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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ex-CIA analyst weighs in on danger of Muslim Terrorism

Ex-CIA analyst Michael Scheuer weighs in on a CNN interview, and concurs that the future threat from Muslim Terrorists is greater now than what they did on 09/11/2001.

The Nigerian Al-Qaida attempt that failed to detonate over Detroit on a Northwest Airline Flight 253
apparently ran concurrent with a US Intelligence "false flag" or a "revived mediocre Red Cell security check" (likely low-level CIA) operation.



The conclusion missed by those covering up, is that one or more analysts within the False Flag Operation using someone of India's ethnic nationality, likely knew of the False Flag operation, and then intentionally compromised the Security and coordinated an attack on the United States of America from within the Pentagon or a US Intelligence Agency such as CIA.

We almost definitely, it seems to me, have one or two moles in the US Government who directly knew of this "war game terror exercise", and aided and abetted the enemy to take out US citizens. Fortunately, the Nigerian was incompetent in how he went about attempting his detonation long enough for US Citizens to act appropriately.

Is the mole operation of the Northwest Flight 253 Christmas bombing attempt linked to the deaths of 7 CIA Analysts in southeastern Afghanistan? http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5BT3KD20091231

In the age of computers, I think that it is quite possible, even though not necessarily likely above a 10% probability...it should still be ruled out even if it were less than a 1% possibility as a matter of protocol.

And that loss of the CIA is directly thanks to the changes implemented by the Obama "Muslim-hiring happy without proper vetting version of Affirmative Action" Administration, and within CIA - up to and including Leon Panetta (in my opinion).

The CIA, DIA, and others should conduct an intensive reverse intel check on themselves, and get the sucker(s) responsible: starting first with a list of those who specifically knew of the false flag op, and cross check that with access to the specific base camp affected in Afghanistan.

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