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Friday, January 22, 2010

Poetry by Brianroy: Along the Road

Along the Road we all travel,
upon each our own individual paths;
some looking for no way out,
some looking and not liking the path out that they find.

We all must make do with what talents and gifts we have, and can acquire.

And as you walk the days, on some it is like being in heavy sand or mud,
and on others like walking on smooth asphalt or bumpy gravel.

Sometimes Time itself travels so quickly, and yet our progress seems so slow;
and through no fault of our own we must pull to the side,
while the world continuously passes us by in a steady flow.

But in this wide open country, where is it that they are rushing to?
We are born with nothing than that given us by the Almighty Creator,
and nothing we take to the beyond but that which He rewards us with,
we are like the clouds drifting in the skies of the illusion of blue.

Did we nourish, did we take away?
As we travel along this road, let us do both.

Did we sound the warning of thunder, and flash the lightning of truth upon the world?
Did we help more than hurt?
Did we show compassion in deeds and not just in words?

What is the meaning of life, along this road...sometimes like a narrow uneven dirt path or an open field upon which we travel?

We cannot of our own reason or intellect resolve it,
we must look to the Son of G-D, Jesus Christ, and listen and heed His words;
and constantly let His words be in our ears, and before our eyes,
trusting in His guidance and care.

And before long, we shall then reach the end of our road,
and in Paradise, having been both invited and guided,
we will be taken to meet the Son of G-D there.

For it is not by our works,
but it is by our trust in Him we are saved;
and it is to our ever looking to His great atoning work upon the Cross,
when all our sins, forever, He anticipated them all...and yet still, He forgave.

L-RD Jesus lead us to thee,
and let us not journey astray;
lead us along the road and guide our journey,
this moment, this hour, this day.

Accompanying thoughts following writing the above poem

We, as human beings, are the combination of the highest order of outward fleshly vessels of our eternal inward souls. It seems that our very existence is to imitate the Creator in creating life, both physically and spiritually. When we correctly follow our design, and the male sows his seed into the fertile female spouse where he is supposed to, we join G-D in perpetuating the creation of souls, as co-Creators of our children. As parents, we are not the “Creators”…that design and ability was implanted in us, by the Creator, in our DNA/RNA. Instead, we become Co-Creators to the limited extent that G-D takes of our male and female souls and creates for us an offspring bearing both physical and spiritual traits and identity from us.
When we take the seed of fruits and vegetables and plant them, and watch over them and take up their produce, we become as overseers and caretakers of that which is entrusted to us. Because the seeds of plants are as alien things, not created by “our” power, nor are of “our” being, we are not co-Creators with G-D in their growth, but as the angels…caretaking, and exercising some sort of entrustment and responsibility. We are not to act as “gods” in abusing others, and ruling their lives…but sometimes we are to help guide and constrain certain acts and activities that are detrimental to doing direct harm.

One of the 19th-20th century hero to the Communist-Socialists and Progressives in America, is British author and philosopher George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), who said: " Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few." And of the politician: "He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career." In other words, everyone but a talented dictator is corrupt and stupid. Says Shaw, His warped view of a popular faith "...obliges me to be a Communist."
yet the fleshly philosophical and party affiliation requires him to be atheistic, so in adherance to the party view, Shaw abandoned Christianity to become an apostate who saw everyone as corrupt as he was privately, saying "Every man over forty is a scoundrel." Therefore, anything goes...and morality, the rule of law, while Shaw demanded he be protected by it, hypocritically stated that it should effectively be scattered to the wind. And that was supposed to be intelligent? If Shaw could have had his way, perhaps he would have joined Himmler in being one of those to decide on life and death, for the advocated Death Panels that inspired the Holocaust Camps of WWII and the vague language in Nancy Pelosi's SEIU authored House Healtcare Bill of July 2009. Remember, this man, George Bernard Shaw, is not simply a fascist hero, he is a de facto CURRENT Communist-Socialist literary. Watch the videos of him in 1936-1937 in his own words advocating genocide.

True Christians, unlike Shaw the apostate who denounced his faith by his philosophies and in his own words, true Christians do not seek to have our Governments imitate and exalt dictators and mass-murderers; and we -- unlike Shaw -- do not suggest death panels upon people every 5 to 7 years, and if they cannot prove they are of value to the collective. Whereas Shaw sems to advocate that the Governments just kill them -- the perceived useless by his definition, contrary to Christ -- on the spot, or "humanely" kill them with "a quick and painless gas".

That fleshly reasoning removes the soul G-D gave us, and the reasoning toward life and the betterment of the Creation we have been entrusted with. We are called to build up life, restore life, ensure that others as well as ourselves are not governed by dictators or tyrants hell-bent on destroying millions like Mao his 70 millions or more, or Stalin his 40 millions or more…of their own peoples, and ethnicities.

G-D wants us to learn the lesson in this life in which we discover, that we want to be more like Him, even with our flaws, and be so inclined whenever our souls pass from here back to the Creator’s will. If we choose the flesh alone, and pursue sin, our soul falls through the bowels of the Earth to hell. If we trust in Christ Jesus for the salvation of our souls, and that He has given us the gift of eternal life through the Cross, and the witness of his rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven, then wheresoever He is, there also we shall be (John 12:26).

When we share when someone is in dire need, rather than sell, we participate in a reaching back though our most ancient past, when our First Father Adam, was created as a child, and in his soul was a sliver of impartation from G-D, and Adam ceased to be simply animal, but became human and a son to G-D. And when Adam fell, thousands of years later, the same Deity who breathed the second life and the soul of reason into Adam, came and dwelt among us, and mankind beheld His glory, as the only begotten of G-D the Father, and Him they crucified as according to G-D’s own prophecies…hence, His plan.

All this, and more, the goal in life is for us to discover this eternal truth…and then, not to hold onto it and manipulate others for the chance to know this secret knowledge; but to share this knowledge freely, without money and without price.

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