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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Retired General speaks out: Paul Vallely on the Communist-Socialists, aka. Progressives in US Federal Government

Youtube Video link from Lincoln Reagan dinner in Virginia, City Montana May 5, 2010

Update [07/24/2010]:

Tea-party candidate in Tennessee, Cece Heil, offered a tactic of using Concurrent Resolution to stop an unConstitutional Healthcare as already void...not voidable, but void (illegal to implement).


I say, we need to push the 2010 election into not just a "game-changer or game-winning strategy", but a "nation saver or a nation winning" strategy, to get our Republic back, and save it from the Communist-Socialists before they seize absolute power.

It is not a losing strategy where those like former Congressman Tom Tancredo on 07/22/2010, called for Obama's impeachment in the Washington Times.



You cannot tactically impeach someone who isn't legally President, you must use the courts, and now with Cece Heil's input, I realize Congress as well, to oust him.

So if by concurrent resolution Congress can, in regard to illegal legislation that is unConstitutional, void an illegal passage of a bill into law that was wrongfully passed by a prior Congress by being unconstitutional...and done so by Congressional majority, as Cece Heil explains, perhaps Obama also as well...and NOT JUST all prior legislation he and Congress has passed.

It is a legal strategy and a peaceful route that may very well set the Communist-Socialists back on their ear by having a simple majority of dedicated Conservatives and Constitutionalists in Congress nullifying the Usurper and unConstitutional -- (foreign natural born citizen via his foreign national father, Kenyan national and Communist Barack Hussein Obama I) -- Barack Hussein Obama II.

This nation saving and nation winning strategy will then allow us to use the Courts to see Obama prosecuted following a New Conservative majority Congress installed in January 2011, and Congress will then have standing to introduce all the information the Birthers have had, by their own legislative challenges and also via the US Supreme Court, and see Obama and his co-conspirators imprisoned. This will at worst, have minor incidents of civil unrest among some unionists and some minorities with the minimum damage to this country, and no damage to the Constitution nor the creating of counter-productive legal precedents, because Obama was illegal to run or be elected to begin with.

That's the new battle plan. Take it up, spread the word, and share it with everyone you know. Let every TEA PARTIER share this Concurrent Resolution Election Strategy with every Tea Party and Conservative they know, regardless of Party affiliation...and get commitments from those running in 2010 to join the plan to SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM COMMUNIST-SOCIALISM!!

This it goes far beyond a simple smoke and mirrors distraction of a technicality, which the conspirators of the Left (who seek to overthrow this Republic entirely) seek to do.

If the overwhelming majority of America's voters are FED UP with the Communist-Socialist and Big Brother takeovers and abuses by Obama and Pelosi and a corrupt Congress, and get fired up...they can make their  elective candidates for November 2010 also get fired up to Concurrent Resolution Obama, Pelosi, and Reid out of their positions of power, and see them prosecuted and imprisoned (being on an even lower moral level than if they were just mega-Madoff or mega-Enron crooks), and charge them with treason, sedition, fraud, and conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.

Take the plan and pass it along.

It's time for we the people to rise up as one, and bring Liberty to ourselves by removing the yoke of those who would oppress and enslave us with unneccesary laws, fines, punishments, taxes, and unConstitutional abuses of power.

Now is the time...the time is NOW to act and press restoring our fredoms and liberties before they are entirely taken away. Rise up America! Black, brown, or white; poor or rich or in between; man or woman; born here or immigrated. I say unto you America, RISE UP and take back the Liberties and Constitution given you by G-D and His Sovereign grace and Loving-Kindness...and don't cease in the fight untill all of the victory is won. Yes America, get fired up, and rise up as ONE!


  1. You're a few weeks late on this one. The whole concurrent resolution thing has been debunked.

    Article I of the Constitution says Congress has to present legislation to the President before enacting, amending or repealing it. A concurrent resolution violates the presentment clause.

    The Supreme Court has said Congress cannot prohibit Executive Branch behavior with a concurrent resolution because it violates the presentment clause. It's called INS vs. Chadha...a first year Con law case every law student learns.

    And, of course, Article III give the Supreme Court, not Congress, the authority to declare statutes unconstitutional. Madison v. Marbury, etc.

    Cece was asked along with all the candidates to list the 18 enumerated Congressional powers in Article 1. She came in last with 2. She also tried on two others and got them wrong...one was probably this silly concurrent resolution thing she made up.

    It's silly season right before the primary. Ignore the crazy stuff that sounds too good to be true coming from people just trying to get elected. Read your constitution, get people in office that know it as well, and kick out the idiots that voted for Obamacare. Repeal and replace.

  2. If Congress passes an unConstitutional law or series of laws, the tactic is to have a new Congress pass the Concurrent Resolution, and that passage of a Concurrent Resolution to nullify that which is unConstitutional by the immediately prior Congress. This Concurrent Resoultion gives the new Congress Article III standing in the US Supreme Court when there is just cause, such as a usurper like Obama, a non-US NBC as sitting in the Presidency unlawfully and signing things into law he has no right to do. Both the House and the Senate must pass something in declaration and challenge before ousting a sitting putative President, even a usurper.

    Thereafter the Senate can self-elect a replacement. But before this later action can be carried out...the US Supreme Court must first hear the case that has been denied the Birthers and concurrent resoluted in Congress by both houses...denied not on its merits, but on Article III standing...and I am extremely confident that the majority decision will be to agree with the defendants (Congress) that anything signed by an unConstitutional President or Usurping Office Holder, is void and tossed out.

    The US Supreme Court can then, at that time, then turn around and declare Obama unconstitutional and order him removed from Office, and so order that via the US Constitution, the US Senate can at that time vote for a new President of the USA according to their choosing.

    So, I must disagree with those who might say this tactic would not work...because it will, if implemented. Again, yes, it is a tactic that legally WILL work...because the goal is to get the US Supreme Court to declare Obama unConstitutional, giving the same victory we otherwise would have already acheived had not so many conspired to protect their arch-criminal they themselves daily empower and enable.