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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Psycho-Politics Is A Guide Textbook Used In The Illegal Terms Of Office Of Barack Hussein Obama As He Wages A Seen But Media Denied War Of Communism And Islam Against U.S. Citizens

When Barack Hussein Obama II’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis, member of the clandestine Communist Central Committee of the United States who at one time taught at and made connections within the Communist hierarchy in America while at the Abraham Lincoln School of Chicago, Frank Marshall Davis got his hands on a mandatory Communist Textbook which was to aid hard-core Communist further the 100 year plan of the Soviets to destroy or overthrow the United States of America from within.

Frank Marshall Davis followed through in taking an impressionable boy in need of a father figure, and at the age of somewhere between 11 and 13, he raped Barack Obama Soetoro, calling him a “green young man” according to Barack’s own poem about him in which Obama while at Occidental publicly says that by his nod it was consensual homosexual sex (between him and Frank),
 we see that through Barack's own descriptors of the "watermelon seed" brain feeling and the vision of things close up growing small and distant are de facto indicators of the psychological trauma of that anal rape.  Frank Marshall Davis, in raping Obama as a boy, introduced a new psychopath personality into the child, a screwed up predator personality which now defines Barack down to this day and what his political and psychological agenda is and is going to be.  Barack was thrown to a Communist socio-path and sexual predator, losing all innocence, and molded into a predator personality of destroying innocence and disbelieving it of others, as a form of vengeance for that which was destroyed in him.  He feels a sense of power by creating dissension, corruption, creating a sense of a loss of control in others, and where he can of terrorizing others with ruthless determination.  He feeds off of this.  He especially despise Christians, as if Christians whose only goal was to teach him the Indonesian language should have somehow saved him.  He spent his time as a Shia Muslim and attended a Catholic School merely for learning a new language, even as Muslims attend Roman Catholic Schools in Egypt and other Islamic nations for specific training without conversion or acceptance of Christianity at any level, and lets others be misdirected or deceive in his behalf that he might in any way be labeled a "Christian".  

America's fellow Conservatives need to know that Obama most of the time operates from a feeling of insecurity, and when he raises up on his hind legs, as it were, then he must be met with unwavering twice damned determination that will out will and outlast him.  His power lust will starve off if he cannot make you visibly suffer, wince at his degradation of you, compel you to do what is immoral or corrupt, or see you cave and compromise.  Instead, he will grow weak, and then he will grow insecure as he really is, and then you will have him shaking in fear.  Problem is, nobody is allowed to politically capitalize upon this successful technique, and there is no relentless follow through either.  So where impeachment or forcing resignation could have happen, those corrupt in power plead for mercy and mercy is given something and someone who should be politically stomped on and legally and politically destroyed, including those rushing to that rotten to the core soul's defense.   

Knowing this, Obama and those who defend him rely on keeping people in duress and discord.   They feel they must keep an exaggerated opinion of Obama or of this or that group or agitator's worth.  They feel they must tease and create dissension in the public with trivial and / or emotional distractions blown way the hell out of proportion, especially as diversions from unity in utilizing hate, rejection of perversity that destroys the human soul as if it were hate of something good (rather than of the evil that it truly is), capitalizing on fomenting anger and hate and resentment into rebelliousness and rewarding that rebellion with freedom from prosecution while promoting it as justified at the federal level.    When we look on how Obama foments hate with the death of black criminals and mob actions for Trayvon Martin, for Michael Brown, for Muslim terrorists, and even has Communist and anarchy groups (including hires by George Soros or one of his foundations) help him to foment racism and division and take the lead in riotous actions, there is no question as to the kind of psycho-path that is sitting in the White House as a foreign usurper...no question as to what kind of a scummy and depraved soul the man really is.   

Barack now uses the Central Intelligence Agency to wage psychological warfare, including Psycho-politics, upon the domestic population of the United States.  The goal is ever to create lies and misrepresentations and a ever constant and dynamic Media pressure and Media challenge to create various forms of physical - psychological -emotional   resentment, separation, and its end result of rage.  But when one compartmentalizes emotion out of the equation, and addresses the issue from a virtually emotionless state at an intellectual plane, one is able to divert himself or herself from both hypnotic suggestion and manageable manipulation by those seeking to abuse or destroy you.  The predators finds himself unable to control the prey, and if managed correctly, you can legally and peacefully reverse the role and put them on the defensive as the intellectual and emotional prey instead.  

