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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Erev Hypothesis, a Young Earth, and the Earth's Magnetic Polarity as the yard-stick by which we must measure geologic time here on earth

The Erev Hypothesis. The abstract goes to the effect that the contrariness to the laws of observable sciences (such as gravity) can be contradicted or disrupted for periods of short durations, so as to suspend those laws within a means of controlled chaos...albeit, temporariliy.

Erev simply means evening in the Hebrew, "And evening and morning", etc. But it also has 13 - 15 other meanings attributed to it. One of these is "disorder" or "controlled chaos" if you will.

I first explored this notion in past research that discussed the paleomagnetic pole reversals. At the point of critical mass where the entire planet must shift and right itself, there would have been a counter buffer zone that would drive the magnetic poles back while charging from the magnetic core, producing very temporary catastrophic imbalances that would create or move whole mountain ranges, valleys, lakes or seas virtually overnight.

The Dead Sea Region was addressed in February 2006 GeoScienceWorld with an article entitled: "Earthquake-induced clastic dikes detected by anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility" that is of interest.

In fact, a mountain might even walk 20 or 30 miles from east to west and settle as if it had never moved. This eyewitness account was passed down in the Psalms of such an event. I considered and then promulgated the Erev Hypothesis because of biblical texts and an inspiration by knowledge of the accelerating shifting in the magnetic north pole

NASA - Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field

which appears to be a cyclical event that can explain certain miracles and phenomenon in the Earth's past.


While the shifting of the magnetic north pole in an of itself does not create the miracle, what happens when it reaches a buffer point in following its pattern toward creating a magnetic critical mass that would temporarily defy gravity to a weightlessness not unlike what was experienced upon the moon, the rolling back of rivers, the automatic drying up of land as water is repelled in an area magnetically polarized with two of the same type charges...etc.

This pattern of magnetic critical mass upon Earth could have occurred daily in the first 7 days of Creation, and in disastrous consequences in 2348 B.C. (Noachian deluge), 1961 B.C. (Sodomic Epic and misdated Holocene shifts), 1551 B.C. (the Exodus' Red Sea and Sinai events), 1511 B.C. (the reversal of the Jordan and the sun appearing to stand still for a day).

The 18 January 749 A.D. earthquake of the Dead Sea area http://geology.geoscienceworld.org/cgi/content/abstract/31/8/665
damaged certain strata by enduring "boulder bearing flash floods" as well as an earthquake...and such damage often alters recontructive geologic timelines of erosions of many tens of thousands of years into a single week, but are never atributed or given the proper chronological error adjustment. The only reason that any mention of this earthquake is given, is because the only differences between the more ancient buildings and those built since the late 700s in the Dead Sea area appears to be simply alluvium and lake deposits...something that is never considered into the projections of a simple strata hillside or trench dating projection. Hence, a town on the same lakeside or hill or mountain elevation but a mile away, can be projected as thousands of years old...while the same strata examined at the same elevation where no town is built, can be projected as tens of thousands or millions of years old, even though both were likely silted up and covered at the same time, by the same storms or natural means.

We are still yet discover monster storms of the past with winds that modern man cannot yet comprehend, nor has made adjustment for as well. Case in point: hypercanes. In the past two decades and more, there has been the notion and then the subject of Hypercanes...ancient super-hurricanes which perhaps had winds in excess of 400 mph. In 2008, , the subject resurfaced in regard to strata in the southern US Gulf coastal region.

And if in the Gulf of Mexico, why not an equal percentage increase in other parts of the world?

