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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Third Jihad

The above is an abridged version of the Third Jihad. It has its own necessary message.

My Comments and educated guess projections are below:

Hard Core Fundamentalist Islam is not a friendly religion nor a friendly peaceful religious belief anywhere near the before and after peacefulness of Christianity, plain and simple.

Hard Core Fundamentalist Islam calls for:
the rape of little girls as wives,
for slavery and submission by means of great violence,
for the theft of the wealth of others not of one's own community,
for oppression and thought control until the mind is as that of useless idiots, but for the tools they are trained or programmed for.

America isn't ready for the coming hundreds of home-grown suicide bombers that will eventually plague this nation (as they did with Israel) from the major Islamic Communitities across the nation (be they from Detroit, Los Angeles, or where-ever).

The primary suicide bombers may be categorized as a new Yemeni brand not yet labeled, followed by Hezbollah, Hamas, and that of (Obama's) Shia Iranian factions.

I project that the start and acceleration may most likely begin between late 2010 - 2014. This next wave will have been first enabled by Obama's dismantling of our laws. I project that in all likelihood, the next wave may have some events but be not so much by air or airlines...it will likely be on the ground and among us.

The primaries will be explosives, shrapnel, and napalm type devises; followed by small arms, usually stolen or illegally obtained, so as not to be traceable to the one training the asset sacrifice.

There will probably be a higher recruitment and conversions of blacks and european ethnic whites to detonate themselves, and this with media fear of labeling Muslim Terrorists as Muslims, will be propagandized as other types of individual or other collective terrorists than what they are.

The ages will probably be a primary range from 13/14 to 19 or so, and perhaps those who merge video games with Islam will be the most prone to detonate or go ballistic. And those with suicide devices, their devices will likely also have a remote chicken-switch controlled by a handler within 1/4 mile from the activity, in case the American changes his mind. Our Intelligence and Police forces should also stop and detain any vehicles within a 1/3rd mile perimeter of future terrorist events on this possibility, and make it S.O.P.

The most likely public places of detonation will be public and private non-Muslim schools - churches - and malls at first. Preferably any place where the crowd ratio exceeds 50 people per 1200 - 3000 square feet, but could be in any classroom or locker room for terror effect. Schools, churches, and malls will most likely be a primary (because they will follow Quran to kill non-Muslims): likely followed by buses, malls, and restaurants.

The most likely private places of detonations may deal with rail and other transpotation, including busier truck stops. Anything that disrupts flow, people, prices, and creates terror. Laws governing concealed carry for truckers may have to be changed to promote Trucker Safety, but also that would mean beefing up security at weigh stations and truck stops as well...driving up both costs and prices anyway.

The goal of Hardcore Islam's Terror on the US will likely be: to demand that Americans bring Islamic Imams to force teach every youth and all public and private employes the benefits of submission to Islam, under the guise that if the Imams teach the kids, the kids will know how not to offend Islam, and the bombings will stop, and they will be made safe. They will declare the indoctrinations to be as safe as "sexual harassment in the workplace" seminars, but these would be universally mandatory, with criminal prosecution if they are not taken. Obama, a Shia Muslim, would have no problem with this kind of religious oppression and overthrow, being a Shia reared Muslim when he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia...and still recites the Friday sunset praises of the Devil (aka. "allah") in Arabic to this day.

If the forced ideology was simply National Socialism without toleration of Communism, the whole nation would be up in arms over imaginary swastikas and the like...but because the Communist-Socialists are in league with Islam to overthrow the USA (e.g., Obama), they will toute the idea of a Islamic Government sponsored religion as salvation, and still demonize Christianity from being taught as a demand of separating Church and State...but to them, Mosque and State will be acceptable.