So many ethnic blacks in America falsely claim they are victims, and that they want equality and justice.  How so?  Those who are part of the "Black Lives Matter" groups are merely fronts for Communist-Socialist handlers, or hypocrite manipulators themselves.  When Miriam Carey with no criminal record gets gunned down in the Washington D.C., not a peep for her, because Obama's white Secret Service and white D.C. Police protection murdered her for Obama.   When criminals get gunned down or die resisting the police or while engaging in criminal conduct, that is the time to get violent, they say.  Defend the criminal right to break the Law based on his skin color, but only if he is black.  What about other blacks who are his victims.  The mentality is "screw them."  What about riots that destroy stores so people can pose with a case of toilet paper in a selfie to post on the Internet, and to hell with all the blacks whose economic jobs they destroyed when the business folds and moves away?  The mentality is "screw them." Those black lives DON'T matter either.         
What about the millions of babies that are encouraged to be brought into a second and third trimester, so they can be "harvested" for organs then sold for profit to research firms, including spicing that black baby human DNA with monkeys and apes and pigs and who knows what else for medical experiments?  No, those black lives don't matter either.  What about the gun free zone cities in which upwards of 1,000 black lives a year are butchered because of senseless laws which promote violent lawless criminals to only have guns, and have promoted gang cultures until hundreds of thousands more have been grafted into lives of crime and criminal activity that will downward spiral those lives?  No, those black lives don't matter to the "Black Lives Matter" hypocrites either.  What about when they reduce themselves into willful mental savagery with hip-hop or thug culture rap music that promotes hypnotic beats, "useful idiot"  indoctrination lyrics,  and gain for themselves chronic social reinforcements of hate and resentment and anger so that they can be manipulated by political predators using them for empowerment and the advancing of nefarious agendas?  No, to them those lives affected don't matter either, be they black or any other human color.  And on and on and on we can go

Politicians like Obama have learned to slickly create messages to cater to each specific group they need to be divisive somewhere else, to further a useful idiot abuse agenda.   They always tell their useful idiots, and then stroke them with assurances and promises and affirmations that these victim want to hear, and get them into believing that he or she or they can have whatever greedy and selfish thing they want, and damn the laws and the Constitution.    Moreover, the appeal of the fish-hook and bait is usually something to the effect of that they can have their "loyalty" rewarded without exerting any serious physical or financial effort.  And even at $20,000 a plate dinners, those having a value of $10,000,000 and up, $19,000 of the $20,000 into the Cayman Island Bank Account of Obama to them is no financial strain upon them at all...it is merely a retirement account award for him being their favorite "fellow traveler" / Communist of the hour, and giving them goose bumps in being openly secret conspirators who names will someday be made known gloriously as those "patriots" (that's how they think of themselves) who helped bring down and destroy the great super-power of the United States of America.   All he or she has to do is believe and do as you say, and they expect in kind NO CONSEQUENCES to their criminal conduct. This appeal to the Communists and traitors is literally hypnotic in its effect upon them. 

 It not only relates to direct violence upon individuals and small groups, but it is also inclusive of INTENTIONAL MAJOR MAN-INDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS such as the Obama Environmental Protection Agency intentionally finding a dormant toxic mine, intentionally spending weeks to fill it up with millions of gallons of water, and then intentionally breaching a retaining wall and spilling it into the Colorado River to kill and retard up to millions of people with extremely lethal contaminants that will remain decades after the initial toxic waste of what is now reported to be 3,000,000 gallons plus, 

washes through hundreds and hundreds of miles of the Southwest water ways along the Colorado river, making even well water unsafe to bathe in, let alone drink, as just a few grams of toxicity in concentrate is enough to kill or comatose or cerebral palsy anybody.

Map from:

Map from:
The spill into the Animas River in Colorado now extends into New Mexico.

It is a lethal toxic spill that will affect upwards of well over 10,000,000 people,  as it is heading on an eventual course that will poison Las Vegas and Southern California water supplies as well.  

