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Thursday, December 30, 2010

R. Lee Ermey Video snippet: Obama Administration destroying this Country, imposing Socialism

R. Lee Ermey, popular military weapons show host,

for example,

as well as Commercial spokesman, Animated soldier character voice(s), etc.

After coming out on-stage to a USO benefit to the Rolling Stones tune ('Paint it Black'), Ermey states that the US Marine Corp. has been around since 1775, celebrated 235 years, and will be around forever...and that we should all rise up against this present Administration (of Obama) which is trying to impose Socialism on us, and bring the USA to its knees. 

Though not near as far as I would like a public blast against Obama and his Communist-Socialist traitors, it is a good start and a good sign that Americans are realizing  in greater numbers among military families how true the accusations against Obama are.  Even though NBC cut the mikes to all but Ermey's mike, you can hear the crowds cheer him on in positive agreement to his words.  They who are still deceived by Obama and his Communist-Socialist co-conspirators are shrinking in numerical support;  while we who are not deceived (and  those who are no longer deceived by Obama and are joining us) continue to grow;  because the Law, the facts, and the Truth is on OUR side.

Semper Fi, Marine. 


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