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Friday, November 13, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel on the Corruption of PCism toward Islam

It is very unfortunate and a sad day, when Americans will have to fear and hypothetically consider the possibilities that if they tackle a future Major Hasan in the very act of killing Americans, we cannot allow his arrest; but must forever neutralize the terrorist as quickly as possible, permanently. That is still a legal action to do under State and Federal Laws, and must be accomplished before any Law Enforcement arrive on scene. In fact, the Obama policy of leniency is now effectively projected as to promote suicide bombing in America, as had been done in Israel, because of the risk factor of a mob violence backlash upon terrorists if they stick to guns. That's PCism, Obama style.

And we lawful and peaceful citizens on principal and rule of Law under GOD and the US Constitution...well, all we can do is just voice our concerns, to "cry aloud and spare not" as the prophet Isaiah says, because "truth is fallen in the street, and equity is not allowed to enter". (Isaiah 58:1, 59:14).

Both Obama Czar Ron Bloomberg and White House Propaganda attache at large Anita Dunn laugh, live and breathe Mao, and for now just speak of the power of the gun to destroy Democracy and Capitalism and any and all masses who will speak up for the US Constitution, for the Republic, for Christ Jesus and Christianity, or whatever else they hate like demons from hell hating humanity and wanting to take as many as they can down to fiery damnation with them. That's Obama PCism...evil equal to Stalin Communism and Hitlerian Nazism under a very thin mask.

So let us say that the next Major Hasan takes out dozens in a mall or market or what have you; the Obama Administration, by its taking the 9/11 terrorists to New York City, and trying them in Civilian Courts with full US Citizen civilian rights (though foreign and alien enemy combatants), is saying the Obama Administration is definitely on the side of the terrorists. Had the Army soldiers at Fort Hood been all black Army soldiers, would the African-American Communities have remained just as silent? Yes, it's Obama PCism politics, and it stinks.

Obama and Holder are clearly saying they will pat the terrorist on the head, and in several months or years will release them back into US Society to kill again. That is the insidiousness of Political Correctness toward Islam and Islamo-terrorists. It is for reasons like these, as well as the Fraud and Felony Acts of lawlessness that Obama is guilty of in usurping the Presidency as an illegal candidate, that I keep calling for a full disqualification of the 2008 election, and a roll-back of all Presidentially signed or implemented laws to January 19, 2009.

Obama wants America to become mobs, like his beloved Kenya and his beloved Indonesia. He is a Third World Citizen and Usurper, posing as a putative US Natural Born Citizen who depends on Mass American Apathy. And so far, with the exception of perhaps 1 or 2 percent of the US population, he's been getting exactly just that. Apathy from a nation that once boasted that what happened to the Roman Empire could never happen to us in our lifetime...or perhaps something to this effect

It's as if one angel looking down from the heavens says to another..."Yeah, I heard that. Guess again."

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