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Monday, September 4, 2017

North Korea About To Get Nuked in September 2017? Very Highly Likely...Now Over 90% A Certainty. We Shall See.

What is NOT being reported is that the North Korean Nuclear Proliferation and Technology advances is due to a cooperative it has with Iran.  This was made known publicly OVER 4 YEARS AGO!

On February 12, 2013, Iranian nuclear engineers and nuclear scientists attended and compared notes and training with North Korean nuclear engineers and scientists.
There is public reference by DEBKAfile
"US plan for UN to endorse Khamenei’s fatwa? Shock in Jerusalem "
on February 17, 2013  that states:
“On Feb. 12, debkafile revealed that Iranian scientists attended the latest North Korean atomic test.

 Six days later, the Sunday Times repeated the story, naming Mohsen Fakhrizade-Mahabadi, the senior Iranian scientist of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, as the official present. Our Iranian sources strongly doubt that Mahabadi was there because he is too afraid of kidnapping or assassination to ever leave Iran.

We also revealed how the Iranian-North Korean nuclear partnership  worked and the division of clandestine labor between them. Their arrangement – to which Washington and Jerusalem prefer to turn a blind eye –assigns to Iran the development of small nuclear warheads for delivery by missiles and to North Korea the development of ballistic missiles able to land a warhead at any point on the planet.
The two governments work smoothly in tandem, regularly pooling the data obtained from advances in their respective programs.

One such advance was Iran’s successful launch of a monkey into orbit at an altitude of 120 kilometers on Jan. 28 and its apparent return it to earth. “  [Unquote]

Iran itself has had both nuclear and missile technology advancements in the past 4 years by the Russian Government, which receives a type of "underground" economy that funds it as having a bigger than reported economy to sustain its own national Government. 

The nuclear crisis and obliteration of millions of North Koreans we now see about to happen before us in the near future news was INTENTIONALLY proliferated and set in place when the Constitutional Presidency was left vacated and in dormancy for an alien usurper and Globalist Cabal Thespian Front man from January 2009 to January 2017.  It wasn’t JUST the Clintons, though both in the 1990s and from 2009 to January 2013 the Clintons did actively proliferate North Korea for bribes apparently  to our hoped for destruction.  

Alex Jones when in Hawaii did an interesting video that offers some Hawaii and southerly route firing from North Korea toward the USA West Coast intercept defense insight as well.

On January 31, 2013, two weeks before the known association of Iran and North Korean scientists and engineers in joint unison, in her final speech as Secretary of State to the Council of Foreign Relations on January 31, 2013,
 Hillary Clinton spoke of a new infrastructure of Government in the making which the Deep State intends to  replace this one with ... a new Federal Infrastructure that to those who are Communist or simply Treason minded against Freedom and Liberty and the all the rights we enjoy through the Constitution, including sex and racial equality, she joys in their Deep State vision of betrayal and sees it as a new dynamic as exciting and geometric as was the Parthenon of Greece in its day; [and then about 3 minutes later] in a world where society is seen as either Democratic or Totalitarian.  She excluded the option of there even being room for a Republic or Republicans to exist. 

I suggest that people who are not familiar with all the rights you have in the Amendments of the Constitution will so read them, and ask yourselves if you are willing to have no rights and be the property and slaves of others who can kill or enslave or imprison you or impoverish you at a whim, even for just a wrong look or for no reason at all.  Do you really want others to make YOU and yours victims to suffer and die and have NO representation at all? 
In the coming Globalist utopia, before 70% and more of all humans are killed off in preference to machines, if you do not work 18 hours a day, if you desire an extra bathroom break, if you demand the right to live with air conditioning and your own living space, or what have you, to the Globalists leaders, they think in the slave planet transition mode that others they designate by their authority have a right to punish you as slave property voided out human rights, and are to call you and any who compete at any level with or against them as evil.  Do you want that kind of person offering you a lie and calling it freedom or liberty?  I sure don't.  But that is effectually what is offered us in the  Communist Open Pseudo-Utopia Society that Soros, and Obama,  and Clinton, and all the Marxist-Leninist domestic terrorist leaders, as well as their useful idiot and paid cell groups like ANTIFA, and now some members of Congress and many in the Mainstream Media push for.

