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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worst Case Scenario: Rand's Army Report, and later to be a Congressional request for a US Stability Police Force. I'll call the G-SOUP.


A Stability
Police Force for
the United States
Justification and Options for
Creating U.S. Capabilities

Terrence K. Kelly, Seth G. Jones, James E. Barnett II,
Keith Crane, Robert C. Davis, Carl Jensen
Prepared for the United States Army

Approved for public release; distribution unlimited

Recently, the Rand Corporation conducted a study for the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI). I suggest calling these units as G-SOUP (Government Stability Operations Unit Police) -- contrary to the Rand designate aka. “Stability Police Force” (STP) -- because these will be loyal to whatever dictator or Government to which they belong with the primary function to "stabilize the Government" rather than act as a proper Law Enforcement Authority as we NOW know Law Enforcement to be.

Therefore, I have decided to run a worst case scenario on this report, because of an underlying theme they themselves lead people to conclude: 1) that 6,000 are not enough; and 2) that a 172 per 100,000 citizen ratio is the optimal goal for the size of the organization. For a US population, they want a force no less than 516,000 personnel. This will when the Progressives burn the US Constitution, replace it with Socialist-Communism, and then subject it under a future European dictator.

There are contradictory in between the lines trains of reasoning. One outward train resonates on a deployable 6,000 man task force.

But what is NOT discussed is the below the surface conclusion by a sabotaging of the surface argument. The argument for this 6,000 SPF force then, is that it is too small to do the job, and the secondary argument parallels the surface / readily seen wording, where it seems that the RAND writers wish the reader to conclude that every nation should have an SPF of their own. In fact, the reader is led down the garden path until they realize that RAND Arroyo is subliminally making the case for a 172 STP per 100,000 civilian population.
And what is worse, is that whoever controls this SPF, would be a de facto dictator who can kill (or make disappear) any VIP of any civilian or Government caliber at any time by a simple trigger authorization…be it the tap of a keyboard, a text, a few words spoken to the SPF “bodyguard(s)” assigned to the Congressman or Congresswoman, or the CEO of a multi-national multi-billion dollar company (be it a bank, an oil company, a food distributor, etc.).

In a 213 page report these are some of the highlight concerns that can easily be worst case scenarioed realistically to an actual worst case fulfillment, based on what they at RAND suggest in pushing to create the Beast the call SPF.

1) Pp. Xiii –Xiv A national Police combination Riot and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Force, deployable to anywhere in the United States at anytime for any given reason.

2) P. Xv Unit sizes of 1,000, of 4,000, and of 6,000.

3) P. Xvi tells us that this G-SOUP / SPF is to be an international force, deployable to any nation, is best suited for smaller nations. A larger force than 6,000 for larger nations like Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, and Nigeria are not deemed as cost effective to the scope they have in mind.

4) P. Xvi-Xvii tells us that the deployment timeline should be made a month in advance of the operation. In other words, it is not so much a “police force” as a planned military operation under a different guise.

5) Pp. Xvii - XX scenarios using US Marshals, the Department of Treasury (Secret Service) with Homeland Security, the Department of State’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs division, and the US Army Military Police. The report infers that the Military Police would be the best force to handle the assignments, but need the “constraints” of the “Posse Comitatus Act” set aside.
However, a hybrid combination of the above agencies
for G-SOUP seems preferred.

6) Pp. 1-15 The G-SOUP / SPF would be tasked with “specialized patrols”, counter-organized crime and surveillance operations (by the language vagaries they use), “crowd and riot control”, specialized tactic and secret police training.

7) P. 16 G-SOUP / SPF would be tasked by any US Ambassador or UN Senior Representative to do their bidding, or they could be placed under the control of some kind of “Joint Task Force Commander” whose allegiance, interests, and motives are NOT discussed.

8) P. 17 Two models for the construction of the battalions are considered: a) individual European national police forces, or b) “NATO’s Multi-national Specialized Units”, like those involved in Bosnia in the 1990s.

9) P. 21 Deployment will be used to those nations though to be “on the verge of war” as well as those suffering war, and those emerging from the ravages of war needing a greater rule of law and order. What is NOT discussed is who decides what “anarchy” is.

Comment: In the minds of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, very peaceful and legal protests of TEA Parties (of lawful US citizens holding up signs for a couple hours) was to them groups to violently oppress with such a suppression force as G-SOUP represents. So the deployment of such a “Stability Police Force” depends greatly upon who are those ones doing the deploying and setting their mission criteria and agenda.

10) Pp. 24-30 states that (what I call the G-SOUP), the Special Police Force (SPF) will be tasked with taking control away from the local Law Enforcement Agencies, “Identifying and deterring high-end threats (IDHET)”, SWAT, “Crowd and Riot control”, “Investigations”, and “Intelligence collection and analysis”. Examples were highly conscious of the UN Peacekeeping role used in Bosnia et al. region of the 1990s. What they do not discuss, is the military tactical support of bombings by fighters, the use of tanks, cruise missiles, or what have you.

11) Pp. 31-34 The secondary role of the G-SOUP / SPF is to set up, teach, mentor those indigenous (read “over-thrown”) countries on what weapons and various equipments to purchase and obtain, and a how-to and SPK implementation of structure on policing from all the basics right on up to elite administrative and various forms of SWAT units. The Judicial and Correctional Institutions of a country may also be taken over and structured by the invasive G-SOUP / SPF.

