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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthcare Bill 3200 and others rooted in those advocating and promoting genocide and Treason against the USA

The SEIU /ACORN Obama Communists are pushing the US to be under the jurisdiction of International Law. As it applies to “Healthcare”, the reasoning toward Death Care by denying “sick Care” and promoting SUICIDE, comes in part from the International Think-Tank Advising the International Courts on this same issue.

Come December 2009, those still wishing to practice law in the US will find International Law required reading. Such as:


Chief State Department Legal Obama appointed Advisor Harold Koh (had he been properly veted, I believe he would have been discovered to be the son of North Korean Communists) and the Obama Administration are actively engineering to yield the US Constitution and US Law to subjugation to International Law that will over-ride the US Constitution. Harold Koh, despite being a former law dean at Yale, has pushed consistently pushed for this sort of trans-nationalism, demanding that the US be ruled by foreign entities.

When evil people like Koh and Obama demand dictatorship in plain language, one has to wonder if Americans has been intellectually and emotionally stupefied to not care because the bondage is “not yet”. Just like on 9/10/2001…9/11/2001’s attack and destruction on the Twin Towers at NYC, like Obama and Koh’s ambitions, are just simply “not realistic” to most Americans. But AFTER the events of 9/11/2001 occurred, only then did reality set in and part the illusion of misinformed perception.
On June 25, 2009, almost 3 weeks before HR 3200 was introduced, Obama’s answer to the elderly population was to “Take a pain pill”, and die. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-dQfb8WQvo

That first "comprehensive" Obama Communist cadre Healthcare bill of HR 3200 was inspired in part from the University of London's 3 year report which ran from March 2006 to February 2009, by which the International Court system will swear by. In that 3 year report, it clearly describes killing off the elderly as "not [as] genocide, but care"...or words to this effect.

The Centre for International Courts and Tribunals (CICT) at UCL has now moved to the advisory and implementation stage. The report was titled: Process and legitimacy in the nomination, election and appointment of international judges.

The research team comprised of:
Professor Philippe Sands QC, Director CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL (Principal Investigator)
Professor Kate Malleson, Queen Mary, Department of Law (Principal Investigator)
Ruth Mackenzie, Deputy Director CICT and Principal Research Fellow, Faculty of Laws, UCL
Penny Martin, Research Fellow, CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL
Kate Barber, Administrator, CICT, Faculty of Laws, UCL

"More than 30 international or regional courts now exist. International judicial activity now encompasses trade, investment, human rights, war crimes, and issues of general international law. International courts increasingly impact on legal and judicial developments at the national level."

Their Advisors that guided them were:

Lord Woolf (Chair), UK; former Lord Chief Justice
Florentino Feliciano, Philippines; former WTO Appellate Body member
Gilbert Guillaume, France; former ICJ President
Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Canada; Chief Justice
Eduardo Valencia-Ospina, Colombia; former ICJ Registrar
Sir Shridath Surendranath Ramphal, Guyana; former Commonwealth Secretary General
Professor Peter Russell, Canada; University of Toronto
Tuiloma Neroni Slade, Samoa; former Ambassador to UN and former ICC Judge
William Taft IV, US; former US Legal Adviser



Professor Elizabeth Wilmshurst, UK; International Law Programme, Chatham House
Ambassador Xue Hanqin, China; Ambassador to The Netherlands

Currently, the Socialist-Communist line is to "malign" and "intimidate" , then "change", "obsfucate", or "compromise" the laws or persons who are your opponents. On Health Care / Death Care, that is exactly what these who have seized power within the Democratic Party, are doing.

On September 30, 2009, Communist-Socialist Democrat Representative, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida, promoted the Death Care Agenda of the Communist Obama Administration in Health Care. How do we cover everybody? Don’t pay for the sick, pay only for prevention.
Or in her words , at 2:39-2:43 on the above linked video…”we’re going to shift from a sick care system, to a prevention based system.”

Translated into Partyspeak: If you get sick, unless you are a CPDP (a Communist Party member within the Democratic Party) in good standing, you will be paying for all medical out of pocket, you dirty capitalist!

And in a conspiratorial effort to Saul Alinsky the Republican and Libertarian Opponents to the Congressional Legislative Death Squads pushing Death Care, Wasserman-Schultz’s fellow Floridian Congressional Representative Alan Grayson launched a vicious prevarication upon his opponents. He claimed on the House Floor what he personally advocates, that his Democratic Health Plan with its denial of Sick Care, with which Obama himself says the terminally ill should take a pain pill (inferring that they “die quickly”) is really "the Republican plan".

What “republican” plan do Grayson, Wasserman-Schultz, and Obama really infer? Perhaps, he infers to the “republicans” of North Korea or of the People’s Republic of China, or some such rot. Gee…it’s only “semantics”, so I guess that really not like the same as…”lying”. Right? These Communists are enemies to the freedom and Democracy of the United States of America, and they themselves are pushing for the genociding of our seniors in order to free up and seize “wealth”. It is no different than what the Nazis did to the Jews in moral equivalence…only the “methods” of going about that genocide has changed.

But as the House and Senate of the United States hides from the American public the various Healthcare Bills, let us look back for a moment and regard the first one they tried in 2009. Regarding the July 14, 2009 House Healthcare Bill

The Democratic Communist HR 3200 was written by the lawyers of SEIU/ACORN, members of the Democratic Socialists of America and the ACLU, and "Progressive / Communist" members of Congress; and pushed on the rest of Congress to nationalize a Dr. Kevorkian Death Care System upon America to remove “undesirables”. Anyone who is not one of "them", the "Progressives" (aka. Communists), is an undesirable.