And yet...NO CONSEQUENCES to the would be mass murderers and breachers, unlike the howl they made over the British Petroleum Horizon oil spill which BP paid over $12,600,000,000 dollars, and the which all the oil companies are charging double the rates at the pump with less than $50 crude in order to make every dollar back and much more for their bottom line profits.  The American Consumer is paying the actual fines, NOT BP, and that is exactly how Obama wants it and how he promotes the Communist-Socialist Agenda of making Americans suffer for their sins (in his eyes) of just being Americans, of daring to just be "exceptional."

Obama also thinks that if he pushes homosexuality enough, and corrupts America into a full acceptance of it, he can also in part destroy the United States by a type of "animal magnetism" in which America breeds itself out.   He and his fellow Communists have found that only the most emotionally susceptible are the most vulnerable to this homosexuality bullshit he pushes, and that is why the public education system busily rapes the minds of children, instilling in them homosexuality and the doctrines of Islam as if it were the new State Religion.  For many Muslims, this might be a conflict.  But Mohammed was such a sex pervert, that not only did he commit pedophilia and cross-dress, but if a woman wasn't available when it was that time of the day to have sex, on more than one occasion he forcibly raped a male servant from behind and satisfied himself by engaging in homosexual sodomy.  Barack knowing this, therefore sees no conflict in his engaging in homosexual acts, including alleged Sodomy with various male athletes at the White House, which rumors (as I understand it) will only be confirmed by post-Obama books and interviews that want it kept under wraps due to sensational revenue it is expected to generate at that time.  Perhaps tat that time we will also find out if Michelle Obama was really Michael Obama, another aberration to humanity that should have gone the way of Sodom and Gomorrah so America too might know by example by preternatural means.  

So, with Obama, we have someone who was  brain-washed into hard-core anti-Americanism as a Muslim boy in Indonesia for 4 years and then in America as a Marxist-Leninist for 8 years, who was raped into homosexuality and then brain-washed into Marxist-Leninism, and who seeks to avenge his screwed up life and lifestyle on a nation he loves to hate, and who has the intense desire to make the USA just as sick and perverse and as f**ked up as he is before seeing it destroyed.  And how is that goal to be accomplished once in power?  In part, one of the playbooks is from the 1930s Communist 100 year plan related textbook that Barry’s mentor Frank drilled into Barack.   

When you understand the agenda of those who are on the central Committee of the Communist Party, as Obama’s Punahou Jr. High and High School era on the sly mentor and pedophile rapist of Obama was, as Obama himself revealed in a poem he published at Occidental University call “Pop”, maybe you will understand that when Barack Hussein Obama II said he was a hard-core Marxist-Leninist in my presence (in 1981) and then went on an anti-US Marxist-Leninist tirade for what seemed like several minutes about it, he wasn’t kidding.  And perhaps, if you are already literate about what that scumbag is doing as a usurper illegally occupying the Presidency, you will see that the pattern fits exactly what the accusation is, and what the Communists themselves say the agenda and plan of action must be.  I will try to keep it all in general terms in essentially a verbatim format as stated by the Communist subversives within the United States themselves.    

Communist Psycho-politics is an off-shoot of Geo-politics .   Communist Psycho-politics has a goal in each nation state it attacks to create maximum societal breakdown, such as the nuclear family and the promotion of sexual deviance of pedophilia and homosexuality, while seeking to produce the fruits of its poisonous tree, which they themselves identify as : “chaos”, “distrust”, “economic depression”, “scientific data analysis sabotage”, or words to this effect. 

In order to accomplish these poisonous fruits in America, the Communists have identified several common strengths which must be attacked and overcome or rendered at least to a state of ineffectiveness.  These were the Protestant Christian Faith, which promotes both communal as well as “home grown healing”; the national historical heritage of the nation in its history – Constitution – Declaration of Independence – heroic persons of renown; the nuclear family in which the male father was benignly dominant monogamous to one wife who is mother to son(s) and daughter(s).  In other words, anything that is humanly “Normal” is to be attacked, and destroyed, and this mental illness must be made contagious and self-promoting so that the useful idiots infected with diseased minds and diseased concepts carry on the work and make the transition to totalitarianism and enslavement of the masses that much easier. 

Communists in the United States are following the 100 year plan, in which one of the first major fields they were called to dominate is that of psychiatry and psychology, followed by employment in and/or running hospitals and universities.