In January 2013, Barack Obama put forth a candidate for Secretary of Defense in Chuck  “I hate Jews”  Hagel, who was one of the Traitors of the Republic of the United States who openly signaled to our enemies, full capitulation that led to an acceleration of nuclear development by North Korea and Iran the following month.  Jackass Hagel was one who stated that if you push the completion of total nuclear weapons emasculation of the United States Department of Defense Arsenals,  lead by example for Rogue Nations to follow. 

Just try and disarm the local police throughout the United States, and push for the kind of anarchy where you claim utopia if U.S. Police all disarm, and that as a consequence your perceived reality insists that it will follow that all firearmed criminals will likewise magically just be convinced to disarm and hand in all their guns…and just watch what response that gets you. The person doing so would be a danger to themselves and others to propose such a preposterous notion.  He would encourage criminals to arm up, and get more aggressive…and that is what Hagel and the Globalist run Administration did for 8 years without restraint from January 2009 when one President left, until the next President under the Constitutional Law was sworn in January 2017.  History in decades and more to come, will eventually asterisk Obama, our first alien usurper and their precedent they set for foreign rule of the United States and an eventual dismissal of that Constitution the Global Cabal wants to remove without THEIR dying in the backlash of doing it too suddenly. 

In regard to North Korea, and President Trump’s coming war response to North Korea threatening to detonate a North Korean  hydrogen bomb on the United States to kill millions of us while North Korea is more and more demonstrating an Iranian helped capability to deliver on that promise, one to which is even now beyond Russia and China’s ability to de-escalate by negotiations...
is about to enter a phase when we have a minimum of 5 to 6 tactical nukes take out the North Korean military to perhaps as many as 20 to 30 nukes by the United States on North Korea to wipe out their armies and much of their naval capability as well.

 I seriously doubt the number could ever go higher than a maximum of 36 and be outside a 3 minute window of start to finish detonation times.

 A U.S. Nuclear response with North Korea currently expected to erupt in the next hours or days ahead may, in fact, become history’s first “3 Minute War”.

President Trump is on record stating a definitive "fire and fury" nuclear response to North Korea if we are attacked or sufficiently provoked as if we are being attacked. 

Currently, North Korea is playing Russian Roulette upon itself, as it were.
North Korea Threat To US Will Be Met With “Massive Military Response”

Several weeks previously, in the first half of August 2017, tensions already ran high and a nuclear response from the United States on North Korea over its threats to attack the USA and its territories, and others, then.

And also see this must read link article at its hyperlink destination:

North Korea's leader is a big fat idiot who fails to understand even recent American conflicts require his demise if he provokes it. 

Noriega in Panama provoked a violent response from the United States and lost his country. Saddam Hussein likewise twice provoked a violent response...first messing with a cheap U.S. overseas source of oil supplies to the USA and its allies in Kuwait, and then shooting down U.S. aircraft while in an agreed to surrender and threatening to have developed yellow-cake Uranium (while leading International Inspectors on a many months goose chase while sharing nerve agents and arms with the governments of Syria and Iran ).  That yellow-cake uranium, by the way, was found and later sold to Canada. It was a weapons of mass destruction that Saddam said he developed, that the nuclear inspectors could not vet that it was NOT processed and developed, and which is often lied about by all political spectrums later as if it could never have existed even as yellow-cake uranium in the first place.  The  presence of it PLUS the lies of the foreign hostile entity that own it got that government blown to hell...but North Korea with an actual hydrogen bomb and Iranian rocket technology thinks it can now avoid inevitable nuclear annihilation that will make people wish for days when Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the worst atomic weapons used in war?  Think again, North Korea...and good riddance Un. 

It was bad enough for North Korea to threaten to fire at and attack Guam if it so desires, and to fire at and attack Japan if it so desires, but to gain Iranian rocket technology and Iranian ICBM Russian assisted in development missiles themselves, well that is all just too much with the testing of an actual hydrogen bomb by North Korea and the means of a delivery system on display. 