The undetermined Magma flows and their relations upon vulcanism
Under the Earth's crust lays what is believed to be a vastly liquid mantle made of magma so deep, that the greatest ocean depths by comparison are puddles by comparison. The fact is, we do not know how deep the magma flows decend or how they truly operate...only that the magma is there, and in great quantities far in excess and depths of the ocean waters. The fact of the matter is, what we "think we scientifically know" about the mantle depths, is based in part upon solar observation.
That being the case, we note that the sun in a violently active entity, casting off its own magma in the entity of solar flares. There are oceanic currents and gas pockets upon the sun, and outward pressures which boil off or forth. If the flares are tendencies to be in correlation with what happens in volcanic eruptions, then this explains why random vulcanism occurs. There are also cooling and darkened spotings that occur upon the sun, and massive tidal waves that roll to and fro and dissipate. These appear to be unrelated to the sun reversing its polarity every 11 years, and other factors are at work. But what if we were to cover the sun with a cool crust, and continents, and waters. Would the same forces be at work underneath, to which now we would no longer have exposed to us to see? Most definitely.
It is my contention that the Earth is gradually cooling, and as it cools, so the mantle becomes more and more a immobilized (dead) crust. The oceanic patterns of mass currents of the mantle's magma has never yet been discovered or documented, therefore, what science now claims takes millions or billions of years to do...be it to push up mountains, divide a continent or islands from that...may have only taken
days and months over several great cataclysmic events in the near geologic past, and documented in rock strata as great magnetic divergences or shifts. Thus, a massive enough mantle magma tsunami would have created something akin to an electro-magnetic field spike, while turning the crust above it into a liquid instability, allowing manipulations that cannot be comprehended when it is in its stable form. Those who have also experienced being in multiple medium to large scale earthquakes will know this liquidity factor first hand. Earthquake waves will be answered in the study of like events patterned for us by the sun. G-D has given us observable answers, but it is up to us to use our own wits to see what the Almighty has left for us to discover and understand while using that reason.

The Volcanic Dead Sea Rift caused by a magnetic chaos induced (underground) Magma tsunami to the tectonic plates?
Another consideration is that the Dead Sea Rift area, which saw mountains walk, is also a volcanic rift...and this factors into the magnetic influences that could literally surf a portion of land many miles by an underlying wave of magma, much like an underground tsunami.

The Dead Sea Rift is technically considered as a volcanic fault which extends from southern Turkey and onward through the Dead Sea and onward.

The basalt content appears to be concentrated in points north from the shallow southern end of the Dead Sea, especially in the mid and northern end.
YÜRÜR M. T. (1) ; CHOROWICZ J. (2) ;
(1) Hacettepe University, Department of Engineering Geology, 06532, Beytepe, Ankara, TURQUIE
(2) Université Paris 6, Géotectonique, Case 129, LGGST, 4 place Jussieu, 75252 Paris, FRANCE

In their joint report, they (among others) note that strike slip and extension tectonics have shown that the rift has moved westward according to their structural mapping. They specifically mention the presence of the Dead Sea's "Amanos fault", creating an oblique slip-tension, “giving rise to a fissure-fed, mantle-derived alkaline volcanism”.

This could be viewed as cause to state a hypothesis that the moving of the western lands at the Dead sea were once at a much greater rate or distance -- via a sudden great tension release, like being at the bottom of a linen tear -- than that experienced in Anatolia or Lebannon.

And even though Anatolia in the NOW moves west at 7 millimeters a year, and Sinai at 5 millimeters a year in the NOW…if magma induced…the distances could rapidly increase from millimeters to miles for a matter of days.

This Dead Sea “fissure volcanism produced tholeiite [low-alkali basalt usually commonly formed underwater ] followed by alkali basalt along the Amanos fault, the northern end segment of the Dead Sea Fault”. That is, it produced that low-akali magma that is part of that magma that also greases the movement of land masses, FIRST...being that which is also involved in the quick creation of Islands (or land masses underwater). RE: Journal of volcanology and geothermal research ISSN 0377-0273 CODEN JVGRDQ 1998, vol. 85, no 1-4 (542 p.) (1 p.1/4), pp. 1-15
Publisher Elsevier, Amsterdam, PAYS-BAS (1976) (Revue)

In reading the above, now apply the testimony of Psalm 114 with the notion of the above Dead Sea Amanos fault affecting the region of the Dead Sea and the Jordan, with both volcanic and tectonic action in play.

LITV (Jay P. Green literal translation)
Psa 114:1 When Israel came out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;
Psa 114:2 Judah became His sanctuary, Israel His kingdom.
Psa 114:3 The sea looked and fled; the Jordan turned back;
Psa 114:4 the mountains skipped like rams; the little hills like lambs!
Psa 114:5 What ails you, O sea, that you flee? O Jordan, that you turn back?
Psa 114:6 O mountains, that you skip like rams? O little hills, like lambs?
Psa 114:7 Tremble, O earth, from the face of the Lord, from the face of the G-D of Jacob;
Psa 114:8 who turned the rock into a pool of water, the flint into a fountain of waters.

