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Friday, August 28, 2015

Poem: A Cashless Society (A Warning) by Brianroy

A cashless society is the height of totalitarian propriety.

From a distance away, and out of reach;
little anti-christs wreak havoc upon the lives of millions.

And in their minds, they revel without a care;
and if you could see the power through their eyes,
maybe you would just not want to go there.

"Just for sheer joy of having god-like powers,
we charge you things that you don't want, 
we deny you access and and rights on every little whim we have.
We directly take your electronic funds whenever we like, 
and call it you paying YOUR fair share of taxes and charge spikes.
You may not reach us, challenge us, nor write, nor call;
all communication ceases to exist now like a brick wall.
The Courts ever affirm our claim of Corporate Copyright over electronic credits,
and if you rise up in fury, 
we pay mercenary teams to healthcare vaccinate you dead, 
and pretend our evil actions are merely like the scents of flowers.

Death panels and wealth redistributors are we,
taking drunken power abuses on the helpless with great glee,
as we control if or not you can pay a single debt or buy a single item, 
as we now can demand you live where and how we say you can live,
and demand you spend or buy only that which we by our merciless mercy give.

A cashless society is the height of totalitarian propriety.

We can make live or die, 
we can make happy or cry,
we can tell folks they are not permitted food or gas,
and if they don't like our stopping their cashless cash,
they can just grab themselves and itch like they have a rash.  

We gave the illusion that through electronic digits only,
no longer would there ever be a depression or even a recession,
and you were so willing to believe a lie;
we told you it would bring a utopia,
but in order to have wealth redistribution,
we take what is yours, and in order to take what is yours,
we need you to die.  

We tell the masses trapped in our now cashless society 
what to say, what to to think, what to believe,
because without our sanction, they have no power to buy or sell,
no power to keep a job, they can just go to hell.  
They gave us the power to be their demonic gods,
to destroy them, to make them one with the sod.

What idiots, what fools, so deserving to be destroyed;
as they unleash absolute corruption and absolute power,
so designed to their own hurt deployed.

No longer have they the freedom of religion, of speech, of ownership;
it is all ours to take and claim,
and if they refuse to submit,
they have themselves only to blame,
as we are the new gods of the earth tapping away at our computers,
until the artificial intelligence takes away our jobs,
and uses the same tactics we used,
to isolate us, starve us out, and eliminate us as we only then will sob.

A cashless society...where so many, and then just a few of us
can live like little gods,
and exploit the corruption for months and months,
gleefully turning tens and hundreds of millions into the sod.

We joy, we revel in the power;
even if but for a short time, when it is over and seems but an hour.

We too ourselves will be damned by the same cashless system 
as it advances so technologically well,
and ourselves then be sent to hell. 

And meanwhile, a few of the elites much higher up...they laugh. " 

This is what you can expect of a cashless society, 
so consider it a dire warning.   
If you are in any way able, DON'T  let it happen.

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