The United States in 2002 invaded Iraq just over the known presence of yellowcake uranium and the pretext of Iraq violating conditions of a previous surrender.  And since we are in a de facto cease-fire with North Korea, not too distant in international legalese as we were from conditions with Iraq, though sure and distinct sharp contrasts to some degrees nevertheless, Un had better realize that if we had a military complex willing to go to war over the presence of yellowcake uranium and threats from Iraq, how much MORE are we willing to go nuclear to take out their nukes and capability to exist when they threaten us with nukes, not just dirty bombs and nuclear proliferation years out to develop a nuke?

 In the news cycles, generally speaking, AFTER THE IRAQ WAR was underway for a couple of years, when we did not do the get in and get out procedure, the Yellow-cake issue became a source of non-crisis Public Relations Talking Point as an anti-Iraq War talking point, and often as a mis-stated rote propaganda repetition of a lie that denied its very existence and the role it played as an actual element that instigated a military response in regard to its reported presence.

By comparison, for the nation of Israel, it took only 45 tons of yellowcake Uranium to be on its way from North Korea (by way of China
to Syria when Israel took out a Syrian Nuclear reactor to prevent it being processed into weapons grade uranium by Syria for a publicly stated intended eventual use against Israel.

Years ago, at the Institute for Science and International Security, their think-tank’s President David
Albright was quoted as stating
"45 tons of yellowcake is enough
for several nuclear bombs",
 and that
"89 to 130 kilograms [195.8 to 286 lbs]  of weapons-grade uranium could be produced if 45 tons of yellowcake
is further processed into uranium hexafluoride and is enriched."

Iraq had 550 metric tons of Yellow-cake Uranium in its possession
 (MSNBC July 05, 2008)
at its former Tuwaitha nuclear
power plant 12 miles south of Baghdad,
 and that yellowcake was more than sufficiently salvageable so as to be sold to a Canadian energy firm, Cameco Corp, and shipped out on 37 US military transports at a cost of some $70,000,000 dollars  (CNN July 07, 2008)

 just for the shipping costs all that Yellowcake Uranium from Iraq to Montreal in 3500 barrels.  

Does that Yellowcake sound like it has been isotopically neutered, and is worthless?  Absolutely not.

In other words, in July of 2008 we learned that enough weapons of mass destruction base material to process into 2388 to 3489 lbs of weapons grade uranium, or enough to make 38 to 56 nuclear bombs, was shipped out of Iraq and sold to the Canadians by the Bush Administration.

US Constitutional Law mandates that the obligation of The President of the United States, is that it is his legal obligation and of the highest interest of the US Government to ENSURE the Security of the USA against Foreign Enemies: Haig v. Agee, 453 U.S. 280 (1981) @ 307 (citing Aptheker v. Sec’y of State, 378 U.S. 500 (1964) @ 509 ); accord Cole v. Young, 351 U.S. 536 (1956) @ 546.

However, the specific strategy will NOT be made public, even though it is obvious.

Chicago & S. Air Lines v. Waterman S.S. Corp., 333 U.S. 103 (1948) @ 111 states:
 “The President, both as Commander-in-Chief and as the Nation’s organ for foreign affairs, has available intelligence services whose reports are not and ought not to be published to the world.”.

But for right now, we shall just have to wait and see, if and when the war on North Korea begins, with a probable of 5 to 6 nukes by the USA on North Korea to a make use of perhaps 36 (in my opinion, mostly deep earth strikes over the use of perhaps 3 above ground) and how intense the radioactive fallout will be to Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, and in clouds carried across the Pacific Ocean to Canada and the United States are should it happen or WHEN it happens.  

[[[ Update  September 11, 2017

After the above article was written and posted, China and Russia both hosted intervention diplomacy and delegations from North Korea and its surrounding countries in order to resolve a solution outside a United States nuclear strike on North Korea, its fall-out aftermath, and a USA economic devastation of China's economy with a simple and near fatal to China boycott of China's trade goods.  

China, in the weeks prior to labor day weekend, was leaning toward non-intervention and green-lighting a tactical strike by the U.S. to cut decapitate the North Korean Government and its top military. But because of hesitation, and consultation between the leaders of the Manchurian Compact (i.e., China and Russia), Russia has taken a pro-active role in bringing North and South Korea together to talk while excluding the United States from negotiations.

