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Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Message To Black Lives Matter: To Claim Black Lives Matter Is One Thing. Your Words And Actions Show That You Are Lying Hypocrites!


       I have a message to the "Black Lives Matter" that I would like to get across....
YOU are ALL a bunch of lying HYPOCRITES.

      Many of you who actually walk in street protests or riots  are being paid $15 an hour and less by George Soros or some organization to protest and agitate, and a lesser number are , "wink, wink", encouraged to be violent or promote violence.  If the victim is a black police or law enforcement officer, or even just an innocent black bystander, you don't care enough to live by your own rhetoric.

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  

Obama doesn't really care about blacks in the United States of America.  What best interests has he ever cared about outside Hollywood, ESPN Sports, or fund-raising for himself?    An illegal foreign usurper for 8 years, with the full power of Congress for the first 2 of those years, what dignity did he ever give black United States Citizens in economic self sufficiency, the dignity to hold new full-time jobs and for all those who wished it to work and prosper and provide for their own?  Hell no.  And why?  Because Black Lives DON"T Matter to Obama, unless he idolizes certain celebrities of them, or they offer him worship (kisses and praises of the lips).  And even then, he loves to have them suffer en masse with the rest of the people of the United States of America.  He would rather seek any opportunity to create disunity and discord, to break down the basic peace of all communities, exploiting a Trayvon Martin "gangsta" as a martyr to riot for, and when a good person is assassinated like for making a wrong turn by his own or related "Law Enforcement"

 it's okay to be unaccountable, and it's okay to have one's own ambassador murdered, and it's okay to not jail a whitey female witch who is complicit in 18 murders with her husband over drugs and illegal monies and acts of Treason and now classified mail and demand she is too big to jail, because once again, in a recent one on one between Loretta Lynch on behalf of Obama and Bill Clinton on behalf of Hillary, in front of 50 television and other Media who were told to shut up and black out the Phoenix meeting, a meeting in which Bill Clinton (according to his known dirty tricks tactics) flashed blackmail documents 

to putative Attorney General Lynch and most likely also threatened that both he and Hillary have possession or access to Obama's real birth docs that show Barack's real biological mother is Indonesian and that his father was indeed Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. a UKC Kenyan and both parents being alien makes the putative President Barack (the usurper) out to be a de facto 100% FOREIGN NATIONAL AT BIRTH to two alien nations.  Therefore, Bill would have shook Lynch with the fact that Obama  has NO RIGHT to the Presidency of the United States (under the United States Constitution) and must keep up the front and support Hillary or be exposed and face conviction that also includes execution under the Law.  Hence, a full 8 year reversal.  So in retrospect, we see that Panetta the former Soviet Communist agent of the 1980s (not a card carrying officer, but a contract employee) must have kept that CIA "Obama's real bio file" as insurance -- when he purged fellow traveler and certain Chinese, Russian, and Muslim files while head at both  CIA and DOD under Obama --  for himself after all.  

  Where the hell is all the call to have family unity of a mother and father and children with hearts of love toward one another, rather than trying to be divisive and inciteful, to pass along hate of one's own normal heterosexual feelings to be and live a man or woman, instead of confuse and denigrate a man for being a man and a woman for being a woman, and a child for being a child?  No.  Obama and those he enables and those who enable him RAPES the minds and souls of all black children in the United States of America, tells them that they must accept mental illness, homosexuality, transgender confusion, rebel against parents, murder their unborn, disparage of the future, lash out in hate against whites and the police, hold their hands out as slaves to beg the State for assistance, and embrace and accept emotional and psychological shackles as SLAVES to the House Negro at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, do their "Yassir, boss" and go out and riot when he orders them to, while he then privately laughs at the "useful idiots" who in every Communist Revolution will always be among the first to be shot and executed or sent off to the Concentration Camps as soon as the real enforcers of the revolution (and certainly not you...be they United Nations Sanction Foreign Troops or what have youcome in.  

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  

Certainly not to you or Obama.  Obama spent what, nearly 20 years in Chicago, first arriving there in 1981 to interview with Bill Ayers, and then after being recruited as a fellow traveler who Ayers mentored for at least 5 days in my oft presence and / or public view over those next 5 days, later returned after Ayers took Obama's Columbia entrance exam for the moron, just so he could get in, and then Obama did a gym shower attendance for at least one semester while getting credits.  So why should he care when he spends more than 20 years off and on living in Chicago, and the murder rate of blacks exceed more than 1,000 a year, be it by gang violence or otherwise, in a gun control city that BANS GUNS so more blacks can be murdered.  Where are the protests to end black on black violence IN CHICAGO?  Where is Obama ever insisting a reduction in black crime rates, black on black, or in the murders of blacks by crime spikes because of a removal of the black population to defend themselves against gangs and individual violent criminals?

Black Lives Matter?  To who, and to whom?  Certainly NOT to all of you lying racist hypocrites.  Trump wants ALL AMERICANS to prosper and have full time jobs (with good wages) for those 
who want one, and the DIGNITY of NOT BEING A SLAVE.  So if you want to riot, and tear down the Nation as well as those you racially claim to side with, you should be treated with no more respect than foreign terrorists and the same kinds of domestic other ethnicity racial groups that YOU despise.  

American Citizens -- after a sense -- all wear the same citizenry, the same flag, and should all have the same allegiance and common interest just like all members of a military branch are all part of the same team.  Race is pushed aside, and it is the uniform that is the mental trigger that makes the other person in uniform ignore the person's skin color, and all that matters is he or she is part of the same team.  When a group divides and splinters themselves off in the military, do they last or do they fail and find they need the support of the whole organization that is the military after all?  Either you are FOR the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, or you are so disrespectful you are NOT deserving of any respect or sympathy or empathy.  Your willingness to be slaves and a joke of Communist - Globalist puppet-masters, and your desire to be little more than a criminal class of cowardly slaves to those who pay you a few measly bucks and to be their useful idiot  agitators to destabilize and make other blacks suffer economically and otherwise because of you, demands we do NOT respect you, and if you want to push it, fine, there are those of us who will push it where you do NOT want to go, and those who you leave behind will bitterly regret what morons you are and were, be you ending up with life in prison or taking some other as yet unknown swifter path which directly leads you to an  eternal damnation without chance or opportunity to repentance and eternal salvation.

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