It is unclear if an earthquake is expected now to have accompanied the striking of the rock in order to redirect underground water streams for Moses and Israel's sake...but the language of Psalm 114 clearly indicates a traveling of mountains and hills at the two events of 1551 B.C. at the Red Sea, and 40 years later at the 1511 B.C. Jordan crossing. These would have had to have been whopping regional earthquakes to melt hearts as far away as Babylon, and to visibly move mountains and hills across measureable distances from what they were previously (according to Psalm 114).

Shifting weather patterns in Antiquity
As the earth warms up and becomes more active through the waning and shifting of the electro-magnetical fields, and empowers stronger and more frequent storms events in our own times...we must now geologically ask ourselves, what kind of evidence would be required for a hypercane type of storm that made landfall (such as up from the Indian Ocean) in the Levant?

In Job we have the notion of G-D inhabiting tornadoes...tornadoes that we now experience in frequency on this side of the globe as Israel and Syria did then... and in other OT Scriptures, we see a like phrasing in which G-D "has His way in the whirlwind and the storm", etc. That is, the tornadoes we now experience almost exclusively in North America, were once many thousands of miles east...in the Middle East...so that there is a shifting storm pattern that would have to be factored in as we examine various strata. In both the Western Sahara and in the Jordan river above the Dead Sea thousands of miles to the East, were once swamps with crocodiles and all manner and sorts of species and environments no longer extant. But the swamplands of the Jordan may have still been in a shrinking existence to as late as the 8th and/or 7th centuries B.C. But I digress.

It may be, that events such as the Holocene shifts of land masses (which I believe first created the Dead Sea in the mid-1900s B.C.) and the parting of the Red Sea (in 1551 B.C.), or the bending of the heavens upon Mt. Sinai (again 1551 B.C., weeks ff. the former), could be re-witnessed as accurate event happenings by the ancients by modern man as he experiments with his super linear coliders, if such should suddenly shift the Earth's Magnetic poles and shift the Earth off on a rotation axis adjustment.

The Hadron Collider
This mega-linear collider http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/ will be one of the keys for us to understand and see the Biblical past in present fluxes of known scientific laws of Creation. Associated with the Hadron collider is both hope and dread:


Will new collider create black holes that destroy us all? - The Boston Globe

Science has been infused with moral idiots and those in the last century having a great ignorance to those forces which governs the miraculous or intervening activity of G-D in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Exodus 14:21-22 to Joshua 10:13 to Luke 23:44 / Acts 2:19-20, and so forth.

It may be that the Hadron Collider will show that pole reversal or disrupted paleomagnetism will be the physical answer that the "unbeliever" will grasp inseeing the truth of the Biblical historical literary record.

Both those at the EU's Geneva and USA's Los Alamos projects seek THE Star Wars weapon of the linear super collider. In its military aspect, electro-magnetic pulsation is a specific weapon that can render all electronics as without capability of accepting or sustaining power, or of retaining data of any kind. Hence, from CDs and DVDs to appliances to vehicles to power grids to any object sustaining or dependant on electric charges, or its use, will be rendered impotent.

It will be the super collider that will sustain the ability to create power source of the "ultimate", the coming earth to satellite to earth laser weapon, in which at the press of a button, a laser zap can be made at any location or target on the face of the Earth by the presses of a key board and a sustained Space program.

The downside of this new technology may be that we will accelerate the decrease in global electro-magnetism, and accelerate pole shifts...one of the true components of danger in global warming...moreso than sulfur dioxide releases and temporary ozone depletions.

In the past 150 years...or so it is believed...the Earth has already moved 10 percent into the same kind of total magnetic pole reversals as seen in the sun, and documented by the Ulysses satellite.

Sunspots and blackouts are in direct correlation to these pole disruptions and reversals, and we can tie such to the 30 A.D. sackcloth sun, and another to come in these last days, sometime perhaps between 2012 and 2042. No one knows for sure.

Most agnostic and atheist archaeologists will discount that the Reed or Red Sea could part, and walls of water stand. Through mega-disruptions in the earth's poles, the laws of gravity as sustained and promoted from Earth-Sun-Moon are altered. Such documentations of magnetic pole shifts have been reported as observable in minute geologic sample borings up to 400 meters in depth.


But as the writers of that pdf state in the opening of p. 5, "Time cannot be estimated except very crudely...." This is not just on two strata close together, but I dare say on all 5 observable levels of these magnetic pole reversals in strata samples mis-listed as millions of years apart, I would interpret as perhaps being the same magnetic polarity shifts of : 2348 B.C., 1961 B.C., 1551 B.C. , 1511 B.C., and 30 AD.