For example: {QUOTE]

“Trump has been Trumped” by Putin: North Korean Delegation Arrives in Russia, Joined by South Korean President

The Eastern Economic Forum is a unique meeting which will be attended by delegations from Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea and North Korea.

By Adam Garrie
Global Research, September 05, 2017

Hours after the 9th annual BRICS summit wrapped up in Xiaman, China, delegates from East and South East Asia have begun arriving in the Russian city of Vladivostok for the Eastern Economic Forum. 
The Forum is an event designed to enhance economic partnerships and cooperation between multiple Asian nations including Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam and the Korean states.
This year’s summit occurs days after North Korea tested what is thought to be a hydrogen-weapon. Russia and China have both condemned the move and support UN sanctions against Pyongyang, but are equally opposed to further crippling unilateral sanctions from Washington.

...Many suspect that Russian President Vladimir Putin who hosts the event will attempt to conduct dialogue with the representatives of both Korean states in order to try and de-escalate regional tensions.
The Eastern Economic Forum officially begins on the 6th of September and runs through the 7th.

...The original source of this article is The Duran
Copyright © Adam Garrie, The Duran, 2017


The day following this article of Sept 5, on Sept 6, Infowars reported on a phone call between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping
saying, "...{W}e'll see what happens."

Obviously, this was because negotiations and intervention of Russia and Chinese diplomacy was well underway, having occurred in China and still underway (at that time) in Vladivostok.

Russia clearly has a technological leverage through its supplying North Korea via Iran, an association that is not now as yet front and center in the news.  

Iran itself has had both nuclear and missile technology advancements in the past 4 years by the Russian Government, which receives a type of "underground" economy that funds it as having a bigger than reported economy to sustain its own national Government. 

 ROSATOM first began fueling the Iranian Bushehr-1 nuclear power plant on August 21, 2010, but was unable to bring the plant into full capacity until August 30, 2012.  Because of the Uranium supplies from the United States  -- that Hillary Clinton sold 20% of all U.S. Uranium to Russia for a $102,350,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation for (not including other funds geared for husband Bill) -- among the 37 ROSATOM nuclear power plants to be built worldwide, including 3 Tianwan nuclear facilities in Communist China, on November 11 of 2014 it was reported

that Russia signed a deal to build 2 more Bushehr nuclear facilities in Iran currently, with the planning of building 9 more

 beyond that for a final total of 12 Russian nuclear power facilities Russia will be credited as supplying Iran with...a Shia Muslim nation that vows to burn the world with fire and bathe it in blood, especially the United States, for which it is still developing and buying Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technology and infrastructure, gradually supplied it by Russia, which may be said to be positioning itself to be Iran's exclusive armament supplier. 

We are not told of the thousands of Iranians receiving engineering degrees in nuclear technologies in Russia and through ROSATOM's worldwide operations of more than 262,000 employees, of which student trainees would not be counted, who have been ingrained with the goal of acquiring nuclear technologies to one day destroy the United States and attempt its own grasp at world dominion for Shiite Islam, but that is another issue at present.

It may be that the United States will have to urge Japan to re-militarize beyond the scope it now has
and build silos at select locations on their islands and that the USA sell Japan upwards of 15 or 20 MRBM nukes to defend themselves, as well as even more advanced fighters with about another 10 to 12 tactical nukes and THAAD anti-missile systems to defend themselves. That is where this is all going. If China and Russia want to save North Korea as it goes rogue as a terror nation with hydrogen bomb nuclear capability, we have no choice but to reverse the MacArthur Plan and re-militarize Japan as an effective counter against North Korea, where Japan can both THAAD and nuclear strike / counter-strike any missile launch (be it North Korea or even China) flying at or over them, regardless of North Korea's (or even China's) intent to perhaps only launch at another target elsewhere than Japan, but having a flight path over anything in Japan to get there. But we'll see what the now clearly neo-Democrat President Trump Administration, pretty much a neo-Rino (new Republican in name only)  Administration comes up with.  

With China and Russia entering direct regional negotiations, the chances of a unilateral U.S. Nuclear strike WITHOUT a North Korea provocation, just went down to 3%, and still is a 60% probability ONLY if North Korea launches OVER Japan or at Guam, it seems to me. 

END OF 9/11/2017 update ]]]

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