12) Pp. 34-39 The G-SOUP/SPF will be tasked with high security responsibility and control.
a) Area /Site
b) Convoy
c) VIP
d) Border and Customs
e) Election
f) Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons

Comment: In short, it is logistically impossible for a 6,000 man force to accomplish all of this. The presumption being made, without saying it, is that an army of 50,000 or more would have to be assembled to fulfill an overseas assignment task…and if deployed within the United States, a United States Schutzstaffel SPF Army would have to be created. Whoever heads this USSS SPF Army would be the de facto behind the scenes dictator whose troops hang upon every VIP in and out of politics in the nation like a sword of Damocles, just waiting for the order that the lone hair “has snapped” and to “eliminate the protected target”. This is the logical regression that this report leads us down, and it is not pleasant to have to warn against this likely eventual outcome.
In other words, a massive SPF Army needing more 2,000,000 troops in the United States alone will control elections and their results (outcome). The SPF will control main sources of water, electricity (including nuclear), and the coming Concentration Camps set up by FEMA for “political prisoners” or anyone subject to control and elimination, just like the Russians in their Siberian Gulags, the Maoist Chinese Torture and Elimination Prisons, and the Nazi Concentration Camps. They will push out the Secret Services, the US Marshalls, and under one hand control or threaten the safety or even eliminate every diplomat or anyone they deem as VIP, including CEO’s of major international Corporations.
How does the SPF do this, or reach the needed numbers? It will have to be done by a forced conscription or “draft”. The ideologues and mushy willed would be grouped off to one kind of boot camp, and everybody else to another. The process then would have to undergo a kind of “sifting”, until all the right kinds of unquestioning to the dictator individual can be collected and cultivated, and armed just as well as any military short of having fighter-bombers, its own Navy, or nuclear weapons. The gunships they will likely have will be as advanced and perhaps even better armed than the military helicopter gunships, such as the Apaches and Cobras. No civilian resistance will be able to match the effective range of such aircraft, and for that very reason, the G-SOUP SPF will obtain them once they exceed a 50,000 man (or men/women) threshold
Therefore, while unit sizes for Administrative purposes may be divisional like US Army base, where 6,000 personnel are deployed on an active and operational base…or perhaps sub-divisioned further where 4,000 or 1,000 are sub stationed like a City or County Sheriff Departments, scattered in many locations within a designated territory or region in strengths of perhaps as few as 6 or 10 to perhaps 120 per sub-station. The overall strategy appears to me, as a means to crack open the flood-gates by a Congressional authorization of a 6,000 man SPF for a Billion in labor budget, and several billions in equipment and infra-structure costs, and then there would almost be no stopping the coming New World Order of the end-times Anti-Christ and of a One World Multi-national Government Police State.

13) Pp 40-49 The authors reach a conclusion that in addition to local military and police forces, an SPF high end calculation yields 1,720 SPF per 100,000 in population.

My Comment: If we apply this ratio to the United States, the SPF has no desire to exceed 516,000 members to its own organization. ..at this time. If the US has a population greater than 300,000,000…well then we simply increase the level of added SPF needed by 172 per every additional 100,000 inhabitants. The same ratio would hold in any other nation that signs up under the program, so that a nation of 56 million inhabitants would raise up another army of 96,320 SPF troops. And how will they pay for all of this? A visitation of the Stamp Act in US History shows us that simply barging into homes, finding a pretext, and dispossessing citizens of particulars to everything they have, and then auctioning off those possessions is one way. Forced labor camps would be the most cost effective, so that the enslaved churn out thousands of dollars in profit per person per day, at a cost ratio of >1000% of the profit after costs. If the employee does not meet their quota after three warnings, a 52 cent bullet - a $2 sack – a $50 bonus to the guard -and off to a nearby crematorium. The death expression could then be: “52-52 that F***er”.
The SPF Guards would actually be encouraged under such a program to off as many dissidents as they care to down to a 60-75% bed capacity, as long as their self-contained factories achieve or exceed the quota and meet the budgeted / allotted bottom line.

14) P.155-171 at p. 169, RAND suggests making the SPF as a 5th branch of the US Military as an option beyond the various other options it discusses. This seems to be the underlying or subliminal goal RAND wants the Congressman or Congresswoman to reach on their own after hearing their Lobbyist and convinced US Army Personnel pitch the idea, and in discussing it with them later.

But consider this: when a force the same size as a branch of the military as it stands now, 516,000 is discussed, it is an increase of 20-25% of the US Military overall. That means, as a capable of fighting and killing US Citizens on US Soil Armed Force...which authorization must be granted for it to perform its function once it becomes authorized to exist in the first place...the budget will also be required to be matching that military budget ratio of the other Armed Services, as well. So, if 400 Billion is allocated to the military annually now, the costs will rise up to a total of 500 Billion dollars annually with an SPF or G-SOUP overflowing the costs of running the US Government pot.

Remember, this is a worst case scenario assessment of what COULD happen, based on the abuse of power and arrogance displayed by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, their minions, and the usurper Obama...whom, as a usurper, would be motivated to authorize such a force to protect him and keep him and his puppeteers in power after they have their own "revolution" and announce that the Republic of the United States is no more, and in its place, is whatever Communist-Socialist form of Government that they announce. That's my input.

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