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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Las Vegas October 1, 2017 Massacre by Multiple Shooters and Multiple U.S. Intelligence Agencies Against WE THE PEOPLE As A Joint Exercise In Murder? Almost Transparently So.

On  October 1, 2017

A forward mounted helicopter's machine gun  rains down machine gun fire onto U.S. Citizens below:

See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRJHt8DlVGU

Various witnesses testify of multiple shooters in multiple locations, including ground level shooters (Tropicana, Bellagio, New York New York Casinos) not just the Mandalay Bay owned by MGM:

The best I can do at present is be a little more brief than I ought, and summarize 

The day prior to the October 1, 2017 event, there was a mandatory active shooter training for the staff at Mandalay Bay

and perhaps at the first it was presumed this started with a disbelief by Mandalay Security that it might be part of that same training, part 2?

Two days after the October 1, 2017 massacre of U.S. Citizens event, it was reported
      "Police received their first report of gunfire at the Route 91 Harvest festival, in Las Vegas at 10.08pm on Sunday...
10.23pm:  ...reports come in of multiple shootings at multiple other locations.
Police radio audio revealed that officers had located the location of the shooter, in room 135 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay, as early as 10.24pm.
     An officer told dispatch they were armed and ready to enter Paddock's room at 10.55pm but were told to wait until SWAT arrived ...
After 24 minutes, SWAT teams burst into the shooter's Mandalay Bay room at 11.21pm ...."

Unfortunately, the guns present and not used but left behind in the room with a corpse alleged as Paddock's, where the numbers of them fluctuated quite a bit, and kept increasing until about 28, to which we might question if it was possibly because others (claiming to be Law Enforcement) kept bringing extras in to be tallied after the fact?....these many unused weapons just happened to be as if they were a California  Democrat Congressional Senator  Diane Feinstein Wishlist arsenal that had NOT been used.  

Some 60 spent rounds were photographed and released, all of them dropped cold (not hot as when they are recently fired) 
and some allegedly on top of the blood of a man who resembled the Paddock suspect, but the corpse being one that was immediately missing a tattoo of “13” Stephen Paddock had publicly photographed as there  only since late 2014 just below the Adam’s Apple. 

Again, the tattoo is missing entirely from the corpse and indicates that it is a look-a-like, and one notably some years younger who was substituted for Paddock, and likely killed before the shooting on the Concert began.  Whether it is before or after the alleged shooting of the Security Guard J. Campos 6 minutes before the firing on the concert began is for a coroner's inquest, which under Nevada Law in Clark County
(see page 7 ff.) 
will likely lump all the deaths together and cover up the whole mess in bureaucratic need to know anonymity.  

Paddock allegedly ran guns or various logistics for ISIS at some point, 
and was claimed by them as one of theirs and a 6 month convert and involved in the Las Vegas massacre as one of their proud members....or to that effect.

Even the UK Daily Mail reports that fact that there are only dozens of allegedly spent shells, for what we know was a minimum of 1800 plus rounds just in and around Mandalay Bay. 

 They are dropped cold and not hot on the suite floor.  Uh huh. 
      "Dozens [NOT hundreds or over a thousand, but just "DOZENS"] of spent shells litter the floor and in one corner magazines sit in neat stacks"

There were multiple shooters reported over Police Scanners.

A machine gun of some type was used on a lower floor at Mandalay Bay, but it is not yet specified as to exactly which floor (some say the 6th, some say the 8th) so it is that general vicinity of altitude (+/- 2 floors).  The Mandalay, oddly enough,  has a design where its room glass is interior maintenance friendly and easily removed to the inside.  But it still takes at least 2 people, preferably 3, with suction cups and a blanket, to ensure no breakage. 

Mandalay Bay, The Bellagio, MGM Grand are all MGM Resorts International properties that underwent extensive renovations, with Mandalay Bay receiving their renovations mostly in 2013.  


On October 1, 2017, it is more than just hypothesis or theory that the Shadow Government’s Compartmentalized Intelligence Services, employed by a combined Cooperative loyal to George Soros, the Clintons, and possibly Obama, launched an official operation which slew 58 U.S. Citizens and wounded nearly 500 more that we know of, 45 still hospitalized for bullet wounds.  

