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Monday, July 5, 2010

Obama's Direct Social Security Number Fraud Access Accidentally Revealed?

http://www.staradvertiser.com/features/20100627_No_birth_certificate_needed_to_verify_Oba mas_old_Arcadia_job.html

"No birth certificate needed to verify Obama's old Arcadia job" By Wayne Harada
01:30 a.m. HST, Jun 27, 2010
reported that:
"Barack Obama...once worked in food services at the Punahou Street retirement complex while attending Punahou School."

In response to a letter written by the Sr. Citizen Home CEO asking for Obama's recollection, Obama wrote back saying:

"I remember those days in Punahou and my time working at Arcadia, and I am still influenced by the aloha spirit and all the wonderful people of Hawaii. I learned so much from my family, my friends and teachers during that time."

Says reporter Wayne Harada of the Home for Senior Citizens location: "... the home is equidistant between Punahou and Obama's one-time Beretania Street residence."


Unless Obama had a school work permit, which we have no reason to believe he had, since he hides even his Punahou school records...we might as call it for what it probably is.

It's called working "under the table" or "off the books". Obama likely was paid cash in hand at an x-amount for temporary work, and did not report it for tax deductions. The payment was likely determined on the amount of work accomplished as determined by the one supervising the undocumented temp employees.

But to be fair, even if he had a school issued work permit, this clearly presents another even more serious dilemma for Obama...the SS Card fraud, whereby Obama has used a Connecticut SS# for many years.

As we are informed from Obama himself in his auto-biography, it was at this period of his life he was blowing money on drugs. He had to get the money from somewhere. And who knows if his access to such a place allowed him to reap fringe benefits (watches, jewelry, and knick-knacks lying around for pawning off) so that he really could kick back and think of all the great "highs" he got from working there (even briefly) and think of what a great (almost carefree) "aloha" time he had in those days some 30 odd years ago.

Could Obama also have lifted the Connecticut Social Security number and card from such a place as this very retirement home? Yes. Very easily. 

The result of this story is being that , now in July 2010, there is an almost direct connection and means, motive, access/opportunity to someone born in the 1890s. The SS# fraud now fits in such a way as there is enough information for a Criminal Investigation of this in conjunction with other Identity Investigations on Obama, and who and what he is in regard to his international citizenship, as to find what the blank that is. Thus, even the Liberals must be embarassed that the SS# fraud of Obama now clearly not only fits, but appears quite reasonable as a possibility / probability.

The Obama BC fraud is still being collaterally substantiated and exposed, even if bit by bit with information the Liberals thought otherwise of.

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