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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brooklyn Eagle, June 2, 1884; and thoughts on Obama and his covering Czars

Brooklyn Eagle June 2, 1884 p.4
In the Interest of Blaine
The circulation of a Book Concerning Arthur’s Birthplace.
[Special to the Eagle.]
Chicago, June 2.
Many hundred volumes of a book entitled “How a British Subject Became President of the United States,” reached here this morning, for distribution among the delegates to-morrow. The author is Arthur P. Hinman, a Brooklyn lawyer. The book opens with an extract from the Constitution of the United States providing that “no person except a natural born citizen” shall be eligible to the office of President of the United States. The author then states that when Chester A. Arthur was nominated for the vice presidency he was at first unable to name his birth-place and that, when the party managers insisted that he should name a spot before he wrote his letter of acceptance, he went off on an alleged fishing excursion with Robert G. Dun, the real object being to secure time to search the records in the province of Quebec, Canada, to see whether anything existed to show that he was born a British subject.

The main charge in the book is that William Chester Alan Arthur was born at Dunham Flats, Canada, on March, 1828, and that he represented himself to have ben born at North Fairfield, Vermont, the birthplace of a younger brother, Chester Abell Arthur, who was born in 1830, and died a year later. It is stated that in 1834 when another son was born he received the name of William Arthur, Jr., and then the name William was dropped by William Chester Alan Arthur, and he was thenceforth known as Chester Alan Arthur. The records, copies of which are given, show that in 1845 Chester Alan Arthur entered Union College, stating his age to be 16.
Several letters and copies of records are included in the book, going to substantiate the statement that President Arthur is a British subject, but there is nothing so far as the general reader can discover, that could establish the allegation in any competent court. Still, there is sufficient to raise a doubt in the minds of those who read the numerous letters from various aged persons who knew the Arthur family as to President Arthur’s being a natural born citizen of the United States.
The principal facts were printed in the newspapers some time ago. It is supposed that the book is circulated in the interest of Blaine. P.D.

My comments:

In regard to Blaine:
[The reporter refers to former Secretary of State James G. Blaine of Maine, who was successfully making his bid to be the Republican nominee for President in 1884. He was paired up with Senator John A. Logan of Illinois.]

In regard to Arthur's "fishing excursions" for records in Quebec, Canada.

[Question: Did Obama do the same kind of fishing when he took Robert Gibbs (now White House Press Secretary) and J. Scott Gration (now a Czar to Sudan and de facto Kenya) to Kenya with him in 2006, campaigning for Odinga, and seeing birth records sealed from light of day if they do exist there?

Question, was Gration paid off by appointment, and promises?

Czar of Sudan, J. Scott Gration
His assigned role is to help prevent massacres in Sudan Africa and provide aid to those in need. It is a United Nations role, because of the social and humanitarian nature. But for someone born to missionaries in the Republic of Congo and reared in Africa, his agenda appears more in line for Obama family history and birth challenges "damage control". J. Scott Gration is fluent in Swahili

http://www.reuters.com/article/vcCandidateFeed1/idUSTRE52H0A220090318 .

He traveled with and advised Barack Obama in 2006 on tour of Africa to South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti and Chad (including Obama’s campaigning two days for Odinga, a relative, in Kenya).


In 2008 Gration switched from Republican to the DNC party. Since his duties in Sudan have him extensively communicate with Kenya, Scott Gration is more of an Ambassador to Kenya without Portfolio, than a Czar to Sudan relief efforts. Media information suppression on any Obama related data is likely tracked back to this Czar, whose efforts on behalf of the United States are yet to be disclosed.

If the US is overthrown from within, as Obama wishes to replace the US Constitution with a Marxist-Lenin-Tse Tung replacement, then Gration will betray that same Constitution he vowed as an officer to defend, that he might sit on the Communist Council that will collectively rule the US and report directly to dictator of the proletariat, Obama. Gration's chief ambition is to run NASA, and this post is his means to achieve that goal.

If Gration's chief skill is Swahili, and dealing with Kenya, then there is something very rotten Obama is hiding in Kenya regarding himself, in order to appoint a Czar to protect himself from the world knowing about.

If Gration is removed, there is another Swahili speaker on back-up, with direct authority to quarantine and destroy anyone in the United Staes with a few strokes of a keyboard.

Information Czar : Vivek Kundra
Office of Management and Budget administrator for e-government and information technology {stated} … “I'll be serving in both capacities: both as the Federal CIO and as the e-gov and IT administration, but in terms of the portfolio... if you look at some of the innovations that have happened since 2002, it is not just e-government, we also want to focus on how do we look at the backend system, whether that is in the Department of Defense or Health and Human Services, and ensure that we're having a holistic view of [information technology] and not just focusing on e-government.”

In a profile, he states that Bill Gates is transforming the public Health Care debate and that his first language was Swahili. This is of interest, because if J. Scott Gration (Czar of Sudan) gets either eliminated or is dismissed, Vivek Kundra is next in line to deal with Kenya in behalf of Obama damage control...what ever the personal or family secret there is.

In his profile he asks and answers:
If you could have dinner with any one currently living, whom would it be and why? Bill Gates. In 30 years he not only created a whole new industry, but is transforming public health and education. From global health to education he is successfully tackling some of the world's toughest problems!

