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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Retired Lt. General McInerney predicts outcome of Lakin Court-Martial over Obama lack of producing Hospital and Witnesses to the Birth "birth certificate"

Of Terry Lakin:
@ 2:32 - 2:49  "He is not a birther, he is a Constitutionalist.  Now it shouldn't be the job of the Lt. Colonel Flight Surgeon of the US Army to be the Constitutionalist.  It's the job of the Congress and the Executive Agency to do that."

Of himself:
@ 3:01-3:04          "I am not a 'birther', I am a Constitutionalist."

When speculating on the scenario of if he could have spoken to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as a commanding officer to a junior officer, such as if Lakin were hypothetically under his commnand when he operated as a Joint Force Commander (including an Army division, the 6th Infantry Division,  in Alaska), he would have hypothetically stated:

@  4:10 - 4:30      "You are absolutely within your right to do this Terry, but here you are about to be promoted to full colonel,  you had a brilliant career in the Army,  your potential being the Surgeon General of the Army,  and now you are going to get caught on a 'casue celeb' (that frankly you may or may not be treated fairly)...."

@ 5:23 - 5:31  "...So, Dr. Lakin, Terry Lakin, is NOT going to get a fair trial in this particular proceeding."

@7:00 - 7:16  "...our Congress has not done their job because the Main Stream Media has not done their job.  It is not unreasonable to just ask the question:  'Show your birth certificate in accordance with the Constitution.'

@ 13:40 -  14:14   "...the way they conduct themselves, Peter, is going to be extremely important for the follow-on Investigation, where the House of Representatives,  it's Darryl Issa, whether  it's ah Buck McKeon, to ah, to  investigate and see the proper way the military handled this.  It will eventually go up to, I believe,  the Uniform Code of,  ah.,  Military Justice through the system to the 3 Judges that review all these trials."

Of the outcome of the Army even trying Lakin in open Court Martial:

@ 14:34 - 14:42   "I think they're going to make the mistake to try him, and then you are going to have a Court of Record that is going to condemn them and the way they conducted it."

Whatever happened to NOT WANTING to get fooled again?  Maybe it doesn't count if you are part of the ones doing the covering up and the fooling in order to overthrow the United States and under the guise of a New (Communist-Socialist) Revolution, and part of the foolers rather than the fooled.

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    The Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari on lack of standing in the Kerchner case, coming after the multitude of no-standing cases, essentially confirms that the SCOTUS will not extend Marbury v Madison to review alleged Congressional deriliction under the Constitution, as opposed to alleged Congressional legislative infringement under the Constitution. That’s what Kerchner really means in legal terms — the Court defers to Congress on Const. Art 2, Sec 1.

    This does, however, set the stage for the House of Representatives (first at the Armed Services Committee) to review the upcoming Lt.Col. Lakin Court Martial in the event the Lakin Military Tribunal refuses discovery. In essence, the Congress WILL undertake discovery.

    And so THAT is how things will end for Mr. Obama, and very well could lead to new House Speaker John Boehner becoming either the 45th President of the United States (or the 44th POTUS if Obama’s ‘presidency’ were nullified, which POTUS nullification the SCOTUS felt it simply could not undertake as an extension of Marbury v Madison).