By the way, one of you guys left your CIA communication issued device recharger behind in Paddock's suite, which Paddock had no compatible device to match. Ooops.  So you guys orchestrate the designer to shoot himself in the back of the head with a shotgun and arms that magically stretched and retracted over two feet in length?  (Oh brother!)
There are MANY patriots who don't believe the BS narrative of the Lone Nut Shooter in Vegas, including some with Special Forces and Federal Law Enforcement experience of an extensive nature.  

The mostly compartmentalized group of traitors who orchestrated this do not view regular United States Citizens as human beings of respect or worth any more.  Instead they have been reduced to being mentally nothing more to them than as either conveniences and/or  props, having no real or tangible value, things where destroying these animate objects are free to be destroyed by contract and a given authorization signal for a special authorization window as if a game (but knowing it is only to be for when and what and where and for as long as they can be given self-immunity to destroy these animated things called "people"), and over the last several years (with various agents in and among those doing the remodels of the Casinos up and down the strip) had this plan loosely on tap since perhaps even before 2012 - 2014 for use at the future date (which October 1, 2017 was its execution). 

The rogue to the Laws of the United States who were the Las Vegas involved participant company or Las Vegas planning and execution participant group of Intelligence officials, necessarily involves the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, at least 8 - 10 agents or even private contractors involved or experienced with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, likely using all Democratic Party operatives, and others involved as contract agents and intelligence plebes being sheep-dipped as actors inserting themselves in and among the wounded as if wounded, specifically committed an action of Domestic Terrorism upon WE THE PEOPLE of the United States. 

The role of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is also directly involved in Las Vegas and was likely providing direct combat support intelligence (very often aerial photography and surveillance as a specialty) under the Department of Defense, and though they operate primarily out of Fort Belvoir in Springfield Virginia and two locations in the St Louis Missouri area, they likely would have occupied an overnight business facility with a high altitude view as well as electronic surveillance, using technologies to live stream piggy back on cameras of businesses and establishments already in place operating on any telecommunications means (cable, phone, wifi, other wireless).  

They would have seen from any location connected, and heard if the cameras were equipped with audio.  An example would be such as the registry counter of the Mandalay, the inside of an Am/Pm gas station in near proximity to the concert execution zone, and so forth.  Geospatial Intelligence as an agency and service has been used in Olympic Games to provide security monitoring and planning.  

On this night alone, the country music concert that was fired on (the concert being in the vicinity of Mandalay Bay), was fired upon by at least 4 shooters (ground level, low elevation, high elevation, above helicopter) was intentionally  sealed off all its multiple exits but one (on this night only), ensuring the maximum kill ratio potential by design and advanced orchestration and planning to do just that.  

Multiple witnesses up and down the Strip report active shooters THERE, plus various people have commented about the police scanner traffic information, such as: 






[[[Update October 22, 2017   A man dressed in Police Swat armor and gear also entered Hooters at the same time as the October 1, 2017 attacks were happening

and shot the place up so that 17 ambulances of victims had to be hauled away.  Are the Vegas numbers HIGHER than what is reported?    ANOTHER Location struck that the FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff are SUPPRESSING!   End of October 22, 2017 update]]]

For the size of this operation, aerial surveillance and monitoring was crucial. 

 It is my personal opinion that those such as the FBI Special Agent in Charge at Las Vegas should also be charged as an accessory after the fact for 58 dead, and 500 more counts of attempted murder.  Their loyalty is NOT to the citizenry of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, NOR to upholding any part of the Constitution...it is all about joining in the Criminal Conspiracy to suppress 58 counts of (day of) felony murder, various counts of days after felony murder, and and hundreds of counts of (day of) felony attempted murder, and to hell with the Law, their oath of office, or anything else.  

It is odd that the Las Vegas attacks by at least a half dozen shooters on the ground at many various casinos (one whipping out his firearm from under a yellow vest and firing) , at least several at elevated positions (flash fire seen both in video and found in video recorded acoustic analysis), 

and at least one helicopter firing from directly above, all these various shooters, including at least two shot down at one of the Casinos a distance from the Mandalay Bay (as well as one at a nearby Airport according to a taxi scanner), all these are suppressed by the head law enforcement officer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at Las Vegas Nevada?    