One thing most people might be surprised to learn about you? My first language was Swahili; I moved to the US in 1985 and took ESL until 9th grade. http://www.sorenseninstitute.org/newsroom/entry/political-leaders-2007-profile-vivek-kundra

The personal politics of Vivek Kundra need to be identified, as he has joined all the other Czars in never being vetted by Congress before being appointed and given authority. Only a couple have received some after the fact pats to the rump and nods of approval {which translates: though the Senate claimed to vet, they merely "confirmed without any thorough background checks or challenging questions."} But it is very interesting that from a OMB insider that there is a desire by top federal executives to look to Bill Gates for advice on Health Care and Education policy advice, not just technology.

Vivek Kundra, according to HR 1, the stimulus bill, has absolute access and control over America's Health Care records. With a tap of the keyboard, as every medical record is converted into electronic form, he eventually can ruin anyone by altering the medical record data. Couple this with the coming Obama Administration's manufactured H1N1 excuse to martial law, and force vaccinate http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=106654

even healthy individuals, the Administration through Kundra and others will then have the electronic "proof" as the "authority they need" to remove (and potentially quietly eliminate)

political opponents to the Obama Socialist-Communists in power. Me included.
In other words, Vivek Kundra can well hold the combined role of a Himmler, Goebbels, and Mengele in the Health Care and IT field. But instead of a Jewish Holocaust, it will be Republicans and Libertarians, Christians and whomever they deem as a threat that can defeat them with reason and ideas...while they worship Mao, and "the power of the gun" (as Czar Ron Bloom quotes Mao
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm-Fx5jTbPE ). The potential for America's first holocaust can potentially well exceed 10 fold of the entire Jewish loss in Europe, or upwards of 60-80 million. In the US, that number can be rationalized away that in a nation of 300 million, it simply brings us to a 1970s population level, and reduces all that nasty CO2 foot-print that we collectively and individually make. Perfectly acceptable to the Maoists, who make Hitler's crimes look like child's play.

Bloom believes in Communist worker ownership through the Unions. In 2004, it was noted:

…Prior to joining the Steelworkers, Mr. Bloom was one of the founding partners of the investment banking firm of Keilin and Bloom. The firm focused on financial transactions where employees played a role as stakeholders. Keilin and Bloom was involved in numerous such transactions on behalf of the Steelworkers, the United Auto Workers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Air Line Pilots Association and other unions.

… He specialized in analyzing, structuring and raising financing for union-led employee-ownership transactions.

The tactics of Bloom's negotiation, in his own words, are revealed in a 2006 Conference:


MAY 21, 2006



First, we are big believers in dentist chair bargaining. For those of you not familiar with this approach, it is inspired by the story of the man who walks into his dentist’s office, grabs the dentist by the b*lls and says, “now let’s not hurt each other.”

…Second, we are for sale. We are easy, but we are not cheap. We are not shy and we know how to make a deal.

Our collective bargaining agreements must ultimately be with companies and so our first and natural instinct is to make a deal with incumbent management, as they are usually the devil we know. …Just tell us how what you are offering is better for us than the best deal then on the table and we are ready to do business.

Third, we are not fiduciaries. That does not mean that we do not have legal duties and for us even more importantly political responsibilities, and dare I say it moral obligations, to our members and retirees. It just means that our obligations are not strictly the same as those owed by legal fiduciaries. Our commitments, which as I said we take extremely seriously, do give us somewhat more flexibility, and we are not afraid to use it.

Finally, we are not a common carrier. If one of the necessary elements of a reorganization is a new or modified collective bargaining agreement, we have absolutely no obligation and in fact are highly unlikely to offer the same agreement to all who are interested. We have definitive views on who should own companies, what their operating plans should be and how the company should be managed and capitalized – and we are prepared to act on those views.

And why shouldn’t we? As the ultimate patient (read: immobile) investor, who has more right to care about these things.

So if either management, existing creditors or new investors want to come forward, we are absolutely prepared to offer you a contract and perhaps more importantly, for the right price we are prepared to forsake all others and make you the exclusive recipient of our love and affection.

[My comment: Maybe we should ask how many billions of taxpayer stimulus dollars for this largess of this Union fornication has the Obama Administration purchased, and will there be a bureaucratic STD like political AIDS or just the clap? -- Brianroy]

Now, like most marriages, we occasionally have a wandering eye, but I think you will find, if you talk to those who have tried this approach, that we are in fact more faithful than the average participant in this process – which of course is not setting the bar very high, but hey, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

And I think you will also find that we are actually a good partner. Now I am not going to bother trying to convince you that you should want a union. But there is enormous evidence that if you have one, working with us in a respectful way produces dramatically better results for all stakeholders than any other alternative.

Let me close with a story about collective bargaining to help prepare you for your dealings with my union. It concerns the union representative who is assigned to work with a local union to help them negotiate a contract.

He goes to the local union meeting to ask the members about their priorities and is told, in no uncertain terms that because of the difficult and dangerous nature of the work, the highest priority is getting people more time off.

Well, he goes into bargaining and does battle with the employer. Luckily, the market for the company’s product is very hot and the company really cannot afford a strike. And so, after pounding away, the union rep comes back to the local union meeting to report a great victory. “sisters and brothers,” he says, “I have great news. We really bent the company over. I am happy to report that under the new agreement, we will only have to work on Mondays.”

There is dead silence in the room and then a hand goes up. “yes, brother” the rep says. The questioner stands, “every Monday?” Thank you very much.

Advice from Mao: You fight your way, and I'll fight mine.

Maybe the Obama Maoists and Marxist-Leninists will use the power of the gun. We will use the power of words, and light and truth, and right ideas. And eventually, we shall overcome legally and peacefully, and with much greater and longer lasting effect because of it. That's my input.

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