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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking it to the Bank, and calling for discharging Obama from his usurped Office

Obama is a Shia Muslim via his Jakarta, Indonesia upbringing. Obama is a Marxist-Maoist via his anti-Vietnam maternal associations and upbringing. He may even have first met Bill Ayers as young as age 11 in Hawaii, which means a there was a possible direct inter-regional "collective" connection between Chicago Communist-Socialist Thomas Ayers and Barack's maternal grandparents.


Obama is not a US "natural born citizen", but via his father, a Kenyan/British Commonwealth NBC. He is not to be trusted on any level. His Cairo Speech declared himself to be the heavenly jackas* Entezar for the Hazrat Mahdi -- the one who patiently waits as the winged servant of the Shia "annihilator of all Jews and Christians" -- who will use his powers to make the Muslim 12th Imam ascend to the heavenly heights. Obama is JUST AS ANTI-SEMITIC AS ADOLF HITLER WAS. He is just more "slick" about it... that's his strategic plan.

Without a US Citizen Father, when the father is "known", it is impossible for Obama to be a US Natural Born Citizen. Since the chief Communist-Socialist fundraiser and supporter for Barack Obama propaganda is George Soros, and Soros is part of the Trilateral Commission...we have to wonder who else is betting on Obama, and for what reasons. Soros has openly downplayed his apparent wishing to neuter the US Dollar, so he can personally make more billions as when he bet down the British "pound". We have yet to bring out the blacked out facts that former economic Socialist and Communists from Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League schools speculated a purposeful tanking of the stock market by over 6,000 points, and made tens of billions of dollars now well-dispersed. No one has audited the crisis to see about abuses. And related to these abuses, it is now also in the interest of the Privately owned "Federal Reserve" to literally collapse the US Economy through an illegal usurper like Obama, and then to double-down and once again reduplicate their buying up control and industry at pennies on the dollar (as they have likely been doing these past 8 or 9 months in 2009).

Thomas Jefferson told Albert Galatin, Secretary of the Treasury:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

Obama drags his feet to aid our own military, and enables and rewards GE and others who have actively helped Iran build nuclear technology and facilities.

Perhaps, before he strikes toward dictatorship overnight, Obama would first rather see Israel nuked by Iran...and in the aftermath, the oil prices can spike to the Bilderberg and other proposed $250 a barrel that was too difficult for the masses to accept in 2008 after they leaked it to prepare for a future crunch post-2008.



Some have allegedly proposed $400 a barrel, and meanwhile, on 10/09/09


the Obama US Dept. of Interior denies 60 of 77 Utah locations to drill for oil exactly 2 months after Obama promises to support Brazil's oil drilling with $2 billion (according to the Wall Street Journal):


That $2 billion dollars is a grant...or a total giveaway of US tax dollars to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT for FOREIGN jobs and NO U.S. return for the investment.

Obama advocates neutering US independence from foreign oil, perhaps so that...after the coming $250-400 a barrel oil collapses the economy of the US, some outside International UN style Committee will be authorized by Treaty to swoop in and rebuild the US into a neutered part of an Internationally Controlled Union of Nations, and regulated by one currency with those nations with something much like the Euro. E.g., http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=112864

If we neuter Obama on his lack of US Natural Born Citizen - Long Form BC -and eligibility issue, and get an honest President in, he or she should first act to take over and seize the Federal Reserve, a Private Entity that has usurped power and held the US Government hostage and we the people hostage. Then abolish the Fed and with it, all our debts to it...and start over. This is what Thomas Jefferson says to us out of the past.

That dissolving the FED and all US debt through it, would reduce our national debt to a manageable 3-6 trillion dollar deficit (depending on WHEN we do it by)

to other nations, and eliminate trillions in bogus deficits on the Federal Reserve books.

Last February, with HR 1, the Fed increased US obligation to them at 9.7 trillion dollars, or created a magical debt super-inflated upon us. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=washingtonstory&sid=aGq2B3XeGKok

In other words, the US Gov't through the Treasury etc. needs to go in and take over and dissolve the Fed, wipe the slate of debts clean, and keep Israel diplomatically and militarily. The World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund would simply have to follow our lead, as nations round the world forgive each other massive amounts of debt, and start clean. We should not hesitate to require this of the Banks and Private Oligarchies. Would they hesitate to do the same to us, to bankrupt us and cast us aside even if we pay them twice as much in interest and then fall short a third payment for the same cash we allegedly borrowed? No. THEY make the interest rates, THEY buy and sell our dollars as if it were owned by them as if a Government unto themselves, above the law, when THEY are Private Citizens in a Private Company (like GE and Bank of America are also private companies).

Why do THEY influence us to buy and be dependant to foreign oil? Who really controls the banks? If we buy oil here in the US, the commission or "cut" to the Fed is reduced...just like the way it is done on Wall Street. It is TIME: Time to cut the bandits lose, and dissolve the banking mafia.

And while we are still dependant on foreign oil in the Middle East, weakening US prosperity and individual independance associated with prosperity -- for as long as we are not weaned off Middle East oil -- the US pragmatically needs Israel as a Middle Eastern foothold. This is not counting the advanced leading edge technological, as well as spiritual and other blessings a large part of the US population enjoys {not solely in in conservative Christian (and Jewish) communities} with an ally in Israel. Let us legally and peacefully oust Obama, and install a legal US NBC qualified President who will "clean up" Washington D.C. in a way very few, prior to today, had really specifically come up with.

Or, we may yet still see the Obama and a few thousand Communist friends of the "Community" organize a lavish and expensive White House party: one for Israel's demise, and another for ours. Both of them dancing and the mimicing of urinating on our graves, as it were. Don't give them the opportunity for either one. Obama's father lived and died a Kenyan.

We need a peaceful recourse upon Obama: Impeachment from Office, Resignation from Office, or his lawful Arrest and Removal from Office. Any legal and peaceful means immediately, because it protects the sanctity of the US Constitution as the measure of US LAW, is fine with me.

America needs a Spiritual Awakening back to Jesus Christ, a Sabbath Day of rest for most businesses, and a return of teaching the same religious history and faith our Founder's knew from at least a historical and philosophical perspective.





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