to what He has to say,
trusting Him in how to live and now behave.

The application isn't always so perfect;
for we tire and struggle.

And yet someday, at the Throne of Him we will see...
that redemption
in the fabric of all things
pointing always to Him through Calvary.

Praise G-D: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Glory to G-D in the highest, the highest most!

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