While pretending to worship Freud, Communists were instructed by training to become those kinds of psychiatrists who would be using that station in the medical profession to be habitually prescribing mind altering drugs to “erase our enemies as insects …[and] cripple…leaders by striking insanity into their families by the use of drugs.”  Freudian psychiatry was also seen as a tool to manipulate and change leadership loyalties as well, and was equally encouraged.  In effect, both corporate and political leaders have been successfully attacked and destroyed en masse in the United States for nearly 86 years now, in greater and greater increments over time, and it has never been successfully countered (even by J. Edgar Hoover, a post-founding patriarch of the Federal Bureau of Investigations who operated under his own agendas). 

 The Communists Subversives trained in Moscow and the Central Committee of Communists installed in the United States also demanded sacrificial loyalty, in which if any independent researcher or minister or person of renown ever brings forth the truth persuasively and credibly, destroy them by any means of slander and libel, even if it costs you every dime to do it, or words to this effect.
 “[Y]ou must not rest, you must not eat or sleep, you must not stint one tiniest bit of available money to campaign against it, discredit it, strike it down and render it void . For by an effective means all our actions and researches could be undone .” 

I would argue that this includes their collective power and media elite defense of the Marxist-Leninist Muslim Homosexual Communist Foreigner usurping the Presidency Of The United States (POTUS): Barack Hussein Obama, II. 

They also wish to use our free society and our own laws against us by manipulation and perversion from within and by using the system against us to destroy us.  In regard to the 100 year plan to destroy the United States, Communist subversives are also to: 

“Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends.  Do not stint in your labor in this direction.”

The current reuse and redirection of Psycho-politics is now labeled as “Mastering the Human Domain.”  

In effect, it is the re-channeling of State Policing done in the Stalinist and subsequent governments of the Communist Soviet Union, updating them, and applying that program for citizens of the United States, with a goal of using the United Nations Jade or Blue Helmets as eventual allied troops who will be called into to enforce multi-nationally in the same way foreign troops now do security work at some of the sport stadium events and special national events as foreign security upon U.S. Citizens (in practice training as U.S. security replacement runs and advanced psychological reconnaissance regarding their use in future interning of U.S. Citizens) .

The "Master the Human Domain" program will use and manipulate the United states Army right out of their jobs, and eventually replace them with foreign troops on United States soil, as we are called "world citizens", denied national sovereignty or identity with centuries past, and told to "embrace Communism or else." 

It is something that the Federal Government of the United States under the foreign usurper to the Presidency of the United States, Obama, is employing against the citizens of the United States to test study them with the goal of Totalitarian Subjugation and Enslavement with a near guaranteed rate of success. 

But within Psycho-politics itself, is the necessity of asserting and then maintaining a dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of those minds who they have subjugated into useful idiots, be they operating from schisms and prejudices (as blacks and fanatic Democrats do for Obama), or be they bureaus by peer pressure and internal policies, or be they individual officers or just plain illiterates who operate on uninformed feelings pretending knowledge. 
Communist psycho-analysts concluded long ago that man is little more than an animal by their common denominator. 

 That animal, according to the Communist textbook of the late 1930s,  is divided up as the political organism and the economic organism, as if he or she (though they be a human man or woman or boy or girl)   were a collection of cells no different than the parts of a dead baby that was murdered at an abortion organization and divided up so the parts could be sold for profit 

as the rest of the baby is viewed merely as “medical waste” and never as a human being, even were he or she born and then murdered outside the womb.

And the Communists and their allies will likely argue, if even if later someone on video took a fork and ate the dead baby organs "harvested" as they are at most abortion clinics for profit,  in that day, you will see them whine to the Media and Congress  that any worker who eats dead baby organs raw  merely is taking in nutrition and it means little or nothing else, and how like "soylent green" it will be the "in thing" to serve as  hors-d'oeuvres at the next Congressional cocktail party and how they should just get past the hate and the bigoted narrow mindedness of people who pass up on eating baby livers and kidneys on toast.  "Mmmmn, mmmmn", they'll say, "Yum!"       But then it won't end there, as I have discussed in times past  with some of these more highly placed Communists who it will never enter their minds to be so common as be on the streets with the useful idiots as to when the maximun age outside the womb for cannabalistic nutrition might end in their minds, some said 2 or 3 years old, (one of these was an infamous Rock*******r family member back in 2005, I believe it was), one said 8 years old and one other said perhaps 10 years old if his or her nutritional and (non-vaccination) medical history could be absolutely verified.  After that, by whatever sliding metric these jackasses were using, they argued that the human then became too toxic.  Well, hell, how about NOT eating a human at all?  In effect, the way that some Communists are impeding the incentive to cannabalism for nutrition within the movement at the higher echelons, is by over vaccinations, even to the point of vaccinating mother's carrying and a discussion of wanting to use a procedure that vaccinates the baby while still in the womb?  

