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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Global Conspiracy toward a One World Governance by the Elite: The Movie

Some of the issues such as a City only controlled population and Prison Planet are over-reaching. So also is the idea that by disease alone without a nuclear war, and conventional wars, would the entire world's population be reduced to 500,000,000 or less. The reduction of such populations can be done to whole nations, perhaps to whole lesser continents like North America, Europe or Australia, but I cannot fathom such a control over the other parts of the planet even if these "Bilderburgers" and others wanted to. Their powers of "control" are limited primarily to these continents, and then are dependant upon their influence beyond these zones of power.

These hidden manipulators and so-called rulers of politics-finance-industry-other behind the scenes, their predecessors gave us World War 1, and then World War 2. Hitler's rise was historically recorded as being accomplished by one set of European industrialists and financiers pitted against other industrialists and financiers in France and Britain, and then the US as well. We cannot speak to any other part of the world, but as to Europe and the United States, (and by extention, Australia)...but the pattern and historical trail is left for us to follow, examine, and evaluate.

Only history in the future, will tell us how close some of the reconstructed information was.

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