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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Las Vegas massacre of October 1, 2017? Was It a Saudi Paid For Contract Terror Attack By Saudi Prince Talal Using Diplomatic Immunity Saudis As Shooters and U.S. Intelligence For Logistic Support?

This is an update addendum to my post of 
Thursday, October 19, 2017
"Las Vegas October 1, 2017 Massacre by Multiple Shooters and Multiple U.S. Intelligence Agencies Against WE THE PEOPLE As A Joint Exercise In Murder? Almost Transparently So."  

Note:   The following is an opinion by me and editorial conclusion by me.  -- Thanks.    Brianroy

It now appears that the primary killing action was done as a Saudi Prince contract (probably unknown to the King of Saudi Arabia, and certainly not sanctioned by him) and  there are indications that update us to the likelihood that the only real correction to the previous analysis less than 3 weeks after the event, is that the Las Vegas active shooters themselves were likely NOT U.S. Intelligence, unless they were dual U.S.-Saudi  Intel agents, and likely those who specifically had Saudi Diplomatic Immunity while active shooters and are so protected by that status.  It is a reasonable, but UNCONFIRMED allegation and an UNCONFIRMED conclusion at this point.  

During the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Massacre, while I count at least 9 or 10 likely different shooters present, on the ff. video, it lists at minimum there were at least seven different shooters 

See also:

It appears that in direct connection to this Las Vegas terrorist incident of October 1, 2017, but as yet not publicly affirmed, it was NOT just a coincidence that there was a Saudi Royal Family arrest spree by their king, and it was NO COINCIDENCE that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was among a number of Saudis that were arrested in Saudi Arabia, and their assets frozen, 

allegedly it seems, in connection with the Saudi King's own internal AND diplomatic response to the USA regarding Saudi involvement, allegedly, with the October 1, 2017  Las Vegas massacre of 58 U.S. Citizens, and murders of various more witnesses challenging the lone nut fiction with their clear counter-testimonials that seemed to seriously threaten the CIA contract public relations contrived  pseudo-narrative of the lone shooter.   

It is MORE than just a coincidence that at Mandalay Bay, where Saudi Prince Talal literally OWNED 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay that the patsy murderer was killed

and it is MORE than just coincidence that it was at the Mandalay Bay by alleged reputation that allegedly those who worked directly for Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal allegedly engaged in international arms deals, and various forms of espionage and terrorist activities that included liaisons with the CIA, but that he apparently was also involved DIRECTLY with known anti-America and to the subversion and overthrow of America agenda Islamic terrorist activity by a group of alleged to be Saudi SHOOTERS, ALL of whom had DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY on the night of October 1, 2017, who allegedly murdered United States Citizens, and allegedly got a free ride home on an aircraft allegedly owned by  Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal himself.  

There is also the presence of those Saudi Intelligence Officers who worked under the SAUDI company called ETS Managagement as part of their "employee" cover that very same night in Vegas.  But because of non-disclosure clauses, the U.S. Intelligence Community refuses to talk about it, except for one who leaked the factual data out.  

When the United States illegally went to war in Libya, Saudi Arabia's ETS Management team of Saudi Intelligence Officers were also on the ground there, again, allegedly helping conduct violent subversive warfare there as well.  Whoever the actual shooters were, two things seem apparent: alleged Saudi Diplomatic Immunity, and alleged deep ties and protection to the Saudi Royal Family through Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.  

The specific identities of these Saudi Mass murderers (be they the alleged ETS Management or other of Saudi Intelligence with Diplomatic Immunity), the specific identities of these men are allegedly known to a select group within the high echelons of our United States Federal Government that is allegedly something to the effect of less than 40 people within the Federal Government, and generally known by hundreds more, allegedly including POTUS Trump, Vice President Pence, and White House Chief of Staff General Kelly.  

 The allegation is as yet unconfirmed, but it appears to be true, and indeed clearly appears to be the case of why the news blackout and FBI acting like a cross between buffoon Keystone Cops and paid off Saudi compromised United Nations allegiance Police State forces, rather than those having ANY obligation to protect United States Citizens or maintain their oath to the United States Constitution.  

The corruption inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation gets worse, as the FBI directs an exclusive list of Las Vegas shooting victims to join a class action by their own hand selected Las Vegas / Los Angeles Law Firm who clearly are allegedly working as double agents for the behest of the FBI and the Saudis against the victims themselves.  http://rootforamerica.com/story-shocking-fbi-scandal/

Says Root in one of his Vegas Insight commentaries regarding the MGM CEO who effectually made MGM fertile ground for Islamist Terror to even migrate to Vegas through Mandalay even BEFORE the event could even be conceived to happen by Root until he saw it weeks later :
"MGM CEO Jim Murren...hitching MGM’s wagon to a front group for Hamas.
...giving millions of dollars to CAIR- an organization tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Really? "  -- W. A. Root on August 31, 2017

It is NOT enough for a bunch of Saudis to merely be arrested, if they are indeed the guilty parties.  The TRUTH must be made manifest to the world, and these men who were directly the Vegas shooters and those who gave the order,whoever they are, be they including Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal himself, if he gave the order or even merely financed the operation,  should damn well be publicly outed for roles in specifics and details, and then executed.  And it should be done quickly in a matter of days or weeks, certainly before the end of 2017.  Nothing less the full penalty and public outing of what they did, if these specific people indeed are responsible, will suffice.  

[[[[Update November 21, 2017:  

More Video -

23 minute video with many witnesses mentioning the Helicopters at Vegas...You know, the ones that included a machine gun strafing the crowds below

Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub lays out the helicopter proof 

in this ff. video:

And also please check out and save a copy of Niall Bradley of Soft.net's October 21, 2017 assessment MUST READ AND SAVE article
Las Vegas Terror Attack: Clear Evidence of Multiple Shooters at Multiple Hotels

End of November 21, 2017 update]]]]

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