That is the kind of political animal we see in the Communists, the Democratic-Socialists, the various Liberals and other even alien elements inside and outside the United States Federal Government today.  

By other even alien elements, who do I mean?  The Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda to destroy the United States from within.  

Back in June 2009, Obama informed the Muslims of the world that he is here on Earth to promote Islam. http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/p18084.xml?media=print

The Obama Cairo speech can be found in print and video here:

In June 2009, Obama visited Cairo

to give a speech in which he  referenced and called himself Baraq of the story of Isra, the winged jack-ass of the coming Mahdi, who lift and enable to the heavens the coming Mahdi or 12th Imam of Shia prophecy, who will bathe the world in blood for Islam and kill all who will not submit, and burn the world with fire.  

Stated Muslim Historian Bat Ye’or in National Review at the time:
“Obama’s Cairo discourse…expresses the Muslim view of … cultural superiority over infidel civilizations. When Obama mentioned the “Isra” event, he referred to Muhammad’s ascension to heaven and his return in one night on a winged mule named Buraq. …the Isra event is not recognised by non-Muslims, and it didn’t happen in Jerusalem, as this name does not appear once in the Koran.”

That Cairo Speech was written based on Chapter 6 of a book written by a Muslim fanatic, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, chief agitator who is the same New York City front-man Imam who pushed for the Ground Zero Mosque as an in-your-face victory of Islam over the West at Ground Zero.

Again, at Cairo, Barack Hussein Obama II stated:
"When Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra"...
In this, knowing it did NOT happen, even by Muslim accounts could not even myth logically happen in Jerusalem (as it is all a myth anyway), Obama was once again playing Psycho-politics and pushing Islam instead of Communism as that second prong of his agenda.   

In the story of Isra, Barack / Baraq is the name of a mythological winged donkey who acts as the servant of Mohammed and carries him away into the heavens. Clearly, Barack (Obama) names himself -- in Shia Muslim 'messianic terminology -- as "the servant Baraq" of the coming 12th Imam who cause the heavenly exaltation/ascent of that chosen "prophet" of Islam who will war against the US and Israel, and destroy them both with "fire".

In other words, Barack Obama told Islam words to this effect:  
"I, in no uncertain terms, want to be your coming bloody Mahdi's / Islamic war messiah's     jack-ass,   and give him the means to literally destroy the US and Israel" 
or words to this effect.

Both Communism and Islam want to destroy the United States (and Israel), and in that end goal, they are allies and mutually compatible. 

In August 12, 2010, The Washington Times caught Obama Orwellian newspeaking Islam as if it were always the great religion of the United States instead of Christianity

and stated:  Obama says Islam has always been part of America, which raises the question, does the president know something about American history that we don't? …Obama has used the occasion of Ramadan to rewrite U.S. history and give Islam a prominence in American annals that it has not earned.”

Obama stated:  "And here in the United States, Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country."  

  The real meaning is that Ramadan is a means to occupy America, rewrite history as it never was, and American Muslims have to make the United States their country.

Obama is always quick to offend U.S. Patriots in preference of Muslim Dominionism,  be it recently with any Muslim that goes on a jihad shooting spree of unarmed U.S. Marines in Tenessee
or in support of an in-your-face Islam has conquered you attitude in his supporting  a World Trade Center Ground Zero Mosque   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/13/obama-defends-ground-zero-mosque_n_682064.html
or his having an Islamic declaration of victory by a Muslim traitor’s father on the grounds of the White House 

[Writes former C.I.A. Operations Officer Claire Lopez
“What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s (SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father Bob) first words at the WH were in Arabic – those words were “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th) – by uttering these words on the grounds of the WH, Bergdahl (the father) sanctified the WH and claimed it for Islam. There is no question but POTUS knows this.”   ]

Obama  traded 5 top Taliban Terrorists for a guy who got our troops killed and welcomes home as a hero for doing so.  