Such a paleo-magnetic shift and manipulation extending far out beyond the Van Allen belts may well be explained in this way as end-time happenings also in Luke 21:25 through the Greek (word pictured in the box parenthetical with the text below):

And there shall be signs in the sun,
and in the moon,
and in the stars;

and upon the earth
[A compelling pressing afflicting and plaguing with and among]
of nations,
with distress
[I.e., no resources and great doubt as how to proceed];

the sea and
The waves
[that which resonates and vibrates]
Luke 21:25

The idea of sun echo is more than an intensifying of a holding together, in this verse’s application, it is likened to as if pressing in upon a claustrophobic in the middle of a crowd, who is that at the same time is a flying apart emotionally and physically with fear and disease (via the nervous system).

The Greek word used for waves, Salos, can incorporate anything that causes motion, vibration, waves, tossing, rocking….events such as wind, currents - surf - tide, electro-magnetic forces, earthquakes, and so forth.

Even if these great "star wars" machines do not destroy the planet ("for the earth abides forever" says Scripture)...between natural means and unnatural manipulation...modern science may see a day archaeologists would not dare to have previously believed [which requires intellectual acumen as well as faith], a manipulation of the laws of science in ways that verify the Bible...but to our own destruction.

What may appear as electro-magnetic science fiction at the first, when investigated, may also have to be considered as a viable alternative explanation to the archaeological record concerning the Israelites and certain events in Egypt and the Levant. And when this is realized, there will be scientific confirmation to the same textual redating of the Old Testament I have discovered, in which the Greeks themselves and the Biblical writers have poited us to an approximate date of 1551 BC for the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt.

If many scientists are offended in a belief in a young earth, then that wrong belief is on them. Granted, created matter and such things may appear to be older than they are, but that is because man is still ignorant on the differences between scientific ...i.e., repeatedly accurate testings ... examples that are consistently the same "time perceptions" of antiquity; that of chronic erratic manipulation of data a by evolutionists who attempt to make older than what really is; and flummery. We have seen the data manipulations through the Global Warming Climate Science that found to be so subjective, that only 15% of the relevant and objective data was at times used, because the other 85% of the equally relevant and and equally objective data forced an opposite conclusion.

Geochronology and chronology in astro-physics regularly cross over in the reasoning process for evolutionists, and is directly influencing all fields of science, including the field of archaeology.

The more billions of years they say the universe is, the more millions of years man's existence becomes. Age perception is exactly that...a perception.

How about the study of the composition of the human bone and how long it takes to revert back to dust? And what of strata depths to virgin soil. In relation to virgin soil depths, , what of Dr. Leakey digging a human boneout of six inches of earth in Kenya, wetting his finger, and saying that his human bone find is "millions' of years old without a single blink from the academic communities? And yet, civilizations but 2,000 years old are covered in depths of 16 to 30 feet or more...but Leakey says 6 inches of soil in Kenya = millions of years? That is so puerile, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so seriously received by his anti-Christian peers having their atheistic or other subjective agendas.

The gorging and habitual eating of riverbed mollusks can alter the chemistry of man or beast to appear to Carbon-14 testing to be as many as a few hundred to even thousands of years older than they are...even if frozen in a lake for three years, and mummified, the C-14 might make someone you went to school with appear to have been from around the arrival of those on the Mayflower in 1620. Mollusks by themselves, even when fresh, have been recorded as old as about 4,000 years by C-14 tests. These were freshly killed mollusks...and the sediment of riverbed botoms altered the C-14 accuracy, we are told. Yeah...but by 4,000 years?

Chemistry utilizing projection chronology decay models on the human bone can be shown to consistently and repeatedly to differ from the theory of evolution and "old earth" theorists...showing that the bone would have softened and disintegrated prior to 12,000 years. We should perhaps better address it as a state of currish vanity assisted by the intellectual hidrosis, because these evolutionist academics regularly and compulsively mythologize science, while entering into a state of heteroecism that intoxicates the minds among themselves. Its likened to a fry of the metencephalon (the after-brain)...metaphorically speaking, if you will.



Science needs a better processing of the Research Data in regard to the geo-chronological issues. There needs to be a focus study in which the top of their fields discuss objectively both sides of the Young Earth/Old Earth issue and utilize radioisotope dating methods: radioactive decay and radioisotope dating, rubidium-strontium dating, potassium-argon dating, samarium-neodymium dating, uranium-thorium-lead dating, radiohalos and fission tracks, radiocarbon dating, and an project an accelerated decay model based on the data.

