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Monday, January 4, 2010

Eminent Domain one step away from outright thievery and giving your property away as political payoffs

The corrupt politicians and Communist-Socialists are attempting to set precedent in Seatac (Seattle) Washington. The use of eminent domain to seize a parking lot, so that the city might run and own the same property as a parking lot. This is one step short of the city taking one's home and then giving it to a brother-in-law or someone they think more worthy than you to own your own home!




Have Americans not learned from the abuse of eminent domain in Connecticut?

We need masses of "confront and expose" citizen video journalists

It is time we confront specific despots, both individually and collectively, face to face. Be sure to stay within the law, video the event, and post it to Youtube or what have you.

Document and expose. Document and expose. Preferably with at least 12 mega-pixel quality video.

If the despot(s) you confront are shopping or at public events and you get them with their family members, make them uncomfortable, let the crowd know who they are and what the despot has done and is doing, but don't break the law. If security asks you to leave a private property place (like a mall or store), leave immediately and peacefully. Win the crowd.

Be safe in however you go about C&E journalism. Do not create a hazard for your own safety or those around you. Always put the safety of others first in how you approach and conduct yourselves. Create shame and exposure on the despots, and the moving of public opinion to cast them out of office or position, and reverse unjust policies, practices, acts, or laws.

If the despot(s) flee in a vehicle when confronted in a public place or way, do not pursue, in order that you not be charged with stalking. If you are attacked physically, you can defend yourself only after the despot or other strikes the first blow, and then let them have it. Otherwise, hands off and no threats of any physical harm to them or their family at any time (before, during or after any assault by them). Act and behave after the manner of a journalist confronting and exposing corruption. Be sure to have the facts beforehand and ask specific and relevant questions.

If the media doesn't want to be a watchdog and protector of we the people...then we the people need to turn the situation around, and do what we have to within the law, in order to preserve our Constitutional Rights and liberties.

Let 2010 be the year of the People and the preservation of the US Constitution...not despotism, the overthrow of freedom or what comes after that.

We can only hope that we still have the time, legally and peacefully, to expose and see cast out, all corrupt politicians: municipal, town, city, county, State, Federal. But we also need the best and brightest and most honest among us, to run and serve in office. That may need sponsorship...sponsorship without the return of political favors...given in support of those who have the talent, but not the wealth or connections to help raise the awareness of their candidacy. That's my input.

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  1. Private property owners facing the threat of eminent domain quickly learn that they are not standing on a level playing field legally, economically or politically.

    Among other lessons, there is a lot of play in the “just” of “just compensation.” The power of eminent domain brings with it a sense of entitlement. At that point, property owners are merely an obstacle to be swept aside — when, in fact, they possess the key asset coveted by government and the corporation.

    But property owners can fight back. Our two-year battle against Houston-based Spectra Energy which seized our property rights for an underground gas storage field led to the development of a website which has begun to attract whistle blowers inside the energy industry. We are collaborating and helping property owners in many states. For info, visit the site: http://www.spectraenergywatch.com/blog/

    By the way, our new neighbor, Spectra Energy, has received two Notice of Violations for “unlawful conduct” over the past two months related to emergency shutdowns and emissions at its storage field in Bedford County, PA. Reports of contaminated water supplies are on the rise since they began operations.

    Like Kelo, the ripple effects of eminent domain are never over.