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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Bird investigative journalist questions to Mrs. Obama, via a Conan O'Brien dubbing

Hilarious. When the Comedians join in on the argument surrounding Barack's Birth Certificate fraud and lack of transparency or accountability, the realization of mainstream America is not far behind that they have been duped.

Conan OBrien: The First Lady went on Sesame Street. It was a great segment. She was talking to kids about gardening and eating healthy. That's right. It was all going very well. But then, Big Bird showed up and things got a litle uncomfortable.

Big Bird: Well, look who's here to push her husband's Socialist Healthcare Agenda.

Michelle: Now, Big Bird...

Big Bird: Or maybe you're here to finally show us your husband's United States BIRTH Certificate.

Michelle: No Big Bird, I'm not.

Big Bird: That's because you can't! Are you absolutely sure he wasn't born in KENYA?

Michelle: I'm sure, Big Bird.

Big Bird: That's not what the Basket bunch says.

Vegetables: (says Lettuce): Yeah, your husband's a stinking liar!
(says Tomato): We're gonna run him outa office!

{Children and Sesame muppets all cheer. Michelle laughs.}


(Audience laughing)

Conan: That's [""laughing""]...that's not right.

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