And like with the "Clay Shaw"  assistance in the Bay of Pigs training camps funding and as exposed in the failed New Orleans JFK assassination trial that the CIA used civilian financing for ROGUE clandestine military operations since at least the 1960s, perhaps in order to help fund this operation, in our own day, we have the instance of where:    
The “George Soros Investment Fund Bought "PUTS" on 1.35 Million MGM Stocks 60 or so Days BEFORE Attack at MGM Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas”

That “follow the money” potential being revealed, Soros now has transferred an $18,000,000,000 cover

 in which…what Georgie…will it be perhaps 10%  of that 18 billion dollars to be allocated to paying off and covering up Vegas, and other billions to overthrow the nation by means of a rigged Constitutional Convention, other terror attacks?

 When the FBI investigated those who worked at the Concert, they DESTROYED EVIDENCE.  They wiped phones and laptops and cameras and what have you  clean all proof of exactly what?  Was it JUST other shooters or is it OTHER INTELLIGENCE AGENTS MIXING IN in and around the crowds, cognizant of who and what and where was going to be hit? Why wipe the phones clean except to hide that it is a hostile action by an out of control Intelligence Agency group that now view this as one real life experiment and exercise for their own plebes to get real life training from, killing off actual people and getting true to life training as well?

 Every bit of cellphone and other video at the Concert by those who were concert workers were seized and wiped clean by the FBI
in order to cover up compromised intelligence agents and operatives, and the means and methods used in the operation to kill U.S. Citizens.
to which was several fold: 
-- Intelligence operations of realistic training inserting plebes, 
-- realism war violence on U.S. Citizens to study blackout capability of a Federal terrorist event upon its own population, 
-- to study the Psychological result and repercussions on those who were victims-witnesses-or those hearing or seeing about it, 
-- to use this event to promote Gun Control and the abolition of the second amendment of the Constitution (immediately abandoned because the 20 plus guns of so many differing types along the lines of what Senator Feinstein had famously promoted to ban was just too damn obvious), 
--  the promotion of security gadgets and technologies owned by those like Michael Chertoff and others to force a national hysteria to BUY peace and security,
-- the working out the kinks of future attacks on U.S. Citizens to blame on ISIS / Al Qaeda and groups like AntiFa while using exclusively U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement entities to carry out attacks while suppressing the sharing of information and protecting the actual hired murderers while discrediting any challenges to the new narrative;
-- and finally, to eventually use the Las Vegas massacre to demand President Trump's Impeachment and / or a Constitutional Convention where a group of 100% UNtrustworthy scumbag politicians remove all our rights, promise a proto-format Healthcare utopian model / version of healthcare (hiding the language and specific intent to commit an 84% U.S. Populations genocide by FORCED inoculations and FORCED nasal mists, likely beginning with the DNC / DSA /Clinton(s), Bush(s) and Soros /  et al. Hit List of U.S. Patriots as well as the elderly and sick first) that pays itself and no one has to buy ("poof", it is all offered "FREE", something nobody and no entity and not even the Government has to put up any $$$for...isn't that nice?).    

Like with John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Presidential Assassination, we generally know who and what was involved, many decades later, but this event is meant to set up future attacks in Football Stadiums, Rock Concerts and other events where many tens of thousands gather, we need to continually press and demand the truth of the matter, regardless of what those who criminally cover up their crimes against WE THE PEOPLE try to get away with.  The pressing indirectly prevents far worse future tragedies from being False Flag carried out against us, because they know some of us WILL(in future events or other circumstances) through this Las Vegas insight as to who and what now be firmly fixed to  literally fight back  in future events and times, and others of us WILL move sky and earth to expose them and get to the truth of the matter, learning better by the mistakes made this time around and being all the more prepared and organized and more impactful  the second time around in challenging their chronic lies and cover-ups.  

For now, that is my own personal view and assessment, i.e., that's my input.  
-- Brianroy  

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