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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama's National Security Background Check: Obama most likely lied, and The Bush Administration Investigators Screwed up, BIG TIME.

On the "Questionnaire for National Security Positions", "Standard Form 86 revised July 2008", it states up front on the unlisted forepage page ii,

"Penalties for Inaccurate or False Statements: The U.S. Criminal Code (title 18, section 101) provides that knowingly falsifying or concealing a material fact is a felony which may result in fines and/or up to 5 years imprisonment. In addition, Federal agencies generally fire, do not grant a security clearance, or disqualify individuals who have materially and deliberately falsified these forms, and this remains a part of the permanent record for future placements. Your prospects of placement or security clearance are better if you answer all questions truthfully and completely. You will have adequate opportunity to explain any information you give to us on this form and to make your comments part of the record."

On page 1 question 3, Obama was required to disclose the city, county, state and country of birth. They did not require him to name a hospital or clinic. At question 5, Obama was required to disclose if he had ever used any other names, and the month/year to month/year he used them. If he answered no, that's a 5 year felony count against him for not disclosing he was legally Barry Soetoro and used that name in Indonesia.

On page 2 question 9, the citizenship box combines born citizens of any type in the US into a one lump check box. He would have checked this off to divert from red flags. The other options: US Citizen born outside US; naturalized US citizen, and NOT a US Citizen. There is no qualification of a two US Citizen parent passed on NBC status from that of an illegal alien simply born on US soil in the checkbox Obama would have checked off.

On p. 2, question 10, Obama would have lied on the question "Do you now hold or have you EVER held multiple citizenships?" A felony of 5 years for not disclosing Indonesian citizenship, a felony of 5 years for not disclosing Kenyan citizenship, a felony of 5 years for not disclosing a British Commonwealth citizenship awaits Obama. We are now up to at least 4 felonies v. Obama.

On p. 2, question 11, the question asked is "where you have lived" for the past 7 years (only).

On p. 4, question 12 asks "where you went to school" in the last 7 or 10 years. If no school was attended, list your most recent degree and where and when it was received. Columbia, Occidental, Punahou, the Muslim Dictator's family attended public school in Indonesia...all off limits.

On page 5, question 13, your employment for the last 7 or 10 years. In 2007, the US Senate, the State of Illinois. The working with Communist-Socialists, being employed by Acorn, and other employment even further back that could have raised red flags...all off limits.

On page 9, question 16, list 3 "people who know you well" over the last 7 years...anyone prior to January 2000, all off limits.

Page 11, question 18 gets interesting. It asks you to identify "each relative and give their full name and other requested information...for each of your relatives, living and deceased, specified below.
1-Mother, 2-Father, 3-Stepmother, 4-Stepfather, 5-Foster parent, 6-Child (incl. adopted and foster), 7-Stepchild, 8-Brother, 9-Sister, 10-Stepbrother, 11-Stepsister, 12-Half-brother, 13-Half-sister, 14-Father-in-law, 15-Mother-in-law, 16-Guardian.

Code, Full Name, Deceased box, Date of birth, Place of birth, Country(ies) of citizenship, Current address (Street, City, and State, include Country if outside the U.S.), If relative was born outside the U.S. indicate documentation that he or she possesses...(FS 240 or 245, Citizenship certificate, DS 1350, Naturalization certificate, Alien registration, US Passport, other / Document number)."

We can figure a likely 4 to 6 more felony counts that can be added here, including that regarding relatives in Bracknell of the United Kingdom, the half-brothers in Kenya and China, not counting disclosure aboout Lolo Soetoro and Obama's biological father.

On page 12, question 19, "Foreign Contacts" for the last 7 years, including associates. Did Obama list the foreign nationals he had either a business or personal contact with? Did he fail to list ex-PLO Terrorist Rashid Khalidi, or that of his cousin Odinga in Kenya whom he campaigned for in 2006?