However, this top Taliban Commanders trade wasn't the only one when it happened in 2014.  


 In 2014, prior to Bergdahl, the Constitutionally illegal to even be in power  Obama Administration  transferred 65 Guantanamo Bay “Dangerous Militant” Terrorists to Afghanistan, it then sent up a trial balloon scape-goating Afghanistan President Hamid Kharzai for allowing at least 15 of these their release that would allow them to make their way back to the battlefields in February 2014.  

At the end of May 2014, Obama sanctioned the release of 12 more “dangerous militant” terrorists from Afghanistan detention, and waited until Thursday, June 12, 2014, over 2 weeks after the fact, to even inform Congress about it, when Congress is supposed to have a 30 notification regarding such GITMO and former-GITMO detainee (but still under detention) releases, which Congress laughingly cites to Obama, who isn't even legal, to look at what he signed himself and promised to abide by. 

And of interest about the time of this Muslim U.S. Army Deserter and Enemy Collaborator’s hero’s welcome home by Obama, we also learned  that while the Intelligence Community and the United States Special Forces were poised and ready to snatch up the head terrorist at the September 11, 2012 Ben Ghazi Libya raid that killed a United States Ambassador and 3 other U.S. Citizens, and wounding over 30 others, when Obama heard of each occasion, (obviously because the enemies of the United States were MUSLIMS), he or his anti-American Administration leaked sensitive intelligence to the New York Times for publication and intentionally helped a known murderer of a United States Ambassador escape.

On April 13, 2013, USA Today (among others) reported that
“Washington had been providing satellite phones, SIM cards and other such equipment already, officials acknowledged, but said the level of assistance will now be increased.”
At the end of May 2014, Obama sanctioned the release of 12 more “dangerous militant” terrorists from Afghanistan detention, and waited until Thursday, June 12, 2014, over 2 weeks after the fact, to even inform Congress about it, when Congress is supposed to have a 30 notification regarding such GITMO and former-GITMO detainee (but still under detention) releases, which Congress laughingly cites to Obama, who isn't even legal, to look at what he signed himself and promised to abide by. 
ISIS / Al Qaeda members were trained by U.S. Special Forces in Jordan (circa February 2012 to early 2014) by order of Obama,  received Chemical Weapons training

 as well as expertise in small arms, mortars, anti-aircraft, artillery, man-pads, and rocket propelled grenades. 

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was heavily involved in overseeing the training of Al Qaeda on Obama’s orders, recently confessed that fact on Al Jazeera television.  

[Interviewer] So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis?

[Flynn] I don’t know that they turned a blind eye, I think it was a decision. I think it was a willful decision.

[Interviewer] A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

[Flynn] It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.

Internal U.S. Government document highlights posted at Washingtons Blog are self explanatory and confirm the now retired Lt. Gen. Flynn's assertions: 



So we see, that the engagement of Psycho-Politics as a Communist Instrument is engaged on both specific Political and Religious Fronts.  It is a form of passive TOTAL War upon the domestic population, and very few realize just what the hell is really going on and how bad their conduct is and how bad their evil intent really are.   

Mind you, they who engage in Psycho-politics as a form of warfare upon the American People absolutely know they must have the balancing act knowledge of what they can and cannot say publicly to American Society, and even if they slip up, they demand and expect a willing complicit and treasonous Media 90% owned by 6 major corporations and loyal to alien allegiances for a New World Order (such as through the Council on Foreign Relations which boasts well over 40,000 members just from the Media alone, if I understand this figure correctly) to cover and quash such evil and incriminating slip ups for the Power Elite (be they in Politics or at the Corporate level).  

Considering that each and every one of them are considered disposable by the elite globalists and elite Communists, subject to removal, most preferably by the use of drugs to make it look like suicide,  you would have to figure most of these useful idiots in the Media are gamblers who figure any final do-away will be done after they’ve cashed in during their lives, and is accomplished after they are already dead and gone.  Like those who take steroids to make great unnatural gains even though it may greatly shorten their life span, the Media, it seems to me, are those who are like gamblers who play the percentages, as if it were safer bets than that taken by stock-brokers and the like (even with insider trading that everyone knows exists and usually is ignored and or winked at, except for occasions where it is not politically expedient because of mass public outcry or an individual or group is inside targeted so they can be made an example of for one reason or another). 

