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Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama, the SEIU quid pro quo traitor to the US Constitution

Prior and just prior to his illegal election, Obama promises to illegally use any election to the Presidency to consolidate power anti-Constitutionally into the hands of those who run the Service Employees International Union ... the SEIU ... who are identified as the "purple" people via their "purple" Union Representative uniforms.

In effect, Obama has generally stated to SEIU in 2007 the intent of: "I will impose the SEIU agenda upon the USA [regardless whether or not it is Constitutional] as Quid Pro Quo." Or words to this effect. Check especially 3:19 - 4:01 on this video.

And a few months later in January 2008, Barack reiterates his Quid Pro Quo commitment in stronger and impeachable from holding the Office language:

This shows Obama is clearly and openly "impeachable" at the very least.

So what is the SEIU response? Andy Stern, head of the SEIU demands the Quid Pro Quo Obama has committed himself publicly to, which the Liberal Media wink, winks at.


In an interview with a reporter from the Las Vegas Sun,

Reporter Michael Mishak: "Unite Here leaders say SEIU is after money — that your assets are half what they were four years ago and your liabilities have doubled...."

Stern: "As for SEIU...(f)or four years we save our money and then on the fourth year we spend it all. ...We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we’re proud of it."

In other words, SEIU leader Andy Stern claims to have bet all the member's monies on one political candidate, and expects a return. That return included the SEIU lawyers drafting and writing H.R.1, the failed trillion dollar Stimulus will translate into "jobs" bill, and first major piece of US Legislation in 2009. The fruit has so far allowed a de facto combined figure of 23% -27% Unemployement and underemployment (24 hours a week or less), and an economy ready to go "bust" in 2010. Yet, selfishly, one of the HR1 self-imposed awards included theft of $8.5 billion dollars from US tax-payers payable to ACORN, which is then to have been split in half to the ACORN/SEIU partnership at the New Orlean's National recepticle for ACORN / SEIU monies. 4.25 billion dollars return for a $60.7 million dollar investment? That's how it was supposed to have gone...and was going to happen...

UNTIL...in August 2009, a young 25 year old hero and a 20 year old heroine did some undercover videos in July and August of 2009, and through Breitbart television and Foxnews, shocked the nation and Congress as to the flagrant in-your-face lawlessness committed by the avowed anarchists-Communists of ACORN to promote illegal immgration, child sex slaves, and all sorts of other third-world abuses and then justify their immorality as if moral and good.

As proven in my earlier postings...whether we cite examples like Montana v. Kennedy (May 1961), the Kenyan Embassy Brussels Citizen of Kenya handout and the Kenyan Constitution, and the Commonwealth Citizen Laws of Great Britain, and the various US Laws and Court Rulings...it is impossible for Barak Hussein Obama to be a United States "natural born citizen" without a US Citizen Father or the presumption of a US Citizen Father (were his identity NOT known).

The Obama defenders are now in a losing battle, attempting to cite Vattel and English Common Law to justify Obama. But as was argued in the Virginia Ratifying Convention while arguing over the Bill of Rights etc., on 19 June 1788, The common law of England is not the common law of these states. says George Mason, one of the authors of the Bill of Rights.

Those who cite English Common Law to defend Obama, rather than US Law, would do well to consider that we who challenge Obama on the Natural Born Citizenship issue, as well as his lack of allegiance to the US Constitution etc., we are the ones having legal understanding and precedent , which Matthew Bacon in 1736 defined the English Common Law from 1736 ff. on the "natural born" status as:

"All those are natural-born Subjects whose Parents,
at the Time of their Birth, were under the actual Obedience of our King, and whose Place of Birth was within his dominions."
Bacon, Mathew: A New Abridgement of the Law, By a Gentleman of the Middle Temple, Vol 1, p.77 [On the 48 MB pdf, p. 77 is at 105.]

download available at: http://www.archive.org/details/newabridgementof01baco

That is, the child's FATHER is a citizen having legience to the country and soil upon which the child is born at. The mother also having legience to the country upon which the child is born at. BOTH must have the SAME national legience, and the child must be born upon the land upon which is a sovereignty or a territory to that same legience.

Barack Sr. owed legience to Kenya and Great Britain.
Ann was a year shy of citizenship, and was supposed to have legience to the USA.
Barack Jr. was born in the USA while the father owed legience to Kenya and Great Britain.

Hence, Barack is NOT a Constitutionally qualified (Article 2.1.5.) holder of the Office of the Presidency, and has usurped power for Communist causes, the Chicago Political Machine run by Mayor Daley, Corrupt Democratic National Committee members like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Howard Dean, and for corrupt organizations with Communist-Socialist agendas like ACORN and the SEIU (see first video blip above)...and especially of and for the SEIU confessed by Obama's own lips on the second video blip above).

It is time to remove the top of the Obama Administration legally and peacefully, from Obama to Harry Reid, have the senate appoint an interim President and Vice President and new Speakers of the House and Senate; and then to immediately see that we run a new and fully legal (and fully US Natural Born Citizenship and Security Background vetted) Presidential election in 2010. That's my input.

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