On pp.12-13, Question 20, Obama was required to disclose any foreign assets and under 20B, "Foreign Business, Professional Activities, and Foreign Government Contacts". Did he disclose these associations? I doubt it. What about where 20B in sub-question 6 asks "Have you EVER held or do you now hold a passport that was issued by a foreign government?"
"If "Yes," provide the name(s) in which your foreign passport(s) was issued, the issuing country(ies), the passport number(s), the date(s)issued, the expiration date(s), and the status of each."

On page 17, question 29, the use of the word "force" to overthrow the US Gov't is Obama's out in his associations, because the Democratic Socialists of America and the various Socialist-Communists which he associated with, sought to overwhelm and overthrow the US Government by peaceful and legislative means, not by "force" as the question was phrased.

The only extra space on the form for more info, pertains to one little box on page 17regarding more info on where you lived, worked or went to school in the last 7 or 10 years.

Big whoop.

Security Directive 63

If followed, Security Directive 63 (1991)’s single scope background check of Obama merely also would have established that Obama would have been born in Hawaii, it would not have established his eligibility to run for President…simply that they believed he was born in the United States.

The security check only extended backwards for 10 years from his announcing to run, to 1997.
They check his bank and criminal records, they ask the neighbors if the subject has behaved or said anything of note in the last 5 years to them, they check the medical records and 4 submitted references who are going to say nothing but good for the subject anyway, the employment record in the last 10 years, and whatever the LAST collegiate or university record states. In other words, they would have checked the University of Chicago, if Obama took just one class there; and certainly would not have looked at any attendance he had BEFORE Harvard University. And it is possible that the only Birth Certificate check would have been a phone call to the Hawaiian Department of Health Services, which was the behavior of the Attorney General for the State of Connecticut in 2008. In other words, just one or two executive Communist-Socialist conspirator(s) inside the DHS, could have run interference for Obama with Obama knowing that his "cadre members" were so "in place". No photocopy, microfiche, or any birth document would have been attached to the file like we would have either assumed or expected decades ago.

http://www.opm.gov/extra/investigate/fin06-02.pdf The March 16, 2006 directive from the United States Office of Personnel Management, Notice No. 06-02, states that if a Birth Certificate is stamped "delayed", that essentially, it is no big deal, and one can accept it at face value and move on.

If the Investigating officer knew of this notice, as he speaks over the phone to the hypothetical DHS Communist running interference, he asks them if the birth copy lists "delayed", and regardless of whether it is yes or no, the agent blows it off. It is also highly likely that the agent calling for a verbal confirmation of Obama's Birth Certificate would have known the difference between a "Birth Certificate" and a "Certification of Live Birth" filed in a city, county and state of Hawaii...but having a foreign origin of birth.

As per Executive Order of 08/04/1995 12868- 1.2(e) 1a,b,c only relevant financial institution records and consumer reporting records would be checked, as well as only those travel records maintained by employers to that employee traveling on company business to locations outside the USA (but only if that company was a US Commercial entity within the USA).
(A) relevant financial records that are maintained by a financial institution as defined in 31 U.S.C. 5312(a) or by a holding company as defined in section 1101(6) of the Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978 (12 U.S.C. 3401);
(B) consumer reports pertaining to the employee under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. 1681a); and
(C) records maintained by commercial entities within the United States pertaining to any travel by the employee outside the United States.

Nancy Pelosi who signed off on Obama without veting his background other than ideologically, is now being realized as a morally reprehensible or "A HORRIBLE WOMAN" even by the Obama loving Media, such as those at CNN.

We can only hope that some of these organizations will also get so disgusted, that they will finally wake up and start investigating and asking the hard questions they should have asked 2 and 3 years ago.

So was Obama vetted properly, or was the United States of America screwed by lazy Federal Investigators who failed to vet the man and by Obama lies on the National Security Background check forms? Forms that even with the 7 or 10 year time frames that could have been reopened at any time by the Bush era US Attorney General, and have revoked Obama's security clearance, and move that he be fired as either Senator or President-elect which he usurped as an illegal candidate. While Common Sense may say that a US Presidential Candidate should be vetted a minimum of 30 years back; should versus what is the legal reality, are two different worlds.

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