As an economic animal, man is usually thought by the Communists to be 10% interested in politics, and 90% most vulnerable in his acquisition and maintaining possession of food, clothing, and shelter.   He or she is encouraged to over eat and over provide things for themselves that they don’t need, as this dulls the wits and awareness, and makes him easier prey for conversion or destruction.  Either way, Communists view apathy through luxury as a win-win for themselves.  Any worker who is able to strike that natural balance of wants and intelligent provision is to be viewed as a natural target for the Communist to envy, hate, and destroy.  Booms in the economic cycle are to be used to stock up resources and wealth, so that when recession or depression cycles return, they can fast-track crisis agendas they have ready to go, and accomplish things they otherwise never could toward the detriment of a society or individual in any time of prosperity.  As Rahm Emmanuel put it on behalf of Obama the usurper, 
"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." — Rahm Emanuel,  Obama's former Chief of Staff, Wall Street Journal CEO Conference in Washington, D.C., November 19, 2008.

 That is direct Communist Central Committee Marxist-Leninist dogma.  

In fact, “Excessive taxation of the rich” as the way to best equalize economic strains and provide a massive capital influx into a nation’s budget for wealth redistribution, also originates as a Communist dogma after a fashion, as it was incorporated as part of its 100 year plan to destroy America.

The Communist Textbook emphasizes the point that Communist goals are called upon to be advanced and known by “duress.”  Duress are those agendas whereby force and threat and the threat of punishment with commands and the inability to concede, are the driving factors which enables any Communist to identify and get behind when they see it identified in or by the news (if they are not pre-aware of it already by other means). 

Remember the advancement of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's Healthcare Communism,
 “We have to pass the   [Health Care]  Bill so that you [we]  can, uh, find out what’s in it”
as the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said of it, as most every Congressman refused to read more than 2,000 page bill.

Communist-Socialist and racist black caucus member Representative John Conyers is on record in the weeks he had to read the Healthcare Bill at that time that he would not, and to the effect of why should he, as Congress refuses to read every bill it votes to pass anyway.

It took me less than one hour to read just the first 400 pages and cross reference major problems being declared in its first 400 pages, and that was just in one hour.  Yet, Congress claimed it was NOT their responsibility to read legislation, just to vote for it, and call people racist and hate-mongers if they read it or demanded that those already determined to vote yes on it to read it for themselves and make an intelligent and informed decision?  Why…how dare the public!   The signs were that this Healthcare Bill was indeed pure Communist subversion aimed at destroying and / or overthrowing the Republic of the United States from within.  No ifs…no ands…not buts about it.   Yet, even those academics who know better will either not discuss it or be blocked by the 90% owned and controlled major media big 6 from addressing those Communist connections and concerns about it.   

The late 1930s Communist Textbook goes on and also informs the Communists that the political animal of man is controlled by altering his desires, and that this can be intensified into blindness and limited scope subconscious misdirection by the use of mass hypnosis that only works best if there is a state of pre-inclination to believe a certain way or a gullibility toward a pre-established doctrine of misinformation or pattern of behavior; but again,  man is controlled by altering his desires while stating goals for the masses and goals for the individual separately but congruous (or harmoniously) with each other, and then redirecting loyalties to either the cause(s) needing to be advanced or to useless and ineffectual exertions of energy (be it spectator sports obsession, video games, pornography, illicit drug use, idiot media and idiot communication of any type, and so on).   By manipulating these, and using shock and awe upon the mind and emotional endurance, and then redefining what is acceptable behavior and thoughts, the next goal is to move the individual and the masses into experiencing perversion and insanity first-hand, so that they will treat themselves or be treated by mind-altering drugs to deal with the various physical and psychological trauma of things they know to be intense  [my wording following here] sins against GOD and His Creation, against how GOD designed us to be and properly behave. 