Then like Mohammed, the mass fundamentalist teachers and Imams will regularly molest and rape girls from the second grade on up, as part of forcing submission and enjoying sexual rewards of the Devil (aka., "allah"). Thereafter, they will demand and get from Barack Obama (or such a Communist-Socialist and Muslim sympathizer and defender as he) protection as State Sponsored Practioners (perhaps even calling it Sex Education) following what Mohammed believed and did...naming Aisha, his 6 year old wife (originally a daughter of Christian parents) whom he raped at age 9, and called her his favorite...especially when she later menstruated and he inhaled deeply her bloody and stinky vapors and then intercoursing with her.

Live TV Host: “As you pointed out, since Muhammad had so many women, why did he even feel the need to resort to the ones that were menstruating?”

Fr Botros: “Ahhhh. I see you are wisely connecting the dots. The simple reason, my friend, is that Muhammad used to like smelling”—here he went sniff, sniff—“menstruation blood.”

He then quoted from al-Siyuti, where Aisha relayed that Muhammad said to her “Come here,” to which she replied, “But I am menstruating, O prophet of god.” So he said “Expose your thighs”; she did so and “he proceeded to lay his cheek and chest on her thighs.”

Fr Botros: “Help me people! How can such perverse behavior come from a prophet—the ‘greatest role model’?”

He then read a Sahih Bukhari hadith (v.6, p.2744) relayed by Aisha where she said that, while menstruating, the prophet used to lay his head on her thighs and recite the Koran.

Fr Botros: “While reciting the Koran!!”



This is what is coming America, by YOUR apathy and YOUR idiotic imbalance of being overly tolerance to evil beief systems, and intolerance to the good belief systems.

Hardcore Fundamentalist Islam (mis-promoted by groups like C.A.I.R.), is sick and perverse; and the more fundamentalist they are, the more the likelihood of the same depths of such degradation and debauchery as Mohammed practiced (within their communities, and even against passers-by).

Hardcore Islamic Fundamentalist men (at least in Middle Eastern countries, including so-called moderates like Turkey) are often prone to being violent sexual predators who need to be removed from society as much as the violent sexual convicted sex crimes predators in prison for life are. So for them to send others to kill for them, in the name of the Devil (aka. "allah"), is merely as if second nature to them. The violence, I believe, is about to come to the United States, and the US Government won't be siding with the people in resolving the crisis, but will cave to the terrorists because of Liberal sympathizers and traitors in high offices of the Executive and Legislative Branches branches of our Government.

I can only hope and pray that this will NOT come about...but I fear this worst case scenario now has a better than 40% probability. I hope I am wrong on that, or that those in the Federal and State Governments who can make a difference to prevent such a takeover, act accordingly and prepare now. As the motto goes: "Always be prepared." That motto ain't just for "Boy Scouts", you know.

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  1. Brianroy, sorry for doing this but I am so frustrated trying to post to the other site we were on - it won't let me comment at all for some reason? so here is what I was going to say:
    The link you posted for the SC docs leads to a letter signed by Pelosi but its not the one for Obama & Biden. Its for every other Democratic nominee running for office in SC EXCEPT those two. On the letter for those two, there was wording missing that the head of the SC Election Board caught and had the TREASURER HAND WRITE in as she delivered the certificates. Wait until you see it. I am using in my complaint papers to the SC Attorney General.
    As for "Jay Jay" I don't come on a blog and with good intention offer up my opinion to be treated as he/she treated us for some reason. I don't need sarcasm and belittling on here because JJ didn't like my ideas. Its the same idea that many patriots all over the country are using in their states instead of sitting around waiting for a couple attorneys to deal with it all themselves. Altho I believe they should continue that too - we should all work as hard as possible to get the usurper OUT. What we don't need is some blogger with an ego thinking his/her position is to criticize & mock alternative methods.
    While it might be ideal to "donate" on each site you ask a question or post some info, we'd all go broke if we had to contribute $ everytime we contribute posts. LetUsMoveForward - yes, I am familiar with jbjd's work. Thank you.
    I don't know if I was blocked for some reason or what. anyway - here it is if you want to share it and best of luck with your own blogsite.