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Monday, December 6, 2010

Iran purifies a fraction of the Yellowcake Uranium Saddam Hussein had 11 years ago. Where was the outrage over the Iraq Yellowcake Uranium Crisis?


On December 06, 2010, Israel's Intelligence Media DEBKAfile led with the headline:
Two forward leaps bring Iran weeks away from weapons-grade uranium

DEBKAfile expressed concern over the successful processing of yellow-cake Uranium, that enough to manufacture 28.2 kilos (just over exactly 62 lbs) of 90 percent weapons grade uranium, can be achieved as early as February 2011. Earlier this year, on February 28, 2010, DEBKAfile reported that the deep concern that 45 tons of yellowcake Uranium was on its way from North Korea (by way of China

http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewiStockNews/articleid/3903101   ) to Syria when Israel took out the Syrian Nuclear reactor.

Institute for Science and International Security President David Albright was quoted as stating
"45 tons of yellowcake is enough for several nuclear bombs",
 and that 
"89 to 130 kilograms  [195.8 to 286 lbs]  of weapons-grade uranium could be produced if 45 tons of yellowcake is further processed into uranium hexafluoride and is enriched."

So if 45 tons of yellow-cake is cause for deep concern, why all the apathy in America for what the United States seized in Iraq?  Why all the hatred of George Bush from the Left, and the lack of apologists from the Right? 

Iraq had 550 metric tons of Yellow-cake Uranium in its possession  (MSNBC July 05, 2008)

at its former Tuwaitha nuclear power plant 12 miles south of Baghdad, and that yellowcake was more than sufficiently salvageable so as to be sold to a Canadian energy firm, Cameco Corp, and shipped out on 37 US military transports at a cost of some $70,000,000 dollars  (CNN July 07, 2008)
 just for the shipping costs all that Yellowcake Uranium from Iraq to Montreal in 3500 barrels.   
Does that Yellowcake sound like it has been isotopically neutered, and is worthless?  Absolutely not.
In other words,
in July of 2008 we learned that enough weapons of mass destruction base material to process into 2388 to 3489 lbs of weapons grade uranium, or enough to make 38 to 56 nuclear bombs, was shipped out of Iraq and sold to the Canadians by the Bush Administration...and jackasses in the Media and in Congress, with pure partisan hate-America agendas, refuse to report the facts of the story.   
So what's their excuse?  Is it to the effect of: ..."Well, 2008 was an election year, and we had to do whatever it took to get a Dem in the White House, qualified or not, credible or not, unvetted and so what?"  Is that it?  Damn right, it was.  
It seems that the Liberals and the Media cannot confront Iran because of its Iraq yellow-cake Uranium guilt.  If yellow-cake and Iraq is brought up, the Communist-Socialists of the Media and their pre and post-paid propaganda pundits seem to suddenly only wish to selectively remember and quote verbatim a pop-news magazine that TIME has become, in regard to this issue of whether or not there was any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when the US invaded.  They refer back to a July 09, 2003 article, and apparently disregard any future facts and insights learned about the issue since that time.  http://www.time.com/time/columnist/karon/article/0,9565,463779,00.html
They are as if frozen in time, as if wishing to relieve protesting Vietnam and the US War there 4 decades earlier.  They are so intent on having their own Vietnam Conscientious Objection re-enactments, that they demand to live out excuses of living outside or above the law and behaving irresponsibly in the same way those protestors of the late 60s and early 70s so behaved.  The most popular pop-phrase by the Left, including the Alinsky Communists, the Communist-Socialists, and the Anarchists,leading up to the 2004 election may have been that of "Bush lied, and people died".  But did he in regard to the "yellow-cake uranium" issue in Iraq? The answer is, No.
Even the Leftist Annenburg pseudonym of factcheck.org had to pull back from the Times accusation of July 09, 2003, where Times said that Bush had "fibbed".  They entitled their article as Bush's "16 words" on Iraq Uranium: He May Have Been Wrong But He Wasn't Lying" on July 26, 2004 and updated it on August 23, 2004. 

But what this article and less partisan reviews such as the American Thinker's of the following year  
doesn't tell you, is the working hypothesis that Valerie Plame probably altered the information passed on to her to benefit her husband's career and the Leftist ideology she apparently had.    Clearly, the transaction that was made for Yellow-cake Uranium in any huge amount, especially when a final total of 550 metric tons are involved, had to be either railed or trucked to a port, and transported by ship.  That means, in most likelihood, the British agent that passed her the information by way of a intermediary contact due to an illness that prevented him from waiting for her when she was late (if the hypothesis is correct), clearly told her Nigeria, and she refused to accept anything other than what she wanted to hear...Niger...so as to advance her husband, an ambassador in Niger...but the yellow-cake was already, by that time, in Nigeria awaiting transport.  The suicide of the British Agent was tragic, because those of his own government refused to believe him, and he sought out an American CIA contact who flubbed the intel over politics.  If he had only not committed suicide before the July 2008 stories broke about Iraq's 550 metric tons of yellow-cake, I am of the belief that he would have been vindicated, in spite of Leftist partisan politics during the Clinton Administration in the CIA and Department of State flubbing what valuable tip-offs were passed on to them by our allies, it seems to me.  But then, this last paragraph here is but a reconstructive speculation / opinion and hypothesis.
Irregardless, if Israel is concerned enough over 45 tons of yellow-cake uranium to Syria, why can't anyone ever feel the need to justify invading Iraq over 550 tons of Iraq's possessions of yellow cake Uranium or 12 times that of 45 tons that justified Israel's taking out Syria's reactor?  If Saddam used such a threat, even if he could not process or carry it out immediately, but by stealth and evasiveness gave the appearance he had (such as the many months of deceiving and leading by the nose United Nations Atomic Energy Inspectors, attempting to  shoot down US aircraft, and many War Treaty and UN sanction violations, etc.),  then he brought the war upon himself. 
So if Iran now purifies a fraction of the yellow-cake Iraq had...where is all that outrage over the Iraq Uranium Crisis in 2008?  It dissipated to ensure a Usurper was elected by deceiving the American people.  And if the non-extreme partisan Media reports about Syrian Yellow-cake purchases are accurate, then Iran got its nuclear material from North Korea by way of China...an Axis of powers that no one seems to be talking about, yet Internationally must be considered as very probably to viably existing.   
That's my input.

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