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Friday, December 31, 2010

Obama's Communist-Socialist Imperial Presidency?

Obama defenders think that it is crazy for anyone to ask to see Obama's credentials to vet his US Citizenship.  While I would first nail him on his admission that his father was always a Kenyan National and never a US Citizen (denying him US NBC status immediately) and then move on to his fraudulent Social Security Card and his Indonesian Name Change and Brennan's Quid Pro Quo post for destroying Obama's pre-2008 passports, others would approach this issue much the way the Media might already know...and call crazy, because they in the Media wish to soft revolution the US into an uber-liberal Communist-Socialist State, where they attain some sort of ruling class and demi-god status.  So the expected response?


The ff. video demonstrates how easy it is to obtain a Long Form Birth Certificate, but in the ff. TWO videos  makes the egregious common error by effectually stating simply being US born will equal US Natural Born Citizenship, when US Supreme Court Law has been consistent that there is a need for a US Citizen Father as well as a US Soil irth.

However, the unexpected response should be this, and it should hopefully have the same effect on some as "scared straight" for telling it like it is: 

See also: http://frontpagemag.com/2010/05/06/a-game-changing-weapon/

Those who are Liberals who complain about US Colonialism of the world are lying hypocrites and pseudo-intellectuals.  Think about the hypocrisy...they support China, which is in the midst of a 5-6 Trillion dollar colonialism of international asset purchases of the worlds precious metals, scarce minerals, oil resources, etc. in what I think is to the effect of 92 nations world wide.  (I may have to be corrected on the number at 92 as being higher though).

The Communist and colonializing Chinese are a hand-in-hand financial partner of the Petrobras scheme with George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Communist Brazil and GE, and the Obama Administration using the US Import/Export bank via a notorious homosexual with a co-Progressive Agenda.  They are buying up oil fields in Iraq, mines and natural resources in deepest Africa and South America, and of the same Cold War Agenda that the Russians tried to further from the late 1940s to the late 1980s and bankrupted on.  Soft Revolutions of internal Government changes is what is going on. 

 Obama must be a little more than upset that his religious comrades, the Islamic Literalists that normal Americans call terrorists,  haven't exploited all the gaps he/Obama has made in US Domestic Defense.  His aggressive tactics to allow the CIA and DOD a war of drone bomber revenge, he must have thought, would surely send their lazy carcasses from the Middle East to attacking here.  Obama offers them US Constitutional Rights and ACLU Lawyer protections if they get caught.  Obama has removed the funding for nuclear detection in US Ports in May 2009.  Obama has offered increasing a pro-Islamic Agenda after each US Domestic terrorist attack, such as with the underwear bomber who burned his phallus off, and the Ft. Hood shooting of Major Hasan.  Attack America, Obama says by his actions in Administrative Policy...this will help me (Obama says) Islamicize America to the will of the Devil (i.e., Allah, who is Satan, a fallen cherub). 

But lo, now the Russian Bear returns.  Russia has joined China in the marketing and selling of high tech stealth weapons, cargo trailer container missiles.  Obama has provided the funding to Hamas, and I believe personally expects Hamas to front terror attacks against the US.  But greed on Hamas' part has probably derailed that plan, as they were paid off for helping Obama get elected less than a month or two of his usurping the Office by their fraud assistance on the elect Obama phone lines. 

But wherever and whenever the next serious terror attack comes, it will probably have to include the possibility of high tech  (such as expensive cargo container missile activations) as well as the low tech advances (suicide/homicide bombings, spray and pray like Major Hasan, and sue for Allah approaches).

These new high tech to terrorists "with real money" sales will potentially turn the top tier of any cargo transports, in which 100 can span the top tier of a super cargo transport, into a floating arsenal more devastating than the attack on Pearl Harbor was to the US Navy was in 1941. 

Any US coastal target is now vunerable, and activation is likely optimum at about 20-30 miles out...well beyond US detection capabilities, except AFTER the fact of an activation and/or launch. 

So while Obama wants to denuclearize the US, and the rest of the world builds its nuclear arsenals (while Russia merely discards a few non-working obsoletes it would have anyway)...the above video is what Obama probably prays every night for.  Why?  Because he is NOT a US Natural Born Citizen, born with a trio of citizenships at birth, and was given a fourth legience to which he pledged as a child every day in school too.  He is a Muslim defined "Christian", or a Wahabi "anointed" secret zealot, and a Communist-Socialist by his deeds-and-actions while in the obtained by fraud Presidency.

In July 2006, it was clearly reported that the aim of the George Soros political Action subversive wing, the Open Society Institute was this:

"Open-society advocates would reinterpret the U.S. Constitution to better suit the "age of fallibility," which no longer recognizes unalienable rights or divine providence. The Soros open-society concept requires that the United States be removed as a superpower and that the American people be subjected to the will and wants of all the world's people.

...Open-society, open-borders advocates seek to vilify the United States as a war-mongering, empire-building, brutish abuser of the world's impoverished nations. The United States thus is worthy of internal and external contempt and global defeats as part of the nation's deconstruction."

That is not only George Soros, but that is also exactly who and what Barack Obama is. Both are deserving of our contempt for their Communist-Socialist anti-American Agendas that are in motion to deconstruct and destroy -- not only the Government of the United States -- but all of us US Citizens (except any few ruling class insiders with them).

Wake up America.  If the US gets Missile Struck by weapons such as the above, or homicide bombings and car bombs become almost as much as a norm here as they became in Israel, will you pseudo-intellectual Liberals of either major Party then stop saying all this lying sewage that people only oppose Obama based on skin color, and then admit it is and has always been a combine of Constitutional and National Security issues after all?    Or will you be rooting for the terrorists until they kill off your own family members for Allah, before realizing the error of your idiotic one Party rule at all costs philosophies? 

What will it take, America?  When a  perhaps Soviet-Communist  (by that, I personally think George Soros should be investigated to see if he is de facto and de jure the deepest cover public handler the Soviets ever had) takes up this low-level Communist asset and molds him so that he usurps the US Presidency, mouthing the words of another Communist asset's words like gospel off the telepromter with greater fervor than anchor newcasters, and a third Communist asset plays the 60s headgames of SDS and the Weather Underground  as the new Governor of Hawaii on the Obama having a lack of a Long Form Birth Certificate issue...what is it going to take to have the US Military Veterans and the rest of WE THE PEOPLE as declared by the US Constitution, to legally and peacefully rise up, and cast these vermin out of office and into Leavenworth or some Super-max prison somewhere in the USA ?   Or will America one day turn on the radio and television, see all the newspeople gush about a new era and praise the new hammer and sickle, and Obama as if he is the new Messiah of theirs to worship, and anyone who disagrees needs to go to a New Holocaust Death Camp after all?    Liberalism is as much a drug on the mind as any Nazi fanaticism they berate ever was.  I say, let's enforce the US Constitution's Natural Born Citizen Clause. 

It needs to be a "WE THE PEOPLE" T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) effort based upon allowances in Constitutional Law according to the Founders' Intent. One possible solution, perhaps? 

Contingent on a popularity of likemindedness and co-determination: how about  a nationwide grass roots effort for the passing a 3/4ths of the States 2008 election recall through the State Legislatures?  

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