In Western Nations, the Communists know that when people are insane, they have no equal rights of protection under the Law.  In most instances, they may not hold and possess property.  They may not testify in court.  If a whole society or a vast segment of it be made insane, what then?  If any individual who points out the specific goals of Communism can be attacked as one of the insane by refusing to give any documentation, and opportunity of equal footing or equal audience to make his or her case and persuade using reason and literary evidence, what then?  Using these two themes, Communism has so advanced in the United States.  It has convinced elements in the Central Intelligence Agency and others that for the United States Government heavily complicit and co-conspirators in the  drug running of Cocaine and Heroin into the United States, be it by drug dealers, U.S. Military transport planes, Pharmaceutical barge ship containers, or what have you, that getting a large segment of American Citizens unnecessarily addicted and crazy and turned criminal instead of being civil and productive and prosperous, that somehow helping to destroy them is somehow a “good thing”.    Property and wealth redistribution seizures 
from these and others who are set up with planted / manufactured evidence to reward the greed of immoral agents enforcing “the war on drugs” has spiraled out of control, and is viewed by thousands in the Law Enforcement field as “fringe benefits” and "salary bonuses" while your property is viewed as guilty,
 much like coerced "consensual" sex (by threat and duress) is so viewed as a "privileged side benefit under color of authority" in exchange for NOT giving a “ticket” or NOT “making an illegal stop and arrest”.  In California, this last activity is frequently an officer dismissal issue in certain departments within this State.  

Many tens of thousands of decent Peace Officers and various Law Enforcement around the country never quite realize how this has all has truly so deteriorated  to the extent that it has to being that extra added duress and obstacle to them doing their job more safely and efficiently with better public cooperation.  A major obstacle to them is the 100 year Communist plan and the now many hundreds, perhaps thousands of Communist and Communist sympathetic anarchy groups that care more about creating crises and opportunities for quick wealth and personal corrupt forms of political empowerment, especially if it involves law suits, threats, and blackmail presented as if it were something else. 

After the state of chaos and subservience through mass drug use is achieved at a goal figure that perhaps they only are aware of, and more than 60% of Americans do prescription as well as illegal drugs now, the Communists want something called “implantation of the slave philosophy”.   Becoming a slave is supposed to be the new “cool”, it is supposed to be the new “in-thing” as if it were suddenly the highest ideal, so that if you see someone literally bound in chains and shackles and starving and thirsty, beaten down and in misery, you are supposed to look upon them as “enlightened” (and envy them, if they can but look up at you and smile).  Perhaps you take that smile to mean a liberty and freedom the Communists tell you that you MUST experience in order to have, that they sure as hell themselves want no part of but YOU must have it.  You must have and experience that altered state of how enlightenment is newly defined, but not them, they ain’t crazy!  So, while not allowing you the time to think without duress and the need to act now, as YOU GOTTA HAVE IT.  YOUR ENSLAVEMENT WILL BE SO COOL, and the Communists advocating this (usually masquerading as Democrats) will call you nuts if you dare use reason to deduce that maybe all that slave meant with that smile they gave you or that you saw, is that sliver of a hope that you being free might  show them a kindness with giving them a cup of cool water to slake their thirst or even a crust of bread to eat, like having mercy on their starvation they were a dog. 

For those who possess political and moral characters of normalcy and decency (of correctly knowing right from wrong / truth from lies) that cannot be swerved,  the Communist Central Committee teaches in 1930’s textbook format that the Communist is called upon to attempt to create some kind of mild neurosis response from the individual, so that a documented event might be claimed as proof of instability (no matter how small) and be used as a sign of what drove the person who is then murdered to suicide, even though it would be murder made to look like an unpremeditated overdose or what have you. 

In all of the above, Frank Marshall Davis and the child he raped and molded with perhaps a form or variance of  what is like what came to be known as Stockholm Syndrome, Barack Hussein Obama II learned and embraced as a brain-washed cult member of Marxist-Leninism. 

The 1930s Communist textbook  also tells its subversives that :
“[T]he principles of psychotherapy are too devious for common understanding, an entire revolution can be effected without the suspicion of a populace until it `is an accomplished fact .

…If we could effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won that country .”

When Barack Hussein Obama II said he would fundamentally transform America, he is trying to kill national pride and patriotism in just 8 years, and if he isn’t successful, perhaps it would only take 4 more years (in how accelerated the pace is of the Communists with advanced technology and Control of the majority in all 3 branches of Federal Government) to make it a reality.  Perhaps.  Those of us who live to such times shall see if that is or is not what actually happens. 

Any rate…for now, that’s my editorial opinion.  That’s my input.     

Lossing realization (1856) of first committee's reverse

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