Section 1233 of HR 3200, entitled “Advance Care Planning Consultation” worded a death consultaion like Dr. Kevorkian did,
an initiative that has now been replaced and ramped up by the Communists within the ruling Democratic Party.

Opposition has not been limited to Republicans, and Libertarians alone, even members of the Democrats, whose party has been hijacked, object. Case in point: New York State’s Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz, who Chairs the NY State Senate Aging Committee, wrote: “Section 1233 of House Resolution 3200 puts our senior citizens on a slippery slope and … placed in a situation where he or she would feel pressured to save the government money by dying a little sooner than he or she otherwise would, be required to be counseled about the supposed benefits of killing oneself, or be encouraged to sign any end of life directives that they would not otherwise sign.”

-- Also of note in HR 3200 that should have infuriated Town Hall outrage in August 2009:

p.124, line 19 to p.125, line 2 (authority to Secretary to establish payment rates) ;

p. 87, lines 3-6, 9-11 (as costs go up and are shared by the collective, what you pay per year may increase up to 10% annually);

p. 97, line 20 to p.99, line 9 (You will be forced enrolled and forced to pay the Government for your socialized insurance…you have no choice. Pay a few select private insurers (until they cease to exist) or pay the US Gov’t for life an eternal tax, whether you need to or not);

p. 100, line 20 to p. 101, line 13 (birth to death / cradle to the grave - obligations to pay annual Health Care tax);

p. 102, lines 19-24 (non-desirable Children exclusion clause);

p. 109, line 7 to p.111, line 6 (payments in tax penalties to trust fund, employer may be implied as slave labor go-between task-master in behalf of government in the Obama-speak reading of this);

p. 132, line 11 to p. 133, line 9 (no one qualifies for a hardship discount, they can be recategorized).

p. 82, lines 11-18 (Commissioner can subjectively exempt special interest and graft groups)

In other words, like a used car sales fine print contract, no US Citizen actually qualifies for the credit to have their automatically charged $5,000 minimum “tax” debt obligation to the US Government reduced, they will simply be assigned and delegated into a category and charged accordingly. There will be no "free" Health Care, but a $5,000 a year tax debt for "Health Care Prevention". Check ups, vaccinations, preventative medicines, and litle else is covered. Americans will be ripped off and receive a value of less than $200 annual, and pay $5,000 annual for it. The poor, and as many as the bottom 40% who cannot pay this new tax debt burden, will have to serve out their annual tax debts in some form of Community Service Slave Labor. HR 320, p. 109, line 7 to p.111, line 6.

At Federal minimum of 7.25 an hour, a basic plan debt of $5,000 -- per person that you are willing to work your debt off for -- is about 690 hours of labor a year at 57.5 hours a month or just over 13 hours and 16 minutes a week. This is provided in the ambiguity of HR 3200's language, and the service is inferred as being deferred to your employer overseer or an approved federal or state project overseer. A poor middle aged man attempting to pay for his wife and two parents, can concievably slave labor 43 hours a week, without making even one dollar to pay bills or buy groceries.

We know only now, too late, that this was the "Change"and slave labor work requirement that Michelle Obama promised in behalf of her husband: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Gl8aMOpcg

If the Federal minimum wage is increased to $10 an hour, then the rate of 5,000 in year 1 at 500 hours breaks down to 10 hours a week of free or legally forced-slave labor with a two week vacation.

In the 10% annual projected increase paid through a 50 week slave labor rate at a $10 hour non-cash labor credit, you will owe -- per person that you are working to pay for -- 11 hours a week in year 2, 12 hours and 6 minutes a week in Year 3, and 13 hours and 13 minutes a week in Year 4, and 14 hours and 38 minutes in Year 5, when most healthcare plans are phased out and cease to exist.

Where did we see such slave labor for healthcare projects before?
Oh yeah, in the 1930s Nazi Germany newsreels.

On September 29, 2009, avowed and open Communist Michael Moore publicly lamented to Obama: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=8703982
“You are one of us [a Communist]. You come from us [a Communist]. It is not the time to desert us. …We’ve got your back. And we want universal health care for every single American and we want it controlled….” [under Socialized-Communism]

Unfortunately, Obama's mind was likely diverted to lobbying the 100 plus officials of the Olympic Committee through his wife and Valerie Jarrett. To get the Chicago Olympics would mean the reconstituting of billions of unspent TARP dollars, to pay off the corrupt Chicago Machine, and enrich Valerie Jarrett's personal real estate holdings and /or commission in her interests there in Chicago. The Daley Machine covered up Obama's lack of Natural Born Status, and through Jarret, Obama still answers to the secret cadre (as Ayers and Jones worded it).

The US Constitution's 10th amendment says that such a Congressional Act as HR 3200 is Unconstitutional, because Congress has not been granted that power by the Legislatures of the Individual States to pass HR 3200. It is not an Immediate Necessity, and HR 3200 and any future Senate or House Version of such a sweeping Healthcare Bill is not covered by the Commerce Clause, and unConstitutional.

Imagine that...Slavery is UnConstitutional? For any Communist in the Democratic party that believes otherwise, maybe we should reintroduce the Leninist-Maoist Freedom of the Mind, as they are legally and peacefully arrested and tried and convicted by a Court of Law for Treason against the United States, and serve out their time chained and imprisoned together in a literal chain gang in a Supermax Prison environment. That's my view.

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