Just the electro-magnetic polarity waning can be atributed back to within 12,000 years as its rate of decay from an original state, it seems to me. Unless we can show a waxing of the earth's magnetic polarity in the same time-frame, a Young Earth is the scientific chronological boundary in which age must be measured.

In Spring 1984's issue of Los Alamos Science, 1982-1983's ISEE-3 satellite data shows that it was the solar winds that are to be blamed for sheering off portions of the earth's electro-magnetic polarity or plasmoid [the earth's polarity projecting out in many levels of thin waves or sheets].

In layman's terms, this tells us that solar flares and solar winds are capable of disrupting Earth's protective electro-magnetic plasmoid...and if it it is only those EXTERNAL Solar gases and particles which can disrupt the plasmoid -- again, the solar winds and solar flares -- that are breaking off slices of (hence weakening) the Earth's electro-magnetic life-force some 600,000 miles from the surface...could the Ozone issue be directly connected to electro-magnetic shifts and solar activity, rather than Cgases of modern industry? Yes. In other words, it isn't industrial gases that is depleting the ozone, it's the sun!

This disruption of the earth's magnetic polarity (such as by the sun) is apparently a natural cycle. As we have seen evidenced in our links to the Mauch Chunk Formation in Pennsylvania (Opdyke, University of PA, 06/2004) and NASA (Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field -12/29/03), we have noted that the Earth's magnetic polarity reverses itself in cycles...waxes and wanes...at a much slower rate than that of the 11 year cycle that our sun experiences.

The focus, then, is...if the earth's magnetic field waxing and waning is so inter-related...and I say it probably is...then likewise, when the Earth's ozone protection wanes and creates penetration of ultra-violet rays from the sun with great alacrity...the whole issue of carbon dating is skewered, because now we have to come up with a projection model that is as full of holes and inconsistency as the satellite imageries at NASA show...and combine the chaos of ozone disruptions over magnetic polarity shift models. This can also be true to some degree in regard to the waxing of the Earth's polarity as it strengthen's also the ozone layer, causing milder build-up of plant carbon that may be used in the dating process as well. De facto, it does not neccesarily properly balance out unless one can project the correct algorithym for the location being searched out.

That is, in the same region, such as Israel, we could have an ozone and C-disruption aging sites and material 300 or 600 years older than they are, while a greater disruption in northern Iraq (letting more toxic amounts of radiation through) ages the material in the same century as Israel to be 2,000 to 6,000 years older via the Carbon dating methods...at least, hypothetically.

The reason why we seem to have what amounts to be a myth about the industrial C gases being the cause of the ozone depletion, is to give an outlet to avoid a planetary population panic. It seems to me, that had the carbon footprint Ozone depletion been real, we would have first evidenced the disruption in or strictly along commercial flight paths which maintained altitudes exceeding 5 miles (26,400 ft.) and more. That has NEVER been the case in any study of which I am aware. But for now, it still deteriorates in conjunction with the waning and shifting of the electro-magnetism of the Earth and with solar (and sometimes volcanic activity, which appears co-related, but not neccessarily by gas expulsions).

The Ozone will eventually improve by natural course, but it may take up to another century or more to do so...and in the mean time, is there an irradiating effect going on in plants under the Ozone holes right now to support this, so as to make a new plant (perhaps in new compost) as if it were many years old when it is but months? Perhaps only an independent study to see how this directly affects archaeological carbon dating or other radio-active reliant chronology of all kinds will do precisely that. And the true numbers of projections may not be available for years, maybe even decades, until a downward bottoming out of Ozone and reverse Electro-magnetic polarization has been acheived, and the data for the upward (as well as downward) data has also been collected and analyzed.

So if we have any visitors from such a group of scientists trying to come up with ideas as to what to study to obtain grant money...this Ozone-Electromagnetism-Solar Chronology hypothesis is for you. Since electro-magnetic sciences are now so far advanced as to be used in oil exploration, why not a relationship with Ozone layer fluctuations and chronologies based on Carbon and other dating?

Whether the hypothesis sinks or floats...it would still be nice to know with a greater degree of certainty what stands or falls when tested fairly and properly.

Just a few thoughts and something to think about.

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